Friday, November 27, 2009

Update on my health

Before I go something in detail about my health condition, I thank you all from my deep heart for your support, wishes and prayers for my quick recovery. It was your comments and suggestions drive me into enough courage and thoughts to face my problem and now I’m progressing on a right path.

Without much delay I meet our doctor that day and conversed in detail about my problem and expressed my doubts and fear about spitting blood. It was all what I was thinking about and as well as agreed the doctor, wrote a list of tests to diagnose the problem and supporting causes.

It was a tough day yesterday visiting twice the diagnostics center and taking a complete test of blood, urine, CT scan, echocardiogram, ECG… to know what causes this problem. We went early morning to the center with empty stomach and took varies test, except echocardiogram for which we’re called to come by The center was little far away from our home and visiting twice happen to be a hard thing for us and again by evening to collect the report and checking with doctor at night, the day end at complete tiredness.

Must say the people in diagnostic center are so helpful and when there’s no power to operate life, the guys carried me with wheel chair to the upstairs for eco test and there’s a lady who was very friendly and was at beside helping us until we come and go.

The reports come out almost normal, and my heart is working well as favorable except the CT scan which identified a mucus clot in lungs, which is behind the spitting of blood while coughing. The doctor says there’s nothing to worry about it and it could be dissolved by tablets soon. He advised me personally not to fear about anything and not to believe whatever is written on internet, like many of u said here.

He’s our family doctor and seeing me from childhood, conversed with me in detail about the reports and suggested few adequate changes to get well soon. The cough that was disturbing me for the last couple of days is very less today after taking some huge tablets. He told to continue some tablets for about a month to dissolve the mucus clot as it was hardly stick to lung walls and considering my health he has given mild tablets to recover fully but little slowly. Thank you all again for your support, courage, suggestions, prayer and wishes….I hope to recover soon and feeling better now. Think I need some rest for sometime now and will do check yours when I feel good. Take care all, hugs.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blood spit again

Continuing the scared night and life these days, from Sunday the blood happens to comes if I cough stressfully and spit. This time there is not much excess of blood, but it was thick and dark in red. Thus I’m feeling so fear and anxious about my health now.

I’m taking the same medicine doctor prescribed last time when I face such cause and when I check his clinic last night, he had just left before we arrive and I’m continuing the same medicine and today we‘re gonna visit him again. Let see what he says about my problem.

In between I searched on Google with the symptoms I go through and got to know this problem might be hemoptysis! But I’m not sure and I’m not a doctor to be right. Sometimes I get little fever and cold, and sure I will check the doctor today and get test whatever is necessary to know how comes the blood. I wish to be back normal soon and hope you all wish me too. hugs.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

World Television Day

In a split second, pressing a button will transport us to a whole new milieu, time and a world; and another press of the button will bring us back right to our living rooms. This miraculous transporter is, of course, the television.

Today each and every home own a television and knowing more about the importance of information and entertainment the government has come forward to distribute free television sets and about what they give in means of politics or tricks, it helps people who are suppose to explore the world from there homes.
Tamil Nadu Govt.'s Color TV
This is a free television set given by the Tamil Nadu Government
From the back and white to the late LCD and led, television enclose us into a world of entertainment and almost everyone watches television and learn something new everyday and keep in touch with current affairs about the world. The extension of televisions to rural and remote area excess there lives to new and modern civilization.

But where we’re heading isn’t healthy, because television excesses our duties many times and attracts our kids to face setback in health and education, and families to suffer with serials and youngsters to go crazy about cricket. There are some terms to enjoy television so that our lives can be set top box or DTH to exist clearly.

There’re times where only DD exists and watching the Friday movie on night is one nightmare we can’t forget watching in-between plenty ads. And super he-man samurai is one program I watch intend and almost never miss the jungle book on Sundays. Still I’m enjoying some programs in DD esp. news are quite impartial compare to satellite channels.

The UN General Assembly declared November 21st as World Television Day, to recognize the role played by television in decision making by drawing attention to threats to peace and security and social and economic issues. The first World Television Forum was held on November 21 and 22 in 1996 and UN invited all the member of states to mark the day by ‘encouraging global exchanges of television programs and focusing among other issues like peace, security, economic and social development and the enhancement of cultural exchange. Here we go on some facts about Television

John Logie Baird operated the first real television system in 1926.

