Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mobiles only outside campus

In last years the topic of using mobiles in collage raises, with some misuse many universities come to pass order on banning it esp. those with camera. Now the state government on its way to ban cell phones use in schools, which was in fore by school officials already. For using and none using the students, parents and teachers tells varies reasons, but to correct the recent change in life that some end in misuse, the necessary on ban is must in preliminary warning. Except misuse, the mobile disturbs student’s studies while always smsing and playing games the mind diffuse to concentrate on subjects. If students can afford a mobiles, it won’t surprise if teachers own, but they need to be paragon to others avoiding mobiles in class hours or leave it at staff rooms.

There where times when students bring hand video games, trump cards to school hiding inside there bags and play while class was running and in brake times. Then caught by teachers and struggle to get back the thing or pay fine. Haven’t there days moved without cell phones, students never left home without it, no tuition, special class or extra-curricular activities went. Then why we want students to get confused with cell today. Technological gadgets are useful in many way, we have to see what’s necessary at the time and aware of both positive and negative sides of it. I was trying some online games for my cousin in his holidays, keeping him at my side. When he sees something colorful with cars, funny ads, graphic games he just want to check them; I don’t know how to make him understand his innocent on net. Who know what’s behind a click, where it goes. Some ads giving a sign of wrong thing that some may go to abuse sites, it was shocking to know the online games has vulgar characters. I don’t know why I am telling this, but like this some students not aware of another side of cell phones. There are many infringer minds out there without our knowledge; those hands may pull them to land in difference that’s very strange.

In my schools days the cell phone haven’t reach that much, and where not even allowed to tie watch and allowed only from higher class. If any urgent call have to made, with the help of school staffs we can do it. If parents comes late to pickup or any other changes in routine of school time teachers used to call our home from office telephone to contact parents. We feel like being in safe hand till leaving school campus. Ones they practiced with mobiles, they addicted to it, wanted to connect with friends always. Even today’s kids want cell phones; they know everything where elders learn from them. Phones with cam are like adding sugar to taste, it go around through good, bad pics scenes for fun. There was a question only for some doing wrong thing with phone why should it affect others using usefully. School is something pubic to all, just giving excuses to one or two will bring difference in unity, whatever needed must be followed with teachers and officials alone.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The excite of…

Days fully wetted flooded, where sun
in leave on sunday, monday
get off anytime, the unity of drops
are protesting in supporting our students
hot coffee to warm the energy, even
still feeling chillness lazily inside.

Distance covers by eyes, lesser
to the human movement less
without any day today, experiencing
the loneliness of sweetness
departed from human breath , natures
abode throughout happen in happiness.

Now and then, immersing the bank
standing sea rain water without kids to stand
staying in distress, whom the hell
the rain wants to come now, why not you
kids sing a song, rain rain go away
come again another day we kids want to play.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Season (re)turn

Fortuitous season comes down
my doors and windows are open
to new monsoon breeze to enter
to recapture mood in delightful, way
I liked the morning drizzling
the white dark clouds, sun shines
in intervals of the season

Parrot, crow, browned birdies
orange, yellow butterflies
they flies near my place
more greener than before breakdown
growing assertively after human victory
the plants rise from my daily sight

What a feel, freshly fills the will
harder thunders try to stop
this is the time to walk
waters stayed in streets, step down
I will play in streets, which could stop
I am not the only person in this stop

**Current song is Love at sight. It was the situation of the song, a sweetest music.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beautiful Tamil son (a short glance)

Weekly there would be an audio release of some films, but sometimes only their were huge fans waiting(like me) and that album was expected in a manner. Azhagiya Tamilzh Magan is the year’s best songs holder. Curious is the Vijay, Rahman combination to a beautifully named film where listeners can sing for sure. It’s A.R.Rahman’s second attempt in Tamil this year, after the grand success of Shivaji. After listing the album I felt the release must be done near pongal times where it has something related to Tamils famous and traditions. This film has VIJAY and SHRIYA as Tamil magan and magal (hero and heroine). Here we look short things about the album.

