Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A dream hero and a true leader...

My painting on Kalam... when he turned 75 in 2006
My painting on Kalam when he turned 75 in 2006
APJ Abdul Kalam doesn’t need an intro and children/students celebrate him as hero, who inspires everyone to dream. Being a rocket scientist, I see him as a true leader who guided the country on the right path with an anticipation that is quite selfless. It is rare for a country with billion populations who entirely love and admire an individual beyond their variation and unity in diversity.

I am uncertain in which way I admire him the most (as a rocket scientist or missile man, a transformer of dreams or president of India, or perhaps his various aspects and schemes) but the concept of India 2020 impressed me lot and want to follow his path. India 2020 is the first book I read (with interest) apart the school text books which I read in a compulsion or without passion. He showed me a way to explore things through books, even though I started reading books actually to improve my English it was his book initiated the habit.

Just like everyone, his simplicity and down to earth attitude (even at the post of higher position and first citizen of nation) make me feel incredible and proud to live in his era. Among his many pursuits of dreams, the 2020 project is a wake-up call for the entire nation to work hard to fulfill his dreams where lies our bright future. What really bother me was, whether India becomes a developed nation or not in 2020, he should have lived to encourage us until we reach quite a position.

He had touched almost all the areas and wanted to develop everything equally (with a vision for tomorrow) because a development gets a full form only if it was balanced. Although he’s a scientist dealt with deadly weapons and missiles, he’s gentle enough towards every human being as he himself being so, he’s more concern about environment and want to bring a transformation in agriculture using latest technologies. His Go Green campaign that began in Tamil Nadu with an intention to plant 10 million saplings is a great initiation, which I see as a balance to various destruction we do in name of development.

Agriculture being my favorite subject and villages being center of its state, I like the way he look into the concept of agriculture and the need to develop the villages, he quotes:

My true labor will give life to my village
our villages elevates, our families will get good prosperity
our families lived well, our state will rise
our state elevates, our country will evolutes as a fertile nation
we work hard and develop our village, state and nation.

As a teacher he has reached students that any other leader or educationist would have done. Teaching being his main intention as he believes giving education is the best way to make someone realize his dreams and he sowed the seeds in students for the future nourishment and he understands the fact that taking anything at earlier gives good result. Not everyone gets the chance to die while doing what they love and respect to do so... at the age of 84, our youngest hero passed away while on his course of teaching (delivering a lecture) to students at IIM Shillong on a livable plant.

Good bye Kalam, we will follow your track and bring alive your dream. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

RGB Monday

(Today's object is tractor)

Red tractor, but the color has been fated! The picture was captured from the moving car on Grand Southern Trunk Rd across Theni, during my travel to Cloud Mountain.

Green tractor on the Girivalam (coming around hill) road of Tiruvannamalai! It is the road (that comes around the Annamalai Hill) where abundant of people take walk on the full moon day and they believe doing it brings peace to mind and also enhance fitness.

Blue tractor on the Palavakkam beach and it is to use to pull boats that come to shore after fishing and they charge certain amount for the job. 

PS. Tractors always fascinate me for their ability to handle any kind of terrain and many a time I wish to go for a ride on tractor. I and my cousin used to discuss how wonderful it would be to modify a tractor into a passenger car, so that we could travel anywhere without a care about road. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Overcast at Kasimedu Fishing Harbour and Cloud Iridescence

The weather for last few days has been pleasant in Chennai during the evening with rain clouds overcast the sky and seldom showering here and there to lighter downpour. The days are hotter than usual to become a natural geyser to produce hot water but as it enter the evening the weather dramatically turn into gloomy and cool.  The situation was similar when I cross Marina beach a day back (in evening) with a plan to drive up to Kasimedu fishing harbor for a chance as we mostly turn back with Marina.



