Thursday, April 16, 2015

First Summer Shower

Chennai had better/wonderful weather for last few days, thanks to the clouded sky, and surprisingly it downpour yesterday morning with just 3 inches left for the water to enter our home. I just woke up to a higher pitter-patter, which I thought was the guy (who used to wash our car regularly) is fetching water from the tap behind our bedroom window, but only realized when the sound extended.  I was surprised to reveal that it was rain. It’s been more that two month since we shifted to this house and this is the first rain I experience here and also being a summer showering I couldn't enjoy it quite unlike before because of the cause it created.

Being first on the row house and little lowly lay from the road, the rainwater easily run into our courtyard pools around the home and we couldn't ask  even just a little more as water rose close to our home level. Although we expected water to stay little while it rain, but the entry of street water and heavy downpour all the sudden and also lag in draining transformed the courtyard into little Venice for a while.  This really put off the excitement of rain, thinking what if monsoons arrive with constant downpour; there is an ample chance of water flooding the home like one of our neighbor warned from his past experience.

There are rainwater drainage's in our area, but they aren’t in good condition and need to be restored. Wish the authorities look after these before the northeast monsoon arrive in October.
View towards the front gate, while it raining water rose to road level
Through the backdoor, the space we used to put cloths to dry
Water close to our door/foot step

Got a beautiful reflection of fresh green leaves, when water reduced after the rain


Renu said...

now it has become very pleasant..otherwise it was getting very hot.

Destination Infinity said...

Looks like your area got a lot of rain. It was very less in our area, in fact there was not much water standing on the roads!

Destination Infinity

ladyfi said...

That is a lot of rain! Hope the drains get sorted out before monsoon season.

Uppal said...

So you'd first summer downpour. But the clogged rain water drains are a worrying sign. I wonder if the concerned people will attend to it unless a number of the affected protest.Sorry state of affairs!

TexWisGirl said...

oh, dear! i hope you do not have flooding problems there!

Betsy Adams said...

Oh My Goodness.. Hope they fix the drains before you get a lot more RAIN there.... Flooding in your house would be horrible...


Karen S. said...

Oops, not a good thing, although the reflection of the tree is a fine capture!

Indrani said...

Rains sometimes welcome sometimes not! Great pics!

Sandhya said...

It rained heavily for around 2 hours in our area also. But water was not stagnating. You should definitely inform the authorities soon. More rainy are coming, the weather man told yesterday! Take care.

Chandra Eswaran said...

I experienced this downpour on my way to see my cousin. The taxi almost got stuck in the 'flood', caused by a malfunctioning sewer system. Believe it or not, one car started floating in the subway!

It cooled off considerably after the rain and of course Chennai needed the rain.

Glad you were not too adversely affected.

Have a Beautiful Day!
Peace :)

L. D. said...

It was really coming down fast. I hear of you heavy flooding and I hope you are safe there where you are living.