Monday, September 21, 2020

RGB Monday

I bought a wooden desk organiser from amazon to keep books and other things.  I put some books from recent read and found it colourful to make use for RGB Monday. The blue in the back is a switch box sticker of a truck and the organiser has spaces for mobiles and specs and few other things to hide in bins. The detachable design is strong and sturdy and easy to assemble and disassemble. 

Saturday, September 19, 2020

A runaway cock and the neighbour

There’s a chicken shop in our street or to say a few houses away from us and every day morning they unload cages of broiler chicken and a few caged country chicken from a truck, and while doing so a country cock runs away from them and climbs up a tree, and to a top where no one can catch it. The labourers working at the chicken shop were the laziest that put any effort to capture the cock which became an advantage to it and the cock well settled in the trees of neighbours. 

The family living in the opposite house weren’t that generous to allow the cock inside their compound but the country cock doesn’t confine to anything unlike the broiler chicken that has a destiny has become a headache to them. The cock chose the open garden or lawn in front of their home as his favourite hunting ground for forage and used to fly off the compound or perched on the neighbour's tree when the owner came out to the garden. Until now, the situation wasn't different and the neighbour has a reason too to shoo off the bird, despite the fact it digs off the seeds and plants from ground, it doesn't keep quiet all the time rather crying loud esp. During the silent afternoon and sometimes even at night its crows disturb the peace and slumber of all in the house, including a 90+ year old man.

So far no one tried to catch the cock (even the labourers of the chicken shop) and the cock too doesn't come out of the gate or compound (or run into the streets) of the neighbour’s house. The house belongs to a 92 year old retired wing commander but it was his son in 60+ takes care of everything and he’s an enthusiastic gardener and loves planting or seeding new ones. Sometimes he used to share vegetables grown in his backyard and they don't familiarise with anybody in the neighbourhood and most of the time it was a smile or a few words of greeting that ended our relationship even though we are neighbours for 40 years. Click here to see and read my post on this house and neighbour!

I couldn’t get a clear shot of the cock from the mobile but you could see the cock in the image above and behind the gate it strolled.

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Haiku Yellow

Behind the fence, blooms
a beauty in yellow, quite
under the lime tree. 

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Monday, September 14, 2020

RGB Monday


While the farmers were busy washing, and packing carrots in sacks (what you saw in my previous post here) I found this little temple peacefully located adjacent to the activity of farmers, adding quiet to the afternoon.  Leaving back others at  Kukkal lake bank, where we picnicked last year July during vacationing at my uncle’s woodhouse near Kodaikanal, my cousin and I drove down the road from the lake just to see what lies beneath and was pleased to spot this temple in a fresh coat of paint. Google maps mark this as Amman (goddess) temple and I get no details other than that. But I guess it's a popular temple among the village people from an image I saw in google where people throng in average numbers. 

Saturday, September 12, 2020


Some kind of wild or unknown insect, which perhaps looks like a sort of mosquito. From a long back visit to Yercaud 

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Washing and Packing of Carrots


Apart from tourism and cold weather, Kodaikanal is popular for vegetables that grow in mountains esp. Carrot is produced at large, along with the medicinal hill garlic which is an important cultivation in Kodaikanal upper villages of Poombarai, Mannavanur, Polur, Kukkal and Vilpatti. An important thing about the Kodaikanal Hill Garlic was it was granted by the prestigious ‘Geographical Indication’ (GI) tag – a name or sign used on products which corresponds to a specific geographical location or origin.

Going past the Kodaikanal town on the observatory road would take one to one of the beautiful mountain village called Poombarai at about 20 km from the town and Kukkal is another peaceful and pleasant village of the mountains about 10 km from there is where these photos of Carrots were shot.  What you see here is farmers washing carrots near a small canal that flows from Kukkal Lake above Kukkal village and stuffing them in sacks before taking them to markets in mini trucks.

Carrots don't look pretty when uprooted from the muddy soil because the condition of the soil - deep loose loamy - is left in a state of dirt that does stick to the carrot  and it's only after hard washing reveals its bright color. The carrot grows above the elevation of 1500 meters and is cultivated yearlong with assured irrigation unlike the land below the range (of 1500) that rely only on monsoon rain. Kodaikanal upper villages are located around 2000 meters, experiencing cool weather throughout the year and I enjoy taking drives around the scenic landscapes of terrace farming and forest.

Monday, September 07, 2020

Just a rant... on the violation of people's relaxed curfew.