The sun was shining bright when we moved out of home but on the way we saw gray clouds climbing up the sky from the west against the setting sun and for a moment on the beach road we come to cease across a colorful sky (cloud iridescence) showing up above the clouds. As we cross Parry's corner it becomes darker and windy and when we enter the fishing harbor it was about 6 pm and the concrete pier was empty unlike my previous visit on a Sunday last year. There was police standing at the entrance of the harbour but they didn’t pay attention to us as we drive inside.



We drive partially into the breakwater and stood there sometime almost watching the clouded sky and feeling the fresh breeze and whisper of silent waves of sea. The harbour wasn’t busy that time and some fishermen were working on their nets at a corner and being 6 in evening we didn’t take risk of driving all the way till the end of breakwater to be warned by someone. Later the cop come in jeep indicated us to move away and we left the harbor to wish to come back some other day in a day time.




(All the photos were captured using S4 mini smart phone - 8 megapixel)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fence around Fern House

Fern House
The picturesque house surrounded by colorful flowers
The Fern House in the Ooty Botanical Garden is home to many ferns and orchids. This house (established in 1894) is dedicated to W.C. Mc. Ivor, in whose response the Garden has been developed to this stage from the then a patch of vegetable garden and wilderness of Shola and shrubs and the lower part as a swamp traversed by deep ravines.

Mr. Ivor who had his training at the Royal Botanical Gardens, was able to transform the steep slopes into walks and terraces, lawns and flower beds for growing choice selection of plants. He also improvised ways and means by which he could reclaim the lower part of the garden and converted into undulating and sloping lawns with pockets of ponds left at convenient places to add chart to the landscape.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kaadu (Forest)

The Tamil movie I watched last night at home theatre is obviously based on the title Kaadu (forest) and the lives and way of living adjoining same. The movie wasn’t much interesting to watch, but I did plainly for the message it carries on forest conservation and the important of preserving the forest. The film shot in and around Dharmapuri, one of the most backward and drought prone district in Tamil Nadu, captured at its natural state.

Begin with a note dedicating to all nature lovers and forests activists, Kaadu makes it path clear and wants to point out the mindless behaviour of man toward deforestation. Even though the movie comes under usual drama, the main plot deals with Velu, who collects firewood in the forest and sells to the people in his locality. Being a believer in nature, he makes certain not to cut a single tree or plant in the forest to preserve it for future generation.

Velu’s friend Karuna, who aspire to become a forest officer couldn’t cope up the bribe that is needed by the selector. In desperate he smuggle sandalwood and get caught but he request Velu to replace him so that his dream don’t ruin. Velu in jail, Karuna becomes a forest officer by impressing the DFO and tries to take over the forest for his personal gain by removing the people of the forest. Velu on bail, fight against karuna, and smugglers on other hand, to save forest and its people.

Directed by newcomer Stalin Ramlingam, Kaadu ties to capture the views of people closely associate with forest and what/how it suppose to be and seen. The film travels on socio-political scenario (that well detail the lifestyle of the people in forest) has great remarks throughout, touching topics such as eco-conservation, unemployment and corruption in government engine and the important to rely on roots. Captioned as forest, the film doesn’t show any animals but stressed the need of them to be in the forest than in zoos.

Vithartha as Velu in the role of a rural man is apt, as he had done many similar roles in his carrier that began in Myna and his transformation into rebel is also convincing. The film also conveys communism at its fair bit, Samuthirakani in the role of political prisoner, with a mandatory reference to Che Guevara, spell out neatly the need to fight for one’s right. For a movie with great idealism, the romance and comedy comes as a flipside spoils the real cause of watching.

The film also indirectly mark the late encounter of red wood smugglers or loggers in AP, whom were mostly gone from nearby districts of Dharmapuri. Although the movie ends with message, it wasn’t sharp hitting rather it should be as it make mandatory that forest guards should be truly admirer of nature and forest activist to protect it entirely. And if we continue neglect forest and keep ravage, the after effect would be drastic that humankind would not survive. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

RGB Monday (doors and frames)

Red door frame of a Christian shrine in Mamallapuram.

