Monday, February 27, 2006

The Left Parties View of Bush visit India

Just a day to go President George W Bush touches the ground in India. The police, fire service and bomb defeaters are in the final rehearsal throughout the places were Bush visit. In-between the Left parties held a discussion yesterday, in that, they have decided to conduct a mammoth against Bush visit on March 2 morning 11.30 form Ramila ground to Parliament. Like this in Hyderabad, were bush visit on March 3 the Left had decided to conduct a (tharna) struggle and they have called all CPI nation leaders to conduct struggle all over the Country.

Why the left Party struggle against Bush visiting India?

The Left telling that India should not toe the US line on the issue of Iran complying with the NPT. But since last September, India has been going along with EU-3 and the US. The Left stance is that the issue of Iran should not be referred to the UN Security Council; instead it should be resolved by way of consensus within IAEA itself. But the US does not want a peaceful solution. They have set a goal of destroying Iran like they did with Iraq. Only here, they want a quicker destruction. It is not just a technical issue relating to Iran’s nuclear capability. The issue is that the US, as part of its avowed mission of militarily attacking nations which stand against it, is targeting Iran. India should not support such an agenda. It is a matter of upholding our own independence in foreign policy that India should not vote for referring Iran to the UN Security Council over its nuclear capability issue. The Left have asked for a discussion in Parliament, where the concerns of many parties and MPs regarding India’s stance will be conveyed to the government. CPI (M) general secretary Prakash Karat said, But if India still goes along with the US, will see what action is to be taken.
Prakash Karat, general secretary (CPI-M) with CPI leaders, addressing a press conference.

Bush massacred more than one lakh Iraqis just to satisfy his whims. He imposed a blockade against Cuba, and is also moving against many Latin American countries which he considers a threat to the US. Bush openly proclaims that he attacks countries because God directs him to do so. Such a person is an unwelcome visitor in India. The Left has given 19 dissenting notes to the United Progressive Alliance (UPA)-Left coordination committee on policy decisions. But the response has not been satisfactory. The Left is holding discussions with all those who are in disagreement with the government on issues like allowing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the retail sector, handing over airport modernization to private sector and so on. This includes parties within the UPA government and outside. A broad platform of parties opposing the UPA government’s policies is emerging. The Left said there party is not bound to consolidate a government led by the Congress forever, anywhere. Our goal is to form a Third Front government and we are working towards that agenda. I think after the Bush visit India, the UPA government has a big head pain form the Left.

Bush in India this Week

File Photo U.S. President Bush and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

The U.S. President George W Bush is arriving India on March 1st. the Indian government is doing history security for Bush visit. Indian is expected to sign more than a dozen agreements during the March 1-4 with US, when the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Bush meet. We don’t know what agreements are we going sign. We can see some agreements which India expect from US.

Is a breakthrough deal between India and the US in the aviation sector on the cards during George Bush’s visit? Circles close to chambers of commerce involved in Indo-American economic ties are abuzz with a deal that may pave the way for the domination of Boeing in Indian skies. There is an advantage that we see developing with new airlines coming in and existing airlines on an expansion spree. We would like Boeing to have the competitive advantage. The framework of the deal is expected to give Boeing that extra push. Having bagged a $11 billion deal for 68 aircraft from Air-India, Boeing already has the edge but would not mind some patronage from President Bush. About 80 of India’s 180 commercial aircraft are Boeing.

As the American delegation comes visiting, India Inc. has high expectations. However, unlike the Clinton visit in 2000, Bush’s agenda has been kept a zealously guarded secret. The embassy has not even responded to our requests for time with the president. However, what is certain is the US-India CEOs Forum on March 2.

Coinciding with the Bush visit, the US India Business Council, representing over 130 US companies with trade and investment interests in India, will also launch a mission with CEOs and senior industry leaders. There is a lot at stake with Indian exports to the US expected to rise by 18 to 20 per cent this year to reach $14 billion. The US exports to India are also slated to increase by 20 per cent to over $6 billion. Both countries are hoping to enhance their bilateral trade to $40 billion in three years," said a FICCI source.