When will our people become self-responsible people? Do people, especially the younger generation, really understand the pandemic situation that dominates the entire world? As for our state of Tamil Nadu the social distancing and wearing of masks is followed only by certain people or to say half the population denies the rules and some follows in improper manner that may cause infection. Last week the government relaxed almost all restrictions imposed due to the pandemic; and allowed opening of resorts and lodges but it’s unclear whether the tourist places are open to the public. E-pass had been made mandatory for anyone visiting popular tourist destinations and hill stations particularly but yesterday being Sunday (the first Sunday after two months of total lockdown Sundays) the hill town, Kodaikanal, was besieged by a number of bikes and cars!     

A week has not passed since the relaxed measures were announced, and by then people had already returned to normalcy in full swing or rapid force, forgotten on which condition these relaxations were given. I understand that everyone is in need of a break and nothing could bring a change better than traveling, as people are locked down at homes for more than 5 months, an urge to getaway couldn’t be wrong but we aren’t’ even partially coming out of the pandemic rather leading 2nd in the world with new achievement in Covid 19 cases with each passing day, how can we expect a positivity in a neglected world? Our production of cases has reached nearly 0.1 million per day and it’s really disturbing to hear about 1000 deaths counted daily in India. We talk about how precious each life is and at the same time casually pass a death on the street – just thought of saying something – but the death of 1000 everyday doesn’t seem to make any sense or thoughtfulness to rattle us.  I know we have to move on and couldn’t stay on a thought just like stagnant water that could only mess up later but don’t we have the responsibility to do a bit in changing the scenario?  Or at least stop helping spread the virus by coming out unnecessarily, because it isn’t the time for fun or unless we follow the rules strictly we put others' life into danger along with us. 

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Changing Colors


From tender green to rusty
leaves cling to different colours
revealing the various stages of life
identical to mortal.

From a baby like shoots
leaves thrive to greenness
mushroom a layer of bottle green
mellow yellow as they grew older.

From a chapter of a tree
leaves unfold to different phases
as bystanders of better or for worse
built on the creators' standards.  

From summer to spring
leaves don’t stick to green
akin to the season's change, leafage
alter colours n gives way to new shoots.

Monday, August 31, 2020

RGB Monday

Colorful row or line houses at Senbahanoor, a neighborhood in Kodaikanal

P.s. The state government of Tamil Nadu had further relaxed the lockdown by allowing public transportations – the operation of busses and metro trains only within the districts and inside the state – opening of malls without functioning of theatres and no pass for elders and kids; and work places with 100% employers and extended time limit for shops to be opened in evening and reopening of resorts and lodges but e-pass had been made mandatory for visiting any of the tourist places and it will be issued by district collectors. By this move life almost seemed to turn back to regular mode or at least within the districts the movements would be easier for the people. And for a country with high population and closely living community social distancing is a far difficult custom to follow and so far I think the lockdown had hold back people in someways and what opened in front is a challenge. People are so happy by the move but I don’t feel for it as these relaxations cause a fear of increasing Covid cases and it is up to people to make it safe and profitable at same. The situation doesn’t seem favourable for kids and elders as the government advised them not to come out but the increasing cases and death rate is really raising the anxiety and any kind of indifference or indication makes around make feel the same. Take care all

Saturday, August 29, 2020

RIP, the Man of Laboriousness and Success

Undoubtedly his company's the No 1 dealer in India selling home appliances and we can’t easily point out someone who sustains the top rank continually and firmly for the last 35-40 years and it’s impossible without laboriousness.  Vasanth & Co is the brand name created by H Vasanthakumar (a member of parliament) who himself was the ambassador of the company and products he sold and he continued to taste the success in the competitive world even after the arrival of online shopping.  He’s someone who earned people’s trust in selling quality products, because people don’t trust anybody easily unless there's some truth and we have personally experienced it and as a regular customer we’re proud and content with any of the products bought from him. More than half the appliances that exist at our home are bought from Vasanth & Co and my first choice still to pick a product rather than online could be his and I always recommend purchasing from the same.

It’s really shocking and sad to know the man behind the successful brand is no more - he died at the age of 70 due to Covid 19. He picked up his business as a seller of home appliances from door-to-door in instalments and later opened his own shop in the shopping centre – T. Nagar, where our first television was bought. In 1984, a year before I was born, my parents bought a black and white Solidaire TV from him and he had enquired them about their income and the ability to pay the install amount, with personal care. My parents had mentioned this many times to us, and now watching his news of demise couldn’t stop them repeating the same. Should I need to mention anything more, how could he have come up this long (with 80+ showrooms across south India) without the concern and care about the consumers and supply of quality things? And he hasn't stopped there, rather chosen the field of politics or public life to serve the poor and simple people, as he himself comes from the same he understands the people's need and did what he could from his source of income and the posts he held as a Member of Legislative Assembly and Member of Parliament.