Ellappugazhum… an unusual open song for Vijay. "Munnal Munnal vaada unnal Mudiyum thozhaa (Come forward, you can do it friend); Ellapugazum oruvankea ne nathipola odikonderu (all praise are for one, u just run continuously like river); anbu thalaiva vetri nameke azhagiya tamil magan neethane (dear leader, victory for us, you are the beautiful tamil son)" where some inspiring lines from Vaali is a attracting song for the film. Rahman singed it, where it was the vaali`s song he is singed after New York nagaram and Athiradi kaaran. Especially this song doesn’t carry the useless and stupid lyrics what disappoint in all Vijay’s intro song.

Ponmagal Vandaal... is an remix, but I feel its recreation. Because only taking the lyrics, they used a fabulous vocal from aslam a new singer. I kept listening to his section much and the rap track in between was too good, if it comes alone could well attract, but I feel it didn’t combine with the super hit classic. I like more the beats behind the classic ponmagal vandal porul codi thanthaal….

There are some stylish lyrics by na.muthukumar! in Nee Marilyn Monroe cloning ha…. Jenifer lopes Oda scanning’a... In first time listening itself we can guess it`s a hot song by actress namitha and I thought it was sung by rahman through the song trailer in some place, but really it was singed by benny dayal and ujjayinee, a rocking voice. More cool and colorful the lines came out where it goes like ”Can u come as my girlfriend for a day, Saturday night, can we go to a party are u coming; women’s are the cricket, men`s are the wicket.”

To add beauty to the album Valayappatti tavilla... has a traditional touch. It’s totally opposite to nee Marilyn Monroe... from na.muthukumar. "Nee nathaswaram pola vantha navikkamalam nana, nee yealu swaram pola vantha etta swaram nana...; un kangal erandum kalyani,un sirippo sindhu bhairavi ..." it fully mixes with varies instruments and classic ragas. Vocal is simple excellent Naresh Iyer, madhumitha makes the song adorable. "Peasumbothea chillunuthea unga Oru enna Cherrapunjiya, Nee nerungum pothea current earuthea unga Oru Kalpakkama, nee harmoniya kattaiemma, en hormone seaiethu seataiemma…" those are some lifts the song.

Kelamal kaiyile… in Thamarai lyrics and by Sriram parthasarathy, saindhavi’s voice. It somehow sound like a familiar old song was remixed. Saindhavi sounds sweet in some places, where she improved well from Andankakka and Ippo ilatti eppo. "Malugai melugai naan irunthean, miga ealithai en mun nadanthean indru unnai nenjil sumantheana naan nadanthean nadanthathum vilunthean , Kunthal ennum yeani yeari mutham mida asaigal undu…" an affection on these lines, but so speed to catch.

Maduraiku Pogadhadi... the lyrics of pa.vijay start with praising Shriya. Beginning with the city of growing Tamil, where the lines go like "Maduraiku Pogadhadi anga Mallippoo kanavaikum (don’t go to Madurai, where jasmines may put eyes); Thanjavur Pogadhadi Thalayatum Bommai Nikkum(don’t go to Tanjavur, where head shaking dolls will stand); enkum pogamatten un munnalathan nipen munnal vanthu nenu en kanala sokka vaipen (I won’t go any where, will stand before you, stand and faint you with my eyes)." Really a wonderful folk song! I don’t, but it was the first song I used to listen in the whole album. I think it must be a welcome song for the newly marred hero and heroine. About the singers, I feel enthusiastic in there performance. It was benny dayal, archith, dharshana very new arrival with beautiful voices.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Festival therefore

Those days or some years back, I used to wait for the day Ayutha puja, which was earlier to Vijayadashami. It would be something fun filled day; we start to look for the preparation of the festival a couple of days before in our uncle’s mechanical shop. It’s since 1991 our uncle own a Maruti mechanical shop below in the grown floor of our resident in which I lived two years back. To becoming weaker in health it wasn’t possible to participate in the cleaning, decorating and chatting with workers whom where my friends on the sleepless night. For over last 7 years and after my uncle pass away I did not (actually couldn’t) present at the movement of celebration where all my family people get down to worship and give sweets, fried grain(pori) to workers, but I was spending inside home or standing on the balcony.

