Monday, August 13, 2007

Rise and down (2)

Leaving some of the trouble making movements of Nandigram encounter, the Godhra violence, the Parliament attack in 2001, 1993 Mumbai bomb blast, the Ayodhya’s Babri Masjid demolition and the continuing violence broke out, the Kargil war where we lost hundreds of our soldiers and many more sad incident to remember in the 60 years of Independence. We carry on these and others incidents happen in the years in India at some other times. Now let we go to the rise and down continuation (last post here).

Politics is what rules the nation; there was a time for pure politics that cares more on people. But today’s politics are for to bear the post and fighting whom to keep. Violence has becoming a usual one with parties, and within party, much of the times that went to kill public and their properties. India with multi religion has grown with a party at it own to work for there people, this is really a hard time for people to over come as braking this circle to normal humans. Corruption, the plaint has become a regular one for politicians by the ruling party to the stepping downs. It was a shame thing happening in recent year of bribing my parliamentarians to bring people problem in the assemble.

Election commission is who go with a hard time to control the illegal acts by the politicians and anti-groups. People are in fear to go and poll their rights, in the scare of terrorist esp. in the north and northeast and scare of rowdies that launched by the party activist. When it comes to northeast the terror is becoming a threatening for the peace living, and abduction to killing is always on the headlines.

I feel the peace for Kashmir is on its best way with Pakistan. Both countries has realized that war is not going to end the fight for Kashmir and the talk is only way to solve. It was happy flow movements when there was rail and bus transporting open for people to meet their loved one who living at each ends (once lived like families and friends). What request more is to get away those terror activates from our peace move. Bomb blast and fire strikes by the inland militants with the help of international banned groups are entering towards disintegration the independence of people making repentance that how the minds have been changed to kill their own relations.

Mobiles has encroached everyone’s life in last 6 years. The low rate mobiles and instant connection was comfort and sufficient. The future of nation is in student’s hand, it’s a good thought though. A little change is student’s hands on mobile. Its hard time to see students, esp. those in teens without mobile, they give more importance to them than any other. The talkative nights and busy fingers on sms often disturb not only the studies, but the minds too. Above all is the latest camera mobile with many facilities, where most of times spent on it. Some even go deep to misuse the technology, and the crimes doing with mobile is spreading all over that went to ban the use of mobiles in schools and institutions.

It was 12 years since the Internet was introduced in India. The development with this facility is so much to tell, we can take our blog itself as an example like how we communicate through every corner of this world. From departmental stores to booking flight tickets the internet makes the work easier. Internet reached too many village administrations in many parts of the country is an example of the Internet magic. In recent times the governments move to fix computer and net connection in rural govt. high schools was a best to communicate the children in the long distance learning and about the global changes.

Today we have the international medical system, to handle any types of surgery or treating for many illnesses, even though India has the much diabetes patient and that was growing between people, but till we have good food habit, medicines and control it won’t be at that worst, a cure for soon would be fine. Next to it, India has the high AIDS patents. Still there is a bad thought about AIDS between public and what sad is the people with AIDS’s were neglected by there own family members. I found an article recently in paper that an AIDS’s pregnant women was defeated to see delivery by a doctor and was urged by her husband to take care of the delivery. The very worst stage was for the orphan children with AIDS. A recent study said the orphan children whom lost there parents for AIDS, and who also carry there life with AIDS are neglected by their own relations. What these children can do if they born to AIDS parents, why the people doesn’t understood there suffer…. It’s not the wish to born with AIDS.

Next stop was the way we reside. Today as the land rates are increasing in a rapid, the people started to look for flats. Sighting a place and constructing a house by seeing nights and days was old thing. Within few square meters, with over ten story’s of above 100 houses, with few lakhs (or millions) we hold a reside. That too these types of reside, give a feel on alone. In times the families face the intention contrast, it separates as self life and as soon one was partnered in life the decision has becoming only ours in many casea (those see for flats). If in the case both the couples are employers, the child was left alone inside the closed doors with entertainment of TV, computer or evening tuition, so they miss for sharing with relation and neighbours. When it comes to wealth, the crack starts here between the family and loved ones. It can evidently visible in many situations in life, that relation and love comes next to money. If one is doing well in wealthier, others get only jealous.

Water, the name gone problem is landed now with water at closed bottles. What I think is only when the apartments have grown and sudden population of people coming to particular cities for job or settlement looking for the water scarcity and too the failed of limited rains. Ones the single reside place get the multi reside status, it lack to fill the expectation and going for lorry water supply to domestic works. The increase inflow of sea water inside the earth water sending people in search of corporation water for money.

Let’s come to general where the Indians increasing in getting place at the list of world wealthiest persons, the other side is the suicides by many farmers and workers in poverty. The rise of current price and bulging finance affects the lower and middle class people. The fight between justice and central and the state government making flurry sometimes; and the ban by justice for the government projects and reservations are some disturbing going through protest and activities. The threaten of the left and opposition for the centre is making the govt. not to freely move. And many of separate state for naxalist and some militants group, some encounters and protest for banning liquor and fighting against for publishing head bone on the tobaccos and the list can be without end, but I made to put end before you all protest against me for the long post. Hehe…


david santos said...

I come to congratulate you with your work, very good, and to desire good vacations to you

Keshi said...

that sad abt the farmers. u r such a genuine person Jeevan!


Alok said...

u r right abt the political spectrum jeevan and i agree with Keshi .... its written all over ur blog ... u r a genuine person !!


Priya said...

The poor always stay the poor and where is the freedom?

krystyna said...

I wish you
A Very Happy Independence Day!

tulipspeaks said...

the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. am i right?


Kavi said...

The divide between the rich and the poor increases at such an alarming rate that it is causing ripples in society.

Well thought through and deeply felt writing

Jeevan said...

David – thanks.

Keshi – Thank you dear :)

Alok – Thanks buddy.

Priya – It needs to get away from poverty for our nationalities, when?.... doesn’t know.

Krystyna – Thank you, take care dear!

Ammu –Superstar dialogue, hum… but it was right. Happy independence.

Kavi – it was that good things and hands are not reaching fully for the poor. Thank you friend!

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

//It can evidently visible in many situations in life, that relation and love comes next to money. If one is doing well in wealthier, others get only jealous// ..jeevan, a sage, a gnani you are. your words are absolutely correct.say to them,'i suffer with sickness, i suffer my son's loss'' who cares? ''you have money, you are rich'' money is enough. if you have money, you are a happy person, that's what the whole world thinks.what kind of people are they jeevan? even i am dumb founded.

Anonymous said...

You have pointed out some very true and pertinent issues Jeevan. I completely agree with your thoughts. These are some things which should be deeply debated in the 60th year of our independence...Nice post!

Jeevan said...

Ponniyinselvan - Some (many) thought that wealthy people are very happy. Money should never decide ones enthusiastic, the love; relation, sharing, understanding, unity…. are all involved in ones happiness. I felt many times, for people calculating with richness and I want to tell money is just a piece of paper.

Kalyan –People have to aware of what is important and which one to drop. Thanks for sharing :)