A village house...
Green door and window of a house in village near Thandikudi, on the lower Palani hills (Kodai hills)

Bluely painted door and windows of an incomplete home in Valparai... though unfinished I find the sight very pretty to photo shoot. The house was neatly arranged with flowerbed on both sides of the blue frame.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Countryside Fences, Ooty

These photos are capture while driving from Ooty to Avalanche, during last year vacation.
The crops cultivated above seems to be Carrot and Cabbage
One of the villages along terrace farmlands - the road to avalanche is almost passes through it and at every corner there's something to behold yet beautiful view.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

3 Quotes Challenge

Destination Infinity (Rajesh) tagged me to take up the ongoing quotes challenge across the blogs. Following DI, I decided to post all the quotes in one post, skipping away the rules of posting three quotes on three different days. Though I don’t have a collection of quotes and certain to be favorites but I just read and pass away to rarely save quotes in device. So I decide to write my own quotes or thoughts, however you perhaps take.

"Comfort keep us confine and put into coffin very soon compare to hard workers who sustain longer and better survive."
"My belief that the best is yet to come keeps me going."
"Fear is unavoidable when strolling in unsafe landscape. Though courage is something one needs to battle the evil surrounding rather sitting ideal in fear."
I’m not tagging anybody and interested may take on their own.

Btw, these are rules of this tag, if you like to follow:

1. Post one of your favorite quotes (different quote on each day) on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favorite book, author, or your own.
2. Nominate 3 bloggers to challenge them.
3. Thank the blogger, who nominated you.

Monday, July 13, 2015

RGB Monday

Red bicycle frame
Red bicycle frame – shot at Palavakkam Beach

Green Motorcycle – belong to one of my old neighbors, while residing in apt.

Baby's stroller
Blue Baby Stroller – obviously from the same Palavakkam beach

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Papanasam – My POV

Papanasam doesn’t need an introduction (at least to the readers from India – the movie has been remade in all southern Indian languages and in Hindi as Drishyam) is a good family pack and to say in a line it’s about a family that commits a crime and how the common man (the head of the family) protect them from law. As a protagonist, for Kamal Haasan, the movie is another milestone on his performance and to add mileage was his access to Tirunelveli accent. But for me the tone reminds Poovaragan, one of the 10 roles he had done in Dasavathaaram with same courage.
Apt to the title, the movie was shot in and around Papanasam and Tenkasi in Tirunelveli. Though it is a remake of Malayalam version and also directed by same (Jeethu Joseph), I sense an imitation of Malayalam while watch the movie – perhaps because of some important roles done by actors who come from Malayalam. Being led by real life partners, Gauthami and Kamal, their intimation has works well in the movie and also exposed beautiful and the tendency, when protecting the children, is quite natural and look normalcy.

Although the movie’s progress was predictable, there’s something grips beyond suspicion esp. the scene where the family undergoes a trail/torture by police would cause an impact on heart. Niveda Thomas and Esther Anil (as the children of Kamal, who’s called Suyambulingam – a self born Lingam, which resemble the character that developed on self) performance is also appreciative and the way they control the emotions and achieving what needed is simply superb! But I was intensely watching will they mess up anywhere.

Another character that impound us is IG Geetha Prabhakar (Asha Sarath), as a ruthless woman police officer with utmost grim to bring out the truth behind her missing son and going silent in ending, when Kalam indirectly confess his sin, is an impression along with the scene. Ghibran music is very sensible, although the movie has only couple of songs it conveys the pain and intimacy at poise. The entire theme and background is effective!

The most interesting part was how the protagonist tries to hide away the evidences by recreating his own and make believe others; including the police (which might sounds overload) is an excel. But I sense rather being a messenger the movie comprehend thriller. The screenplay is quite drastic and with excellent actors/performers we can’t expect more. Glad I watched the movie in theater with great applauds and apprehend.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Leading down to falls

Thirparappu Waterfalls in Kanyakumari is a popular tourist spot in the district which I visited at the end of 2011. I was glad the authorities had built ramps all the way down to the falls for me to enjoy the drizzle at close distance. The water falls from a height of nearly 50 ft, seems to flow with great force for around 7 months in the whole year.
The waterfalls seen behind the garden
Here is a couple of photos took while leading down to the falls... there is a ramp as well steps to reach the waterfalls. For those take the steps, interesting has rails that resembles the fence made in bamboos, which was actually designed in iron/steel. 


