Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Invisible beauty

A Beach house balcony
An invisible beauty
stands on the balcony
against the sea breeze
brushing off her face...
to never let comb hair
coming out of fresh showing.

Looking over the sea
from the beach house
she waits for her boyfriend
who went on voyage
to return to take her along
for a romantic sail across the sea.

Meanwhile at eventide
leaning over the pillar
she strokes her hair, gently
in fond memories of him
where they went hand-in-hand
before he went on-board.  

P.s. Inspired by the picture I shot at Covelong (Kovalam, Chennai recently, on a beach house balcony.

Linking this post for  Good Fences by Gosia 


Pooja Mittal said...

beautiful words!
keep in touch

L. D. said...

Great writing and photo too.

Lady Fi said...

A lovely shot and nice words.

Destination Infinity said...

Nice poem and nice balcony :)

Destination Infinity

Nancy Chan said...

Lovely poem and pretty balcony. Have a wonderful day!

Rajesh said...

Very beautiful.

Ida said...

Nice looking balcony fence and a lovely poem.