Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Summer, why one of my favorites?

Summer is always special in many ways like every other season has its own, and ours is a tropical country, where the temperature rose high during this time turns out to be a holiday season for kids in schools and colleges. And what more special the kids could have in life to refresh from the regular institutional life?

Being a 90s kid, I know how curiously we waited for this time to make some of the best childhood memories.

Though the days are hot enough, the summer breeze is always special, especially to me, and it blows me down with nostalgic memories of the past and a boost to look forward in life. When I think back, many of my poems or inspiration to write wake up during this time, and the silent afternoons are the best to connect with emotions and thoughts.

And also, living close to the sea, the cool breeze that rose from the sea would sway me and flatten the day's hotness!

Beaches are one of the best places to hangout often during the summer, which I guess is the mindset of all over the world, but those living close to one would truly enchant the opportunity. Beaches are my favorite places, perhaps because they're easily accessed here but never close to the water. Beaches provide small amusements watching through the activities of people, stalls, and hand carts and for me, the best time to visit beaches was on the full moon day to see the silvery moon rising over the sea. There was a time where I visited the beach constantly for few full moon days, but it's been a year since I have gone close to a beach.

Summer is also a season where we get to taste ice creams, and this is the time where parents could not deny buying us ice cream when we insist on the sign of summer. On the other hand, there are watermelon, muskmelon, and mangos, the only available fruits of the season to take down the summer heat. 

The vacations are another interesting thing we anticipate over the season and planning mostly for a cold region or hill stations to enjoy the pristine nature and weather. But things aren't the same now as we started to avoid this season esp. to keep away trouble in accommodation, booking rates, and the crowd.  Still, the thought of vacation haunts me whenever the temperature takes a toll or someone reminds me of the time spent together or the mind recollects the moments cherished.

I hope, you guys too have your favorite season that connects you in one or many ways.  If possible, share few interesting things in the comment. Thank you

Monday, March 29, 2021

A walk with youthful memories...

During an evening walk in the neighborhood, the bougainvillea blooming along a street in Besant Avenue couldn't stop me from taking photos. As I cropped one of the photos, I got this beautiful frame of an older man who walked in front of me aside from the bougainvillea, charmed! 

Friday, March 26, 2021

Fields of Marigold, off Veedur

During my Veedur Dam visit in February, we come across a surprising sight of the marigold fields on the dam road, after the Veedur village; and it was a kind of loop road that goes around the backwaters of the dam and links back to the national highway.

It was a refreshing sight of yellow; though it wasn't a large landscape of yellow, I never got to see a marigold field of this much. And it was a great divertissement from the regular and boring sights of the highways and there's also a patch of mixed colors of an orange and yellow and yet un-bloomed bed of dark orange or red marigold. 

It seems it was the dam water that made flourish the marigold. Though the marigold bloomed on both sides of the road, the view towards the backwater (2nd pic above) is scenic, and the blue sky and the sunny day made it glowing. Aside from that, a kind of white wildflowers bloomed in the barren lands, but still, I doubt whether they are wildflowers or a kind of cultivated flowers.

Field of white wildflower

The field of flowers stretched only for a few km on the east bank of the reservoir, and it seems only the land around the dam is fertile, unlike its dry northern part where we drove along before drawing away to Puducherry. This reminds me of the rose fields I saw around Nagalapuram, at the border of Andhra and Tamil Nadu, had Pichatur Dam as its source.

The bed of red marigold ready to bloom

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Monday, March 22, 2021

A year into pandemic lockdown!

A year completes today, what begins as an identity curfew on the Sunday of March 22, 2020. PM plea with the public of India to cooperate with a 14-hour curfew, and it was a time the covid-19 cases weren't 100, and we didn't realize that it was a trailer and the main picture is waiting for the release. And then came the announcement of a week lockdown, which renewed every two weeks that extended to two to three months, and the lockdown was then extended every month with some relaxation.

Lockdown is a word we aren't familiar with then but heard only through the news and films where lockdown is implemented during emergencies or violent outbreaks in an area. And 144 belong to the same category, which bans people gathering in public more than four at a time. We never thought we would experience such and had no idea how it would work; however, the solidarity we had been had no meaning today, with people's indifferent behavior and gathering at large.

