Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mariyan - The Immortal

As usual the expectation leads to deceive, but not quite because I anticipated nothing much despite hype created by AR Rahman music. Mariyan is absolutely wonderful movie however it lacks energy or feel boredom, the essence of love uplift the story as deep as ocean and vast dry landscape of Africa produce an embrace of romance and adventure. The film opens to cheerful Sonapareeya (song), sails on the overseas of love, romance and struggle to reunion parted by a strange ordeal in Africa.

The film is based on a real-life incident of three immigrant oil workers from India being kidnapped in Sudan and how they managed to escape from being hostages. Dhanush played the lead character called Mariyan - which means ‘a man who never dies’; hails from a fishing village in  the southern tip of India goes to Sudan on contract basis to work in a construction site, to provide financial support to his ladylove. On his successful tenure and backpack to home, he is caught by the Sudanese terrorist, along with two of his co-worker were dragged through unknown terrain demanding money for their freedom.

Apart his great venture across terrible landscape of Africa and chased by merciless terrorist following brutal attacks… the film deals with caressing love and romance at initial half. Parvathi is paired with Danush; pursue him with love affair until he reveals back his hidden love, take us on a beautiful voyage of elegant love and natural expressions of Parvathi.  Dhanush has undergone a great ordeal from bottom of sea to drought prevailing desert or landscape of Africa, delivered a performance of absolutely tamed fishermen and strong ability beholding lean body.  

The film also has a scene of fishermen’s body washed ashore expose to Sri Lankan firing. Dialing a phone to his ladylove, from the custody of terrorist instead calling his company for their release is something showcased the depth of love but not so interesting! AR Rahman’s music has assist advancing the feature, which has been one of the prime aspect make watching pleasure… Neetru Aval is a beautiful song fascinated with love, but I disappointed with Kadal Raasa Naan… for which I expected it to be more savor and cheerful, but it fall into sorrow.

The film directed by Bharat Bala - who produced the acclaimed Vanda Matram video composed by AR Rahman - could have make it more interesting and serious the second half rather leaving it obvious to guess. Cinematography was handled by Marc Koninckx; captured the emotions more graceful and amazing underwater scenes.  Mariyan somehow lacks entertainment but good watching for the performance of Dhanush and elegant love scene. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Evening delight

Evening delight

The setting of sun
leaves behind a brilliant trace
of hues and reflection
enough to delight our evening.

The flight of birds
following the last ray of light
on their way back home
engrosses the backyard sky.

The shades of nightfall
gracefully grease down the earth
before darkness swallows quite
the evening delight in twilight.


The picture was shot at my great grandmother’s native village and this was a view, so fascinating  from our relative’s backyard. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

PowerShot Sunday - Fresh Carrots

Fresh Carrots
Here are a couple of photos I shot at Kukkal, a terrace farming village on Kodaikanal hills. We find few farmers washing their unearthed carrots dumped near the Kukkal Lake and after finish washing using the lake water that exit though a small shutter. The carrots are loaded into jute sacks and left on the road side for loading in a truck. These photos are shot last year, when I visit Kukkal first time and even we visited this place in June there was similar showering. 
Loads of carrots
Read for loading

Friday, July 26, 2013

Life continue to sail on single oar

Though you know life has been tough at my side since dad skid off bike, it continues to row with single oar called mom. The intense of struggle doesn't seem to lack anyway and only grown too much but sails on certain path with hope to see light at the end of land. Nearly fifteen days after the bike skid, we discovered a hairline fracture at dad’s ankle which an x-ray couldn't find initially and such fractures are visible only though the MRI scans. Dad also bears wound at the ankle, so we can’t go for any treatment or bandage for the fracture immediately and being a diabetic patient it perhaps take long time for healing. Both the wound and fracture needs equal attention, but now the concern is given quite to the quick recovery of wound… because a leg injury is the worst threaten for diabetic patients and leaving it carelessly will lose the foot.

