Monday, January 30, 2006

International Post A Mug Week

Mug took form Net

The Mug is an inportant thing in our every day life. We can use this for drinking Coffer or our favorite drink, we wake eyes in morning by seeing the Mug for drinking Our favorite and go to sleep after drinking Milk in mug. I brought my first Mug for buying a Complane, I got many mug, I think it all made in clay, But it will be use only for at least a month, then I will broke it. Now I don’t have any clay Mug, only Metal Mug. 10 or 12 years back I used to dring milk or any thing in a straw Mug. I don’t have camera to click my mug to post. Happy Mug Week.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

From my Heart (love tag)

I was Tagged by Kunsjoi

The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover. Need to mention the sex of the target. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged. If tagged the 2nd time, there's no need to post again.

A Beautiful Girl

1. She should have a kind heart on Disable, kids and Poor people.

2. Should give respect on elders. I give full freedom for her, she can read, go to work can do any thing on her own, I will not get into her aim, our love should not end, it should be live after our death.

3. Should understand my emotions and should encourage me.

4. Should be a good adviser when ever I was in trouble, and should able to Sing and Dance with me. ( when every I get a chance to attend a party, so she able to dance with me and should play with me in beach, (like the song ya kai theeri kathal sudar anbay… form Ayutha Eluthu (tamil movie) ).

5. Should have a good Dressing sense (she should wear modern dresses and also follow our Indian culture dress Sari) and I don’t care that she is black or white but she should look cute.

6. There should be no hide and seek in between our life, there should be no misunderstanding, but their should be some fight, then only I can peace her like gifting beautiful flowers, taking to movies, and some outing.

7. She should be a very enjoyable person, and do Pranks (Kurubu) every time with me, I like girls who do Pranks, and also should give lots of kiss. Hehehe

8. Should be talented in Sports (importantly she should know to play my favorite game Tennis) and she should know driving two wheeler. (I have a dream, that I sit on the wall in Besant Nagar beach, when every she goes on her scooty, i used to beat sight and should sing, alakiyya thimurudan oru poyaal ennai kadanthu pohutha, wow wow wow….. a song from Run) and should sit on her back and embracing (kattipidithuku kondu poganum) in East Cost Road.

I tag Reva & Monu.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Yesterday I went to watch Aathi (Tamil movie), with my family to Prathana Drive-in. Aathi is a revenge movie, by the by u all should have watched the movie; I no need to tell about the story. Aathi is a remake of the popular Telugu Blockbuster Athana Okkade. This time they put a Film Division Videos of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s UK visit for the discussion of Global Warming. We pack our dinner food with us, so we finished our dinner their watching movies.

Ennai konja konja konja va mazhaiya song ,made me feel like gone to T.Nagar area, in this song the settings was done by Jewelry and Textiles shop banners, the song and the picturations is nice and the dancing on the rain is good. Another song Aththi Athikai thathi thathi pasum is family song was enjoyable to see. Vijay movie means there should be at least one kuttu song, but here it has two. Lealukku Lea Lealukku Lea song is melodies. And the climax song Varan Paru Aathi is nice to hear.

The fight scean, in which vijay riding a bike and shooting the villan who is traveling on the Sumo, but the bullet hit the driver and the Sumo role on the street, is good graphics. The scean where vijay challenge to the Villan is interesting to see. Trisha dint look nice when she get angry and killing the Police officer. But in songs and rain scean’s she look’s beautiful. In a scean where Vijay saw her Uncle and his Love girl, here the sentiment and the background music are fine. The Collage liberty and the Buddha statue are looking beautiful. The New Face Villan is done a good job

In the climax fight, where fire burns in his back, with the fire he will fight with Villan, this scean is overacting, and when Trisha search Vijay, and call him mama, mama It was very joke . The villan groups killing scean is very old. I think Trisha did not like to leave the Shirt and Jeans, which she wears in Aaru. With his wounded leg, the Nasar plans to kill the Villans is over imagination. The train fight and the Sumo crashings are super.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Republic Day Experience

Governor of Tamil Nadu Surjith Singh Barnala host the flag, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is near.

Today morning I wake up 7.30 and tied our National my flag in front of my house. For the last 3 year I am hosting the flag in my house on Republic Day and Independence Day. Every year day before the Republic day, I used to go to merina beach, to see the settings for the Republic day and will saw the decorate vehicles which will be participate in the Republic day pride, they will keep it in Model School traning center, near Marina Beach.
Chief Minister Jayalalithaa gives awards for the people who done achievement.

Chief Minister Jayalalithaa and Governor of Tamil Nadu Surjith Singh Barnala watch the dance program.

After hosting the flag I watched the Republic day Programes of Tamil Nadu. It was nice to see Republic day function, it is like watching it in live, tamil nadu governor Surjith Singh Barnala host the flag and get the respect of the Navy, Army, air force ect... now the government das newly added the Dog force in the march fast. The Chief Ministter Jayalalithaa gave the award for the people who have achived great. And the Cultural Programs started, many school and collage students participated and danced. the dance that impresed me is Thappatam and Nathasvaram and Thavil of our Tamil Cultural music. And the Pride started, the every department of Tamil Nadu Government was participated and done good cars.

After this I saw the Republic Day pride of Delhi, which is held in front of India Gate. Where our Hero of India, President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam host the Indian Flag and get the respect form the Three force of Army, Navy and Airforce and saw the pride of army vehicles, Latest weapons and Missiles and Soldiers march fast, this pride shows the strength of our Nations Defense Security I had a good opportunity to see this, I thanks to the television channels to show a good programe. This year our government has invited the Soudhi Arabia King, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud as Chief Guest of 57th Republic day. Many children have participated held a Dance Programs with every state culture. And next the decorated vehicles of every state was gone one by one, it was very beautiful. Tamil Nadu decorated vehicle was a model of Temple car (Thare) and the Buddha car is very nice. The Chief Guest Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud was interestingly watching our Pride; our President was explaining him about our Indian Force and showing our Indian State’s cultural dance. Finally the Bike riders show daring by soldiers in there Bike and doing Pyramids and the powerful Mig-29’s daring on the sky really amused the people who where gathered to see the show. The Nature has give hand for the people, because the Sun dint show his face until the show finish. I hope to see the same happy every year on the Republic Day. Vande Matharam.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Unforgettable Republic Day

26th January 1950 is one of the most important days in Indian history as it was on this day the constitution of India came into force and India became a truly sovereign state. In this day India became a totally republican unit. The country finally realized the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and the numerous freedom fighters who, fought for and sacrificed their lives for the Independence of their country. So, the 26th of January was decreed a national holiday and has been recognized and celebrated as the Republic Day of India, ever since.