At the end of the year 2020, life was almost back to normal except for wearing masks and social distancing. The covid-19 cases too drastically came down below 10,000 a day in India; our state Tamil Nadu also witnessed numbers below 500 a day had let us ease and at the same time sent an indifference tendency among the people had forgotten that we hadn't exit pandemic. I could say or see half the population had dismissed wearing masks and social distancing is like belonging to a distant land.

I believed this number would recede as we continued to stay on the line with a gradual decline, and since the beginning of vaccination in January, the belief started to grow stronger. I think this could have become possible if the state elections haven't interfered during this period, because it is time for politicians to mobilize the masses, or as people gather to listen to the campaign, it becomes a camp for the spread of the virus. 

The painful thing here is that the leaders who are supposed to be role models do not follow the rules and do not instruct the volunteers to follow. And when seeing the crowd gathering in the campaign sites without masks and social distancing proves how ignorant and crazy we are and how we fail at the root cause.

I know the elections aren't the only issue as I see students and teachers getting covid-19, since the opening of schools for higher secondary (classes 10th to 12th); it looks certain it's the failure to follow the safeguard. Already there's a conflict among the public about how these numbers suddenly go high or sustain at the same and do they really count or do it for their comfort or need. Anyhow its sudden rise from the beginning of March worries; though we all hope on the vaccine as the only weapon against covid 19, nothing could protect us unless we follow the precaution - the simple handwash, masking, and social distancing.

Compared to March 2020, we’re 10 to 20 times further affected by covid 19 now. The counting of cases in India is close to 50,000, which is the highest daily record, after months of a gap!

Saturday, March 20, 2021

In protection of Sparrows

Mom reminded me this morning that today (March 20) is World Sparrow Day; although I was thinking about this day at the beginning of the month, I lost thought of sparrows, like how they lost their habitation from our Indian cities. The song of the sparrows almost lost track from the memories; however, I try to remember their tweet, it couldn't reach my ears; perhaps other volumes have risen to deafen my ears from listening to the sound of mind voice.

House sparrow shot from an upper mountain village near Kodaikanal.

The last time I saw sparrows was in 2018 when I visited a part of western ghats but not away from the human habitat. Sparrows are friends of humans, and we shouldn't have forgotten their friendship when we technically grew and adapt to a lifestyle that snatched their lives. There could be various reason for their disappearance in cities, but we cannot deny that human mistake is a major part of the series of issues.

Until 2015, the sparrows exist in the backyard of my grandparent's house in the neighborhood. The backyard was cleared to build a home for my grandfather's comfort when he was ill, but it wasn't their intention to drive away sparrows, and of course, no one intends of destroying a habitation when bringing changes in lives. And it happens beyond our consciousness and needs.

I remember how sparrows used to build their nest in front of the grandpa’s tea shop, using the hay stored for feeding cows and buffaloes; despite the activities of people who come to have tea, the sparrows lived peacefully and reproduced. Sometimes they build their nest in the cowshed and the gaps of the planks of the tiled roof.

As a society, everyone is responsible for the extinction of the sparrow, and it is the responsibility of the same community to protect the sparrows that remain here and there. Not only sparrows, but we also need to protect all kinds of birds on the brink of extinction. World Sparrow Day is the day designed to move this activity forward and raise awareness of the house sparrows. It is an international initiative by the Nature Forever Society of India in collaboration with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation (France) and numerous other national and international organizations across the world.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Neighbor's Mango Tree

Summer has not completely covered yet, as I could still feel some cool weather in the evening and night; the mango tree in the house opposite us bears fruits, following an unusual bloom in winter. The tree went through a major cut off in late 2019, failed to produce fruits last year, but yet I saw a lone mango hang down the tree!

This time it started to bear fruits before the season begins, and it looks like it would take time to ripen.

The tree lost many of its branches to the prune, and I wasn't happy looking at the sight of a part of the tree fall. Though the tree slowly gets back to shape, the lost side facing the road would take a few more seasons to rebuild its lost limbs. The tree continues to bloom seems to produce more mangoes in the coming days and what you see in the photos were shot last week.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Country Cows

During the Veedur dam visit in February, we continued to travel on the dam road to catch up with the road that led to Puducherry, encountered a herd of country cows. The dam road takes us through lovely countryside, and before we head out of the dam area, we see a farmer driving the cows for grazing, and we slow down the car for them to move out the way.

