Sunday, December 30, 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

The year has come to end and a New Year is beaming in front of us, flashing rays of hope that should be only taken as betterment to lead us into the future, to be a fruitful to anyone looking out for changes in life, in a prospect of sour security, skinny web of friends and family as enclosure to the lavishing lush and red pupil heart of love, turning the lives into meaningful, kindest and sweetest towards eternal. Let’s wish for a change or continue to sail as long it’s peaceful, successful, and useful to throw lives into organic, healthy and happy.   

Wish you all Happy New Year again!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas Craftworks

BeFunky-collage (2)
Collage of my craftworks
Begin 2011, I decorate Christmas tree every year, except 2013 and 2015 a disaster year for me and my city (Dec flood), I put lights and star to feel and get involve myself with the festive while people celebrates around. Usually I purchase ornaments for Christmas tree either from the shop or online twice a year, as most of them are made of thermocol (polystyrene) it don’t last few years. But this year I decided to make some ornaments using Popsicle sticks to see how well I could treat myself with the activities and I got many ideas browsing the net and I decided to stick with simple craftwork like stars, wreath, tiny trees, house etc.  And I enjoyed painting them all.  Here are few photos on craftwork that I later hanged on the Christmas tree.

My gingerbread house that was turned into stone house by my sweet grandmother. The other two beside the house is santa hat haha
Birth of Christ
Birth of Christ
IMG_7910 (Edited)
My christmas tree with the ornaments I made with popsicle sticks

Monday, December 24, 2018

RGB Monday


My simple Christmas decor with serial led and christmas tree and star put on the balcony.

X-mas star
Jingle bell

Friday, December 21, 2018

An expression of distress

Dad is doing well after the stenting and no breathing difficulties anymore but he’s continues to stay in rest for few more weeks to get back to his regular activities. Thought it feel everything is normal I couldn’t take it easy with my life. I don’t know how to describe or put it in words the pressure I go through internal and it has no business with dad’s health and he’s alright. Like all, I dislike certain things or want to maintain a distance from people whose activities I don’t like or not suit my lifestyle which including my parents. But now life forced me to walk through those which I don’t know is how to unveil. Sometime people are fair and kind, and at next moment breakdown everything to make feel disdain and bad and we can’t blame them for that if that could be their nature, I would stay away, but when it bothers were just going behind them in sake of life. It’s a struggle purely to answer the conscience when accepting assistance physically and mentally couldn’t go through the all. I never thought life would shrink all of sudden when I wasn’t ready or even read the book of my future tense. I know I need to handle this really and I was in the process of planning my future and executing in bits manner but this huge skip is unexpected. This is my second huge leap after the femur fracture in 2013 that put me years ahead into the future, what I have dreamt was only average.

As I have told in my earlier posts, I, mom and dad were like a cycle where any part of the wheel gets an affect the entire cycle will face the challenge. So far I haven’t been to expect somebody to aid me on everyday activities and nature calls, rather occasional; my parents continues to be my saver to drive me all this while and I’m certain they will do it until we’re alive, but I do know I’m in need to look after by someone when they can’t physically support me. Though I know well I need to adjust with life and accept the changes and I too believe this isn’t permanent and I need to find a way if things haven’t change for better. I’m someone who couldn’t stand with people who easily change their mind-set and belief from time to time and draw a rule that frequently turn on and off. It may sound weird but sometime need to believe such people do exists and dealing with them is not easier. It isn’t a problem when taking things physically challenged, but I’m not an insane to feel about anything or insensible to the atrocities happening around me. Perhaps if I was a normal being I could have easily skipped or try to turn down or better, but being a dependent I’m limited and was forced to take things at teeth bite. I don’t know could you understand what I say, but still no problem at least I able to express something here and let you know something disturbing me lot.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunday Photos: Sparkle Fun

During Deepavali I took some fun shots, where I asked my dad to move burning sparkle fireworks in random directions to get these shapes. Every year I used to take some snaps using the firework mode on camera, lighting the sparkles to move in different directors to catch some interesting fire traces. This year it was performed on our balcony, so the moves were restricted to get some simple yet interesting ones.