Five years back on the Republic day, we have lost thousands of people to the earth, in Earthquake. On January 2001 the Indian state of Gujarat was rocked by a huge earthquake measured 7.6. The earthquake in the village of Voundh, 50 kilometers from the state capital Bhuj. Before the disaster the village had a population of 9,000, now it has only 2,000 people, what a cruelty. It has gone 5 years, but now also the people who are affected in the earthquack dint return to there normal life, many people are living in Temperory shelter provided by NGO’s and government, which turned in to there permanent shelters. In the urban areas the government sanctioned Rs.1.5 lakh to urban and 90,000 to ruural areas to construct houses, but they dint get the relief fully. A series of tin sheds in Anjar and Bhuj areas come as surprise, these virtual hells house people form the middle and lower middle class families lies who were tenants paying a paltry rents before the quack. They needed to produce a rent receipt for getting a plot of land and a no objection certificate from the landlords to be accomodated in the buildings that came up where their houses once stood.

The people who are living in temperory shelter has got just Rs.12,000 as compensation, with this amount how can they construct a house with this amount. Some residents in Anjar area are operating shops from rented places, they also did not have a rent receipt, from shopkeeper’s they have turned as Labours. Also the place is far from the walled city so evern the owner-shopkeepers prefer to operate form makeshift locations. The community members and the local panchayat’s divided most of the houses among themselves which was alloted for the people affected by Quack, and they also rented the houses. In this earthquack 1,057 women lost their husbands in the quack, and there relatives are also not treating them in human manner. There are 162 childreans has become orphans. The people don’t know when the quack will come again and they are continuing their life in fear, because after the January 26 Earthquack, the earth had tested them by mild quack.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tamil Politice

Sorry Friends i cant post the pictures, here which i took this week on ECR, the the photo lab said they can't take the photo from the cell, because my cell dint have Bluetooth.

What i have writen here is just my words about our Politicians

Why do we put Vote on elections? because the person who wins and come and do some good things for public, and talk about our problem in the Assembly or Parliment and get solution for that. But in Tamil Nadu, the Opposite and some alliance party MLA are just go to the Assembly and just walk out telling some pretext or just wait for the ruling party to tell some thing and when they search for some point to protest. today i was watching the News, many opposition parties are walk out from the assembly and giving interviews for Journalist that the Speaker and Chief Minister dint give respect and dint leave us to talk. I think in Assembly the Speaker will give time for all MLA to talk after Launching some Plans. But the Opposition are not willing to hear what the Ruling Government is telling, when they hear only, what the government is telling, then only they can understand the Plan of the Government. After the Plan launched in the Assembly, the speaker will alloud the MLA's to tell there thought on the plan and their suggestion.When the time come for the MLA's suggestion to tell in the Assembly there will be no one in the Assembly, because all of them are walked out, except the Ruling MLA's. Now i have a doubt why we put vote, for the person who is not taking our problem to the Government. When the Speaker dint allow the Opposition to speak in the Assembly, I think they can give a complain to the Governor. Can u see people with out any problem? For the poor people the problem is how to earn money, for the middle class the problem is how to save the money for their future, For the rich the problem is how to protect there Moneys from the thives, like this we cant see a Nation without Problem.

What is the duty of the MLA's? there duty is to find the problem in there Assembly area and take that problem to the government's view and get a solutions. But when the MLA's walkout every day on the Assembly session, when they will talk about the public's problem and solve.

You all know that only in Chennai, the central government have launched a Setop Box to see all Channels. This plan has crossed at least a year. because of this Setop Bok I cant watched my favorite channels like, Dicovery, National Gerography and Animal Planet and some good channels. The rich people can buy Setop Box, but for poor people thay cant buy Setop Bok and they can only watch free channels. But now the State Government has announced to take the Cable system under its control to reduce the monthely rate and take the Cable Tv to below poverty line people, so they can also there favorite channels. The government decided to take the main Cable systems of Tamil Nadu the SCV, Hathway and some others to its control. The SCV was supported by opposition party, so yesterday all party's who are supporting the Opposition have walked out of Assembly for this issue. The SCV is collecting too much rate from its cable operatiors, so the operaters are collecting high rate from the public. When the government take the cable system, they will reduce the rate and many poor people can get benefitted.

My thought is they the MLA's are giving importans for this small matter Cabel TV, but they are not taking many series isuue like this. For example, i have gone at least 3 time on the East Cost Road in Chennai, in a year, whenever i travell, I saw many people are living in Temperory shelters which was provided by Government and some NGO's for the people who are affected by Tsunami. But any one MLA or other politicians have care for them and thing for built a temperory house for them, and in the recent rain many famers have last there crops and living without money for food. Every year on Mattu Pongal, in south Tamil Nadu many villages conduct Jalli Kattu (Bull Catch), in this many people are died and many seriesly injured and lot's of bull's are getting wound and giving stress to them, did any MLA have taken this issue in Assemply and get walk or Protest. the answer for this is No. They are only trying to collaps this government and get it to them. The Tamil Nadu opposition party is also a main leg for central government, with this power they can do many good things to Tamil Nadu with the help of State government, but they are using this power how to collopse the state government. These things not only happening in Tamil Nadu, in all over the World, who know's when are they going to do good thinks to people.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happy Week End :)

Yesterday i went out with my mom, dad and cousin brother. we plan to go mahabalipuram. First i went to my old house, where my uncle is living, to pick my cousin brother, and i am happy to see the neighbours and some friends who are working in my uncles Mechanical Shop. after meeting them we travel in the East Cost Road. I used to go one day in 3 months on ECR, my favorite outing is traveling in ECR. I was enjoying every seconds in that Road. Every time when we travel on ECR, we used to stop the car on the muttukadu Bridge and see the sea water entering into Muttukadu lake and saw people going in boat under the bridge. In morning this lake water level will be very low and we can see the fishes and the sand in the water, when we see in evening the lake will be full. I took some photo's of the sea water entering the lake in my Mobile Phone. i realy enjoy the travel between Kovalam and Mahabalipuram,because we can see the Beach very clear and we can feel the sea breeze.

