Friday, August 31, 2007

Up down

The banners and flags of ruling party in middle of the roads from near our home towards east cost road, it’s the pass by CM the road were cleared from garbage’s that left for a week now. It was said to be greeneries lost for development of education and work, it was on the way of newly named Rajiv Gandhi Road (OMR). The dust, polluted mist presents day and night on this road for 15 km, surprise the meters of worst roads are good looking and smooth. The weather was best feeling on the travel, thanks to the cloudiness in the continuation of the late night’s heavy thunders, flashes and rain. Those were the left of greens from people, on the road linking of High ways and Rajiv Gandhi Road, once a fearing road with two sides of forest and bad travel.

Somewhere inside those villages could find the preparations on the upcoming monsoon of digging the lakes, ponds into large. Its becoming familiar in villages outside the city to built a newly home with a Sumo’s and Quails standing on the gateways; it’s because of the boom of land rate. On the same way it was one of our relative who built a newly home in the village, where we went to attend the function. It was fine to see them lived from the poor huts to move on marble floors, they were one who build the home in the way many homes built in villages with two beams at entrance, designed doors and windows in decorating the look, I feel the most heaviest one would be the door, comparing to our light weight. Being a travel enthuse; this function I attend is also to travel out of city, away from just doing the same sitting here.

What was most sad thing that continuing is the destruction the marshland of Pallikaranai and Thoraipakkam. It was not over 3 months I crossed this way; its clearly visible of more garbage has been dumped in covering this huge lake, where its home for more species. Last time I found many birds on the electric posters and swimming in the water, I thought to find some more birds for these rainy days, but disturbed by the mountains of garbage dumps. The fresh water, plants and species are important than those glass stories and lined buses that r growing.

Some pics i come across

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Encounter with her

You are the dear at my side
i see you there always, where
we play hide and seek
behind the large brumes
you never shyly like a new bride
whenever I bear you with me
in my tine camera
where it continues for tetra- months

It was the sign I dint thought
when u call me late night
i feel your coldness with me,
without know if it’s your trail or
douche I took before meeting you
i fond for your sight on water
after period likely eventide dawn
in very mild crimson sky down

# Current song was a lovely melody from Kadhal Desam (Love country). I felt this song suits this post, it has a wonderful picturesque of beautiful skies and water.

On full moon day and its shadow on the sea

Monday, August 27, 2007

For her

Eyes search for someone very special
but couldn’t visible for,
any particular reason
time comes closer with words
in hope waited, its just tick sounds
some anonymous made it, near my ears.

no need a world or some,
a feel that you are with me
is desirable to hold for movements
the mind, a free bird you see
it flies over the puzzle in affection,
but who knows this love is aimless.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Festival of beauty

Kerala is beauty of its nature and when it comes to the celebration of this beauty? Then it said to be Thiru Onam the traditional festival of Kerala and one of the most important festivals of India. The Onam that falls on the months of August/September; this celebrations continues for ten days from the important day of Atham, by seeing the settings of the stars and ends on Thiru Onam. Onam is believed to be started from 800 AD, where the celebrations continue for a month. According to legend, it is about the King Mahabali whose rule was considered as golden age. Popularity of the king could not be tolerated by gods and they surreptitiously send him to the nether world, but King’s request to visit his people once in a year was granted by god and that annual visit of king is celebrated as Onam.

Onam was deemed equally to the Tamil harvesting festival of Pongal. The Pookalam is a special art with flowers arranged on the floor that usually circle in shape. This pookalam is the first attraction of the Onam, where the beautiful flowers and its petals used in various colors and it’s the children with pattu pavadai (silk skirt) sitting around decorating the event sweeter. Second was the Snake Boat race that conducts towards the festival, where many people in the 100 feet long boat. It was a gallantry sport with respects as it was looked as god, and those allowed to get near the boat must be bare footed. In general these are some we aware, but each day of the onam was celebrated with special of its own.

I think it’s the first time the Chennai has a government leave for Onam in schools and offices. HAPPY ONAM

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Some thoughts, I got

A clam cat hisses sometime, even its familiar or a pet.

Life should not drop behind black coats; it must pick to the open court of hearts.

A Sentence never makes to feel, a true sentence is in understand for what.

