Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Poriyaalan (Engineer)

Poriyaalanis a Tamil movie I watched this weekend at home theater and the film released in 2014 has a gripping story that explores the life of a civil engineer who aspire to become an outstanding builder but entangled by the dark side of real estate and loan shark. Next to IT field or perhaps in a way surpass the real estate and building constructions have grown a lot in attempt to touch the sky although sometime the buildings fall!  But keeping the message in limit, the movie develops into a thriller.

Saravanan is a dutiful engineer, working at a construction company decides to start his own and for his budget he could get plots only far away from the city. So with the guidance of his friend, who works under Sundar – a merciless loan shark and goonda, they decide to use his money, as he gone to jail, and replace it before he comes out of prison.  In the meantime, they got a nice plot (within the city) from a middleman and complete the registration.

But when they try to promote the land for construction, they learn it belongs to someone else and Shahstri, the middleman, made away with their money. And to make the situation worse, Sundar comes out on bail earlier than expected. What will happen if he comes to know his money was used without his knowledge? And when they learn he’s not just after the money but the women in their families. Could they track down the middleman before it is too late?

The movie begins from the middle; goes back and then front with one friend breakdown for their lost money and fear to be killed by the loan shark. The almost new faces give refreshing look to the scenario with lighter emotion which is more than enough for this kind of movie. Notably the two friends – Saravanan and Prabhu, acting, esp. towards the matter of love, when Prabhu come to know his friend romance his co-sister has been dealt decently and maturely when Saravanan confront his love in front of her father.

Though there isn’t a need for a track of romance, it only put us on intent to know what unveil next and helps the movie run for about 2 hours rather ending 20 minutes earlier to be quite thriller.  The songs aren’t memorable except Gana Bala’s usual song on alcohol! Mohan Raman, as Shastri had done an unexpected role to the finest and outshines as a realistic broker whether to believe he’s good or bad until his escape to Goa.

I find the vital of the movie has been voiced well from the stand of Saravana: that those landmarks are mostly buildings/structures built by a civil engineer and the design of future is also in the hands of same. The movie put us upright throughout, have a strong story and screenplay (written by NH4 fame Manimaran) and was directed by Thanukumar, a debutant and former assistant of Vetrimaran. Unlike VIP, which deals with obstacles during a building construct? The Vetrimaran team has spotlight into the area of real estate and loan shark that grips in every possible way. 


ladyfi said...

Sounds interesting and exciting. I like thrillers!

Destination Infinity said...

Although it's a thriller, I don't like the storyline. Perhaps I might see it sometime later . . . But a different subject, so movie makers efforts need to be appreciated.

Destination Infinity


Sounds interesting.Thanks for the review.I love movies and this I will definitely check it out.

Uppal said...

Looks to be an interesting movie. It deals with the current problems spreading in the real estate business.