We thought that our Sister (cousin) should also come with us, then it will be very fun, so we call her (she is in Mahabalipuran) from kovalam to get ready, so we pick her and our cousin brother's 2 kids and went to Thirukalukundram (a small town near chennai). When every we go out, we used to cook food and take, so this time my mom cook Puli rice and Thaieer Satham, and eat that food under a tree, near a field. I like to travel in village side. I have travelld in Tirukalkundram-Mahabalipuram road 3 or 4 years back, after that i have travelled now, last time i was travelling on this road all laks, ponds and farmlands are drought with out proper rain and water, this time i saw many lakes have filled with waters and the farmlands are very green, because of last year's good rain. Thirukulukundram is famous for its Vedakereswarrar (Vedagiri hill) and Thiereputasundhari Ammaiyar Temple. We went to Thirukulukundram at 2pm so the temple was closed, they will open at I took some photos of the Temple and the Hill Temple where the god Vedakereswarrar is staying. So we go to the Temple Tank, suprisely it was full, and we round the Temple Tank and the Hill with our car. Every month on Full Moon day, many people will walk round the Temple Hill, (like Thiruvannamalai) i have also rounded this temple hill and climbed the hill some years back, will tell u that story one day.

We return to Mahabalipuram at and leave my Sister and cousin brother's kids. We have some relatives in Mahabalipuram, so my mom and dad went to visit them, so i and my cousin brother stayed in our sister's house and played with the Kids. We waited for 2 hours, till my parents come. we leave Mahabalipuram at 7pm, i said my dad we should go to house before 6pm, because in night, it is difficult for my dad to drive the car, but what to do, it was late and dad drive the car slowely. Traveling in night on ECR will be very nice, the road was very good and the road was shining in dark, they have fixed Radiam stones in the Road. We reach the home at 8.30pm. It was very fun and i enjoyed this travel. Every year From January 15 to 29 the Tamil Nadu Tourisam is conducting a Cultural Dance Festival, in Mahabalipuram, many people from India and many foriegners will come to Mahabalipuram to watch this Dance Festival, i have asked my sister to catch some photos of that festival, so i can put it on the Blog.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Another water problem for Tamil Nadu

Water problem is a big problem in Tamil Nadu. For the last 4 years Tamil Nadu dint recive proper rain and many farmlands, rivers and lakes are drought with out water. But last year november, Tamil nadu recived a history rain, people will not forget this rain soon. All the rivers and lakes over flows, In some places lakes have broken, many Houses on the banks of rivers and lakes are surounded by floods, lakhs of people shifted there house. In Chennai the famous Coovam and Adyar rivers were also overflows, because of deep dippresion in Bay of Benagal and some people have broken the lakes, and the chennai look like islands. In tamil nadu the Cuddalore is the worst affected district. In last years rain above 200 people have died.
River Palar
But now the rain is not the problem, The problem is for River Palar, which grows in Andhra Pradesh and flown in TamilNadu. I have seen water runing in this river 10 years back, but for the last 10 years, the sand lorrys are runing in this river and many Private Water lorry owners are putting bores in the banks of Palar and suppling warter to chennai. In last year rain, the Palar recived some waters. In this situation the Andhra Pradesh government have planed to construct a Dam across Palar. Already the Tamil Nadu government is strugling to get water from Karnataka and Kerala. Every year we beg Karnataka to open the water form its dam which constructed across River Cavery. Cavery birth place is Coorg district in Karnataka. The central government has introduced a Cavery inspection team to slove the problem and get the share of water to Tamil Nadu, but the karnataka Government is not compensationing with this team. Because of Karnataka's decision, the river cavery was drought, lakhs of hectare farm lands are getting wast, and lakhs of people are afecting in hunger and abstinence, some times the poor people taking the pioson and killing themself.

Tamil nadu also have a problem with kerala, in sharing the Mullai Periyar River water. The Periyar birth place is Tamil Nadu, but it goes into Kerala and then comes into Tamil Nadu. The Kerala government has constucted a dam across this river (Periyar Dam) in Idukki distict and dint allow to increase the dam hight and release water. So some heacter of farm lands are affected. Now the problem stars form Andhra pradesh. When they construct a dam across Palar River, north Tamil Nadu will compulsory affect. and the main water base for Vellor district in Tamil Nadu. when last year december, when President A.P.J.Abdul Kalam said the only way to solve the drought and flood is to join all rivers in the country, when Kalam's thought comes true, the farmlands and people will get a good future from this river. when the Andhra Pradesh government construct a Dam, it is a work opposite of Nature. It is very rare to see water run in Palar river,when the water runs in palar the surrounding areas Land water lever will rise, when they constuct a dam, we have to lost a river and we also have to strugle with Andhra Pradesh Govt to release water when ever we want. Andhra Pradesh Government's decision is wast of money, so they should withdraw their aim of constructing a Dam across this river Palar, and spent the Money to do good things for poor people, at least they can earn the Vote from them, in next Assemble Election.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Map proves Chinese discovered America

Christopher Columbus
We know that Christopher Columbus was an explorer and trader who crossed the Atlantic Ocean and reached the Americas on October 12, 1492 under the flag of Castile. History places a great significance on his landing in America in 1492, with the entire period of the history of the Americas before this date usually known as Pre-Columbian, and the anniversary of this event, Columbus Day, celebrated in many countries in America. Although there is evidence of Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact, and it is questionable whether one person can "discover" a place which is inhabited by other people, Columbus is often credited as having discovered the Americas. His voyage marked the beginning of the Spanish and European colonization of the Americas. He was most likely Genoese, although some historians claim he could have been born in other places, from the Crown of Aragón to the Kingdoms of Galicia or Portugal, or in the Greek island of Chios among others.

