Thursday, October 12, 2017


State govt. employees salary has increased to a height of ever; perhaps the double amount of their salary. But what bothers me here was doubt. When the employees were protested to bring back the old pension scheme, the govt. was very quiet or showed ignore attitude and even high court condemn and request employees to go back to work. Now the salary has ample increased! Why should we not doubt that this is a way to shut their mouth, so that they won’t speak out the corruptions or unheeded about it? I wonder when they could increase the salaries to all high, what the rulers would take home? I doubt will it grant to great heist ever in Tamil Nadu.

At other hand liquor rates has increased in the state run wine shops (TASMAC), will sure fall on the labours head.  I think the mighty rate of customers is labours and daily wage, who drink letting his family suffer and this price rise is sure to cut pocket of the family. No I am not supporting drunkards or encouraging. When the common interest is to close all the liquor shops, the govt. increasing the price and planning to open the shutdown shops only welcomes the drinkers and social illness. The price rise is obviously to compensate the elevated space of govt. staffs salary. So the govt. is only balancing the state without improvising either side (positively) or built a parallel income to liquor. Looks prohibition is like only a dream project that will never takes place, unless govt. takes conscious decision and rehabilitates drunkards.  

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