Stand on your leg with support of others, but always don’t look for others, try to walk with your legs.


You grow by looking those are in raised stage, but turn back to find how u climbed this place.

I waited you dint came, I waited you dint come, I still keep on waiting that u will come…. ?

A difficulty in determining whom to care, its chaos how many to bear.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My city’s B’day

It took sunbath on mid-day
the clouds to dressed in whites,
in tamil tradition of wearing dhoti
everywhere covered in wets
thunders like crackers blow on festival
news carries greetings
with some remembers of old memories
as we celebrating the 368th B’day
of madraspatnam the Singara Chennai.

Chennai is celebrating “The Chennai week” to contribute the 368th years of its discovery on August 22. The picture on the right was presented in an exhibition recently where it was took late between 1877-78 when famine strikes the Chennai residents, where a pity scene of a family in hunger.

# Current song was a cute and my most favorite. Santhippoma… from Tamil film Enakku 20 Unakku 18 that covers Chennai.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sunday, Monday


Colors dropped on the sand
on the shores of pelagic
the endless of water and welkin
bounders in a line far away

why many red she’s? Let it be
but was desirable to observe
the flying flimsy curtain of she’s
raising hand to be writing on the air
ears busy on the hand set
complain she never comes this

imaginations attentive in the crisp
tilt on the wagon seat towards the bay
romantic caress the mood
against distress of couldn’t exist


Sunbow on the sky
evening before it hides
behind the ascend clouds
wonder could I visible
the missed scenic on the day
surprisingly came on the way
in hayride near the day end.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Erratum on screen

Eunuch, we are not going to see how they born like this or not discussing about their physical and mental changes from others. It’s about how they have been seen from the society and the feel that was spreading. It was a bad thing I want to tell that what the Medias and films are going with the eunuchs these days. From the days of times the eunuchs are shown as a signal of wrong think that they sing and dance by clapping hands to impress men. Those times I used to think why they are begging in unusual manner, when there were few scene for visible at my place sometimes back, that they claps and begs to everyone at streets and some hide to escape from how the behave. But today I could find the eunuchs have been controlled to beg in streets or I don’t know is still there, because I did found none so far.

It must need to save them from the prejudice that was spreading through films and serials between people. Why I suddenly thought to right it here is, as I was going through a magazine where I came to know an upcoming film has a song with many eunuchs to dance and in rejoice manner, that doesn’t aware how it would be pictured. In a recent film there was a song that I don’t want to indicate and it was a hit though, has used the eunuchs in a folk dance where it has been presented mistakenly and in face swirl behavior. Continuing this, the character in serials has blowing it in big for a wrong signal. Why they haven’t known what these behaving characters feel others from the same life. There is still in process to display eunuchs as symbolic to sexual workers, and bad person to society…. and it not thinks for why, but accepts whatever shown and seen.

When the screens can show them in these ways to attract the people on a different way, it’s not difficult to bring them on screen with good looking and scrutiny in well behaving. To make a different we should not hurt there feelings and emotions, if we couldn’t give a good recognition, at least not spoils.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just a life

The crowd that was rushing at the morning hours on a lasy Sunday in the raw market. The green vegetables that brought form surrounding village gardens, the dead fresh fishes lying on the board catches from the Bagh River across the city, the meats hanging before the shops and people are busy in purchasing the foods. It was a routine activity in the raw market on every Sunday, being a holiday the people with children and young’s in group was wander around the shopping’s near the market. The traffic was heaver in the streets, the cars, and motorist moving slowly. The guns holding uniform persons inspecting to place as the crowd was over.

It was a situation till before 8.10 in the morning. Now the place was seem to be strange for there own people. A scene of dilapidation, the wall less story’s, red bloods floating, like darken clouds surrounding, and humming voice raises allover the place… the signals of ambulance, it was no in imagine the frozen smiling face detached from the a human. In was happen to be a familiar scene for that nation, but it’s a new one for this area, that was rarely escaped from the terror and bombs so far. It all happens when a sudden explosion from a truck carrying things for market that was launched by some one.