But now Recently a Chinese map collectore has found a copy of an ancient map he claims provers controversial theories that famed Chinese mariner Zheng He was the first to discover America and circumnavigate the world. The map supports the recent theories that Chinese discovered America before Christopher Columbus and charted parts of the world such as Antarctica and northern Canada long before Western explorers. The map shows us that Chinese discovered the world 70 years before Columbus. The map tells that Zheng He discovered the world.
Zheng He
The map is dated to 1763, but is also clearly marked that it is a copy of a map made in 1418. That date coincides with Zheng He's voyages, which spanned form 1405-1432. The map was bought for about $500 from a Shanghai dealer in 2001 by a Chinese lawyer and collector, Liu Gang. Liu Gang only realised its importance after he read Gavin Menzies best-selling book: 1421: The Year China Discovered The World. In this book Menzies theorises that previously undiscovered world maps drawn up by Zheng He's admirals were copied by European map-makers and were extensively used during the Vouages of great Western explorers, including Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Vasco Da Gama and James Cook. China's Ming dynasty banned ocean going exploration and trade on pain of death after Zheng He's final voyage, largely ddue to the death of Emperor Zhu Di, who sponsored the voyages.

Zheng He, is a Muslim mariner and explorer, is widely thought to have sailed around South East Asia and India, but the claim he visited America is hotly disputed. The map is now being tested to check the age of its paper and ink, with the results due to be known in February. Even if it does prove to have been drawn in 1763, sceptics will point out that we still only have the mapmaker's word that he copied if from a 1418 map, rather than from a more recent one.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Your Comments gave me Strength

That day i wrote that how many year i will live (January 11, I like to Live). Your comments on that post really give me new strength for my Mind. Last night i was thing about my post and your comments, the first thing that struch my mind is Tsunami and the Pakistan Earthquack. You all told that, no one knows when we will die. Like that, the people who are died in tsumani, they also dont know they will die on December 26, 2004. I hope the people who are all lost there life in tsunami should also have a big dreams of their future and also like to live many years in this world. I have see many time that people play cricket on Marina Beach in Chennai. on Decemer 26 also many people have played cricket, but they dont know that there joy is going to end in minute's. In the earthquack also many people have lost their life and there future dreams. In Pakistan there was at least 400 childreans where struck into a school, which was gone under the earth in the quack, they also dont know that there life will be saved or not. how will be for the small kids, realy they have touched the dead entrance and came. There are many disable people in this world, when they all think and worry about there life, they cant be happy and enjoy in this world.

I saw a movie on sunday, in that they show a mentally and physically affected people, staying in orphanage. I know there are some Disable orphanage's in this world. I have Parents to take care me till there life end or my life end. But for orphans, who will take care, i know how difficult is to live in orphange with mentally and physically disablility. I have mother and father, but also i have worry and fear of my life.For the childreans who are in orphanage, there fear and worry are should be bigger than me. Really i feel bad about that post, what i have writen on January 11 was very very simple thing compare to disable orphan people, I think January 11 post shows my selfish, dont care about other disable people and their worry for me. i felt shame why my mind think like that.

Shuuro gave me the site of Professor Stephen William Hawkings. The site realy gives me a encouragement. Hawking was affected by Motor Neurone Dieseas (MND) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). ALS/MND is a neurological disease that affects over 350,000 of the world’s population, and kills over 100,000 every year. Realy Hawking inspired me. Hawking also feared that he will be died in a few years. But he dint die, he got marraged and have one grand child. Hawking has twelve honorary degrees, was awarded the CBE in 1982, and was made a Companion of Honour in 1989. He is the recipient of many awards, medals and prizes and is a Fellow of The Royal Society and a Member of the US National Academy of Sciences. How did he achive this? with his selfconfident and support of his family, the doctors told to Hawking, dont worry about u r dieseas, continue your work. I thank Shuuro to show me a great self confident man and i think that hawkings was not alone achived, there are many people in this world near thedead, have achived in there life and live happy. After reading his life, i feel like refresing me. Now i realise that hear after i should not worry of mydisable, and be happy and should consentrate on my favorite things to forget the fear.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Book fair in Chennai

The 29th Chennai Book fair held in Chennai Quaid-e-Millat College. For the last 3 years i was buying book in this fair. The Book fairs like this will encourage the reading knowledge of people. In the 2004 book fair i bought a Encyclopedia CD, last year i bought a General Knowledge book and a Quize book. This time i have bought Da Vince Code Book, for a long time i was thinking to buy a novel, so this time i have bought. Ever year i send my dad to buy books, he told compare to last year, this year he saw many people buying books. The Chennai Book fair starts on January 6th and ends on 16th. In this fair there are 300 shops. In 3 lakh titled there are 60 lakh books are placed here. there are books from Rs.5 to Rs.15,000. This year 40 lakh books have saled and earned Rs.4 crore. 4 lakh visitors have visited the fair.

When i was in school, every year the school will conduct book faire, they will sale old and new books from the school liberary, every time i used to buy Drawing books and story books. We will take the book and they will write our names and we should give money on the next day. some time some students used to stolen books from there, and sale it to some students. We have a big Liberary room, every week we have a Liberary class, and used to go there and read some story books, but really we will not read, just sit and taking with friend and playing. But the liberary miss will have a big scale and used to beat students, who are not reading books, some times, i also get beat from here.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

My Kaanum Pongal Celebrations

Childreans celebrating Kaanum Pongal in some Village

The fourth day of Pongal is known as Kaanum Pongal. On that day people go to there relatives house and some tourist sports, to get relax after celebratingof Pongal. Many time i have gone out with our famile, usualy my uncle used to take us out, to some toursit spot and some relatives house. I think 10years back we take a Maruti Van and went to our relative house in Changelpattu (a town in South India) on the Mattu (bull) Pongal day evning, so we got a good chance to see many people taking there Cows to Temple, and travell in Bullcart (Mattu Vaandi) with decarations, and we stayed in our relatives house that night and next morning, we and our relatives, went out to celebrate the Kaanum Pongal.

First we went to Vedanthangal Bird sanctury, in pongal time the season will be winter, so on that day we saw many birds, it was really wondeful to watch birds in early morning, it was a big lake with many trees, we can see many foreign birds lay eggs and after the season is finished it will take its child birds to there country. I have gone to that sanctuary 3 time, it is a very beautyful place, one side birds and another side is field. on Kaanum Pongal days, when we travel on village side roads, we can see many people going in Mattu vandi (Bullcarts) and tractor to the fav
orite places. we can also see like this in chennai's suberbs or urban areas. After watching birds we went to Mahabalipuram, Mahabalipuram it is a gift for us by Pallava king, some years back it was called as Mamallapuram.( when i want to tell about Mahabalipuram, i have a lot of memories, so i will tell you on some other days) and while returning from mahabalipuram, me, my brother, my aunty and my cousin Uncle had sit in the Dickey of the Maruthi Van and open the door, we can feel the fresh sea breeze when we go like this and we saw many people who are going to there favorite place and we told Happy Kaanu Pongal to them, all the people have surprizingly looked us, it was very funny. That days are very sweet memories.
Some districts in Tamil Nadu, will condect Jalli Kattu (catching Ox) on Kaanum Pongal.