This time I was able to attend the Ayudha puja at workshop. They where painted, decorate with color papers, flowers for vehicles, banana tree and festoon tied, but even though it wasn’t bright, some feel of missing in happiness. It was wheel chair that takes me around, I helped myself to meet some of my worker friends, some of them are absent where they are left the job. Keeping my uncle photo with tools and god photos, all showed burning camphor and prayed, where grandpa give away the sweets, fried grains and invigorate sum to the workers that could make them enthusiasm. I was stayed the day at the workshop, spending with cousins, aunties, staying with memories, eating much ice-cream, playing with balloons, loveable kids everything would stay along till for long. Actually it was celebrated simple after my uncle’s loss, but it was an opportunity to get together for this festival after some long time.

It was the night before my grandma went into so sick and fainted because of low sugar. It was good time we admitted her in hospital before anything series, the next day she was brought to normal and doing well now. I am very busy these days in finishing my work, as I was look for a new home based job and we were in enquiring which could suit me. The weather was supposed to get in touch with monsoon and it was kept tomorrow, day after tomorrow by metrologies. Last day it was cool, clouds surrounded and it was drizzling from morning that I feel a sign of monsoon arrive. Just too visible the movement of the Ayudha puja, here are some pictures from my cam:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Learned Tamil (must see)

A person’s anger on society and himself is a line story of Learned Tamil (Kattradhu Tamil). Much of the life of Prabakar(Jeeva’s character name) was told in flashback to a media’s camera, then was to be followed. In the name itself we can understand this is a film about Tamil’s stand in today’s world, where the character was made to be in love on Tamil who took a carrier in Tamil language. Strike again strike in his life, in where he was emotionally hurt by then uncontrollable of his emotions makes he so harsh. The harsh person has a soft side in; it was her childhood sweetheart Anandi. It was a girl who may comes across in a life, everyone’s life a feel between love and friend. The acting was to be praised; there was a scene where waiting to get her father body from mortuary is innate and the continuing faces are loveable as well tiredness.

In this film the hero not talked, his character spoken, then u may know the actor’s performance. The small age prabakar was done fantastic acting; this small boy carries the fear in eyes, love in heart. His practice with Tamil teacher, and the continue of the song Para para pattaampoochi… get an envy that we dint get a teacher like him, the whole thing of that was like flying butterflies. Music by Yuvan has little shadow of Raam’s feel, but the picturesque are new to eyes. The dance on the foot level water in river, the landslide of droughty hills and the ride on curve roads, the breezy green hill top are break giving (a brake from usual). If you smile ones, it’s the meaning of my life… I adore this song and lines, the happiness in small movements. The Director Ram has come to tell in emotion the love, error and practice of living. The accident scene is one that taken from real life of hitting the standing vehicle that we hear often.

I concern the concept more in the character’s distress where the computer related graduates gain more money and value in society and other fields of Tamil, History, (Agriculture is too my opinion) are looked value less. The film describes the disgrace on a Tamil educator who takes it on his wish against that high scored must do only engineering and medical. And what about the low grade students and who lack to support higher studies doing today are running behind values. I am not going to support the attack on the specific area of computers, call centers or anything, but the truth is those areas are more valued in world other than a degree holder. Where one of my friend finished B.sc last year in a poor situation of his family and looked for the job on his education to lift the family, who was also do computer better was forced to work in a vest and brief garment factory in Tirupur.