He’s advised to take complete rest for more than a month or six weeks for the hairline to disappear but it seems to take some more weeks to relive fully even after he feel good. So until then life going to be tough and I couldn't guess anything right now but I know nothing is easy even beyond certain limit. Mom going through really difficult phase and hardship, a single woman handles almost everything with no help from any other. Everyone regret certainly about our situation and could understand somehow what a difficult it would be but no mind to lean help, and ones who have mind couldn't support because of their inability.  I was quite moved when my grandfather felt he couldn't help us in anyway who truly depend on grandma, because of his age related disorders. I could only hope even I lose it immense times. Thanks for all your best regards and wishes on my latter post!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Encounter with Emu

I ever seen an Emu in real until encounter it in Jamunamarathur, on the Javadu Hills, near Vellore. I visited this head village of Javadu Hills in January and spent a night at the BDO (block development office) guesthouse here while exploring the places around. I find the Emu being fenced between the BDO guesthouse and office, and there are two emus but only one came closer showing its majestic being the second largest bird in the world by height, it stands close to man shoulder.

As soon we arrive only the emu invites us, grabbing our attention toward the small gate that keeps away the bird entering the guesthouse. We don’t know what it would eat when thought to feed something; one of the jeep drivers told to give grasses that grown beneath our feet. Amazingly this was the first time I saw a bird munching grasses. Initially we scared to lean our hands across the gate but also the way it grabs the grasses was wild, it was calm when my cousin caress his head with a fear.

It also feeds on curd rice we dropped near the gate; but the Emu wasn't comfortable picking food from flat surface using its large beak. The bird survives on some grains from the blow which is nothing but an empty flower pot and the fencing wasn't large enough for the great bird to wander. I guess emus entered Tamil Nadu in 2006, for meat and reproduction purpose and many company were launched to promote this business in fancy names and immense advertisements dragging number of farm land owners to invest at their companies. But the business wasn't fair and before it flourish, raised down due to rose of defraud complain on many companies.


Emu is the largest bird native to Australia after its ratite relative, the Orstrich. The soft-feathered, brown flightless bird reaches up to 2 meters in height. The long necked and legged can travel great distances at a fast, economical trot and if necessary can sprint at 50 kmh. Emu are opportunistically nomadic and may travel long distances to find food; they feed on a variety of plants and insects, but have been known to go for weeks without food. (Source wiki)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Beauty of night

Night fall
Picture by Jeevan (street light while raining)
The beauty of light
illuminates at night
when the bright sun
let way for led bulbs.

The beauty of stars
illuminates the dream
irrespective of age
transport to infinite space.

The beauty of moon
illuminates night gloom
stared at solitude
console grief n sorrow.

The beauty of night
illuminates in darkness
causing fearsome n lust
in absence of light n illusion.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

PowerShot Sunday - Lush Green Field

Paddy Fields

This picture was shot near Krishnagiri while riding on NH 4 - Chennai-Bangalore highways. It was about 5.30 pm, the sun that was supposed to settle down illuminates the already enrich in green paddy fields, background to palm trees and mountain. I edited this picture to wide angle to avoid the roadside barrier but I couldn't keep away the wires and I think it doesn't bother much.

Friday, July 19, 2013

ஈரம் / Wet

காற்று புகாத இடத்திலும் ஈரம்
மழை, ஊசியாய் இறங்கும்!
மண்ணின் மைந்தர்கள்  தாகம் தணிக்க 
இயற்கை அமைத்த தண்ணீர் பந்தல்.

Air-tight places wet
Rain, needle down!
Quench thirsty sons of the soil
Natural water canopy set. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


For less than a week now, the fight has been intense on base level transforming into different shapes and size with one lack of hand, work has been intensified due to overload and density. A bike skid has just jammed not only the ankle of father but disturbed the balance of my life cycle at basic level. Mom take things single-handedly transferring me at various stages from tough to toughest and rough to roughest, helping hand at everyday business with life and daily achievement of nothing but yet living the moment to fullest. There is a long gap between twenty seven and forty eight, but irrespective of age and energy she makes certain that my days are comfort and I know it is a passing moment and life would be better once dad’s ankle was healed. I don’t know what I should or suppose to expect or express now, but I feel like fought unlike ever forcing someone to the edge of stress. 