Friday, January 13, 2006

My Mattu (Bull) Pongal celebrations

The Next day of Pongal is Mattu (Bull) Pongal, so on that day i will go to my Grandfather house, because my grandpa has many cows and Buffalo. Mygrandpa is used to bath the cows and buffalo's, (some times me and my brother also have put bath cows, by using the spray tube, some times my aunty will also join with us and spray the water on us, and we pore the water on her, and get scolding from grandma) and paint on there kombu (bough) and fix bells in the kombu and some designed belt on its neck. My grandma will cook Pongal and give it for cows and buffalo's and put pooja's for them and we used to shout Pongalo Pongal mattu Pongal. in that area my grandpa only have bulls, so neighbouring will gather and see our pooja's.

And my uncle and grandpa will take the cow to Temple, and we also used to go with the cow, but we will come in 20 feet gape with the cow, because some times, it will ran. We have a big buffalo, and we used to tie near a wall, so every time it will sharp the his Kombu (bough), i always have fear on that, one time when mygrandpa take that Buffalo to temple, that many people brought there Bulls to temple, when our buffalo saw the bulls, it started running, and all people who are all stand near the temples have feared and run see the buffalo coming towards them, and it became very hard to control it. After that incident we have stoped going with cows to temple. My Grandpa neighbour have a bull cart or bull vehicle and they will decarate their cart and take childreans on that to temples, i also like to go on that cart, but my grandpa will not allow. For me every mattu (bull) pongal give different experiance. when we go to villages on Mattu Pongal, they will celebrated this festival very grand.

Some times we will go to our grandpa village 40km from Chennai, on the Mattupongal evening, and we go to the fileds and see the farmers, who theycelebrate the Mattu Pongal. every time when we go toVillage, we go to the fields and take bath on the canals and the in Pump set (where they take the water form the well and spread to the fields. and eat Nungu (kernal of tender plamyrah fruit) and elaneer (tender coconut) and will return on Night, when we returning in night, the road will be very dark and the two sides of the road is forest. it will be very fear to travell on that road.

Pongalo Pongal (Boiling)

Wish You All a Happy PONGAL

Before i tell my Pongal celebrations, First we see, why we celebrate Pongal.

Pongal is a four day long harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India. For as long as people have been planting and gathering food, there has been some form of Harvest Festival. Pongal, one of the most important popular Hindu festivals of the year. This four-day festival of thanksgiving to nature takes its name from the Tamil word meaning to boil and is held in the month of Thai (January-February) during the season when rice and other cereals, sugar-cane, and turmeric (an essential ingredient in Tamil cooking) are harvested. Mid-January is an important time in the Tamil calendar. The harvest festival, Pongal, falls typically on the 14th or the 15th of January and is the quintessential Tamil Festival. Pongal is a harvest festival, a traditional occasion for giving thanks to nature, for celebrating the life cycles that give us grain. Tamilians say `Thai pirandhaal vazhi pirakkum, and believe that knotty family problems will be solved with the advent of the Tamil month Thai that begins on Pongal day. This is traditionally the month of weddings. This is not a surprise in a largely agricultural community the riches fgained from a good harvest orm the economic basis for expensive family occasions like weddings. The first day is celebrated as Bhogi and second day is celebrated as Surya Pongal, third day is celebrated as Mattu (Bull) Pongal and The Fourth day is known as Kannum Pongal day..

My celebration

On Pongal day, i usualy wake early, take bath, wear New Cloths and watch Specail Program. My dad will go to shop and buy Sugarcane and turmeric, at 11.30 or 12.00 we take the Pongal Pot to the open space in front of our house to do pooja. Every time i ask my mom to keep pongal on the fire, until it flows, but my mom dont hear my word,and take it as soon as it ready. I will argue with here, that when the pongal flows form the pot, that is the real pongal. I also like to eat the pongal which was cooked in pot, but my mom used to cook it in cooker. On last pongal i compul my mom to buy a new pot and cook the pongal on this, because when we buy a pot for pongal, it will help the poor people who sales pots and they also will celebrate the Pongal. after keeping the pot in open, we show camphor (in tamil Karpuram) to the sun god, and we will shout pongalo pongal. after finishing the pooja, we will be read to taste the Pongal, Vadai and sundal. and will continue the Special programs in TV. I like to celebrate atleast one pongal in Village.

Tommarro will tell about My Mattu Pongal celebration.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Jeevan's Bhogi celebrations

Tommarro is Bhogi Festival. The first day of Pongal known as Bhogi Pongal is a day for family gathering and is dedicated to Lord Indra, the king of the deities and God of the Clouds and Rains. Offerings are made to him to please him so that he blesses us for the plentiful harvest. It is also the beginning of the New Year according to the Malayalam calendar and before sunrise, a huge bonfire of useless things in home is lit that is kept burning throughout the night.

Some years back i used to celebrate Bhogi, before the Bhogi day, i will buy buffalo-hide drums. me my brother and ourneighbouring friends will beat little buffalo-hide drums known as 'Bhogi Kottus' till night 11pm and we will plan how to celebrate the next morning. we all will plan to wake in morning 3.00am, but me and my brother will will wake only after 5.00am. we will not audomaticaly wake, our friend will coe to front of our house and beat the drums.

We will burst, old Papers, and Mats, my friends will tell us to burst Tyers, but my mom will not allow to burst tyers. then finish bursting, me and my friends will go a round in our area, with giving sound on our drums. while we are in round, we need to give heat to our drums, so when ever we see some one bursting fire on front of there house, we will go there and heat our drums, an continue our rounds, we will go rounds untill 7.30am in our round, we take sugarcanes with us, when we get tired, we used to eat. All of them will tell us to broke the drums and put it in fire, but we will not do that, we used to beat drums untill out Pongal Holydays end, we will heat our drums in the cooking stove. some time i will hide the drums some where and tell my mom that i lost my drums, and i will take the same drum next year and beat. My brother will buy two drums every year, he will broke one on before bhogi day, and buy another on early morning. In villages some people will cook pongal in the Bhogi fire, but our neighbours will heat water for taking bath. For the last 3 year we have not burst Boghi and beat drums, because we have grown now no.