I am not truly agreed on the concept that computers are only developed area, but computers occupied on every area, the technology well prepared for every one to use. What ever we say, the money values more than the wish. I was put on thought on my area of agriculture, where most of today’s computer fields like, IT, BPO, Call Centers, Engineering collages are on the lands of agriculture, for today’s value we lose the future value. And the film has a side of slope is, getting anger on the impossibility. I feel it’s a bad signal for society, because every ones life was decided by their own desire and none pushes. It was a subject that we are not like others, enjoying the life on multi complex, cellular, flying aboard earning more… it was the mental attitude that one experience of getting no respect and price for a degree course. I feel the people select there field not on the wish, but on the value. Once there was the time where working in government had a value and states, but today software engineer has a value in specific. I am not talking against the IT’s, but we need all areas to be specific. I remember that line, “only one part of our body grows is not the growth, it should be on whole body.” I don’t know how the director left the real estate area that is more money flowing place…

Monday, October 15, 2007

Way to go...

I missed to wish my new physiotherapist on his second visit on Sunday that was his birthday. I met him on Saturday at home, where he tested and inquired about my medical reports to make aware before giving treatments. He is a graduate in naturopathy and was practicing in hospitals for over six months. When in search of a therapist we was introducing from our neighbor grandpa to offer him, who was the son of our street Ganesh temple’s priest. Dad and the priest well knew for a year some, in a talk we know his son was a therapist without knowing any other information, where the time our neighbor grandpa was close to the priest and urged him to do therapy for me. Except physiotherapy, he want me take the naturopathy treatment too, where it will support more in addiction to therapy. He gave me mild exercise yesterday with acupressure and he was to increase step-by-step. It was bored at evening, mom and me was decided to step out to have my ride at wheels, though near the gate found our therapist arrive and turned to home. Coming to the miss to wish is, I don’t know it was his birthday, but I came to know from his cellular speech to someone. I was in pause to wish or not, whether he may mistake me watching his phone conversation.

It was an expected end of a program Ooh la la la... (the new magic of music) in Sun TV. I was watching this program from the beginning, each performance would feel enjoyable. Enthusiastic of the music reaches high, the vocal, instruments and allover the equal importance of each player is behind the excitement. I sit to guess with performance who would win, but it was calculated in deep I think, so much time what I feel would go reverse. The best part of this program was at finals, where the performance before AR.Rahman was wonderful. There was a hard work on each team, I was in excite to know whom the finalities to have the chance of doing album in rahman’s studio, but surprisingly Rahman done extraordinary by selecting all six bands. In the entire bands I like the Zinx, V3 & Oxygen’s performance. Zinx they are in full energetic, the vocal and instruments mixes well for the songs. I must have to tell about this girl Zinx Sandhiya’s delighted voice and face expressing, it’s pleasing. Her last song Neatru Illatha mattram was superb. There was a guy in the V3 I think not sure, giving his full energy to bring out, if he little bit reduce his stress that would be finer. I just don’t want this program to end here… it was remarkable, having seen singers program but new for a band performance.

If it was possible for this, their would be also possibilities to bring the rural musicals to light for the world. Every time I have this thought when seeing the more film shadow of music programs. Sure it will be a new and unusual if they conduct a search for the best of our Indian and importantly Tamil rural folk performance. The dying art must also be encouraged where it glanced little lightning from people. By the way today is our Rocket man’s birthday, guessed right na. Yes its our former President of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s B’day. Wish he lives longer, healthier to guide our India on develop path.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My name is....

I was tagged by friend Lalitha.

The first thing you have to do is post the rules. So, here they are:

1. You have to post these rules before you give the facts.
2. You must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
3. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

My name is Jeevan and what I like in my name is, it refers for Life. Some of my friends use the word life in the messages that holds the place of my name. Where the name jeevan have shorten by some friends to jeevz and jeev, where aunty, cousins and some well known call me jeeva.

