Monday, August 01, 2005

Fun stories


Moo to music
Apparently, animals can enjoy Carnatic music, and they are appreciative, too. Residents of Kashimadom in Ambalamedu, Erakualm, give the 20 cows in the ashram a daily dose of Carnatic music and Marathi bajans through loudspeakers in the cowshed. The result: an abundant milk supply.

Himachal Pardesh

Love in Shimla
They came, they saw and they married. Americans Adriane and Eskala, who fell in love six months ago while touring Shimla, came all the way from the US to the hill resort to wed in the desi Hindu style. Reason: Hindu wedding fascinate them. The couple exchanged vows at a heritage hotel, where they had a priest translate the Sanskrit couplets to them. The staff played witness to this karmic union.


High level test
Mahouts in the Cochin Devaswom Board could soon be seen scampering up coconut palms. Aspiring mahouts has a demonstrate their skill in climbing the palms in the recruitment test conducted by the board recently in Thrissur. The reason: this way, they need not depend on anyone to get coconut fronds for their pachyderms to munch on.

Uttar Pradesh

Prize catch
Students of Nishatganj Government Inter Collage in Lucknow have more than just heavy books on their shoulders. This year the authorities asked them to canvass their neighbourhood for new admission to the school. Apparently, they did such a good job that the school received more applications than usual. Guess that the prize is? Book for those who roped in more than four students


Kidding with kidnap
What’s a man to do when he has too much work and too little leisure? Kuldeep Singh, 21, a peon, thought he would fake his own kidnapping. He had the smarts to trick the police, but not enough for his dad. His father recognized Singh’s voice when he called home demanding Singh was soon back home.


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