Every year on Boghi day, we hae school, because we have studing in christian school, so they will not give leave. when my mom tell us to get ready for school, we will start crying and tell, that our friends all have leave so we also like to put leave, them my mom will complain to our dad, but our dad will tell, only one day no, its ok. on Boghi, we clean our house for next day boghi. Boghi is the last day of Margazhi month, so my om used to put big kolams in front of our house, and we will put colors on that. they are the very happy and unforgetable days. Wish you all a Happy Boghi.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I like to Live

Now a days i am not blogging properly, because of my ideat Computer.

Two days back i was reading Tamil magazine Kumutham. i read the interview of a Mother, and i really worrd & little panic, why i read that. That her son was affected by Duuchin Muscular Dystrophy, she said, that every year , a organ is getting failear for her son. and doctors said that her son will live only for 10 years. why she give this interview because, she thought, any one in this world, will tell i will treat your son or anyone will announce here is the treatment DMD. This news was very shock, for me, because i also a Muscular Dystrophy no, but i have Limb Girld MD. Most people are affected by Duuchin, very rare people are affected by Limb Girld in that way i am little lucky. You know, after reading her interview, i was totaly disturbed and i was cried that night. When i read that he will live for only 10 years, i was thinking how many year will be my life time. some months back also i read in the same book, that a DMD boy was died at his age 25. Now tell, my fear is right or wrong? I like to live many year, and i too hope, but i dont know what god has writen on my head. when i see my age guys on the road, living normaly and being happy. i also like to be a normal boy and like should enjoy this world. i can live like them only in Dreams. I like every one to show the Love (anbu) on me, when they show there love, their was a doubt standing for me it is Love or Sin (pavam parthu) for my Disable

I think the Name of the boy affected my DMD name Eshwar, you know his friends are Sachine Tendulkar, Anil Kumble and Shawalk. What i pray for god is , please take me too my childhood days i have to forget this life, should become free and enjoy with kids. When i saw the small kids, shouting, laughing and Playing with there friend, i was hating my life. i was thinked for long time, can we write this in Blog or not. Now i want a person to hear my feeling, i want to drop my worry anywhere. But where can i go and talk my emotions freely. Can i talk about this to my Parents, no, i dont like to give them my weight, already they are worried about my life, that's why i share this things with you Friends. I am very sorry to tell my feelings and hurt you all. some friends tell me that day we are all here for you, you can share your emotionals with Blogs.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bore and Happy days

For a week long my computer indicating me there is a virus in my system, but I dint care about it. On Tuesday 3rd my computer hanged and dint open. We call the service and he closed the virus and reinstalled my system, but he can’t connect the internet, he and I tried to connect the line, no use, today came and reinstalled the internet and system and we got the connection. For five days it was very bore, all schools are open, my cousin kids also gone.

This week I had drawn a lovely drawing, of Titanic, will post it here soon. On Wednesday went to Prathana Drive-in to watch Aaru. They can chance the name Aaru as Aaruva, because the main artist of this movie is Aaruva. Surya is handling different getups in every movie; in Aaru Surya is act like an original slum guy. Trisha looks beautiful in this movie, she is very nice is the song Pakkatha enna Pakkatha… in sari. At least in this films Trisha has some sceans to act.

I am spending at least 45 minutes every day in front of my new home, there is a open space have some plants and water was standing, everyday I am seeing different birds, Crane’s, I think there should be some small fishes in that water that’s why the birds are coming, hear some good and new sounds from birds and some beauty full butterflies drinking honey form the flowers. These thinks give me new feel and have a change. I also saw, water snake and two mongooses. The main things I like in my new home is cute kids, there was a small kid name Soundhariya very nice girl, having a beautiful smile on her face every time, some times call me Anna, Anna. Nice to see them playing and driving cycle.

Yesterday a interesting cycle race happen between kids, in this Soundhariya and another kid sitting on the cycle and two girls push them, in 2nd round the two girls pushed the Soundhariya’s cycle and gone some were, the another kid started crying, and got angry went near to the wall and crying for long time, when some one go near her, she start cry loudly, it is very hard to control and peace her. I also experienced like this in my small age. One day my brother and neighboring friend gone some where in my cycle, I waited for long time, and they dint came. I go to my father and cried that Jayanth (my brother) and Karthik (neighboring friend) were gone some were in my cycle and said I want the cycle now, my father try to peace me, but I dint hear his world and fall down and rolled on the floor and cry. I remember that incident when I saw the kids yesterday.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Top 10 Tamil songs I liked in 2005

1. Andankkaka Kondakkari from Anniyan. the Harris Jayaraj music and dance are very nice. They have painted with colors on the Houses in Kumbakkonam and in the end of the song, the fields are very green and nature. The special of the song is Randakka Randakka…

2. Sutrum Vizhi Sudara form Gajini. the Harris jayaraj music is excellent and the song is very beautiful and Asil looks cute in this song, the camera played well. I like the last line of Lyrics Mazhai Alaka, Vaiell Alaka, Konjum pothu Mazhai alaku kannalana Kovapattal Vaiell Alaku.

3. Kummari… from Anniyan. In this song the special thing is beautiful flowers of Amsterdam, the flowers in this song will grow only for 10 days in a Year. The color of the flowers and the dress of Sadha (the yellow dress) the combination are super.

4. Pani Thuli, Pani Thuli… form Kanda Naal Mudhal. this song is very melody and romantic, the voice of Kay Kay & Sherya Ghosal is good and laila looks nice in this song, in I think in other films he dint look that much. And another song in this movie Merke Merke Merke thaan Suriyankal Udiththiduma is also very nice.

5. Uyire Enn Uyire from Totti Jaya, this song is very melody. The lyric of this song is excellent, and the tunes are great. In every movie mass songs will be hit in simbu films now the melodies song is hit.

6. Mayilirage Mayilirage from Ah Aah, the music of A.R.Rahman is very nice this song has some Malayalam tunes. The Soundhariya’s graphic effect is good, importantly when they walk on the water the water sparks is great.