J : January the month gives a freshness, where the early dawn on a winter season, the smokes of mist and the mild sun gave warm feel to mind and body. On this month my favorite and the traditional festivals of tamilans Pongal falls, this was the festival we celebrate the natures wonder that gives us basic wealth and health of people.

E : whatever it may, I want to be earlier. My arrival must not disturb any events or movements of others. Just being earlier as per scheduled whether I like it or not, its pain or welfare, what is going to happen will do, the hesitate would only put in late and increase fear.

E: It was a gifted language that helps to communicate throughout the world. Only in the last four years was the practice on English happens more for me, where I could do better in writing and reading, but to talk I really struggle.

V: mind wishes to travel on whatever Vehicles visible on roads and all ever. Without owing I calculate with the facilities on what are should be their when we buy a vehicle. There would always be a conversation between me and my cousin bro on vehicles; I was growing with vehicles at my uncle’s car mechanical shop that was more attracts on vehicle. It was not only car, even on trucks, buses and any other.

A: even I go on strong feelings against, the Affection totally sent me to forgive all and proceed further. I feel it haven’t need any value, but it values me more that ever.

N: I am a Nationalist; I want my nation to be talked all over the world for good cause. The nature of our nation I feel is loving, respect, kindly treating people… we have raised culture, but how it was changing making me sad, what surprises is the rural Indians still carries the respect and the following of traditional art.

I tag friends Thooya, Kalai, Keshi, Krystyna, Sree & Satheesh. Am Happy to wish you all pleasing Ramadan Celebration :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mission on Space

It was the last Thursday (Oct4.) when it was fifty years ago, the later ten years after India’s independence; even most of us today wouldn’t born, the tick sound of countdown across the world awake to this globe shaped Sputnik. The first step in the space history, science and technology and the everyday usage of humans, the first artificial satellite Sputnik launched on space by the then Soviet Union on October 4, 1957. Visible out of this world gravity, climbing in the atmosphere and into the orbit, it crosses the first-foot into a new point of human experience.

It was the time of fear and division in which the two power nations the Soviet Union and the US stared each other down in a threat of mass destruction at Cold War. Sputnik altered the nature and scope of the Cold war. A simple sphere weighting just 83kg and0.6 meter wide, it had a highly shiny surface of aluminium, the better to reflect sunlight and be visible from earth. Two radio transmitters with antennas starts sending signals frequently that the scientists could pick up and so confirm the achievement. The Russians clearly intended Sputnik as a statement of their technological brave and its military implications. But even they, it seems, had not foreseen the frenzied response their success provoked.

At that time the junior senator from Massachusetts John F.Kennedy with no particular interest in space and unheralded Russian Pilot Yuri A. Gagarin, the record setter for the fastest transcontinental jet fighter from New York to Los Angeles and the marine corps pilot John H.Glenn Jr with Neil A. Armstrong who was testing high performance aircraft in the California desert couldn’t think their lives were to change soon as were there are thousands of technicians, engineers everywhere. The Apollo 8 astronauts were the first to circle the moon in December 1968 where they had a very pleasant watch of earth with blue and green under swirls of clouds. It was a great gift for them at the time of confusion and despair in the year of rioting cities and a war.

Then it was Apollo 11 on July 20, 1969, Armstrong stepped down from the landing craft’s ladder and took a great leap where Aldrin joined him for the first walk on the moon. In the contrast of explorations, the world watching on television. By the end of 1972, the last of the 12 men to walk on the moon packed up and returned home. Since the landing on the moon, the Americans and Russians craft have explored Venus and US vehicles has landed on Mars for much times and a European capsule reached the surfaces of Saturn’s moon titan. The Voyager spacecraft are now approaching the edge of the solar system and the Hubble Space Telescope still sends images from deep in cosmic time.