He chose Congress as his political party following his father and elder brother – Kumari Anandan, a veteran congress leader – and he shone well in the state politics and held office of working President and Vice-President and the Chairman of the Traders wing of Tamil Nadu Congress Committee. Upon everything, it is his laboriousness that put him on all these chairs and what everyone would admire him as an entrepreneur and his life is a good lesson to read by anyone to reach various heights. And like a gem on his crown he has written three volumes of his autobiographical book series Vetri Padikattu (Ladder to Success) focusing on his entrepreneurial success and community building initiatives which I really want to read sometime. He’s such a simple and humble being lived to easily access is what everyone close to him says and he is a familiar face of Tamil Nadu and never a day passes without seeing his smiley face on television. Though it's all for the business, his reach and popularity at the homes of Tamil Nadu is not easy to dismiss. People will miss him but not his face.

Monday, August 24, 2020

RGB Monday


A fruit vendor on the street... pushing the tricycle loaded with fruits.

We usually avoid buying fruits or vegetables from these vendors as they sell mostly at overpriced but during these lockdown times where people are advised to stay home these vendors are an easy choice to pull off in front of the house. The government also allowed selling vegetables in mini trucks and they came around the streets with a loud speaker calling people to buy veggies. But for us, having a vegetable shop beneath the house next to us, we don’t need to look after these vehicles (and what they sell isn’t fair enough and good to encourage) and we purchase it fresh daily rather than loading the fridge with veggies (like before pandemic) bought from the market once a week.    

Even though the partial lockdown still exists, the activities on road make feel almost back to normal and the only change was many of them wear masks. But I can’t say all!

 “The WHO says young people are increasingly driving spread of virus”

I believe it's 100% true. I see people on the street and mostly it was the young people coming out without wearing masks. I wonder if they really have any sense or are they alien to earth to have any idea about what's happening around. I believe they knew everything in the smartphone era but still they come out in indifference, thinking only about their healthy self rather than those weak at home. With strong immune power, young people come easily out of corona but who fall prey were the elders with chronic diseases. We all pray for the legend singer SP Balasubramanyam. He seemed to be asymptomatic at first but now fighting for life against Covid but how come we all forget someone like him at our homes whom vulnerable to infectious.

I wish people stay away, stay safe, wear masks and strictly follow the social distance.    

Thursday, August 20, 2020

A Weather, Reminder of Mountains

The weather have been pleasant and cool these days (in Chennai) and it wasn’t raining either but still the clouds, continue to seize the sky, kept low the temperature that lure me to dream of mountains. Though not exactly, I feel a mild cold in the air to embrace me and mind cling to the memories of same feel. It’s been more than a year I visited mountains or stayed overnight other the home esp. this cool weather is impossible to restrain the thoughts of Smokey Haven or what I call as bird paradise – Thandikudi – nestled in the lower Palani hills of Kodaikanal. It was a place that wasn’t too cold as Kodai or hot as plains but a comfortable weather to stay all day out exploring the locality of coffee and pepper plantations and listening to birds in woods.

Glad my uncle built his wood houses there, so it was always a hassle-free and home like stay for us and it would be fun if two more families of my uncles join the stay. I too used to the comfort of the woodhouse or to say my uncle had built the house easily access by the wheelchair so that I could visit it anytime without difficult. He knows how I enjoy staying into nature or travel to hills and the woodhouse were first executed for personal use before the idea of renting happen. The weather is one pleasing thing about this place and no matter what the season was, it never drops out of comfort and the weather in Chennai right away is something makes mind to think about. Perhaps due to Aadi (the season with high wind blow, falls between July-August) is believed to bring a successful year of rain and these cloudy moments brings hope as the southwest monsoon had smashed this year.

I leave you with some nature and cool images for the glimpses of the locality from different times of the visit. I love being there any time of the season and it has something to please or offer with the arrival of differences in nature like the migration of birds, flowering environment and wind.  

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Monday, August 17, 2020

No Liquor Please!