The pain, anxious, struggle and trouble are there at everyday life, but a simple smile and small happiness uplift to various high like a chugging mountain train, the motion of life enhance by burned tiny charcoals of chuckle and smile. It was a state of nonetheless, nevertheless and despite, no matter what, whether, anything or everything life has been forward march toward the end of the day hoping for a better tomorrow. There’s no dream about future, only certain phases communicate the distance.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The essence doesn’t lack a bit

Wow! I don’t know how to express my happiness and enthusiasm over meeting this very young man at the weekend, who is just 17 - read the age number in reverse. Hahaha… yes, of course 71! But unlike anyone in his age, he is energetic, cheerful and charming who I ever met someone like him until four years back which led to an unforgettable memory that always cherish in mind. I am so glad the moment come alive once again this weekend at home without a bit lack of essence.

Yes, I meet one of my dearest friend, the one and only Andrew. I don’t know people following this blog remind my post (here) about our first meeting at home that drives us to Marina. I’m so delight to say that no one would have led their life so happy and cheerful like him, dedicated to friends flourish with smile and make surrender anyone with his shooting phase using bazooka kind of camera lens. I was dragged toward him actually because of his marvelous photos… but once connected I more liked him for his attitude and spirit that would stimulate anyone surrounded him to content joy.

I would count the time spent with him (even it was less than 45 minutes) were the moment so refreshing, joyful and ever enchanting… forget almost anything bothered me and rejuvenated along with him upon his uplifted spirit. As soon he entered our house, the atmosphere - so dry and unchanged - took a roller costar ride of laughter and amusement and making it as favorable, I conjoined with him enjoying the moment while still not coming out of wonder how delightful he was taking chances to ease everyone.

We introduced through the Flickr and spoke over the phone few times before embraced alive, we continue being in touch with Facebook. His embrace was something healing, quite warmth and bears abundant nourishment for a healthy lifestyle. Even hours later he left, his fragrance of perfume and cheerfulness continue to occupy the ambiance of house, haunting irregularly. He also shared with me some of his fabulous photos he shot while his flight encircled Chennai before landing at airport.  

He had visited our house only once and I also haven’t conveyed the message of shifted home, but he confidently came over to give me surprise and called from a place close to ours for direction. Wow! I just don’t know what to say, I am so glad to have a friend truly devoted to friendship. I love you my friend… if you read it. Cheers :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Powershot Sunday - Green Marsh Hawk

Green Marsh Hawk

Green marsh hawk is a very common dragonfly I shot not so long ago but I thought of sharing it now. It is one of a difficult shot I shoot, while the dragonfly was hopping from stem to stem on the rose plants potted at home.  It is a yellow dragonfly with a green face and eyes mottled with black, transparent wings with tinted yellow and thorax in greenish yellow with black stripes and broad black rings on green abdomen.

Green Marsh Hawk

Friday, July 12, 2013

உறவு / Relation

google image

கடலை தொடர்ந்து, காற்றை கடந்து 
உறவு கொள்ளும்  வானம்!
மேக வாயிலாக, தன் நன்றியை 
முத்தச்சாரலில், முத்துகள்ளாக பதிக்கிறது.

Subsequent to sea and passing air
to hold relation, the sky
thanks through the clouds
pressing as pearls in shower of osculation. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Runaway Train

Following the ‘Sky Fall’ other day, I watched the ‘Runaway Train’ in the weekend at home-theater. Almost I enjoyed both the films, sky fall sounded like the best James Bond film ever made or I seen - I am not a James bond fan and haven’t watched many on its series, but I feel sky fall lives close to perfectness and straightforward. Daniel Craig performance was really good and he proved to continue to fall in mind as James Bond. Runaway Train is another interesting movie directed by Andrei Konchalovsky, the 1985 adventure thriller is based on story of two convicts escaped from a prison in Alaska, and boards a train that goes out of control.

Manny and Buck, who escape through a sewer pipe using Buck’s position as laundry collector in prison, took a freezing cross-country hike to board a train that runaway after its engineer suffered a heart attack. Only after a collision that badly damage the lead engine to accelerate to dangerous speed, the convicts aware the situation and along with Sara, a locomotive hostler on board, they attempt to stop the train by disconnecting the MU cables, apart the railroad heads decision to derail the train to avoid major accident. The warden of the prison chases the train via helicopter to catch the convicts before it collide.

