Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A boat fishing offshore

During my visit to Palavakkam beach on Sunday, I find two fishermen putting their manpower in oar against the offshore tides in their catamaran rather using a motor. But only later I realized it is because of 45 day annual ban on deep sea fishing, to facilitate breeding of fish. According to the Tamil Nadu Marine Fisheries Regulation Act 1983, the ban was enforced for the conservation of species propagation during the breeding season, which comes into force from April 15th, halts the fishing operations by mechanised and motorised boats.

The fishermen were on their chance looking for fish and the flag coloured boat was rowed by both the men but in two different ways. One was putting oar sitting well on the rear and the other stood centre and propel the boat with a pole, which seems to be called punting. I really wonder how long could they go by like this against the heavy ocean wind. I know this is how fishing has been before motors are found and fixed to catamaran, and there are fishermen who don’t know anything rather fishing seem to be hooked this way instead sit back and wait for the ban period.

Fishing offshore



While the scene here was like this, the other side, were the sunset, was quite drastic and splendid. Even though the beach was crowded enough for being Sunday and summer evening, it was quite wonderful being out and to Palavakkam beach after long time. During my reside in our flat in Thiruvanmiyur I used to visit this beach at least twice a month and it is the most quiet being among the beaches in Chennai. 

Palavakkam Beach


L. D. said...

It looks like it was a beautiful day to be next to the water.

TexWisGirl said...

wow, that would take a lot of effort in that man-propelled boat.

Pooja Mittal said...

cannt say much a bout the fishermen but the sunset is sooo beautiful
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Chandra Eswaran said...

Really beautiful scenes and great photographs, Jeevan! I particularly love the photos of the fisherman. I tried to look for some at Marina, but no luck. Perhaps, we can go fishing for fisherman next time :)

Have a Beautiful Day!
Peace :)

Renu said...

Looks so serene and beautiful..never been there..

Sandhya said...

The photographs are beautiful, Jeevan. I didn't know about taking a break for fishing. This is a good idea. They have guts to go on a small piece of wood into the sea.

Destination Infinity said...

The sunset and the beach offer contrast and beautiful pictures :)

Destination Infinity

Rajesh said...

You have captured the fishing action very nicely.

ladyfi said...

Oh, I love the action and texture of these shots! The water looks so inviting.

Indrani said...

Beautiful pics Jeevan. You must do more photography!