Now where in India, the Indian space men’s are planning a manned mission to orbit the moon in 2015 after seven years of Chandrayaan-1 that would blast off on India’s first moon mission next month and Chandrayaan-2 in 2010.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My voice on politics

"Nothing wrong in putting down (nuclear deal) temporarily to save the money, time and go-ahead the govt. instead of losing to there (Left) tenet": On the India-US Nuclear deal, that was burning between ruling govt. and its supported party, whom were very straight against US.

"If you can resign and call for a fresh election, why not to leave it to your partner as per your conscience. A true service man no need a post, if you were not true why u chose this carrier": on Karnataka chief minister who resigned his post and were the President Rule kept when his partners withdraw from the alliance when he lost to accept the agreement to share the government after twenty month.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Be away and see they live

Humans and animals are the lives that shares earth equally; somewhere human population is less than animals both in the land and water. Human is also an animal who could thing and act and felt to understand, even thought some animals do and not that like humans. What human do is he tries to take over animals place and there life for his life to move. Today it stands for where the animal’s population is dropping and the cruelty acts on them increases. While celebrating the World animals week from October 4 – 10, its time for every one to think about animals, there security, the changes on living and support to stop the activates against them, esp. from humans. Who won’t like pet animals the cat dog… in animals too there are rich and stray dogs, where the rich ones were brought from shelters, but there would lots of dogs wandering on the streets with no care at all, even they die. We can’t blame people for this, but this can be solved with the support of people with NGO’s and govt.

Coming to our state Tamil nadu we hold a traditional festival of jalikattu (bull catch), where hundreds of people crowded to catch the bulls to show there heroism and get money. When this was conducted the bulls were sent to hard stress by the owners and catches where they put their whole strength to stop bulls by beating and pulling their tails. Traditions should taught good for the generations, not the cruel and harm history, nothing wrong in leaving that tradition that violate the kind.

Sanctuaries are where we could learn about animals alive, where today most of us see them behind the cages at Zoo. What matters is how we behave. What we practice always comes out automatically and it damages the lives of animals. One thing we must keep in mind is not to throw any artificial things on the sanctuaries or at animals. These activates create pollution threat to the nature and as well animals, where in case that would be a plastic, could harm the animals health and the colorful things attracts them mistakenly as food.

We know forest is the free place with no rules for animals, live like how the nature made them, but we stop them and force rules for our comfort. We hear news’s often where the animals enter village and threaten people, destroy fields and banana groves. Are we sure they enter our place or we entered there’s. Tiger, lion, elephants are dangers animals for us, only we both meet. They are not coming in search of us, only we human go and disturb and create problem for them and human. Taking survey yearly once or for years once is not going to do with increasing or reducing the animals, there must be proper action take place. If we not even take any action, it could handle there life itself if we don`t disturb them.

This is an important problem leading for years is the poaching animals. Where in India the tigers, lions, musk deer’s and elephants where most hutted illegally by gangs for there skins, bones for cosmetic, medicines, food and elephants tusk for ivory. Most of the poaching happens in pointing the southeastern countries where the people use more animal’s organs. Nowadays these animals have been found little in forests where in some forest there species itself lost. Recent a study in one of the forest in south Tamil nadu famous for tigers made a report it has no tigers. Sea hunting the global problem carries different aims, one to catch fishes for food that in the limited sea area and on what to catch, but illegal hunting take place somewhere that kills species for money. How they hunt them shocks actually where most are whales and dolphins. You can get some ten ways to make the world better for animals here.

I could find news for last two days on animals security and how far the animals where affected and what media was doing is really good, but it should not stopped by the end of the week. Today most of us watch television and almost every one own a TV at home in India and the media plays an important role in aware of people, where if they give little space for the animals need and what unnecessary from people could improve the situation.