Economic advisers said, India should push for a free trade agreement with the US, which would include FDI and services, as it would greatly benefit our domestic economy. India should urgently liberalize FDI across sectors and undertake steps to lower import tariffs, particularly on agricultural goods. Bush is expected to visit the Knowledge Park in Hyderabad on March 3 and address the Agriculture University. In fact, officials, experts and private entrepreneurs in India and the US are giving shape to the proposed joint Knowledge Initiative on Agriculture before Bush’s visit. It will facilitate collaboration in promoting agriculture research, education and commercial links.

The Indian retail industry is expected to grow to $300 billion in the next five years from the current $200 billion, and if India has to grow at 10 per cent per annum, it needs FDI. But there is general fear over FDI in retail. Wal-Mart International CEO and President John B. Menzer have already paid quiet visits to Westside and Metro outlets in Bangalore to get a feel of Indian retail. Wal-Mart, despite having grown bigger in terms of revenue to $288 billion, regrets having missed the bus when India was open to foreign investment in retail in the mid-1990s. Union Commerce Minister, who has been spearheading the FDI drive, is at pains to allay fears over employment loss with FDI in retail. We will examine all possibilitiesokto modernise retail but no new set-up should displace the existing one.
Health care would be the next big initiative that would further strengthen US-India relations. We are in a new age of US-India co-operation in health care. India can help the US in supplying low-cost high-quality health care, which would help the US save more than $300 billion in the next 10 years. Last December saw a number of global business leaders like Bill Gates announcing $1.7 billion investment in India over the next four years. However, it is the formation of the High Technology Cooperation Group dialogue on nanotechnology and biotechnology, and defence technology that has really taken the Indo-American ties to new heights.

Foreign Secretary said India and the US were currently exploring areas of cooperation in technology transfer, co-production, joint development and collaborative research. Indian skills and comparative costs can make themselves felt in defence applications of high technology as well, and become active participants in the global supply chains of major defence vendors. Bush’s visit is also expected to facilitate cooperation for setting up legal and regulatory structures for biological material transfer and formulation of guidelines for conducting clinical trials. India is poised to be the hub of global vaccine and clinical trials. The potential areas of cooperation in nanotechnology are development of metrology and appropriate nomenclature to enable further international development. India, has created an enabling structure for high-technology commerce to expand. With the Bush visit, the focus should now be on promotion and outreach.

What the Left Party says about Bush visit India… (Continue)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

They changed the world

A brief look at some of the momentous happenings in March.

Have a headache? Take an aspirin. This drug was patented on March 6, 1899, by two German researchers. On March 7, 1854, Miller patented a very different invention: the sewing machine.

Rrrring! Rrring! Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, was born in Scotland on March 3, 1847. He made the first telephone call in March, many years later (March 10, 1876).

Albert Einstein was born on March 14,1879. March was his lucky month, too. His theory of general relativity was published on March 20, 1916. Another famous publication was Wolfgang Pauli's exclusion principle on March 21,1925.

Uranus was discovered on March 13, 1781, by William Herschel. His less famous sister, Caroline, conducted all the tedious calculations necessitated by their joint observations and was responsible for reducing their data and transcribing it for publication. She also put together two catalogues, discovered many comets and nebulas on her own, and became the first professional female astronomer.

You know about Magellan, of course, but who completed the world's first non-stop circumnavigatory flight? Captain Gallagher, on March 2, 1949.

Other notable dates: Henri Becquerel discovered radioactivity on March 1, 1896. The artificial heart was used for the first time on March 8,1952. The first laser was patented in 1960 on March 22.

On March 31, 1889, the Eiffel Tower was inaugurated. The tallest tower of its time, it wasn't universally liked. Some wanted it pulled down!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Social Women

I like to tell u about a women, who have a good care on our society.

