Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Gaja and the cottage at Kodiyakarai

The cyclone Gaja has smashed the coastal districts up to 6, and took very unusual routes into the land without losing its strength has stroke couple of mountainous districts causing heavy downpour and windstorms resulting in number of tree fall and landslides. Kodaikanal – my most visited place for vacation, where my uncle owns wood houses and cottage – being the core part of the cyclone, before it enters the Kerala state and Arabian Sea shook the mountains to unlink most of the roads and many remote villages are inaccessible still and out of electric. Even at the vicinity of my uncle’s woodhouse and plantation, many banana trees had fell and there’s no water or electric.

At the other hand I was wonder what could happened to the beautiful cottage we stayed in Kodiyakarai (PointCalimere) during our visit to the wildlife and bird sanctuary there, which was the eye of cyclone Gaja! It’s nearly a century old tiled roof cottage; adjoin the sanctuary and coastal line, built by Thambusamy Pillai, a sea merchant. There’s two suites named as Pelican and Flamingo, which is popular migratory birds of the sanctuary. I really loved this place, despite the frequent power cuts and mosquito bites; I could see deer and peacocks turn pleasant the moments anytime by their presence. Kodiyakarai and Vedaranyam in Nagai district is worst affected and almost cut off from the rest of the places, as it located on the eastern edge of the state.

The places that are affected by Gaja continues to fight against the debris the cyclone left back, after pulled down many houses and destruction of livelihoods. And to make situation worse, these places continue to receive heavy rains due to another depression at the sea and a warning of 300 mm of rain still. However it was raining from the morning here, more rains is expected in coming days. Hope it rains well, never a kind of flooding, to uplift the ground water and filling of lakes to support our city’s water scarcity. The pictures here are on the cottage we stayed at Kodiyakarai.


Nancy Chan said...

The weather has changed in many places. I hope restoration work in the affected areas will be done and completed as soon as possible.

carol l mckenna said...

Oh so sad to hear ~ do hope your uncles cottages are okay and that you are safe where you are ~ It will be Thanksgiving tomorrow (Th) in the USA ~ giving thanks for your blog friendship ~ be well ~ ^_^

Happy Thanksgiving to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

bill burke said...

The devastating storm hopefully didn't ruin your uncle's cottages or where you live. Hope everything and everyone is doing fine.

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

Hope the damages caused by Gaja are manageable in Tamil nadu and other states. Also hope that your uncle cottage is fine.

Lady Fi said...

So had to hear about the storm. Those buildings are pretty.