Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kaadu (Forest)

The Tamil movie I watched last night at home theatre is obviously based on the title Kaadu (forest) and the lives and way of living adjoining same. The movie wasn’t much interesting to watch, but I did plainly for the message it carries on forest conservation and the important of preserving the forest. The film shot in and around Dharmapuri, one of the most backward and drought prone district in Tamil Nadu, captured at its natural state.

Begin with a note dedicating to all nature lovers and forests activists, Kaadu makes it path clear and wants to point out the mindless behaviour of man toward deforestation. Even though the movie comes under usual drama, the main plot deals with Velu, who collects firewood in the forest and sells to the people in his locality. Being a believer in nature, he makes certain not to cut a single tree or plant in the forest to preserve it for future generation.

Velu’s friend Karuna, who aspire to become a forest officer couldn’t cope up the bribe that is needed by the selector. In desperate he smuggle sandalwood and get caught but he request Velu to replace him so that his dream don’t ruin. Velu in jail, Karuna becomes a forest officer by impressing the DFO and tries to take over the forest for his personal gain by removing the people of the forest. Velu on bail, fight against karuna, and smugglers on other hand, to save forest and its people.

Directed by newcomer Stalin Ramlingam, Kaadu ties to capture the views of people closely associate with forest and what/how it suppose to be and seen. The film travels on socio-political scenario (that well detail the lifestyle of the people in forest) has great remarks throughout, touching topics such as eco-conservation, unemployment and corruption in government engine and the important to rely on roots. Captioned as forest, the film doesn’t show any animals but stressed the need of them to be in the forest than in zoos.

Vithartha as Velu in the role of a rural man is apt, as he had done many similar roles in his carrier that began in Myna and his transformation into rebel is also convincing. The film also conveys communism at its fair bit, Samuthirakani in the role of political prisoner, with a mandatory reference to Che Guevara, spell out neatly the need to fight for one’s right. For a movie with great idealism, the romance and comedy comes as a flipside spoils the real cause of watching.

The film also indirectly mark the late encounter of red wood smugglers or loggers in AP, whom were mostly gone from nearby districts of Dharmapuri. Although the movie ends with message, it wasn’t sharp hitting rather it should be as it make mandatory that forest guards should be truly admirer of nature and forest activist to protect it entirely. And if we continue neglect forest and keep ravage, the after effect would be drastic that humankind would not survive. 


Destination Infinity said...

Good to know about this movie. Will try to watch it sometime. I feel, people cut forests because people in towns and cities buy those products manufactured out of felled trees. Demand propels cutting.

So if we start respecting natural resources and limit our consumption to what is required, forests will be saved. People who cut it are just the middlemen who are satisfying a demand.

Destination Infinity

Uppal said...

A movie which sends the message of saving our forest wealth!