I used to see a woman, every day near our house, every morning she used to sweep the entrance of every shop. When walk on the road, if she finds any stones or paper or any garbage in the road, she pick up and put it on the dustbin. Many people will walk on the road but on one will think to pick the waste paper and put it on the dust bin. Up to we used to play with our friend in the street next to our house. When the time come many children’s will gather on the front of a Ganesh temple near our house with there school bags, we also go there to watch what they are doing in front of the Temple. I used to go there to see what they are doing in front of the temple, I was surprised, because the women who I saw picking papers on the road is teaching lessons for the kids near the temple. She also used to advice us to go and study in your home. On every Friday my mom used to take me to that Ganesh Temple. In every temple I have see only male priest, but in that temple this women was a priest. I wonder to see that temple, because the temple will be very clean and her decoration for lord Ganesh will be very beautiful.

After watching her activities, I asked my mom about her. Who is that women

My mom told me that every one call her mame, she is a widow and good educated. Mom told that she has worked as a teacher in a school, some years back. One day she had felled down and wounded in her head, so some times she used to get fix & sworn, because of this her school has dismissed her, she argue with the school for re-return but they dint take her argue and send her out. But she dint worry and sit, she like to use here education to students, so she took a pledge to take her education to the students who are poor and cant go to school with there family problems. So she started teaching the poor children’s in the temple, who are living near the temple. She teaches the students without getting money form them, because all of them are very poor kids. She also works as a priest in a Pillaiyar (Ganesh) Temple near our house. We don know where she is staying, but the people in our area call her and give food every day. My moms also some times give her food and she also used to help my mom for taking water, putting kolam (drawing in flour) and sweeping our gateway. After some day, some gang people did problem and , said not to allow her to do poojas for god. so they spread wrong words like she was mentally affect so we should not allow her inside the temple. After these incidents she stopped her priest work, but she dint stop teaching lessons for the kids. I our area some people gave her space to take lessons for kids. Two years back when she was waking on the road she got fix and sworn that time a car hit her, and she died. She dint have any relatives or kids, so our area people have gathered and done her final ceremony. She has a good care on our society, and likes to keep our country very clean and does many help for our area people. I don’t know why the got is taking such a good people to him.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tag Tag, Tag Tag…. 4 Tag

I was tagged by Kunsjoi

Four jobs I have had :

My first Job is AD Typist; I should post this Ad,
(Home Based Jobs – You can Earn upto Rs. 10,000 – 15,000 pm
Seeking home Ad typists. Paid per response, not per sale. No previous experience is required, full training provided. Please send your enquiry to us) on many sites, like,, ect, if any body see this ad and sent me mails, the company will give me Rs.4 for one mail. I done this job for 2 months, but I dint get any response for that company.

Four movies I would watch over and over again:

1. Basha ( a tamil movie), there is a fight in this movie (my favorite), where our super star Rajini Kanth pull the hand pump and beat the roudys, really the CD was get scratched, I used to see the fight replay for many times and the background music is very nice in this movie (basha, tan tadatan….)

2. Gilly – I like this movie for its Fast screenplay, and the action of Vijay. Y favorite scen is Sumo (Car) Chasing and climax fight.

3. Titanic – It’s a beautyfull love epic poem, I like the scens where the Hero Jack and his friend, go to the edge of the ship and see the Dholpins sailing in front of the ship. the Jack and Rose stand on the edge of the ship, and exchange there Love, and the background music is very nice in this movie and the hero Jack draw the nude art of heroine Rose, is very beautiful I wonder how they took that shot. And the last scen were the Ship brokes, I can’t imagine like this. There is no limitt to enjoy this movie, I have see lot of time, but I dint get bore for a single time.

4. Speed – I think I have see this movie at least more than 10, times. The hero have done a good action, I like the scen where the hero jack, go under the Bus to take the Bomb and the final shot of the train which broke the wall and run on the Road, the bus jumpthe big hole on the Bridge.

Four places I have lived:

I have lived in only two place.

1. I born in Adyar (Chennai) area, and grow in the same area.
2. Last year we changed our house to Thiruvanmiure (Chennai) area.

Four TV shows I love to Watch:

1.Nengal katta Padal (tamil program) on Suntv. In this show we can learn many intersting information about the world places.

2.Global Teeker in Discovery Travel & Living – we can see many important City in the world, and can know information about that city, like culture, food habits, and any beautyful locations. I used to write the name of the place they show and browze that names in the and find more information about that place.

