Thursday, June 18, 2015

A thing that bothers me

How life becomes tragedy in short span? Even though we aren’t affected by things directly certain feeling are impossible to avoid when come to learn about things and thoughts on post effects. We are just four months old to this compound (row house) and wasn’t familiar with the neighbors unlike the pretty old neighborhood, but we come to face them each day and sometime exchange few words as goodwill and on things related to common.  There was this particular house at the rear end of our compound (which house 3 duplex houses) and they are the only owner come resident who don’t communicate with others except the single man of the family. So we don’t know anything much about them and wasn’t in force of learning their relationships but on the assumption we know who the mother and sons are.

There are four little kids in the house but there seems to be no evidence for that unless they all come out and only less than a week before I come to see or know there are four kids rather being two – whom I see every day while going to or from school or cycling in the evening! The two girls, one in 4th STD and the other in UKG are very quiet and handsome and while passing our house, the little one, make certain not to make any noise that invite our pet dog from barking. The other two kids are twins (a boy and a girl) in age about 2 seem very smarter and adorable when they come around in their tiny cycle and baby walker to incorporate their sisters on their cycle. So far (forever) I had seen only one elder mother and two men in age of 40+, who suppose to be her sons, and the kids belong to them.

Belong to Muslim community it’s obvious for them to prevent practicing with others but still the elderly mother smile and inquire when come to face and the only person who communicate well with others (in their family)  was her elder son. He’s someone sounded very responsible and protective and cooperative. For example he’s the only one in the compound who used to close the gate every time passing in and out of home; apart us whose house being first make sure the gate was closed always to prevent unwanted entering. The other one who is a father of 4 kids seems so affectionate and whenever he turn back home in his bike, the kids surround him and he take them for a round in his bike with easiness however stressful he perhaps come home. But it was sorrowful and heart-wrenching to know the scene will never reappear from the late Monday night! Not that the family had relocated (like they planned to sell their lost house in near future) but lost the vitality that what I could say about.

The family has lost three invaluable lives – the elderly mother and her two sons (which include the father of 4 little kids) to a car accident. It was such terrific and shocking news for all our neighbors. Like I said above we aren’t familiar with them and wasn’t acquaint about their family but being humanitarian it is not easy to console such fatal ending happen to people we see daily. I was watching the kids cycling inside the premises happily just 2 hours before the news arrive, and though we felt very sorry for the demise of the elderly mother and two siblings – who are the only adults of the family apart the kids mother, whom I have seen never before as she don’t head out of their home, our heart goes for the little kids whom perhaps could not understand what happened to their father, uncle and grandma. We truly regret for the future of these kids who destined to grow without their beloved father and the wife without husband.

The mother and her sons were returning after attending a family function in Ramnad and the car drove by one of her sons was crashed with the road block and all died at the spot. The kids and the mother were at the home, accompanied by their uncle (maternal) at that time of incident didn’t conveyed the message to them rather doing it with us, he took them all to their home town without saying anything as he doesn’t know what to do all alone. We was helpless when such a tragedy struck our neighbor, as we don’t know anything about them and how they perhaps react if approached drop us into mourning silent. We haven’t get any message from them so far, since they are the only family with all relative afar we have no idea what’s happening at their end and will they turn back to take charge of the house is a question unanswered. Without the kids the compound seems so empty, although they aren’t noisy kids their presence felt good. I don’t know how to relate this incident but couldn’t stop writing about it which bothered me much. 


Sandhya said...

Reading this type of newspaper, doesn't bother us that much. But knowing that the people known to you faced this type of problem, hurts us. Feel sad for the kids. Hope some way is there to console them.

Uppal said...

What a terrible tragedy which befell the family. My heart goes to the little kids who have lost their father. Too deep for words. Your concern is natural as the family resided in your neighborhood.

TexWisGirl said...

i'm so very sorry for that family and those children. we can feel a great deal of mourning and share pain for people we don't know. we just know how a tragedy like this must impact them forever.

Twilight Man said...

The common saying goes like - Death comes knocking at our door without warnings.
I could understand the shock you had.

L. D. said...

It is a terrible shock. Losing so many family members at a time will probably a new different family structure to take place. Our neighborhood was shaken one evening a few years back. In them middle of a very cold winter night, a man next door took his own life. The whole neighborhood was shaken and members of the community who knew him more than me sat in the trucks all up and down the streets as if they were having a memorial display. I hope you can find out what happens to the remainder of the family soon.

Pattu Raj said...

So sad,for the family and for you all neighbors.Life is so fragile. Take care Jeevan.

Destination Infinity said...

I hope the kids' mother will find the strength to face the tragedy and bring up the kids, and their relatives will help them. It's really sad to lose three members of a family all of a sudden. They need the consolation and support of the society as well.

Destination Infinity

Rajesh said...

This is very sad news and worst part is nobody can help them or console them in any way.

Chandra Eswaran said...

Uniqueness of life - you never know if you are saying goodbye to someone for the last time.
I am glad you expressed your fine sentiments.
Peace :)