The BBC began regular telecasts in 1930.
The first practical use of television was in Germany.

The first colour television was approved in 1950.

In 1956, Robert Adler invented the first practical remote control.

The Kennedy-Nixon debate was the first split-screen broadcast, in 1960.

The history of television in India begins with Doordarshan. On September 15, 1959, Doordarshan was set up as part of AIR (All India Radio). In 1976, DD became independent Color TV came into vogue with the 1982 Asian Games.

Up to the early 1990s, there were just two channels.

1991 saw the entry of foreign programmers, including Star TV and CNN.

In 1995, the Government of India passed the Cable Television Network (Regulation) Act, making registration of cable operators must compulsorily transmit at least two Doordarshan channels.

More than 130 million homes in India have a television set, with at least 70 million receiving cable TV.

Doordarshan continues to head the channel list – the 50-year-old network reaches 44.9 per cent of Indians.

Friday, November 20, 2009

A visit to Sai Baba Temple

Last Thursday we went to Injambakkam Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and it’s been long time since I visited the temple and it was my parents wish to take me along with them. Few years back I used to visit Sai baba temple often and most of the time it was mylapore temple, but I like visiting this temple more because of its clam environment.

Many changes have happened inside the temple complex and couple of shrines has been grown and new pavements been laid and along the spacious car parking, the temple looks more beautiful now; and peacefully located on the east coast is chirping by birds and green yards.
peace lamp
Every time we come around this temple, without our knowledge the streaming theme rubs our minds and conveys peace and serenity. I have some memories that always struggle to remember the debris I go through this temple and when I think back I could imagine the hardship moments I gone through in faith then. I can walk about those days, and the main shrine is elevated by few steps and climbing on it is a task for me and dad to carry, staring the steps and image in mind revolves rather, parents come after circumambulating the shrines.

The idol made of marble is east facing the sea and a huge hall to aid devotees to settle down for prayers and a lawn that leads a path close to sea. As we near to the main shrine, two women welcomed us with warm smile and offered us tea and biscuits. One of there is so kind and facing her sense me she is perhaps in some distress and I come across her smile again and later leave home with a bye. That small gesture of smile stays with me all and I could remember her visage among few strangest I never met again, but this women’s face is so familiar.

I wished later whatever she might go through get dissolved and peace prevailed in there lives. There are many crows inside the temple complex and everywhere there mess. I heard various chirps but only could see crows everywhere. There’s a small nursery and I’m not sure but anyone can devote a plant to temple it seems.

I couldn’t take my camera along with me, so i can't share any pictures of the temple! But this temple is so peaceful and pleasant to capture.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Indian giant squirrel

When I was visiting valparai, I was seeking everywhere the rare species like lion tailed Macaque, Indian giant squirrel, Hornbill... but I could only listens to a hornbill’s sound one mid-night and it was a great perceive I received!
Indian giant squirrel
For me who was disappointed because of not seeing any wild animals lately, seeing an Indian giant squirrel, also called as Malabar giant squirrel was a relief and great surprise came from the late visit to kodaikanal. We’re surprise to see this giant squirrel sitting on a pear tree and tasting the fruit without fear, even we all staring and clicking pictures.
Malabar squirrel
It was big with long tail and grasping the branch with the front limbs along holding the pear. In combination of black and brown, it moves here and there like mongoose and remained on the tree until we left the place. The picture was taken at berijam, in kodaikanal.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Though I Love Rain

We’re amid northeast monsoon and receiving enough rain throughout Tamil Nadu! Thanks to the low pressure that stretched along the coast of Tamil Nadu from kanyakumar to mid Andhra Pradesh, almost all dams in Tamil Nadu are filled and flood warnings have been proclaimed to dwellers along many river banks.
Water bike
Two guys splashing rainwater in marina beach.
After longing and craving, the rainy season arrives two weeks ago and strikes everywhere and somewhere heavily. One of the most affected places in the state that u almost knows is Nilgiris. The beautiful hill station is now under threat and damage due to mudslide last week is slowly back to normal, but the continues rain makes people worry. At least 50 people have lost there lives in mudslide and wild flood.