Who is that some one? Let it be some ones, but it was a bloody attack in the history that was created by defeating the last blast were only 100 people were killed, just 50 lesser to this. Then with some days after, the record was defeating by another 50 in leading. Is this a political election to see who leads in vote? It was happen in revenge between the religions of two villages that was said to be beating to death a woman for making love with another religious guy. To replay for this the opposition religion was took some youths in custody to shoot and dead that make the anger increase to kill the innocent hundreds in dashing with heavy loaded explosion at the village residents. There was a culture growing for just, and it reflects for just everyday. Killing has become a casual in this nation, even it becomes waste to talk to waste our time, but it hurts whenever going deep with there feelings.

There are commonly three species lives in world, the human, animals, plants… as human; we can’t feel that much deep on other two species, if it was happen to us, we won’t be killing the animals for meat and cutting plants for our use. It really hard to know of killing or hurting another people with the same sense and life. But how the people in name of terror can could do this, being a human on there own. Did they have conscience or them born with out a mind? It shivers to hear or see the ferocious on humans some where in our globe. Who are we to take another life that was not even own to him, yes it own to there mother whom have been risking her life to give a life. I am losing the hope that we can’t see our world in peace and exist of humanity all over. When will the terrors, anti-activities and wars going to ends? … Could it happen before this invisible life goes? Hum… it’s a great wish na!

# Today's song from Tamil film Uyire (a remake of Hindi version). This song is something I listen much times for its music and A.R.Rahman. thought to post for this.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jana gana mana by Jeevan

Today I wanted to do something new for the Independence Day. Just now tied the flag at gateway and came to post the national anthem that I make in my keyboard. This song was originally composed in Bengali by Rabindranath Tagore and was adopted to Hindi version by the Constituent Assembly as the National Anthem of India on 24 January 1950.

As I don’t know how to connect the keyboard with computer, I have recorded the music with the headphone mike, so it may not sound that much good, but it feel better. Now days I used to sit with keyboard for sometimes more to make enthusiastic on the songs with my hands. I like to play many songs, but being away from the touch, it’s taking time to practice. I wanted to do this song and tried for hours late day.

Song : Jana gana mana… (national anthem)
Player : Jeevan
Instrument: Keyboard

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Rise and down (2)

Leaving some of the trouble making movements of Nandigram encounter, the Godhra violence, the Parliament attack in 2001, 1993 Mumbai bomb blast, the Ayodhya’s Babri Masjid demolition and the continuing violence broke out, the Kargil war where we lost hundreds of our soldiers and many more sad incident to remember in the 60 years of Independence. We carry on these and others incidents happen in the years in India at some other times. Now let we go to the rise and down continuation (last post here).

Politics is what rules the nation; there was a time for pure politics that cares more on people. But today’s politics are for to bear the post and fighting whom to keep. Violence has becoming a usual one with parties, and within party, much of the times that went to kill public and their properties. India with multi religion has grown with a party at it own to work for there people, this is really a hard time for people to over come as braking this circle to normal humans. Corruption, the plaint has become a regular one for politicians by the ruling party to the stepping downs. It was a shame thing happening in recent year of bribing my parliamentarians to bring people problem in the assemble.

Election commission is who go with a hard time to control the illegal acts by the politicians and anti-groups. People are in fear to go and poll their rights, in the scare of terrorist esp. in the north and northeast and scare of rowdies that launched by the party activist. When it comes to northeast the terror is becoming a threatening for the peace living, and abduction to killing is always on the headlines.

I feel the peace for Kashmir is on its best way with Pakistan. Both countries has realized that war is not going to end the fight for Kashmir and the talk is only way to solve. It was happy flow movements when there was rail and bus transporting open for people to meet their loved one who living at each ends (once lived like families and friends). What request more is to get away those terror activates from our peace move. Bomb blast and fire strikes by the inland militants with the help of international banned groups are entering towards disintegration the independence of people making repentance that how the minds have been changed to kill their own relations.

Mobiles has encroached everyone’s life in last 6 years. The low rate mobiles and instant connection was comfort and sufficient. The future of nation is in student’s hand, it’s a good thought though. A little change is student’s hands on mobile. Its hard time to see students, esp. those in teens without mobile, they give more importance to them than any other. The talkative nights and busy fingers on sms often disturb not only the studies, but the minds too. Above all is the latest camera mobile with many facilities, where most of times spent on it. Some even go deep to misuse the technology, and the crimes doing with mobile is spreading all over that went to ban the use of mobiles in schools and institutions.