It’s obvious how Pandemic battle down people on earth and our situation in India kept worrisome as we lose nearly thousand lives every day and fifty thousand plus new cases. While Chennai sustain a slow and steady pace of pandemic cases, the cases in districts follows the same to count 5k+ daily, and in this situation the govt. has ordered to open the liquor shops in Chennai that was closed for last 5 months or from the beginning of lockdown. The govt. had opened the liquor shops already in districts other than Chennai and its suburbs in May but their decision to open in the city caused no surprise rather made feel regret about their quicker move.
I felt not good actually when the govt. announced shutting down of liquor shops in the state, due to pandemic, as I believed it’s not easy for those addicted to alcohol to sustain without drinking and would cause a perplex leading to violent behaviours.  I know some people who find difficult to skip a day without drinking and lead a life quite dedicated to drink. I thought about them and it isn’t that I support them but I understand the pattern of their lives from my perception and wanted them to be alive rather drinking something more poisoning. But to my surprise, the people’s response was superb apart from few abnormal cases of drinking sanitizer (due to alcohol content) and commits suicide because of the unavailability of liquor.  
The drinkers in Chennai has already adapted to the lifestyle of sober in last 5 months of lockdown, and without drinking; now opening the liquor shops will certainly turn down the newly adopted norms, people practiced all these days despite many difficulties and emotional fights. Many a family felt a sigh of relief when the liquor shops were closed as the men in the family doesn't need to hurt women or extorting money anymore (although it is temporary) it keeps the suffering away. Tomorrow, the opening of government liquor shops will break the cells of self-controlled alcoholics, who truly amazed me though their sustainability in lack of liquor what I thought of quite impossible.
The nature and environment healed a lot during these pandemic lockdown periods and the shutting of liquor shops is another gracious thing happens at this time and I wished it turned out to be permanent. I know it’s not that possible unless government stops obtaining money from the sale of liquor, but I think there couldn’t be a better situation that this to regulate or create a s ober like circumstance that could be good for the country and home. I know however we cry the govt. isn’t going to tilt the ear. At least until the pandemic is over or reduced enough the liquor shops can wait rather become a spreading zone of Covid 19.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Haiku Fence


Yellow flowers grin, 
the barrier in chain fence 
couldn’t stop its outgrowth.

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Monday, August 10, 2020

RGB Monday

Here is a kind of line houses in Valparai, what is just a piece of what was washed off in the recent landslides and flash flood in the high mountain ranges of Munnar; killing nearly 50 people belong to the families of tea labourers. The southwest monsoon is smashing around the Western Ghats Mountains of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and many a places are flooded and Munnar, a beautiful hill station in the Idukki district of Kerala is one of the top producers of tea and many a labours work here are from the plains of Tamil Nadu.

The landslide turned into a major disaster, where rescue operations are still underway as people are being dug out of the mud. The disaster location being close to the
Anamudi, the highest peak of south India and the popular tourist spot (Eravikulam National Park) for Thar goat sighting, exposed to cold winds and rain to extend the rescue operation. Valparai is nothing less to Munnar, and these two places are bordered by a valley that separates the two states. And their living conditions were also similar and the workers were all settlers from the plains to work in the tea plantations. It’s the workers of Rajamalai tea estate went to grave before buried really. While the covid eradicating away the lives in plenty, the plane crash and landslides were doing their better half. Nature has its own plans and no one can predict its move and we could only mourn for those died.  

Saturday, August 08, 2020

Birds in Neighbourhood - Myna


The bird is often or to say daily found around the house esp. after the lockdown they frequent the trees in the neighbourhood. As they mostly perch on tree tops or go behind the branches I could only listen to their sounds than shoot with camera. Here is couple of shots on Myna from the past.

Myna is a commonly visible bird anywhere in India and perhaps so it is called as common Myna or Indian Myna.  The bird found from Middle East to Southeast Asia is readily identified by the brown body, black hooded head and the bare yellow patch behind the eye with bright yellow bill and legs.

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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Mehandi Circus

I watched this beautiful Tamil film last week, in Netflix, and I quite liked the movie.  Taking love in hand, Mehandi Circus did a soothing performance overall, caring us back to the melodious era of 70s and 80s, when the filmdom was under Ilayaraja’s regime; composer Sean Roldan using the maestro’s finest tunes recreated magic in the background along with his own beautiful composition of songs. The director (newcomer Saravanan Rajendran) has set up the tent/plot at a picturesque location that parallelly protect the pretty love story what move us like a cool mountain breeze along Ilayaraja’s rhyme notes.

Did I sound more musical and of course it was and the hero of the film has a music store and he falls in love with a girl from a circus troupe that visits his village. And what could we expect him to do to convey his love other than playing melodious songs to please the woman and what could do it at best other than Ilayaraja’s heartening songs? Set in time of early 90s, the story travels back (to that period) in the colourful memories of the hero (Jeeva) when he goes to meet his love (Mehandi), after many years of part as the caste and other kind of challenges interfered their cute love and break paths apart.