3. Nation Tonight in NDTV – I think this is the best news program, where they covery important news in country wide and it is easy to understand the, Natasha’s (news reader) English and her styel of reading news are very nice.

4. KBC-2 in Star Vijay – It was a game show, which host by Bollywood superstar Amitab Bachan. The questions are very informative and knowledgable. In KBC my favorite episode is Sania Mirza and Lara Dhatta’s special show. I am very happy to recommend this show to any body. After amitab’s ill ness they have stoped this show, I don’t know when they will show this program.:(

4 Vacations, I will always remember

1. Ooty – it’s a nice place I have see, the thottabata is very favorite tourist place in Oots, the hishest point in south India. The way between thottabata and Ooty is very cool and good place to take photo’s

2. Kodaikanal – there are lot to tell about this place, my favorite locations in this hill is Green Valle, Pillar Rock, Coaker walk and Barijam. It is very beautyful place, full of green plants and flowers.

3. Mudhumalai Wild Life Santuary – Wow! It was a very nice experieance to travell on the Ooty to Mysore road, we no need to go inside the forest, the travell on road itseld give us going inside forest. We saw many animal in that rought.

4. Mysore – I like mysore for its Botanical Garden near Krishna Raja Sagar Dam, wow!!, amazing garden and its water dance is very beautyful. The mysore palace is very nice place for tourist, every Sunday they put lights for hole palace.

My favorite 4 foods

1. Idly – Sambar
2. Puliyotharai (tamarind rice), which used to give in temples.
3. Keerai rice (green rice) – is the very nartural food, when we eat the green rice and beetroot as side dish it will be very nice.
4. Fish fry

Four places I'd rather be now:

I lived only in Chennai, my favorite places in chennai is Merina Beach, Besant Nagar Beach. Woodlence Drive in restarent and Drive-in Theater ect……… there is no limit to tell about chennai. Any where we can go in this world, but i like to live only in Chennai, Chennai is a developing city, we have all fecelities.

Four sites I visit daily

My World
World News
Google search

Four people I tag

I Don’t like to give my friend Home work, if they intersted, can do on there own.

Giant Cat

This massive moggy weighs a staggering 15kg (2st 5lb) and has a 24inch waistline. He is so cat-astrophically overweight his owners have to ROLL him across the floor at home in Qingdao, China. They say their nine-year-old pet became obese because he chose to eat meat rather than fish from takeaways. This cat eats 2kg food every day.

But amazingly, this chubby chap is some way off beating the record for the world’s flabbiest feline. That honour belonged to an Australian puss called Himmy, who tipped the scales at 22kg (3st 6lb).

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bird Flu in India

eBy the by our Jo has singed an beautiful song Visit here

After flurry many countries, finaly the Bird Flu has arrived to India. In space of less than a year, the lethal strain of bird flu known as H5N1 has swept out of its strongholds in eastern Asia and spread swiftly to Russia, Europe, Africa, and West Asia. On Saturday, laboratory tests confirmed that the virus had arrived in India with an outbreak that killed 100’s of chicken in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra. For more than two years, the virus has ravaged poultry and caused human illness (and death) in many South-East Asian countries. Between April and June 2005, large numbers of wild water birds at Qinghai Lake in western China perished after being infected by the virus. By July-August, outbreaks involving the virus were reported from Mongolia, Siberia, and Kazakhstan. The virus reached Turkey, Croatia, Romania, and Greece by October. Ukraine reported outbreaks in November 2005.

The virus was infecting chicken and humans in northern Iraq by January this year. Earlier this month, Nigeria became the first African nation to report the virus, with an outbreak at a large commercial poultry farm. This month, many European countries, Egypt, and Iran found wild birds infected with H5N1. Migratory birds have often been blamed for spreading the virus. This perception has grown as the H5N1 viral strains involved in recent outbreaks, including in Nigeria, have been found to be very similar to the one found at the Qinghai Lake. At least some species of migratory waterfowl are now thought to be carrying the H5N1 in its highly pathogenic form and introducing it to new areas along their route, says the World Health Organization in its fact sheet on avian influenza.