After two days of sunshine and heat, the rain began to last widely in Chennai from yesterday, badly affected the normal life and many low areas and streets being under rainwater, people began to blame rain for there inconvenient. It really bothers me as I love rain and I would like to say this brief disturbance is to make comfort and fulfill our need for further many days under sunshine.
Parallel reptiles
A snail and leech passes against each other at our apartment complex.
I know some people who wish to stop rain and I wonder how well they hate rain from drenching and disturbing them. I love to get wet in rain, but my parents never leave me to enjoy it. There are moments that never swept from my memories and one of it was playing in rain water that stays around the streets and terrace of our house. We used to close the rainwater pipe and create a pool on the terrace along with our sister and go and play on the water after rain stops.

When everyone’s rainwater pipe flows with water, ours would drain only later rain stops and they use to think something might block the pipe. But one day our grandpa found it and scolds us, but even though we continue to do so. It’s almost fun! There’re even times catching fish from drainage canal besides the road and we’re a team of 4 then – my bro and two friends, and can be found on streets often after rain stops.

Pursuing rain and dark clouds turning the moment happier and pleasure, thinking those moderate days I’m glad to rejoice in rain unlike today’s kids that almost sit in front of small screens and lack of interest and laziness, miss the wonderful joy of soak in rain. I can’t see any kid playing on rain these days and we can hear the sweetness only in verses alone.
i enjoy playing in rainwater
There is so much freshness in breeze and pleasure weather, the time passes simply watching rain and droplets on trees. Last week I had a brief drive into the rain and sense the cool drizzle on my face and hands which I dropped outside the open window. Taking away the risk, I went on the rainwater on my power wheels and tried to enjoy the season, but somehow I can’t go on my desire due to power wheels to avoid damage.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sathanur Dam

Sathanur dam is a wonderful place situated about 30km from Thiruvannamalai. The dam is constructed on the river Pennaiyar or Ponnaiyar that flows from the Nandi Hills in Karnataka. The dam seems like one of the important source of water to irrigate thousands of acres of vast dry lands and it has a small hydro power plant to generate electric current.
Sathanur garden
I visited this dam on my trip to thiruvannamalai last month and it seems dry almost with less water in dam. There’s a beautiful garden stretched along the dam with various things to entertain like boating, mini zoo, aquarium, crocodile farm and small flower garden with fountains. It turned dark when we reached the dam and finding the route to the dam was a difficult task for us and there’re many speed brakes on this way gives a bumpy drive and until leaving the town, the road carries much damage.
Sathanur dam
At entry we pay a little amount as fee and drive on the other side of the dam until its end and back to garden. At the end of the dam we suddenly hear a very strange noise that could make one frighten. As it was like a forest area we can’t guess what animal sounds like that, but when we come down to garden we came to know it was the dogs that created that waves altogether.
Sathanur garden
The mini zoo was something invisible except one poor peacock inside a cage and two other empty cages. The lights were on and darkness around, there was many small insects on immense began to drive us from checking other sites, but one good thing was somehow I manage to click some pictures of the garden before it turned complete dark. This is second time I’m facing such insects next to Vaigai dam in Theni and they just blow on our face and try to enter our eyes, nose and mouth to much irritate.
pink flower
There were some tall trees along the road rustle to wind and few look real statues of animals and people, and notable one was the statue of mahatma on the hill above the dam. It would be a great sight to see the water flowing from the dam if there was almost water.
me and dad
The dam was constructed in 1964 and it has a capacity of 7,321 million cubic feet at 119 feet high. In late 60’s to 80’s the dam was an important shooting spot in film industries and many songs have been captured here with top heroes at lead. This is a best picnic place in thiruvannamalai and on festival days this place attracts more visitors. One can really spent a good time here and best time to visit is after monsoon when there is much water to keep fountains work.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Surprising soul

In-between the non-stop rain for the last one week, we had a small break for sometime on Sunday so I thought to go out to survey our city, but it turned as a surprising evening for me. Somehow it’s not the rain or the city! It’s a person belongs to charm.
Mr. Andysam
We were yet to move out and just minutes to go, Andrew come against us to completely surprise! It sensed me like ‘not sure’ when he said he likely to visit Chennai in the first week and never informed then came before me as a quite surprise put me wordless! We really became close friends in the last couple of months and I know him for sometime through Flickr.

