Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Review: Pichaikkaran (Beggar)

I watched the Tamil action drama, Pichaikkaran, from the drive-in on Wed. evening and it is a movie based on the life of a millionaire, who turned down his richness for a time period to save his mother’s life. Arul Selvakumar is a MBA graduate, flew down to India to take charge of his mother’s spinning mills. But within a short span in office his mother met an accident and falls into coma. With no response to any of the treatments, a sage guides him to beg for 48 days with a condition to not to use his influence in anyways and begin each day with bare hands, to get back her mother. The affectionate son decides to go through the term in belief of saving his mother and what all he faces during this course remains the topic.

Actor and music director Vijay Antony played the man behind the subject. Though he couldn’t adapt quite into the look and attitude of a beggar or perhaps the subject doesn’t need it, has given his best in acting and do stunning actions. He carries the look of smart and intelligence throughout the film, reminding his previous roles as Salim. Debuted Satna Titus as his love interest, exhibits elegant acting and the places where she reveals he’s a beggar and the hesitation in practicing with him later were all done in pretty manner.  And of course she’s beautiful!

Already there’s a movie released in Tamil based on beggars. Yes, Bala’s Naan Kadavul had dealt with the subject but were treated with brutal.  The beggars here were shown with little dignity and expressed intelligence, perhaps because the plot was set in metropolitan – Chennai. The movie has some merry scenes esp. the perspective on economics by a beggar gets great applauds at theater, and make certain entertainment. The background score was good and with each drag on the title (pichaiiiikkkkaran) upraise.  

According to director Sasi, the film was an inspiration from the real life story of a millionaire he knows, who would beg for 6 months annually and look after his job the remaining months. Though he didn’t put forth any fact about him, but has done his best communicating the lifestyle of beggars and the public’s perception on them. Particularly this scene where Vijay Antony express annoy when a police handshake him when come to know he’s a millionaire, but who was knocked early in beggar veil. It was a nice execution distinguishes the differences in society. Pichaikkaran – is a social messenger through entertainment. 


Sandhya said...

Happy to know that you enjoyed the movie, Jeevan.

Destination Infinity said...

I was thinking whether to see this movie or not, but now after reading your review, I am impressed enough to see it :)

Destination Infinity

Elsie Amata said...

Sounds like they did a good job with movie, that's good to hear. Glad you liked it, Jeevan.

Breathtaking said...

Hello Jeevan!:)
You have given a good acount of this film, and I'm pleased you enjoyed it. I love movies, and especially ones with heart felt social messages. Enjoy your Sunday!:)

Locomente said...

I have liked Vijay Antony's choice of movies... His earlier two films were good - kind of unconventional. Happly to note that this one is also different. Thanks for sharing the review. I am going to watch it :)

Rajesh said...

Very nice review.

Twilight Man said...

We don;t have drive-in movie theaters. I am very curious to watch them like you.
In my country, the Bollywood movies are popular with all races.