Saturday, March 14, 2015

Nerungi Vaa Muthamidathe - A Novel Script

I usually write on movies only that I watched in theatre, but Nerungi Vaa Muthamidathe (which means “come close, do not kiss”) is a 2014 road movie in Tamil that I watched last weekend in a Tamil channel. I was looking forward to watch this movie as downloaded, but glad I come to know the movie being relayed 2 hours early to watch and it was interesting and gives a new experience.

The actress-turned-director, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan - who's popular with her mother characters, has written the story (that based on a road journey and background as petrol/diesel crisis) and screenplay in a novel way i.e. each character has been depicted in brief, that encounters along the journey, makes it more interesting watch. The movie drove from three different paths/situations has intertwined so well, leading all the way towards ending, the ride has been kept at thrill with anticipation of what come next.

Chandru is a lorry driver, although he the son of a petrol bunk owner, he choose his life to be like that and who drive trucks and Lorries for thrill, decides to smuggle 2000 litre of diesel for the same amidst fuel crisis. On the other hand, a runaway couple joins him for life whose love has been opposed by the relatives for being different religion/caste and a girl from wealthy family, going through distress and misunderstanding with her mother for not telling who he father is. But once understand her father as an injustice to her mom, the girl tries to reach her and fall into accident.

At one phase and in unexpected situations, all boards the lorry to get down at their destination and how Chandru comes out of the crises for smuggling diesel that could sentence him at national level. The movie settles for a light-hearted entertainment and taking a serious issue in hand, where the price and demand for petrol/diesel has been at rise to protest, ‘Nerungi Vaa Muthamidathe’ has utilised it well and also got closer but didn’t strike a chord!

The new comer Shabeer (Chandru) has a look needed for a lorry driver and also being adamant he quite understands later. But however upright, a driver could not drive straight forwardly. Lol! The pretty Piaa as Maya has been left with a face of confusion and anguish almost the movie, is enough describe her mindset and as her mother, Viji Chandrashekar, has recorded a bold statement that being odd is nothing wrong. As a young (runaway) couple in love they represent a familiar identity yet strongly

‘Nerungi Vaa Muthamidathe’ is a phrase I myself have seen on a lorry back, is perhaps the inspiration for the director and being a woman, has set a theme/trend which is pretty new, creative and ideology to inspire other. There aren’t many songs and also haven’t taken separate scenes for songs, which go along the subject.  Although I am content with the technical background, I wish I was watching this film in theatre to appreciate quite overall. NVM is must watch if you want a change in watching pattern and novel way of storytelling! 


Sandhya said...

Sounds interesting! Will watch if it come in our TV channel again.

I have seen these words on the back of the trucks, as you say!

Destination Infinity said...

Never heard of this movie before! Will try to watch it sometime...

Destination Infinity

Uppal said...

Glad that you enjoyed the movie.
Truckers all over India are fond of having funny lines written on the behinds of the trucks.

Rajesh said...

Great review of the movie.

ladyfi said...

Sounds like you enjoyed the film.

Meoww said...

Thanks for the review. Good to know about the less hyped about movies, which actually turn out to be a good watch!