It was 12 years since the Internet was introduced in India. The development with this facility is so much to tell, we can take our blog itself as an example like how we communicate through every corner of this world. From departmental stores to booking flight tickets the internet makes the work easier. Internet reached too many village administrations in many parts of the country is an example of the Internet magic. In recent times the governments move to fix computer and net connection in rural govt. high schools was a best to communicate the children in the long distance learning and about the global changes.

Today we have the international medical system, to handle any types of surgery or treating for many illnesses, even though India has the much diabetes patient and that was growing between people, but till we have good food habit, medicines and control it won’t be at that worst, a cure for soon would be fine. Next to it, India has the high AIDS patents. Still there is a bad thought about AIDS between public and what sad is the people with AIDS’s were neglected by there own family members. I found an article recently in paper that an AIDS’s pregnant women was defeated to see delivery by a doctor and was urged by her husband to take care of the delivery. The very worst stage was for the orphan children with AIDS. A recent study said the orphan children whom lost there parents for AIDS, and who also carry there life with AIDS are neglected by their own relations. What these children can do if they born to AIDS parents, why the people doesn’t understood there suffer…. It’s not the wish to born with AIDS.

Next stop was the way we reside. Today as the land rates are increasing in a rapid, the people started to look for flats. Sighting a place and constructing a house by seeing nights and days was old thing. Within few square meters, with over ten story’s of above 100 houses, with few lakhs (or millions) we hold a reside. That too these types of reside, give a feel on alone. In times the families face the intention contrast, it separates as self life and as soon one was partnered in life the decision has becoming only ours in many casea (those see for flats). If in the case both the couples are employers, the child was left alone inside the closed doors with entertainment of TV, computer or evening tuition, so they miss for sharing with relation and neighbours. When it comes to wealth, the crack starts here between the family and loved ones. It can evidently visible in many situations in life, that relation and love comes next to money. If one is doing well in wealthier, others get only jealous.

Water, the name gone problem is landed now with water at closed bottles. What I think is only when the apartments have grown and sudden population of people coming to particular cities for job or settlement looking for the water scarcity and too the failed of limited rains. Ones the single reside place get the multi reside status, it lack to fill the expectation and going for lorry water supply to domestic works. The increase inflow of sea water inside the earth water sending people in search of corporation water for money.

Let’s come to general where the Indians increasing in getting place at the list of world wealthiest persons, the other side is the suicides by many farmers and workers in poverty. The rise of current price and bulging finance affects the lower and middle class people. The fight between justice and central and the state government making flurry sometimes; and the ban by justice for the government projects and reservations are some disturbing going through protest and activities. The threaten of the left and opposition for the centre is making the govt. not to freely move. And many of separate state for naxalist and some militants group, some encounters and protest for banning liquor and fighting against for publishing head bone on the tobaccos and the list can be without end, but I made to put end before you all protest against me for the long post. Hehe…

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rise and down

Our nation walking through the years of sixty as independence, I went to think on what have been raised and went down in the life. Without going to the times of independence, if we look our life it has changed for more in recent times. Not only the way we live, but the development of surrounding, the food, work, entertainment, ruling, timing and so. As public we all behind every changes.

After the entry of computers, IT based education and jobs brought a big turn on the Indian employment. It was like the computer educators are making a good sum with middle and upper companies. This life is so comfort for many, not need to wander here and their, just making life better from a place. When the IT’s occupying the nation, other department has become to lack to impress the students.

Here my favorite place agriculture. I felt our many greenery villages and fields are facing hard time now, esp. those are to be near the cities. The boom in industries, companies, IT and for residential the land rate has been raising to very high and the farmers interest has turned on making money by selling their lands. The people in villages and involving in agriculture are started to think why we should work, most of the youngsters in villages are coming towards the cities in search of job and only the old and middle-aged people are working in fields. The disappointment they facing with water and lack of investment in crops change there path and mind. One thing that keeps on running in mind is why not the youngster should involve in doing agriculture. There is any law that educated youngsters should now do farming, education is to fill the knowledge. I felt the current price on food has risen of the decrease of agriculture products and Import of cereal from other countries.