The debutants to Tamil, Madhampatty Rangaraj and Shweta Tripathi carried their lead rolls very decently and as Mehandi, Shweta Tripathi exhibits charming acting what anyone would like watching. And the location of the shoot is dramatically colourful and charming at its own, as it shot in one of my favourite places on earth – Kodaikanal, aka Princess of Hills, was captured in an ever so beautiful and colourful angles and views to feel close to heart. Thanks to the cinematography, by Selvakumar SK, for capturing all the wonderful moments of the film. Though the circus related scene were very less, the impalement arts comes as a real challenge to the hero to get hold the heroin, who lives with his love at heart despite married to someone forcefully, creates a silent revolution at the end!

P.s. It’s been long time or more than a year I wrote a review on movies and mostly I write review on films I watch in theatre but I haven’t went to the theatre in last 1 ½ year. But I like writing reviews on movies that moves me, just like Mehandi Circus, and I feel many good films goes out of sight as soon its release because having no star cast or big budget, I think of writing at least to show my circle there's a film like this.  Right now I’m content with the OTT or used to it but still watching movies in theatre is an experience that not our home theatres produce. The HD contents on online streamings are far better these days and some are available in 4k as well and along with a good sound system you can experience the best. 

Friday, July 31, 2020

Another Rainbow Evening and Altocumulus

Last Sunday happened to be another rainbow evening and second in the month of July. The former one is here, if u want to see. I was happy to see the favourite thing appear over the sky again, exactly close to the same location, direction and angle. Though it was mild this time, the blue sky and clouds on the backdrop steer the sky to look prettier. Following that we got a sort of pleasant weather for few days caused from mild to heavy rain, and some time the sky looks cloudy and altocumulus spread wings over the blue sky. The sky comes up in pretty pattern these days and the altocumulus show up in day times settle for mild showering or supposed to rain scenario. But not to forget, the menacing mosquitoes had doubled its troops and began attacking from evening through night. 

Altocumulus clouds from the morning of the same rainbow evening.

Above is the rain scene (snapped through the balcony) from two days back and it was a heavy showing for nearly an hour and it continued for few more hours pulling back slowly in pace to rest.

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Monday, July 27, 2020

RGB Monday

(click for enlarge)
Some cool drinks and juice bottles line up at the Marina beach… image, from long time back – what made me continue to write below.

Pandemic has made forget everything or to say at least a lot of things and the normal life too seems left far behind to remember. We adapted to the change of life already and I feel only traveling has been missed out of my life. Nature creates wonder around us and trying hard to retain its wealth which vanished through smog and environmental evils stealing away its richness. Pandemic comes as a great teacher delivering life changing lessons to every one of us in some ways, despite the battle with virus, replacing the senses to respond to the need than greed of life. People utilize this period in different ways; thinking how to be productive and manage the loss of the lockdown period and some plainly entertain with what comes their ways. Importantly I see many a people come out with their hidden talents and creativities during this period and many prefer drawing and paintings in common but what they do is unique from each other to amaze.

The Covid above us had become no more and the asymptomatic tenant got well himself without going into any treatment and his family is safe as well without transmitting the virus from him. Their house was unsealed today but they were out already as his quarantine period ended on Saturday, and he restrained well himself at least within his home and we got free disinfectant sprayed everyday until his quarantine period ends. One of my uncles passed away yesterday and he was bedridden for last few months but he has shown improvement in last few weeks lost his breath suddenly. Though they say he had high blood sugar and the doctor had changed the medicine that day, some doubts it’s a result of covid which hardly had evidence. Hope you guys are Ok!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Angry Bird

…From a coffee shop en-route to Kodaikanal. The angry bird is a part of the pottery work displayed at the shop’s counter area and I’m not sure this is for sale.

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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Seashore Anthony’s Shrine, Palavakkam

Palavakkam is my favourite beach location in Chennai where I frequent until few years back and it’s a less crowded beach in Chennai and the Seashore Anthony’s Shrine is on the road that links the   end of the beach and East Coast Road (ECR).  What you see in the photos is the Eucharistic tower, erected outside the Shrine in remembrance of the Eucharistic year (2004-2005) and it is a 100 feet high tower resembling the monstrance. The artistic masterpiece was built along the entrance arch facing the ECR and a bell fry.