# Current congenial song is a lovely one from old super hit film Anbe Vaa.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Great brothers

“Don’t leave any terrorist to escape” these are the last words said by the major D.R.Raman of Chennai who lose his life in the gun-battle with terrorists at Tangmarg area of North Kashmir on third October. Another army major K.P. Vinay was also died in the battle. D.R.Raman and K.P.Vinay are friends from the time of learning in Army campus and working so close in army. The didn’t die just to die, they destroyed nine terrorist before falling; that too Raman lost life went to save his injured friend. It’s the fire between terrorist and army; actually it’s the love between Vinay and Raman that took away both of them at same from us. Vinay was to be a bride-groom this month end and he was distributing the invitation to all till before the day he was killed and Raman was newly wed and was to hold a child in few months.

I was touched by this when knowing through paper. We not even know there face, they may be one in the thousands, but they lost there life for our security. When I was thinking, I felt they are very special to us, as any one would really be ready to leave there life for others, but what they did for country is a best service in all. Even at the stage of fighting for life, Raman has encourages his other colleagues showing his hand to the winning mark and voiced in brave do not leave any one. The loss is not for there family or for Kashmir, its nation’s loss. The every step by soldiers at every corner of the boarders and inland is prevention for big happening strikes for our lives. A true sacrifice for them to there mother country, we keep on saluting and respecting their unexpected and reasoned loss.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The four day account

Some movements on last four day with weekend went fine for me; hope u all had a wonderful time too. Day one had to experience a delight evening, where a plan whether to go or not to the beach and at last went to the shore that was empty. The cyclone situation above and over the bay of Bengal, where the deep dark clouds surrounds and wishing for a heavy pore, that only last for few minutes in heavy drops. It was not a normal Saturday beach where to sight the cricketers, children’s on sand with little walkers. Sometimes i wish for simple things like to have a walk holding the umbrella what dad had some walk on the evening. I was listing to radio one just feeling the weather; there was a fun program on live where the dialers gave opportunity to scold whom they want. It’s a good laugh for me and as well to mom sitting in back seat.

Sunday was to spent more times on entertainment box, the continue of programs the laziness to glance the news papers even though did to know whom are all was to participate in the Monday bandh. It clears that it will have 80% strike throughout state, but it didn’t extend, the afternoon flashes the bandh was canceled by Supreme Court and only hunger strike by ruling party. Though it was not arranged by government, the employs of govt. must to attend the office on oct 1 and dad was to go. There was no bus running, the stands without buses, where they put on strike individually and dad was dropped by brother. When I was looking, there was none, but surprisingly one of my cousin bro visited home on Monday, I was really felt happy for his visit. First I teased him, who are u, where have u come, mistakenly have u entered here instead of some other house?... but I have thanked at least now he thought to spent with me.

I distant all of my other works and make sure I haven’t lost interest him to spend with me. Both watched movies, played carom board, laughed, pass comments and enjoyed the movements. Had lunch and dinner, he slept beside me and both engaged with conversation till late night, played games on computer, browsed net and it was a day fully with him. Except weekend beach, nothing going out where our grandma was not well with health so I didn’t force dad to take me. I hope from the night of September that the October would be a good doing month and carry changes for me, as per what happening feels somehow satisfaction. My power wheels have some problems in moving so it creates little troubles the movement free. There is so much to type to finish the work and being away for last few days that stored more, so have to over spend time on it and couldn’t post or find time to visit many buddy’s blog. Want to share my days to know the dears here what happens. I apologies and would check u all soon.

# The last post that hold the Gandhi painting fills here continuously for three years on Gandhi’s Birthday. Thank you friends.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Piece from his dairy

Gandhi by Jeevan

As I was whizzing through the air yesterday
and looking at the trees,
I saw that beneath all the change
that these mighty trees daily underwent,
there was a little something that persisted
Every leaf has its own separate life
It drops and withers
But the tree lives on

Gandhi has not written much about nature, music or drama. But in this diary we could read a letter he wrote to Kallenbach, his close friend in South Africa in which Gandhi talked about trees.