Thursday, March 04, 2021

Raintree Greentree

The Indian raintree with fresh tender leaves
 after the shedding process since winter leaves. 

The raintree got a new coat of green

Grinning at me, like a degree holder

Succeeding the hard times of winter

And shedding leaves to regain a green cap.


The sun was shining brightly,

Contrary to the deep blue sky

The raintree lit a smile tenderly

despite being rough in tendency.


I want to cut off one of its trunks

For being an obstacle to the touching breeze

And views of my neighbor's rebuilt garden,

its different shades of green garnishes.


With few brush-like blossoms

And hanging down of dry pods

Makeup the tree, to shimmer,

Like a new bride of summertime.

P.S. Guys did you notice? I changed the template of my blog, but it wasn't quite a change, as I just retained the size and design of the blog content and sidebar; I chose the travel theme as background with simply an open book to the left side. I also changed the header after a long time with an image I capture from the pretty White Town (French colony) in Puducherry.


Tom said...

...rain is good and so is change!

carol l mckenna said...

Beautiful new look to your blog and glad to see green tree too ^_^

Living moment by moment,

A ShutterBug Explores
aka (A Creative Harbor)

George said...

I like the new look of your blog. I also like your poem and photo.

kestrel said...

Header looks good with a touch of sun shine on one edge. I like the blue paper clip!. We have rain trees too and they grow so so tall with gnarly branches.

bill burke said...

Your new look is refreshing, I like it. Love the new header and your poem too. Have a wonderful weekend, Jeevan.

Nancy Chan said...

You have a nice blog header and new blog template. By shedding their old leaves, the tree now gets a fresh new coat of new leaves.

eileeninmd said...


I like your poem. The rain is good to have, for the plants and air.
I like your new blog look and the header photo. Take care, enjoy your weekend! PS, thank you for visiting and leaving me a comment.

Krishna (കൃഷ്ണ) said...

Your poem and new template is also good


Rose said...

Very nice poem...and I do like the change of your blog.