The country cow breed is slowly disappearing from the earth, though the awareness to preserve our country species are rising it wasn't much satisfactory. The milk from country cows is unique in taste and has great benefits to health than the imported jersey cows, which is rears for the large quantity of milk production. But I could see a rise in the use of dairy products from country cows lately in Youtube channels, whose domination is high in the current situation or revolution of the Internet brings hope the future will take further into action.

I know it’s not easy to rear cattle or cows from my grandparent's struggle and commitment in taking care of the same when they were involved in the milk business. But without struggle, no changes happen, and we need to fight back to reverse the progress, at least to preserve the leftover for future generations. The world-famous Marina protest or pro-Jallikattu protest is also a part of the struggle to protect the country's cows and bulls since its population is decline.

The revolution of tractors and modern technology drastically turned down the need for cattle but still, the country cows are reared for milk and dairy products.   

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Friday, March 12, 2021

இளம் சூரிய ஒளி / Young Sunlight

இதமான தன் கதிர் தூரிகையால்
வருடியவாறே, ஓய்வுக்கு சென்றது சூரியன்.
இதயத்தில் நம்பிக்கையை ஒளிரவிடும்  வகையில்
இளம் மஞ்சள் ஒளியை ஏந்தியவாறு
இளம் வெப்ப நுனியில் தலை கோதி 
இரவை துணையாக விட்டு சென்றது. 

------------- --------------

Pleasant with her radiant brush

The sun caressed as she went to rest.

To illuminate hope in the heart

She carried a young yellow light,

Head stroke on a young hot tip

Left night to accompany.

Monday, March 08, 2021

RGB Monday

Every year the Pongal festival leaves me with some colorful Kolams that I could use for my RGB Monday series, but this year it left me with some beautiful Kolams to shoot from the neighborhood as well as from our home. The following collage of Kolams is from one of my childhood friend Karthik's home, and his wife drew these Kolams on the eve of Pongal.

As soon as his wife completed the Kolam, he Whatsapp me the photos of the Kolam, and what you see in the collage above is what he sent me that night.  And the following photos are of the same shot by my mom in the morning on my behalf.

My friend's house is located right behind our house and narrow by street, doesn't allow the Kolams to last long, or until the evening when I go out shooting Kolam in the wheelchair. Karthik's wife is a talented woman and does well in artworks, and I have seen a few of her's on Facebook and while admiring her work, I appreciate her patience, which I think is mandatory when creating art. I hope you guys like her elegant work in Kolam. 

Thursday, March 04, 2021

Raintree Greentree

The Indian raintree with fresh tender leaves
 after the shedding process since winter leaves. 

The raintree got a new coat of green

Grinning at me, like a degree holder

Succeeding the hard times of winter

And shedding leaves to regain a green cap.


The sun was shining brightly,

Contrary to the deep blue sky

The raintree lit a smile tenderly

despite being rough in tendency.


I want to cut off one of its trunks

For being an obstacle to the touching breeze

And views of my neighbor's rebuilt garden,

its different shades of green garnishes.


With few brush-like blossoms

And hanging down of dry pods

Makeup the tree, to shimmer,

Like a new bride of summertime.

P.S. Guys did you notice? I changed the template of my blog, but it wasn't quite a change, as I just retained the size and design of the blog content and sidebar; I chose the travel theme as background with simply an open book to the left side. I also changed the header after a long time with an image I capture from the pretty White Town (French colony) in Puducherry.

Monday, March 01, 2021

Can Poverty Be Eradicated?

I pondered over the thought of eliminating poverty the other night of sleeplessness and how politicians swear to abolish poverty from society on every platform they get to shout. I turned to sleep, but the thought haunted me to be wakeful, and I think, not so deep or the element didn't allow me to break as if it made of a coco de mer shell, there isn't a gingelly gap to infiltrate the poverty out of the society.

We can't say when and where it all began, and it's inevitable, and we have to live with poverty as an infinite part of the world. Like in a seesaw, if one goes up, the other comes down automatically, and if one becomes affluent and the one less possessed comes down the line of equality. Though we can't consider it as poverty, this could be stepping down the process to push one to the poverty line. The reason for poverty could be plenty, and I'm not complaining or protesting that none should become affluent, but all wealth stored under particular leaderships denies the right of people in need.

I think poverty cannot eradicate as long as there are more and more ups and downs in society. In the way, rich become richer, poverty advances to a stage of the same. So, the thing that needs to change is to create more opportunities for the poor to lift themselves the way they needed. And either poverty is removed or not, we need to make sure that no one dies of starvation.