7. Kodambakam area from Sivakasi. The dance of Vijay and Nayanthara is good and this song is better that the three loud songs Vada vada, Deepavali and Ennatha solvanungo. In Kodambakam song the dress of Vijay is not good, he looks like joker.

8. Kaatril Varum Geetham from Oru Naal Oru Kanavu. The Voice of the singer is super, I think this song is singed by Bavatharani, it is very melody. This is my second favorite carnatic music song, after Nila Kaaigirath from Indira sung by Harini.

9. Thee Pidikka Thee Pidikka from Arindhum Ariyamalum. The Yuvan Shanker Raja has remixed the old Bahavathar song. This music is very different. Arya and the gal Dance movements are new.

10. Kumbida ponna Thaivam from Thirupachi. This song is like Devote song, which will put in Amman temple in festival seasons. The voice of Malathi is like devotional singers. The dance of Saya Sing and Vijay is funny and good.

Except this 10 there, are many songs I liked this year, like Unnai Saranadaithaan from Thavaramai Thavamiruthu, Paakaatha Paakaatha from Aaru, Thigu Thigu from Ah Aah, Pou Puthatthu, Thottam yar pothathu from Mumbai Express ect.

The Superstar’s Chandramuke’s all songs are great, so I dint add Chandramuke songs in this list.

Read the self-repairing paint on Car's Here

Monday, January 02, 2006

World 2005 Part Ends

There is another Post in Shyam'sssss, about self-repairing paint on Car's.

The Boeing 737-200 shook violently second after take off, veered to the left and slammed onto a busy street in Indonesia’s third-largest city, bursting into flame, at least 147 person died many of them on the ground on September 5.

Junichiro koizumi re-elected as Prime Minister of Japan on Sep 21.

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark has won a historic 3rd term on October 1.

Australian’s Barry J.Marshall and Robin Warren have won the 2005 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. American Roy Glauber and John Hall and Germany’s Theodor haensch won the 2005 Physics Nobel Prize for their work in the field of optics. Yves Chauvin of France and Americans Robert H.Grubbs and Richard R.Schrock won the 2005 Nobel Chemistry Prize for development method in organic synthesis. The IAEA and its chief Mohamed ElBaradei won the nobel Peace Prize for 2005 for their work in stopping the spread of nuclear weapons. Israeli and U.S. citizen Robert J.Aumann and American Thomas C. Schelling won the 2005 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for their work in game-theory analysis, in October.

The re-entry capsule of China’s Shenzhou-6 spacecraft carrying taikanauts Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng, landed on earth safely at 4:33am (local time) marking a complete success of china’s second manned space mission after it put the first Chinese national in Space 2 Years ago on Oct 17.

The E.U. declared the spread of bird flu from Asia into the E.U. a global threat requiring international cooperation, saying Western Europe is ill prepared to deal with an influenza Emergency on Oct 18.

A Nigerian airliner with 116 people aboard crashed after take off from Lagas and then were no signs of survivors.

In a scatting final report documenting massive corruption in the U.N. oil-for-food program, investigators have accused more than 2.200 companies and prominent politicians of colluding with former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s regime to defraud the humanitarian operation of $ 1.8 billion.

The civil unrest in France and neighboring countries was a series of riots and other forms of violent clashes between thousands of youths (predominantly of French Muslim background) from poor suburbs and the French Police (as well as the police of neighboring countries).The riots began on 27 October in the banlieues of Paris.

The overall coast of the Oct 8 earthquacke that hit the Pok and other parts of the North West Frantier Province is estmated at $ 5.2 billion, on November 12.

Sri Lanka’s 5th Presidential election concluded on a largely peaceful note. By the close of polls at 4.00pm, an estimated 75% turnout was registered outside the northeast, on Noveber 17. Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse was declared election the island-nation’s fifth executive President on November 18.

Ratnasiri Wickremanayake, Sri Lanka’s Minister for Interior and Buddha Sasana and Deputy Defence Minister in the outgoing cabinet, was appointed as the new Prime Minister by the President Mahinda Rajapakse on Nov 21.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon quit the governing Likud party, announced the formation of a new party and called for early polls on Nov 21.

Conservatice leader Angela Merkel was elected as Germany’s first Femal Chanceller, taking power at the helm of an unwieldy alliance of the Right and the Left that faces the tough job of turning around Europe’s biggest economyon Nov 22.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has won Liberia’s Presidential Vote, becoming Africa’s first elected women head of state and embarking on a 6-year mission to lift the war-torn country towards prosperty and reconciliation on Nov 23.

Palestinians formally opened a boarder crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt that will allow Gaza to travell abroad freely for the first time since Israel occupied the coastal territory in 1967 on Nov 25.

On Nov 29, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin’s embatted Liberal minority government was ousted by a no-confidence vote in Parliament, kicking off a likely frosty election compaign over the Christmas holiday .

China has developed its first AIDS drug with independent intellectual property right, the producers announced on Nov 30.

A powerful Earthquake shook central and east Africa, on December 05

119 people were died when an ageing Iranian military C-10 transport plane suffered engine failure and smashed into a densely populated residential area of Teheran, on Dec 6.

More than 100 people were feared dead after a jet airlines crashed on landing in the southern Nigerian city of Port Harcourt on Dec 10.

A series of Explosion rocked one of the U.K.’s biggest oil storage depots, near Hemel Hempstead, about 50km north of London, causing injured to about 40 persons and considerable damage to properties in the area on Dec 11.

Two months after the devastating October 8 earthquake, a strong tremor at dead of night jolted people in Kashmir out of their sheep and sent them scurrying on the streets on Nov 13.

The 6th ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization got under way in Hong Kong with lowered optimism about the nearly 150member countries arrived at a consensus on the future course of multilateral trade on Nov 13.

On Dec 19, Warlords, former communists, Taliban defectors and women activist were sworn as members of the first Afghan Parliament in more than 30 years amid hope of national reconciliation after decades of bloodshed.

The former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, alleged that he was tortured by Americans, who have imprisoned him for over two-years on Dec 21.

In the biggest ambush since the February 2002 ceasefire agreement, suspected LTTE rebels blew up a convoy in the northern Mannar district, killed at least 13 sailors and injuring several others on Dec 23.

The Tsunami affected countries observed the 1st anniversary of tsunami on Dec 26.