The opening scene of the train sound marvelous and its progress at great velocity takes on an ever adventurous train ride across desolated snowy Alaska. Jon Voight as Manny, portray two different faces: Vicious, while asserting dominance over Buck (Eric Roberts) and hit him hard to scramble outside the engine and sensible, when decided to face dead by uncouple the lead engine, leaving Buck and Sara safely behind. Even Rebecca’s part was very little her expressions were expensive! The music really put on a vibrant stream when the train moves esp. the final notes on violin or some other instrument was awesome. Cinematography was another wonder indeed ruled the scenario!

Monday, July 08, 2013


Image courtesy: gettyimages

A firefly
flies across night sky
burning its bum

Triggering a light
enough for
invisible particles

Following its flight
is a real life fantasy
and indeed fun.


I had a wonderful time watching the fireflies during my stay in Thandikudi - a village on the Palani or Kodai Hills, last month. We spent a whole evening and night without power but had fun time with cousins and cool weather for comfort, we saw the fireflies flashing around us. I couldn’t remember when I saw the fireflies early but this time was memorable, having them closer, I wonder how much wondrous we miss by using spotlights everywhere hiding the magic that happens in darkness.

We tried to catch them, but they are on their ways across valleys and ridges, and following them is impossible.  So we stayed away admiring the beauty blink in darkness. 

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Powershot Sunday - St. Stephen’s Church, Ooty

St. Stephen's Church, Ooty

“St. Stephen's Church in Ooty is one of the oldest churches in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu. Stephen Rumbold Lushington, the then Governor of Madras, who keenly felt the need for a church in Ooty exclusively for the British, laid the foundation for the church on April 23, 1829, to coincide with the birthday of King George IV. St. Stephen's Church, consecrated by John Matthias Turner, Bishop of Calcutta, on November 5, 1830 was opened to the public communion on Easter Sunday of April 3, 1831. It came under the Church of South India in 1947.” - Source Wikipedia.


The picture was taken in 2011 during one of my visit to Nilgiris and I haven’t gone inside the church, but just shot it while waiting at Ooty collector’s office parking lot to get permission to drive through Avalanche forest. St Stephen’s Church is on the road to Mysore from Charring Cross.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Master checkup - an ever undergone trouble!

I took a master health checkup two days back in a clinic close to our house and suppose to find out that almost everything is normal except slightly increase in blood sugar and indication of BP (blood pressure) in ECG. Though the results are not unfavorable, I had tough time going through one of the test (abdominal ultrasonography) to which I was instructed to drink plenty of water until my tank get full. It wasn’t difficult actually to drink more water, but to control without passing urine until the test complete was quite a struggle and terrible task.

I drank about 1.5 liters of water an hour before we are suppose to be there and as soon we enter the clinic, the bladder began to urge for a release but there was no symptom of call for the test. We waited for half an hour; the receptionist doesn’t have an answer whereas only saying doctor will come soon… wait for five minutes. There were two more five minutes gone and the doctor hadn’t arrived. I was going through severe trouble in bladder or abdomen and don’t want to take the risk of mess up with pants. It was a moment I couldn’t think of anything, lying on the bed next to the scan instrument, the attendant asked to think about what I like more (to divert the  pissing thought)… I could only say the hell!

It was I who want to take the master checkup to confirm everything is fine on basic terms of health (dealing with MD is a different matter), it’s been a year and a half I took a similar one, which confess the diabetes and I know someone who is in sitting position always could invite side effects and with the aid of diabetes anything is possible. I am trying my best in controlling sugar (don’t believe him, he ate half a cup of palkova - a sweet made of milk and sugar - two days early to test) and was regular with medicine and physiotherapy seems to cause an effect only to sustain.  

