Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Gonna miss you, Achu!

Just a year back Achu’s family shifted to the house behind us (as we reside in row house) and within a couple of months we become familiar and friends later. Though Achu become my best friend, I really wonder how I miss writing or sharing photos (except on Instagram) of him here, but I think we become too close to write something specific about him and he was there even at times unexpected. He’s very special to me in many ways and he’s someone always knock at the door with pristine love and he becomes so attached to me only lately but now he’s supposed to move on L

PicMonkey Collage

Achu’s father was transferred to Bangalore and he will be leaving us in a week or some time. For about a year I have been watching him (and now he’s 2 ½ age), he’s been growing though best parenting I could say for sure. He’s very quiet and approach things at easy and patience. I really amaze at his attitude even at this little age, which is indeed comes from his parents who has been friendly and down to earth. He never took anything from others and even as friends he refuses to take anything from us unless showing it to his mom and we never discouraged him on this front.

His parent’s trust us, as well as Achu agree to be carried away only by mom. He developed an attachment very soon with mom and even our puppy Maya become familiar with his sounds and smell; almost maintain silence whenever he enters our home freely.  We even unlock the little gate when Maya is tied so that he don’t find difficult in opening and  he is fearless coming close to Maya and she’s also forceless. Achu is a great observer and watches things patiently and try to apply it through his innocent pace. Even my relative’s kids who has the rights to call me mama (uncle) doesn’t calling or visiting me but each time he utter the word,  with sheer innocent, I quite feel connected and content. I actually feel Achu’s approach fills the crave for a kid at home and we treat him as our own kid and he keeps calling mom (as grandma) and take her to his house and ask to sit-down.

The entire scene used to be sweet and his parents watch his attitude with admiration, and if my wheelchair ramp is laid at the doorstep he call me to come down to play with him. He likes seeing me coming up/down the ramp (and he calls this swwing, the sound of sliding) and then he used to bring his cycle and try the same. He note how I put into the wheelchair and how footrest and board is placed and try to do same. He likes bison (Indian guar) which he had seen during his trip to Valparai and he wants me to show bison on laptop and leaning on me he keeps asking for other animals and birds. The way he takes rights on me truly make me feel happy and thinking now, that he will be away soon I would really miss him, as well as my family.

On  his  little bike
His innocent giggle, smile and cry for silly things make me watch light-hearted. And something very sweet about his cry was he sound like a newly born.  Absolutely he’s a gifted child and I am really glad to share his giftedness though their stay as next door resident. Like I said above, Achu’s parents are very friendly and used to share their happiness and grief with us and only because of their pressure (to the landlords) a ramp was built in front of the house to prevent water entering the house. It was an unexpected move even for them and they too feel unhappy for gonna be parted. I know nothing is stable in this world; and this move too will have something better for both. Let’s hope. 
Achu's  sketching around mom's kolam


Lady Fi said...

Oh dear - so sorry to hear that the sweet little boy will be moving soon. I bet you will miss him!

Twilight Man said...

This small boy looks cute and adorable to take everyone's heart. I am sure his dad will always bring him to visit your family.

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

What a sweet boy and precious friendship! I feel sad that Achu is moving.

Devilish Angel said...

Kids make the place happy with their innocence. Wish you to get one more cute little friend soon...

deeps said...

all the best to him.. and hope you have another friend coming in there soon

eileeninmd said...

Hello, he is a cute little boy. I am sure he will be missed. Sorry they are moving. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

Pattu Raj said...

A cute child.At age one to four they are such joy to be around, with their curiosity and sparkle, they light up our lives. My grandson is near about that age, and we all have such gala time with him.. don't know how time passes.

after reading your post I recalled all those kids who used to be with our family over the years. Till today they remember us, and we love them.
Some of the best moments in our lives are the time spent with them.

Rajesh said...

He is very adorable.