A first satellite in the E.U.’s Galileo satellite navigation programme was launched from Kazakhstan, a major step forward for Europe’s answer to the U.S. Global Positioning System on Dec 28.

Indonesia completed the withdrawal of its 21,000 non-local soldiers form Aceh as part of a peace agreement to end a 29-year separatist insurgency in the tsunami-ravaged province on Nov 29.

Russia has vowed to cut off all natural gas supplies to Ukraine on January 1 as talks on the new gas price fell through: on Nov 30.
India 2005 will come soon.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

World 2005 Part II

The former South African president Nelson Mandela announced retirement form public life to lead support to a new global campaign for abolition of poverty on February 3.

The wreckage of the Afghan passenger plane with 104 crashed near Kabul on February 4.

The President of Tango, African longest-ruling leader died on Feb 6.

After many years of bloodshed, the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, and the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declared a formal end to violence kindling hopes of a possible revival of the stalled peace talks on Feb 8.

The British Government gave the creator of Dolly the Sheep a license to clone human embryos for medical research on Feb 8.

An explosion in a Coalmine in China killed at least 203 people on Feb 15.

Disease fuelled by freezing weather has killed more than 120 afghan children, in Feb.

A powerful earthquake, which measured 6.4, in southeast Iran at least 500 people died on Feb 22.

The founder of Amnesty International, Peter Benenson, has died on Feb 27; Amnesty is the world’s most important Human Rights organization.

Million Dollar baby captured 4 top awards at the 77th Academy Awards including best Director Clint Eastwoon, best Actress Hilary Swank. Jamie Fox won Best Actor award. The Aviator, which has the most nominations, 11 in Oscar Award in Feb 28.

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton undergone a new round of hear surgery on March 11.

China’s parliament elected President Hu Jinta as chairman of the State Central Military Commission on March 13.

James Callaghan, the Labour Party stalwart who served as Britain’s Prime Minister in the late 1970’s died on the eve of his 93rd birthday on March 26.

A huge undersea earthquake measured 8.7 hits northwest Indonesia at least 2,000 people are feared dead on March 28.

Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugale’s ZANU-PF won the Parliamentary election on April 1.

Iraq’s new parliament chose a former Kurdish rebel fighter, Jalal Talabani, as the country’s first freely elected President on April 6.

Russia and NATO signed an accord facilitating joint military training and transit of troops through each other’s territory on April 21.

Accused of 9/11 attacks, Zacarias Moussooui said that Osama Bin Laden, personally chose him to crash a plane into the White House in a second-wave attack planned for after 9/11 on April 23.

After a gap of 29 years, Syria has withdrawn almost all its forces from Lebanon on April 26.

Singapore’s beloved and versatile former President Wee Kim Wee 89, passed away on May 2.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair was back in Downing Street after leading the Labour Party to an unprecedented 3rd successive term in office on May 6.

In a historic vote, the Kuwaiti parliament has granted Women the right to vote and stand for Parliamentary and local election on May 17.

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne’s “The Child” about a 20-year-old petty crook suddenly faced with the responsibilities of fatherhood, won top honors at the Cannes Film Festival on May 21.

BBC journalists and other employee’s observed a one-day strike over job cuts on May 23.

Natalie Glebova of the Canada was Crowned Miss Universe 2005 on May 32; the 23-year-old was born in Russia but emigrated to Toronto as a young girl.

A week of torrential rains and heavy flooding has killed at least 200 people in china on June 1st week.

Famous Hollywood Actress Anne Bancraft (73) winner of the 1962 best actress Oscar as teacher of a young Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker has died as cancer on June 8.

Pop Star Michael Jackson 46, was cleared of all charges in his child molestation trail hearing the world’s not guilty uttered 14 times in a deathly still courtroom on June 13.

The U.S. is at war in Iraq because of the 11/9 attacks, U.S. President Bush said. we went to war because we were attacked, and there are still people out there who want to harm our country and hurt our citizen’s on June 18.

Indonesia confirmed its first human deaths form bird flu on July 20.

At least 88 people were killed in a string of bomb attacks that rocked this tourist-packed Red Sea Resort in Sharm el-sheikh (Egypt) on July 23.

On July 23, The London police shot a innocent man Jean Charles de Menezes who had been living and working in London for 4 years.

On July 26, Discovery and 7 astronauts blasted into orbit on America’s 1st manned space shot since 2003 Columbia disaster, ending a painful 21/2-year shutdown devoted to making the shuttle less risky and NASA more safety-conscious.

A U.S. Astronomer announced that he had discovered a new planet larger than Pluto in orbit around the sun on July 30.

Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd (84), who had been ailing for some times, died, ending a 23-years reign on August 1.

On Aug 3, A space walking astronaut gently hulled two potentially dangerous strips of fabric protruding from the Discovery’s belly with his gloved hand, successfully completing an unprecedented emergency repair job.

A Russian naval mini-submarine with 7 sailors aboard is trapped some 190 metres down on the sea floor off the Pacific coast after becoming caught on a fishing net, on Aug 5.

The space shuttle Discovery glided back to Earth to a predawn landing in Edwards Air Force in California, nearly 14 days after its 9.28-million-km journey began on Aug 9.

Sri Lankan Foreign Affairs Minister Lakshman Kadirgmar (73) was short dead by an unidentified gunman in Colombo on Aug 12. The island nation declared a state of emergency to track down the assassins of Kadirgmar.

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance orbiter blasted off into Space on Aug 12.

An Ecuadorian ship with 113 migrants on Board sank in the pacific off Colombia killed 104 on Aug 17.

Russia and China have lunched the first ever joint War games seen as a demonstration of the two nations resolve to challenge the U.S. dominance in world affairs on Aug 18.

The Israel military has evacuated all settlement in the Gaza strip to end 38 years of occupation of the Palestinian territory on Aug 22.

Robert Moog, the man who transformed the sound of popular music with his Moog synthesizer has died age 71 in North Carolina on Aug 23.

Oil prize topped $ 70 a barrel for the 1st time as a powerful hurricane wreaked havoc in the crude-producing Gulf of Mexico, home to 25% of U.S. oil and gas production on Aug 29.

At least 1,000 Shia Pilgrims are feared dead following a stampede on a bridge while they were on their Way to a Shrine in Baghdad on Aug 31.