He is a person I never seen before being such young and enthusiastic in his age of 65! I astonish seeing his many interesting photographs and lately I become a fan of his huge zoom lens! I have talked to him couple of times and I really enjoy his gossip and he used to share stories with me about his earlier life in Chennai and busy life in pune. He’s a great example for life after retirement and more like a young man he works almost and manages a huge site project in Infosys Pune. In between he travels a lot and captures wonderful pictures.

The first thing that spots him was his coat he often wears. He hugs me before I come out of surprise and he introduce me to his friends as one of his best friend and it was dream come true for both of us. Andrew hoped to meet me, even in between heavy raining and it’s just minutes that save us together and seems it won’t be a matter even we left home, we would have returned to meet this young man and I’m so much interested to meet him.
Group photo with Andrew
(from left) Isaac, andrew, richard, me, dad and mom, maya is sitting below.
After sometime in home, knowing we’re going out he interested to join with us and we went to Marina beach. In between his busy scheduled taking sometime to spend with us is indeed special to me. We had a photo walk inside the service road along the lately developed nature’s pool (staying rainwater) opposite to Vivekananda house in marina beach.

He brought his huge lens Sigma 150-500 mm APO-OS especially to show me, because as I said before I like it very much. He gave it to me to click, but I can’t bear it as it weights 2kg! I wonder then, how he carries this much weight wherever he goes. Along with his friends Richard and Isaac, the evening goes off with great enthusiastic and fun and they’re like very young guys teasing each other.

Usually the marina beach would be crowded immense on Sundays, but being a rainy day and a ban on playing cricket inside the beach throws off less people. It was bikers who were like taking away the charge instead of cricketers racing here and there, splashing rainwater and gushes there joy blindfold.

There were children playing on the rainwater pool and dogs enjoying in the water, some families come across while few vehicles get water washed. First time being their after almost beautification works are done on marina, it doesn’t sense any different!

Andrew shoots some pictures with his huge lens, and one of his shot on an eagle that fly’s far away was simply awe... After conveying good bye to Andrew and his friends with huge hug, we spent sometime off the pool water with cousins and left home after an hour.

Monday, November 09, 2009

தமிழகஅரசே / TN govt.

State of marina
முழுக்க நனைந்த பிறகு முக்காடு எதற்கு?
நகரமே நீரால் சூழ்ந்த பிறகு
முன்னெச்சரிக்கை நடவடிக்கை குறித்து ஆலோசனை எதற்க்கு?

நாட்கள் எவ்வளவோ இருந்தன
சூரியன் சுட்டேரித்தது
ஆனாலும் மெரினாவை அழகு படுத்திய அரசால்
சாலைகளையும் கால்வாய்களையும் சீர்அமைக்க இயலவில்லை

அன்றைய அரசால் கட்டப்பட்டது மெரினாவில் நீச்சல்குளம்
2004 சுனாமியால் உருவானது விவேகானந்தர் இல்லம் எதிரே
இன்று அது மழைநீர் சேமிப்பகம்.

இரவு முழுவதும் உறக்கம் தவலைகளின் அலாரம்
தடுமாறி ஓடும் வாகனம், தார்சாலைகளின் அவலம்
ஏரிக்கரைகள் ஆக்கிரமிப்பு, அரசு வழங்குகிறது ஆவனம்
என்று விழிக்குமோ அரசாங்கம், அதன் எல்லையோ வானம்.

Tamil nadu government
when u drenched why do u need a veil?
When city was surrounded by water
what consultations on precaution act do?

There were so many days
sun baked and fried
even the govt. that beautified the marina
can’t renovate the roads and canals.

The then government builds swimming pool in marina
2004 tsunami creates the pool opposite to Vivekananda house!
Today it was a rainwater collection.

Throughout night slumber, frogs alarm
confoundedly running vehicle, tar roads condition
lake banks encroachment, govt. presenting document
when will awake the govt., which’s boundary is sky.