I have passed many times the church but I couldn’t take a photo of the shrine on the right side of the tower as it usually have some traffic or people gathered out, hesitated me to take a shot. The tower is on the entrance so I take shot easily from moving car when nearing the Shrine. The church was built in 2000 with funds indigenously raised by devotees without any foreign funds. In addition this church has a Grotto beneath the church which is populated with some rare images of Mother Mary in all her forms. For your reference I share the shrine’s structure below searched through Google. 

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Sunday Shots: Rain Scenes

Some umbrella moments or rain scenes snapped from last monsoon season. From today morning the whole city is under showering and for last two weeks the rain seems to peek now and then to keep the temperature down to normal. While we’re happy about the rains, the triggering of mosquitos has become a nightmare all these days and they even bite during day times. When we already fighting with Covid these days, the mosquitos were a threat to other fever related illness, so we’re in need to be more awake in preventing the bites and hit the mosquitos.

My balcony is one of my favourite spot at home, and overlooking the street is a better entertainment to sit around the evening or anytime I find leisure. In lockdown days I often hangout at balcony to check activities on road as it becomes lesser but it was almost back to normal now up till 7pm. Today being a Sunday, its total lockdown across the state as all Sundays of July is declared as total lockdown by the govt. and it’s quite peaceful out here other than the TV volumes. Lol

All pics shot with mobile (iphone se) as it comes handy than looking for camera.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Fence across the street

Here are some random shots on the fence, flowers and pots on the house with a garden across the street. I face the garden/house daily that partially blocked by the roadside trees of Indian tulip and rain tree. Our street always looks greenish by the thriving trees planted by NGOs and residents of the street on different times. The houses opposite to us have plenty of spaces around their house and have many trees already and those were the only sight holds me outside the home in these days of lockdown.

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Positive or Negative, Covid 19 Test Perplex

In the last 4 months of Covid 19 pandemic period, guys we had just came close to it and put hold above us. Yes, one of our tenants staying upstairs had positive result yesterday and he was picked up by the health care workers for further testing at King’s institute (a WHO authorised centre in Chennai) found no sign of positivity but he was advised to quarantine for next 15 days. Someone working at the hotel, where he works, was tested positive so his management asked him to take a Covid test at the nearest health care centre and he got tested 3 days ago from the result and the health care workers had stick a notice at the entrance of our house notifying the presence of a Covid 19 positive patient at this house.

The notice contains his name, age, address and the number of days he needs to be quarantined. Actually there’s very less chance for him to be infected as his work from home for the most except vising the hotel once or twice a month for billing. He works as a financial manager in a reputed 5-star hotel in the city and he hails from West Bengal and staying along with his wife and a 3 year old daughter. Above all he isn’t a kind of indifferent guy neglecting the preventive measures and he even wear gloves when going out for grocery and wash all the vegetables before bringing into home. So his initial positive report really made us wonder and scary as well and we breathe easy only after learning his negative signs and he’s sent back to home to stay alone in a room for 15 days.

The health care workers sprayed disinfectant outside our home and is checking him daily for any symptoms or needs. It makes think his positive report should be a mistake or he naturally cured between the time he took test and report delivered. I think taking 3 days for the result is really a long time, and anything is possible during this time. This is a second case I learn where the Covid positive becomes nothing when tested again at Kings Institute and I really don’t understand what makes the difference between the tests taken by the health care works at the health centres and the institute.

Actually I want to write something but end up writing this and what I really couldn’t connect is why many feels bad about Covid positive notice stick to their walls. No one really like or intend to be a Covid positive and it’s an infection that anyone would carry without their knowledge so why one should worry what others would think of it. Unless someone affected in their family people doesn't realizes the situation and troubles one faces as Covid positive. In reality we are leaning our support to his family and have requested his wife to contact us for any help or want to buy anything as she having a little child it’s difficult to make out. He used to play with his daughter till midnight (as she sleeps mostly in day times) and she’s so attached to him should be emotionally difficult for both either locked behind the door. I hope he shows no positive signs, what is good for all.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Skywatch Friday: Rainbows

Last week the weather turned wonderful one evening and the sky formed storm clouds that almost supposed to rain.  But things turned different and surprise, when a rainbow appear on the sky.  I have seen rainbows before but I don’t remember when I saw one last in my city, Chennai. My neighbour pointed out the rainbow that curved up above the sky just outside the balcony and I was out already watching the sky and the storm clouds scattering instead gathered to rain.

First the rainbow appeared mild in colors and was difficult to notice but sooner the colors increased to look amazing and it was a nice curve and I don’t know it made quite a bow. Actually it was a double rainbow and I didn’t notice the second bow, which appeared mild, until I look into the picture. My camera couldn’t capture the colors perhaps because of bright sunlight and these are mobile shots from iPhone se. 

