Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Postcards from Twilightman

Receiving greeting card or postcards is a favourite thing from the past and those days we used to exchange greeting cards with cousins, during the festivals and New Year, and I used to collect those as a treasure and keep safe, just like the cousins do at the other end. But I lost many of them in the transfer to different houses and I only hold what I received in last 15 years, where I have sent more than received. After I learned Photoshop I started to create my own postcards using the photos I have taken and put words from my thoughts. Creating those postcards gives me a content feeling then, as I go through my personal thoughts and ideas rather picking up a greeting card from the stores.  But after the run-up in advanced communication through mobiles and internet, people started to show lack of interest and enthusiasm in sending and receiving cards and thus the exchange drops put down the practice.

In last 5 years I received some postcards from blogging friends across the world and Twilightman is someone special and different in approach. He sends me (and others) postcards during his trips he takeover to different countries and I loved receiving his postcards that greeted with hand written letters. A year or so back he sent a postcard from Penang and last month I received a postcard from his London trip – an aerial view across the Thames River – and yesterday it was a card from Taiwan. It was a real surprise for me to receive an postcard in short span from his latest trip and it makes feel happy and I truly enjoy his friendship, care and love and I couldn’t take these cards simple while traveling itself is not. At a time cousins, whom I expected lot taking indifferent routes (and of course I won’t blame them as life is a transformation indeed) received the cards from Twilightman is truly relevant and equally more. Thank you bro 

Taiwan postcard


carol l mckenna said...

Oh how wonderful to receive post cards from dear friends ~ such a treasure and wonderful photos too!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

bill burke said...

Making your own postcards sounds like a wonderful idea. I make cards with my photos but send them via email. It's cheaper but I do like your idea better.

eileeninmd said...


It is nice to receive greeting cards and postcards from your friends. It does seem like more people are sending electronic greetings, emails, text than using the mail. I like your postcards, very pretty! Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend ahead.

Elsie Amata said...

Reading this just made my heart happy. What a really good friend you have in him. There's something special in knowing you're being thought of when people send postcards, letters, and cards. That's great!


Nancy Chan said...

It is nice and wonderful to receive postcards specially written and mailed to you by a friend. That shows that you are special and he has you in his mind.

Uppal said...

Very good friends you've Jeevan. You've really succeeded in making lovely cards using photoshop. Good luck for such future endeavors!

Twilight Man said...

Hello & Good Day Jeevan!

I am glad that you enjoyed receiving my postcards which I also enjoyed sending to several people in my thoughts. Honestly it has been a challenge for me all these years in overseas. Sometimes I had to take many days to locate where the postcards were sold and then, had to find their post offices which were often the toughest to locate in alien lands. LOL

I had 4 bad experience sending postcards from Bangkok, Manila and China (Nanjing & Xi'an) where all my postcards were lost and never reached my friends. I refused to believe that they were lost on the way as the total were always 5-10 cards being sent to several countries and not a single card reached them. You will also not believe that they were lost other than their post office probably threw them into the dustbins. I think I have told you that I had earlier sent you 2 postcards from Bangkok and Manila which didn't reach you too. It was so heart breaking for me, not due to the costs & money wasted but the time & effort involved. Anyway, nothing will stop me from sending again. This is the reality of lives which I have observed in overseas.

Jeevan said...

Twilight Man - First many thanks for the cards! I could understand the situation well and the difficulties of sending postcards in a significant way of touching and signalling care and attention but how disregarded people are at the post offices or those responsible make feel really sad. Looks they don’t understand the worth of these simple cards that mean lot to us. Yes, i was expecting those cards from bangkok when you asked to confirm my address.