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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Poriyaalan (Engineer)

Poriyaalanis a Tamil movie I watched this weekend at home theater and the film released in 2014 has a gripping story that explores the life of a civil engineer who aspire to become an outstanding builder but entangled by the dark side of real estate and loan shark. Next to IT field or perhaps in a way surpass the real estate and building constructions have grown a lot in attempt to touch the sky although sometime the buildings fall!  But keeping the message in limit, the movie develops into a thriller.

Saravanan is a dutiful engineer, working at a construction company decides to start his own and for his budget he could get plots only far away from the city. So with the guidance of his friend, who works under Sundar – a merciless loan shark and goonda, they decide to use his money, as he gone to jail, and replace it before he comes out of prison.  In the meantime, they got a nice plot (within the city) from a middleman and complete the registration.

But when they try to promote the land for construction, they learn it belongs to someone else and Shahstri, the middleman, made away with their money. And to make the situation worse, Sundar comes out on bail earlier than expected. What will happen if he comes to know his money was used without his knowledge? And when they learn he’s not just after the money but the women in their families. Could they track down the middleman before it is too late?

The movie begins from the middle; goes back and then front with one friend breakdown for their lost money and fear to be killed by the loan shark. The almost new faces give refreshing look to the scenario with lighter emotion which is more than enough for this kind of movie. Notably the two friends – Saravanan and Prabhu, acting, esp. towards the matter of love, when Prabhu come to know his friend romance his co-sister has been dealt decently and maturely when Saravanan confront his love in front of her father.

Though there isn’t a need for a track of romance, it only put us on intent to know what unveil next and helps the movie run for about 2 hours rather ending 20 minutes earlier to be quite thriller.  The songs aren’t memorable except Gana Bala’s usual song on alcohol! Mohan Raman, as Shastri had done an unexpected role to the finest and outshines as a realistic broker whether to believe he’s good or bad until his escape to Goa.

I find the vital of the movie has been voiced well from the stand of Saravana: that those landmarks are mostly buildings/structures built by a civil engineer and the design of future is also in the hands of same. The movie put us upright throughout, have a strong story and screenplay (written by NH4 fame Manimaran) and was directed by Thanukumar, a debutant and former assistant of Vetrimaran. Unlike VIP, which deals with obstacles during a building construct? The Vetrimaran team has spotlight into the area of real estate and loan shark that grips in every possible way. 

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Indru Netru Naalai (INN) – A Travel though Time

First thing I felt coming out of the theater (drive-in), watching the film Indru Netru Naalai (today yesterday tomorrow) was, how creative our filmmakers are? Following TEOA, here is another movie based on science fiction which takes us on a fun ride through time travel. Though many films have come up on this concept, this is the first time the Tamil filmdom has experienced such and the team has also succeed in their mission.

A scientist from the future (2065) sent a time machine to the current year and it lands at the hands of two friends (Vishnu and Karunakaran) and an inventor during an accident. When the inventor falls into coma after an electric shock, the friends take away the machine and use it for their astrology business – Karunakaran being an astrologer; they recover things people have lost by going back in time using the time machine but make believe others it’s quite astrology and earn enough.

During one such travel to past, they make a mistake without their knowledge and it saves a gangster from an encounter who’s targeting the father of Mia George, who is in love with Vishnu. Understanding it later, they decided to correct the mistake by going to the past but landed in trouble even before the time machine broke away with no option to go further. How did they handle the situation is something sustain the eagerness till ending.