When we are in the hands of British, the only aim was to get them away and bring the independent. For that the whole nation was in unity to fight against the force and has left lives, but today are we living like that. We formed a border with in us in the name of states, the distinguish of language, people, nature that brought a feel and practice of ours. Because of this the friendliness between neighboring states has gone down and looking with anger as they are longtime enemies. Struggling for water has become a usual thing between us, attacking other state properties and lives are one that comes yearly with some reasons.

Thinking continues…

Friday, August 10, 2007

Is how to treat a woman?

It was shocking and shameful to see even these happen in our nation at the time of celebrating 60th year of Independence. India faced many women for illegal acts, but considering as women we treated them with manner, but how dare it was to attack a woman for her free thoughts. Even it can’t be dismiss if the attack was reason for religion or any other issue it may, to attack an innocent women that too a public proxy (MLA) was becoming a caption for this is mess to mess.

You already got it right; the woman was the Bangladesh writer Taslima Nasrin. Taslima who was now in India as a refuge to save her life from a group of Muslims in Bangladesh when they decided to kill her for independent thoughts. She was earlier to Hyderabad for her book release, where a group of Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen head by legislators round up the hall to shout against her and moved inside at the end of the press meet and started to attack her to hurt. She was escaped with little wound in head, when the anger people throw whatever they found.

We should thankful for the journalist and program organizers to safely get her away from the violence group. Is that the manner we treat a person who comes with a hope on us and our democracy. It was disgrace that there was no secure for this press meet, even when there was protest for her near the place. Will the government take response for this attack to punish the legislatures and others or it will be an eye wash to left them away like most of the times.

The video of the Incident.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hello pooja

Thinking about a post on channels in one of buddies blog , I want to write about my favorite show of PCO. This smiling girl Pooja the lovely and bubbly who was a long time arrival, but who attracted me only in recent days through Southern Spice Music channel. For sure many of them must know this girl through her popular chat-show at SS Music, even in the Saravana Stores Ad. For sometimes I have been catch up with Television at early nights, at the same time the program of PCO on SS Music, were this pooja go with a decent chat with people.

Always with a smile on the face, in her naturally existing sweet voice and the enjoyment she share with her fans are loveable. After watching her conversation with others, I wish to make a call to the show to talk to her. But I decide not to call, after two attempts of losing money even without connected. This modernly looking girl in glam, was gorgeous in traditional that western. She always remembers other that she is from Coimbatore and shows interest on calls that are from her town or near by. The Miss Kerala and Miss Coimbatore title holder was never miss out of the sense of humor, style, and the way of thinking to make difference, but end with the Tamil(thanglish).

See how nice her favorite colors are mine. Taking active part in sports makes her interest let it be swimming or badminton. I feel her show is better to our some irritating another S Music channel VJ’s. There is a comment by one of VJ recently that bloggers are depredations them much, now can tell am I depredating? I left in love only ;)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

God’s Person

Murugan who has the name of Tamil god Muruga is like god for hundreds of children. His face may look familiar, but naturally he is an oddity. The 24-year-old autorickshow driver is one of a popular person in Kochi, our neighbor state Kerala. What makes him so popular is on the mission he is walking to stop the child labors and help orphaned street children to lead a courtly life.

Murugan used to scan for the children working in shops and begging for living while on his way driving through encumber streets. On this way he has rescued more than 2,000 children from different parts of the city for over past six years. As soon he found them, he lodge a complaint with the nearest police station with there photograph. We think what turns him on this behalf? He itself has a story on it.

Murugan belong to a poor family native to Tamil Nadu and moved to Idukki district of Kerala where he born. The family was happy with the labor at plantation, but their world turns upside-down when murugan’s father left the family in search of another job. At the time the 4-old murugan was enlist to an English-medium school by her mother, but hopes crashed when she couldn’t afford the free. Later on the move to the local school where his only interest was at mid-day meal. After moving to Kochi with his father as a head-load worker life was no diverge, but he was denied for schooling as he doesn’t know Malayalam. This lead his life to rag-picking and the hunger was the big problem when they never know from where the next meal would come, but they finally ended before the bakeries in city closed were they dump the leftovers at a place.