This give me a perspective of first Tamil letter அ (A)
And this looks as Tamil letter ஒ (O)

Friday, December 14, 2018

Skywatch Friday : Pretty Sky

The temperature was mild today, with some clouds covering up the sky and the evening too wasn’t any different until I came inside the home. The sky turned wonderful all of sudden as I looked out the window; it was reddish as I faced west and I just came out instantly clicking some snaps on the sky looking partially purple and pink. We are having a depression in ocean and are expected to receive rains for couple of days during the weekend and as indicate of rain the grey clouds turned up after the play of purple and pink.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Operated on Stents

As you all know the status of my dad, who goes through clogs in coronary artery, was hospitalized yesterday for the stenting and the stents were planted on his heart successfully. We took nearly two weeks’ time to decide from either open heart or placing of stents for the blocks on coronary artery and it wasn’t an easier task as we consulted couple more doctors, open heart has been their first preference but only on our insist they suggest stent as second option and to be done from their referred doctors or hospitals. One of the doctors was strong that open heart is best, but his activities can’t be same and need to be hospitalized for 10 days and more recovery days at home. I know how painful it could be for him if he go through a major operation like open heart and we aren’t in a mind-set to see him suffer from great wounds and feeling sick. So we went back to where we begin, the doctor who guessed and took angiogram to reveal the blocks. He was clear and positive about having stents, and thankfully the major blocks isn’t on the main artery, so his opinion of having stents don’t create serious problems if dad was in controlled diet and continuation of medicine. 

Some report on net says stents aren’t recommended for diabetic patients and those survive on insulin injection. Though my dad was on diabetic for 15 years, which was taken into deep consideration, it was the doctor’s words gave hope and confidence to go for stents. Dad was at CCU from yesterday afternoon to this evening, before shifted to general ward and he’s doing well now and he called me twice after the surgery. Mom and brother were at hospital on exchange duty, where she would be with me at night and visit him on day and same was with brother. My grandmother was at home and my uncles and cousin helps me with day activities. Dad will be discharged tomorrow evening and would be at rest for a month before catch up with regular activities. And being a pensioner the partial amount for stenting will be covered under insurance.  I can’t even image him going through open heart and I’m glad the stents working on him and hope it continues to support him.  

Monday, December 10, 2018

RGB Monday

Colorful Murals


Two Sunday’s back, on a drive into the city I come across this colourful paintings or mural on the wall opposite to Nageshwara Rao Park in Mylapore. The painting look like was drawn in attracting kids with natural elements as sun, flowers and critters and further it has some festive scenes or market clips.

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Saturday, December 08, 2018

Saturday's Critters

A crow preening from a recent showering! The northeast monsoon this year haven’t covered even half the amount it should have (at least in Chennai and adjacent districts) and we’re barely left by a week of hope for the rains as the season ends, and although winter has widespread all over the state, the hope for rain has decline. Though the meteorological dept. has predicted that there could be a formation of low (in Bay of Bengal) in the coming week, its hope of rain is uncertain or should be insufficient.

Due to low pixel mode, I had to sacrifice on the quality of pictures which I only realized after uploading to laptop and I have took many photos without checking it as I keep it always on high mode, something went out of my concern.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Heaven on Earth

One of my favorite place on earth - Veerapandi, in Theni district of Tamil Nadu. Hope you don't need a question why, if you watched the video. Music by Anirudh from Vankkam Chennai, a favorite song of mine.

Monday, December 03, 2018

RGB Monday

Has unfold some colors

(click pic for enlarge)
A roadside vendor selling small house and kitchen items, opposite to Madras High Court in Chennai. Last Sunday (Nov 25) I took a drive through the heart of the city, after long time, and took many photos sitting from the car and had a coffee at Hot Chips opp. to the court  where i took this shot while waiting for my cousin to get me a coffee. Being Sunday, the busy road was far empty with many shops closed and we easily parked beside the road.