The film is quite an entertainer and behind the scientific notion it’s the realistic comedy-drama that put forth the entire sum. Not that the concept of time travel doesn’t work, but without a good story and screenplay even with a subject travelling to space seems to work not well. I would say anyone asking me about the hero of the movie is the story and though the artists/actors are equally important (like everyone given their best here) the story is perhaps one of the finest in recent past.  

I remember seeing couple of movie in past on time travel but I was uncertain about my understanding of the concept until watching INN. The director (Ravi Kumar, a debutant) has simplified the function of time travel and that too watching in our regional language the understanding becomes easier. The invention of time machine is also simple, cool and uncomplicated for viewers to get a fair idea.

Among the performance, the character of Vishnu and Karunakaran was outstanding and their lack of star status helps us easily relate and involved in the story. For a sci-fi movie, the visuals usually used to be mysterious and high tech, but except the beginning and things relevant to machine everything seems to be realistic and happen to be in real. The travel in past to granny age is something bring back the old charms lively which have been seen as images alone.

P.S. Thanks to our fellow blogger Rajesh, if he hadn’t written about this film I would have missed a great amusement. He has started to watch movies on first day first show, but I watched this movie last day last show hence the film was suppose to leave the theater for next release.  

Thursday, July 02, 2015

A private beach house off ECR

House and Gate
While driving past few private beach by-lanes on ECR, I find this house and the gate (perhaps made of planks or steel) prettier to capture. The house was outstanding from the many others structures through the traditional kind of architecture and exterior that carries red brickwork. The hip or gable tiled roof is another interesting aspect of the house that has arch windows and portico and balcony supported by pillars.

The other side of the beach house off ECR
The other sides (above and below) of the same house
Side view of the beach house off ECR

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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum

I watched this interesting Tamil movie called Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum (Press 1 for Tamil) in Home theatre is also a good entertainer. Released at the beginning of this year, the movie has a unique plot which is based on science connects various angles in a single core device called cell phone. Technology has developed a lot and we live in a science world where lives depended on it, whether it is used for good or bad the film captured it quite well.

The movie begins with a deadly bomb in a call taxi that comes around the Chennai city and an 80 tonne solid rock (vaasthu kal) hangs from a multi-storied building (as the crane struck halfway) with a woman trapped beneath the scrap where the rock suppose to fall anytime. The film goes behind the scenes where a terrorist in intend to disturb the Independence Day celebration, plants a remotely controlled bomb in a call taxi and follows the car for an apt place to blow up.

In the mean time, all the mobile networks in the city fails due to a solar flare and an hyperactive science geek Vasanth tries to activate a part of the mobile network and once the lines are restored the terrorist will activate the bomb which was connected via a cell phone that is waiting for signal. And also Simi, who is struck under the scrap, will be rescued only if the text message she had sent reach his beau Mukil. Though the bomb blast and rock falls down at last, how do they escape becomes the exciting part of the whole.

Nakul as science geek impresses everyone by his technical knowledge and innovations, also creates projects for the engineering students which land him on restoring mobile network. His relation with his mother (Urvashi) is something heeds, and makes a different family perception where science prevails very much. But more than Attakathi Dinesh, in his usual easy going attitude and as a property promoter who falls in love with Bindu Madhavi – a counsellor, whose expressions conveys lot. Sathish as taxi driver has done a decent yet realistic comic role and although he loses his phone he deal was amusing.

I usually don’t write about movies I watch at home theatre, if the movie isn’t worth or interesting to watch. But TEOA (Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum) wants me to write as I find the concept being very different and experimental, so that others could watch it if haven’t. Though it is movie not quite scientific or love story – which is a part that doesn’t work well, but still worth watching for its unique subject and sequences that carries logic.

The movie doesn’t have songs except a single track that bend with the story; Thaman’s BGM has worked well and produced a great feeling towards the ending. Cinematography at other hand is also good and captured the cityscape in a beautiful and colorful manner. And to put above all, I admire the direction (by Ramprakash Rayappa) for taking science as main subject and making it realistic and simpler to appreciate by commoner that to in a light-hearted way feels healthy. TEOA – a movie for those enjoy science and humor.