The abdomen scan doesn’t last more than five minutes but I was going through immense pressure enduring urine and I was only back to normal with everlasting pissing. Sigh! Later I went taking chest X-ray and ECG and following a meeting with doctor and physical exam, I was advised on certain terms to follow and regular check with BP as he find it abnormal. I could only think it is because of intense pressure I went through the abdomen scan had resulted in blood pressure and a mild symptom in ECG. I know it was worth going through the trouble but I don’t know whom to blame - the doctor who came late or I drink water early - anyhow there wasn’t any problem gracefully. J

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Picnic at setting of ‘I’

During our vacation come travel to Kodaikanal last month, we took a drive up to Kavunji - a terrace farming village on the far western end of Kodaikanal on the Palani Range of Western Ghats. First time going beyond Mannavanur, exploring the country sides of Kodaikanal; we picnicked on a patch of green adjacent to the Kavunji government school, facing a scenic foreground. As soon we land, a rock like structure caught our attention, alongside a gateway and fencing in raw woods fascinated to know what they are.

Rocks unreal
But I was sure it was not a real rock and thought it should have created by the students as a school project. And when one of us went neat to touch and see in curious, the watchman of the school (that shut for vacation) shout from a distance, warning, not to go near the structure as it may fall down. Being a kind old being, he came near clearing our doubt on the structure reveling that it was a setting of Tamil film ‘I’ from the renowned director of grandeur, Shanker. The rock made of wood and cardboard causes a natural setting of rock at about 25ft in cone shape.

Gate and fence
Actually it doesn’t wonder me but the background it beholds was picturesque and stunning. The days for us in Kodaikanal were so cold like ever and expose to sunlight seems a pleasure, brought us under the open sky for lunch on a patch of green. There was enough light and shadow in turning off brilliant blue sky to passing clouds, carries some warmth and chillness around the landscapes. I saw this lonely raw wood bench left aside the settings of ‘I’ as photogenic, I recommended our families to take photos by sitting on the bench as I hope it deserve beautiful photography - covering a part of step farming and Sholas.

The elder man also lean us water for washing the plates and instructed to use the dustbin to put waste things. At this far end remote village, someone truly care for environment simply impressed me and I hope he is much wise what even city dwellers don’t follow right? We spent more than an hour relaxing and taking group photos standing in front of the setting and simple fascinating countryside background. Among the many, I just love the photo I composed on the wise man before leaving, stood strong in my mind and posing so cool.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Preserve nature

Instead of blaming each other we need to learn lessons from disaster. However powerful we are can’t beat certain things and nature is foremost and if we try to overtake it will end at accident. I don’t believe in god exist but consider nature is the preparation of everything; and idols are nothing but a man made natural formation in shape of men, women and symbols he sees sacred. It was terrible reading different stories each day on the Uttarakhand flash-flood and landslide that buried number of lives, livelihoods and dwellings. I spent some time on the Google maps tracing the routes to Badrinath and Kedarnath, and find it quite awful that the roads were winding thoroughly beside the river Ganges for nearly 300 km.

I don’t believe people who went there were quite contributed to devotion, but tourist in name of pilgrimage to enjoy holiday in Himalayas. It’s simply the bliss nature holds there drags tourist to these remote places despite tough condition in weather and landscape, putting risk at each pace across the mountains and valleys. No wonder, I do wish meeting nature at its farther and I think it’s the facilities that want us to go there and moreover its man’s mistake laying roads deep inside the nature resources inviting devastation himself.

I have traveled across almost mountains and ranges in Tamil Nadu and some of the routes were challenging without proper roads, hire me to unspoiled nature and forest environment. There is nothing fascinates me in this world like nature and at the same time I care for its stable… and thinking on this lane, some time latter in days I decided not to write or post picture on places that are enrich and raw in  environment. Thus, I avoided posting on some wonderful places that I loved visiting however pristine, pleasure and exciting it was, I want to keep it away from public view thinking it may preserve damaging the nature wonders.

I too feel that I am doing injustice to others by not unfolding the folder of pictures and lack of description about the places that I relish a lot with nature at best. But I think not many would be hidden for long, as I get to know that one of a place that I think nature’s summit has turned into Eco-tourism. The government is promoting anything available with nature exist but I hope they preserve it as well quite.