Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Nephew Barath and End of Summer Vacation

All the schools in our state (Tamil Nadu) have opened yesterday ending the month long summer vacation, despite the suspicion that it perhaps extended because of high temperature last week. Like 2013 the temperature went extremely up to 108 ยบF in the state capital (Chennai) make students and parents suspect this year too the holidays will be extended. But the upper air cyclonic circulation has brought down the climate to moderate and there was mild drizzle in the evening yesterday caused pleasure. 

My close cousin was with me last week and he’s +2 this year and got minimum holidays which he spent a part of it in Thailand and remaining days with us at home. It was somehow entertaining being with him and my nephew Barath also visited me last week and he is starting his schooling this year, goes to LKG. So I can’t expect him to visit me mostly and he’s thriving so well and attended pre-schooling for a month before the holidays began, but what surprise me were his attitude remains same and he sustain the sweetness however vigorous he becomes.

Nowadays it is difficult to capture him in photos as his attention goes to camera and he wanted to take rather pose more. So this time I silently shoot him with mobile and used oil painting filter to keep away the grains. 

Being the first school day, after vacation, it mostly used to be half day and there won’t be any classes for the students and what talked more about was where did you went this vacation and what had been done these days.  During my schooling days, the first day used to be keen enough to know which section we are admitted and do our friends settle for the same. But most of the time I miss whom I used to be close with and after 5th, when I changed the school, there was only one section and I wasn’t much active then to show interest on others.

When I think back the days in schooling only frustrated comes to mind.  For me every day was like walking on the thorns and even the subjects weren’t difficult for me rather going though the task of visiting the school daily. I think the days aren’t different even these days, with the expectation of both parents and student for the extension of holidays, perhaps everyone has a reason to anticipate apart the common cause of hot temperature. Certainly this year has been better/moderate enough despite a week of intense heat, thanks to the upper air cyclonic circulation.  


Pooja Mittal said...

he is quite a poser

Sandhya said...

Climate in Chennai is changing for the past few years. Last year we had summer rain and so Agni nakshaththiram was not severe. This year too, though we didn't have summer rains, heat was very less, except for a few days, as you said. The summer months' duration also is coming down. I like Chennai nowadays than Bangalore!

Good to know that your nephew is entertaining you. It is nice to have small children at home always. They will always engage us.

Be happy like this always, Jeevan!

TexWisGirl said...

i have thought of you during the heat wave i had read about. glad you are okay.

barath is so cute. :)

ladyfi said...

He's adorable! Hope it doesn't get too hot for you guys.

Chandra Eswaran said...

Hi Jeevan,
Cute nephew! I get daily reports of the weather in Madras and it is scary hot.
I am glad you got some reprieve.
Keep hydrated my friend - best defense against oppressive heat.
Have a Wonderful Day!
Peace :)

Alice Cerea said...

That's so cool!

Alice Cerea,

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Destination Infinity said...

I think summer has been kinder this year, with rains and all... When I was in school, there was only one thing to think about: what will be my rank in the next exam! Hopeless!!

Destination Infinity

Aditi said...

I have been hearing of the heat waves back home...good that there has been a little respite! You must have had a fun time with your cute nephew! :)

Loco mente said...

Thus the school days begin... Which forces the child to grow up :(
Soon they will be busy... We will miss their innocence...

Loved his poses :)

Elsie Amata said...

Your nephew is just adorable! And, 108 degrees?? That's insanely hot. Way to hot for me!

L. D. said...

Our schools are just now closing for summer. Your nephew is such a handsome young man. I like the shirts that he is wearing.

Indrani said...

Wishing him a great start to his academic life!
He is cute.

Rajesh said...

Nice shots.
After long vacation, the first day in school is always exciting.

Twilight Man said...

The small boy is cute. Is he your nephew or cousin as you mentioned both?

Jeevan said...

The little one is my nephew :)