To say the sky's the only changing things in my life for last few months or from the time of pandemic began; sky watching has become an activity and I go out into the balcony to see the sky after I wake up and got ready and do the same before go to bed. I don’t know why I want to see the sky or at least want to see a star or anything celestial before get into the bedroom and I think it’s perhaps because of lockdown and fewer activities on road want me to look for something active even though I know the celestial activities aren't quicker.

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Sunday, July 05, 2020

Healing Earth and Me

Pandemic is what all about and all roads lead to same for more than last three months and we still have any idea where and when it all going to end though we know for sure it will and should be end at an end. Everyone should have gone through different experiences during this period of pandemic and lockdown and this goes like a real life drama without any rehearsals and it has affected us in no way one could imagined. But one great comforting thing the pandemic made was refining nature and environment.  Today being Sunday and final day of total lockdown the carbon monoxide level in the air in Chennai has went  down to the level of 8 what usually used to be 60+, which marks moderate air quality, makes apparent how significant the changes are. But this doesn’t going to sustain for sure when the relaxed lockdown come into force from tomorrow, however getting life back to normal is quite important while keeping the environment clean.

The lockdown really made feel secured a lot during these pandemic days as we’re uncertain who carries the virus, staying home we feel safe.   I didn’t find the lockdown a greatly difficult as my life is almost made into home  but as a travel enthuse its quite different and I live all these days with my travel memories and watching travel/food vlogs on YouTube. Nature and environment is clean making me so happy and I’m enjoying more bird sounds these days than vrooming bikes and cars. I think if not pandemic the earth wouldn’t get a chance to cleans the manmade dirt though it isn’t a happier way to support or got this done from peoples suffering and deaths. Nature is rich and it has the power to recycle and we’re same as any other living on the earth. Animals traces their roots and corridors while we shut our roads and leave no foot prints inside their landscapes, it still make  worry to hear even the predators (us) are lockdown in home, more than a dozen elephants died (including the one shot by farmers) for unreasoning in Tamil Nadu in last few weeks.

I could say the last few weeks were the worst days for me during this lockdown period and I think you people know and if not, I went through a long-time fever ever in my life and I quite terrified as you know we go through pandemic I’m uncertain and anxious what these symptoms lead to. Glad it was only a urinary tract infection and the injections worked really well and I’m out of it. But before it got over I had a severe sprain at my ankle and I am still going through the pain and swelling and if it continues few more days, I had to take an x-ray to see what really happened. My physiotherapist said nothing to worry but I go through doubts. I hope you guys continue on the safe path and stay safe at home. Wish the pandemic is over or reduced sooner to become not a life thereat. 

Thursday, July 02, 2020

How the Coronavirus Pandemic affect the Way We Travel

(First time a guest post in my blog.) Gulshan Bafna is a leading travel entrepreneur with a passion for exploring every corner of the globe. His unique approach of describing and covering tourist hotspots as well as unknown retreats alike has won him a solid following online. True to his blog's name, he believes that travel is an exciting prospect for everyone!

For people that spend their entire life travelling, certainly, 2020 has been a tough year to deal with. Still, people are hopeful about finding a cure and overcoming this pandemic so that they can start to move around soon. As we test more and while scientists are trying to find cures, there is hope that things will improve. What is sure for now, is that the life of a traveller will be very different from how it used to be. Here is a list of things that one thinks how the coronavirus pandemic affect the way we travel: 

1.   Taking a lot more precaution: Clearly, these are difficult times. So, most people would think, and rightly so, about trying to ensure that we will try and avoid touching random surfaces. They will make sure to carry masks, alcohol-based sanitizers, and wear gloves whenever required. This is important because you are not only protecting yourself but also protecting others if you are an asymptomatic traveller.
2.    Not travelling if not necessary: This is one of the most important effects that coronavirus or COVID 19 will be on travellers. People are revisiting if any travel idea is really important or if they are doing it on a whim. Most random travels will be called off. Unless really required, most people are avoiding travel. Additionally, corporates are also spending less on travel when something can be done online. The travel industry has certainly taken a beating and there will be a slow increase in the people willing to travel.

3.   Selecting places: How we select places to travel to will also be viewed differently. For instance, if a place has a higher number of cases that will determine how many people would like to travel there. If most of the exploration includes enclosed places then that will certainly be a worrisome choice. This is because enclosed places show a higher likelihood to spread the coronavirus. So, the kind of places people travel to will be relooked at and reevaluated for a while.