Friday, November 06, 2009

City words

We all almost live in a city, we have long list of words to use and here we go by taking a word and expanding it by creating more words.

It’s very simple. Take a word from your city and think about the things related to it and write a list. The idea was captured from Jan’s blog and it’s very simple, but interesting. If you like, go and write your list and add in the comment. I have also added few links on the list that get u to my pictures that related to the words.

My word is ‘beach’

restless waves
golden sand
rising sun
crimson moon
beautiful sunset
variety of shells
sea foam
cool breeze
sitting platform
pretty girls
boys playing cricket
Ice crème barrow
spicy chili baji
balloon shooting
roasted corn
car parking
ticket collector
hot couples
get together
fishing boats
fishing nets
leaders statue
mounted police
skating floor
sundal and murukku
Aagaya Thamarai (beach plants)
small crabs
faraway ships light

Thursday, November 05, 2009

பேனா / Pen / Balpen

பால்பாயின்ட் இறந்துவிடும் மை தீர்ந்தவுடன்
ஆனால் பவுஃண்டேன்
எழுதிக்கெண்டே இருக்கும் நாம் மை ஊற்ற ஊற்ற

A ballpoint dies soon ink goes dry
but the fountain
sprinkle letters forever we flow ink.

ps. somewhere the fountain links with sprinkle, so I turned word 'write' in tamil to 'sprinkle'.

The same one from Anya in dutch!

'Een balpen waarvan de inkt snel droogt
vul de fontein
schrijf letters altijd als de inkt vloeit.'

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Eagle sight and lodge

The lodge we stayed in Thiruvannamalai has a wonderful view of the hill and the temple tower. The balcony close to the room has some space to breeze and watch what happens around. It was a wonderful sight of an eagle that circle above the sky for sometime, came close to view and I don’t remember seeing an eagle such closer, but later it came down to peek and took away a log and flew away towards the hill and disappeared as my eyes pursuit.
eagle sight
I clicked some pictures, but nothing comes quite like this at least. I feel this comes out well as it falls down close to the temple tower background. It seems the bird is nesting somewhere so it picked the log.

It also reminds me the eagle that used to circle the Thirukazhukundram hill around noon and what they say is the eagles comes down everyday to fetch the food dedicated to god and what remained is distributed as ambrosia to devotees. In this way I thought is there any story behind this eagle also?

Even we got a wonderful room to stay comfort, I like sitting on this balcony and watching the town. It’s a well equipped lodge with narrow veranda, underground parking and lift. It was just like come to ooty or kodaikanal, the room was almost cool, and it’s been long time we stayed together with our family (along my uncle’s family) and I do wish such exist.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Dad’s retirement

My dad retired from his government service as a section officer on Friday with just 5 months to go completing his service, he voluntarily retired from his public service.
Dad's valediction
He begins his carrier as a junior assistant and taking away only few promotions, he retired as a senior officer in average position. He had come across more than 28 years of service in the department of backward class and come across many opportunities that promote him to higher standard, but he refused many opportunities to avoid staying away from us.

When many of his colleagues and friends went ahead to higher officer position by taking promotions and get post in varies districts, he stayed in the same office almost and when we think it is all because for us it feels so proud and at same time anguish that he couldn’t reach a top position.

I’m so glad to read his present certification given to him on the occasion of retirement by his commissioner Kumar Jayanth IAS and colleagues describing him as a very honest, sincere and dignity person in government service and being kind enough to people who come on need and very friendly co-worker. I have seen him even on some nights being awake to do his file works and he never leaned to offers from others, but earned some good heart people in wake of being honest and kind. We’re so proud of his attitude and his colleagues comment on the way of service he followed as a paragon to others and today’s younger generation.

On Friday there was a valediction in his office and few of his colleagues and friends came home that evening to give sendoff and it was touching moment when they hold dad’s hand and wished to adieu. He got very good friends from his 28 years of journey in Tamil Nadu government service and everyone shares a wonderful and obvious relationship and more than relatives I encourage such relationships as they’re special in our lives.

There were grandparents and cousins to share their bid adieu to dad and it was a nice feel that expressed on this day and everyone wished for a farewell treat, but the moment past simple but still the demand exists from others. Hope we do something later soon… my best regards to dad.