His life had little bright when he was landed in Sneha Bhavan an orphanage run by Don Bosco congregant. After 6-year of learning carpentry there, he was shifted to another orphanage by the time he was 14. Then came the turning point, were Sneha Bhavan’s director asked him to work as a volunteer for ChildLines, an NGO for poor and orphaned children, on a salary of Rs750 a month. Dividing his times between working for child line and driving an auto that was brought in 2002 with the help of few friends and director. Soon he learnt more about child rights; he started complaining against people employing children. This invites to distort the people including police to reprimand him. As his fight against child labor continues, he starts his own NGO of street workers association and become critical of orphanages. In the last few years Murugan has been playing an important role in rescuing children, esp. those works in hazardous industries. Murugan voiced on orphanages, that only giving food and shelter is not enough, they need empower.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Porridge day at old live

After a year back I was to visit my uncle’s (chittappa) home on Sunday that was also my old house. Always my aunt used to calls for home, but to avoid the difficult and hesitate of bear me to the first floor I give excuse afterwards and hold myself with the car down inside my uncle’s garage. This time they demand me that I should come for sure on this Sunday the day we making the porridge program for god Amman. Mom left earlier to help aunt for the worship; me and dad came after sometime and then uncle carried to the floor. I know they feel happy for my visit; so throw away whatever comes to break the plan I said to myself because I really want to be there for them.

Soon we came they prayed before god with the porridge and went down to distribute the porridge to public. Those days I would be watching the distributing process from the balcony, where mom, aunty and cousins carry a utensil with porridge to our neighbors. We have very friendly neighbors, and to tell there is no festival or function without sharing with them and not like those most of the times closed for sharing in my apartment. Importantly this festival is lack of interest for me, but if it was at my grandma home, I enjoy a lot for being with cousins and some of the activities that come from the nearest amman temple is fun watching. Actually the uninterested one is drinking porridge, I dislike for the taste, but it was a good one for health.

The day went on watching television and chatting with sister and brother who miss sometimes by going with his friends and checking with me. Aunt was very care for me as it was sometime after a year I was being are, but this is not for the unusual visit. She is one who never changes for anything from the day enters our family and along with our life, the love and care had no differ. All our back street neighbors were making of porridge progress on same day, couldn’t be visible, but only one of person who know me well has came to find me. I am glad this day comes to spend with my familiar house, a feel of missed the dears for long and wishes to visit often. After the evening worship with rice flour, with bye to all we left to home.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Forever with u

With no hope on a particular day
For our friendship to celebrate
Let we take this day to share
That this is also a day in our life
To think our friendship, to write this Post. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP

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# Today’s song is very crazy. See how this crazy frog (In the house) making this friends group enjoyable. I felt this song would be a good one for this time. It attracts everyone with its funny activities;)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Meeting with my day

As said before, yesterday (my birthday) becomes a special one in my life. Except some of my close dears who presents every year, my grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunty and unusual visitors of dachu’s family was making the movement eventful. From the first greetings of dear Thooya to today’s greeting by Sree (don’t mind it dear), this birthday appear to be friends special. Even in my school days I haven’t got much enthusiastic from friends. You all liberate me to float in the happiness sea without leaving anything on help to reach the shore, I know it’s all a plan; if I reach the shore I will forget you? Is what u did, can be forget so easily? You all are the love pearls I collecting while floating on this infinite ocean; I won’t leave u out of my affectionate shell.

What special it was than the cutting of cake at my B’day that was gifted by one of our friend, with everyone singing happy B’day, clapping and feeding the cake, and smiling kids. I want to tell it was a very special occasion to meet this dear, where I waiting for this movement of who discover me to many beautiful heats over here. Already u have been guessed, even I want to tell I met Narayanan Venkitu on my Birthday that was happen to add more excitement. Once he known it’s my B’day, he was very energetic to meet as well I was too to welcome him first to my home. I think he must be activate to difficult on finding my apartment, but he seems cool on minus that. It wasn’t felt like talking with him being for the first; even I talked to him sometimes on phone, for practicing he is very familiar to me and my family.

The movement it was shared with him was pleasing to know each other. We talked about something about here and there, the once lived and today’s lives, the changes and the facilities along with it, the health and wealth of our life are some interesting were chatting for few minutes. His benediction on this day would be memorable forever. There are chance (I hope) to meet him again if time comes closer as his schedule. I have some photos here of my evening with Narayanan and my family.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

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