Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Review: Miruthan

After long back I was at theater (drive-in) to watch the sci-fi thriller Miruthan, which was advertised as India’s first zombie film in Tamil. Jayam Ravi as protagonist and Lakshmi Menon as his love interest, the film was directed by Shakti Soundar Rajan of Naaigal Jaakirathai. I was amused to know he was the director of Naanayam, one of my favorite Tamil films, based on bank robbery but shot on an innovative platform. 

I see Miruthan as an experimental movie and the concept of zombie is pretty new for Tamil audience who haven’t exposed too many zombie movies in Hollywood. Even I wasn’t familiar with this genre. The film begins with a mishap where some toxic fumes split into the road and a stray dog that sniffs become violent and bites a man who in return becomes a zombie and the virus spreads from one human to another through a chain of violent bites.

Jayam Ravi is a traffic police with a grade to become a police inspector, but chose to retain to the former to take care of his little sister. And he loves Lakshmi Menon as one side; although she’s engaged to someone their meeting always end at sending bad reputation about him to her. At this moment the virus spreads rapidly and many zombies rise among the residences of Ooty – from where the story starts, and Jayam Ravi supports the doctors’ team, which includes Lakshmi and let them to Coimbatore in search of antidote to prevent the virus and violent spread through.

Though they reach CBE, the situation blocks them into a shopping mall right opposite to the medical hospital, where a team of doctors waiting for the sample to find prevention, how did they cross the lane full of zombies in killing mane and a bite that could transform them into zombie? Was set in a bizarre and yet light emotional and thriller. Though there are spaces for emotion, the film travels on a matured lane and straightforward keeps the length of movie short.

The director has applied light-hearted moments here and there to keep track on entertainment rather going serious and keep discontent. Kaali Venkat, RNR Manohar and Sriman has done their bit pleasing the audience as naive and Jayam Ravi led his role well and shooting most of them is something sounds overwhelmed. While I appreciate the director for coming up with different subjects, I wish his films carry some realism for us to believe on the concept. I don’t find a strong reason for those becoming zombie, but still has done a good job and leave us with an anticipation and fierce version 2! 

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Destination Infinity said...

I missed watching this movie on the first day first show, so I may not watch it now. These days, I either watch movie on first day or don't watch at all! :P

It's good to experiment with new genres and I am glad that Tamil movie directors are picking up subjects like this. But I hope they make it a localized version instead of aping the west as such.

Destination Infinity
PS: I am not a fan of horror genre ;)