4.    Opting for less crowded places: With the Coronavirus, travel will be affected and most people will consider unexplored locations to avoid the crowd. The more the crowd the higher the chance that you would knowingly or unknowingly catch the virus and spread it yourself. Therefore, people will find secluded places rather than where travellers would flock to usually. A lot of the unexplored places will start to gain popularity for sure.

5.    Traveller's health and age factors: It has been determined that certain people are more vulnerable than others to this virus. For instance, little children, old people, pregnant women and people with existing diseases are more susceptible to get this infection. So, people with any of these conditions will think twice about travelling during the coronavirus pandemic times. They will try and stay indoors and postpone their trips if avoidable.

6.    No more open borders: A lot of countries, states and cities are trying to protect their own people. So, across the world, a lot of governments and people are trying to lock down their borders for outsiders that want to travel. Even if they are allowing them to enter, they are asking a lot of questions such as why they need to travel, to begin with. There are many restrictions with regards to which country or states one can travel to or from.
7.    Watch what you eat: A lot of people are going to watch what and where they eat. Many restaurants are even trying to keep an eye on how they serve up their food. Also, many people will start taking hygiene a lot more seriously as providers of food and consumers of it. If hotels take the required precautions, there will be a higher chance that they will get more patrons. People are more cautious now, may it be during visiting restaurants or ordering food in. 
8.    Hotel Rules: Post-COVID most hotels will have to relook at what they need to do to be inviting and safe. They will need to focus on constantly disinfecting and taking care of people. Apart from taking all the precautions, it will also be more important to communicate it to the guests. People will also prefer finding isolated locations such as villas so they will be able to protect themselves. That the hotels are taking the required steps to protect their patrons will be the only way to get business.

9.    Budget travel: It is no secret that the economy is in the doldrums. There are a lot of problems and a lot of people that are losing their jobs. So, travelling has become a trouble. Therefore, a lot of people will look to travel, if they have to, in smaller budgets while staying safe through the trip. More hotels and restaurants will give discounts to make their place more affordable while ensuring they are careful.

10. Travel rules: Travel industry by itself will know how to undergo a lot of changes. Just having to clean up after customers and ensuring they disinfect and maintain hygiene will all become an important way that will change travel post the coronavirus pandemic. Despite how people decide to travel, air, train, bus or cab; all transport will come under the scanner. How well they are making the effort to keep it safe for public transport will determine their profitability. 

These are hard times, and a lot of people are finding it difficult to cope. We are going through times that we are not prepared for and the economy is not looking great. However, we know that people are waiting to get out and are itching to travel. Everyone should try and remember that the pandemic is not beyond us, yet. What we need to do is ensure that while we get the wheels spinning, we are also safe. Remember, travelling is a great idea, but ensure that you stay safe while you are at it.\

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Fever Triggered fear

Two weeks passed since I blogged. Lap times turned nap times – laptop unopened in last ten days.  Anxious ran through the nerves. Mind struggled to grasp anything that comes into attention. The days are hot as ever reflected up on me and I fell into fever that lasted more than a week. First my father caught fever and we feared really but his temperature is back to normal after two days on medicine. And before he touched norm fever clutched me and refused to give up until a doctor’s intervention and strong medicine to light down the heat. Being a pandemic period it is not easy to take anything lighter and more than the suffering from fever, the fear of what it could be jammed me. I know I was cautious with my every step into the pandemic field and keep reminding my dear ones to follow the same but we can’t be certain that everything is under control.

First it was guessed as viral fever because of normal blood test report but yesterday’s urine culture report reveals bacterial infection in urinary system and doctor told to take antibiotic injections for 5 consecutive days and he’s sending his staff to home to inject me daily.  He isn’t a regular doctor I visit, but I have no option as there’s any other doctor available and small hospitals are either closed or refuse to see fever patients in my neighbourhood. After more than 3 months, I stepped out of the house to visit the diagnostic centre in neighbourhood for the blood urine test and I was allowed only after the thermal scanning, which showed fever, but still they allowed perhaps I am regularly testing there.  I expressed my anxiety of fever in facebook and the fiends there really supported me and encouraged to think positive and now I have no fever and the nausea also reduced drastically. I’m on the second day on injection and injection is something I haven’t gone through in a decade is painful to take. Hope I get back to norm soon.4

Covid is something really reaching new peaks daily in Chennai and continues to be second hotspot of India. Chennai and its neighbouring districts are under complete lockdown until June 30 and it could be extended apparently to keep down the death and spreading rate. Take care and stay safe
Thank you