Some months back I haveWritten that Bird Flu will attack India? Now it attacked India.

In India, the source of the infection that led to the outbreak in Nandurbar district is not clear. Bird migrations into the country were over by around November. If migratory birds had brought the virus, one would have expected outbreaks well before this. Moreover, such outbreaks ought to have occurred at places further north that the birds would have reached earlier. The wild birds would now be preparing to return to their spring breeding grounds. The Bombay Natural History Society's (BNHS) members and staff have been monitoring some 26 wetlands across the country on a fortnightly basis and had not reported any suspicious illness among wild birds. But now that H5N1 has arrived in India, the danger is that the virus could rapidly spread to poultry flocks across the country and beyond. Bird flu viruses can be readily transported from farm to farm by the movement of live birds, people, and contaminated vehicles, equipment, feed and cages, according to the WHO fact sheet on avian influenza. Highly pathogenic viruses such as the H5N1 can survive for long periods in the environment, especially when temperatures are low, it adds.

Although the Central and State Governments acted as soon as the High Security Animal Disease Laboratory at Bhopal confirmed the H5N1 infection in poultry in Nandurbar district, the outbreak is reported to have started a couple of weeks ago. If so, it is possible that the virus has already been carried out of the region in the course of the commercial trade in poultry. The massive cull and quarantine that has been ordered may not then suffice to stop the spread of the virus. The Indian helath Minister Anbumani has said samples of bird flu virus in humans, sent for re-confirmation to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Reference Laboratory in Hong Kong. The government said, all action are taken, there is no need to panic, If any have symptoms like fever or cold, immediately go to doctors. The neighboring countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal… have banned for importing Birds and Chicken. All vehicle coming form Maharashtra have been check and then only allowed to other states.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Monorail to save Chennai traffic?

Monorail in front of Tamil Nadu Secretariate (graphics)

Now a day traffic jam is a big problem for Chennai people. The central government has also introduced the Flying Train in 1998 to control the traffic, but no use; many people like to travel on their own vehicles like motorbikes, cars. For the last one year the motorbike population is very high in Chennai, in one house there are 2 to 3 bikes, even in my house we have 2 bikes. And the pollution is also very high, and in traffic jams, we can’t open our car glass, because the smokes which release for the vehicles, gives us pungent smell and it is also not good for our health. The government was also thinking for a permanent solution for this problem, and it also should be environment friendly. So the Tamil Nadu chief Minister Jayalalithaa recently announced to introduce the Monorail system to control the Chennai traffic.

Formally the opposition has also shown their objection for this Monorail. First we can know some thing about monorail. Monorail is approximately work like balcony train, like trains we can’t change its track, in a track only one train can go and come. Many countries’s like Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Europe, Russia and the United States are using this Monorail system. In Los Vegas the monorail is traveling 6km, in Sydney it passing 3.6km, in Japan this Monorail is running 100km. Each and every day hundreds of thousands of passengers are carried on monorails. The monorails are very safe to travel, zero accidents translates to no system down time, less liability suits and most importantly, No Injuries and Death have registered so fare, it will not foot step from the track like trains. Most monorails are electrically powered, monorails are non-polluting. Most run on rubber tires and are very quiet. Monorails are the most aesthetically pleasing of all elevated rail systems. Their sleek design blends in with modern urban environments. Quick construction time results in less disruption to the surrounding environments, whether business or residential.

In Chennai the government has planned to operate monorail for 490km, they will be construction the path for the monorail at least 100km. first the government decided to introduce Metro rail. The Chennai is situated near sea, so we can’t dig a way for Metro rails, like which was already introduced in Delhi & Kolkatta said the Metropolitan Transport Corporation, so the government plan to introduce Monorail. We can install the Monorail in short days and the money spending is also low. For Balcony rail it will take Rs.80 to 100 crore to constructing a bridge for 1km, for Metro rail it will take at least 150 crore to construct the way. But the money for spending to Monorail is just 50crore and it will take small space for constructing the way. In starting they have planed to take 14,000 people from one place to another place, gradually they will increase to 50,000 people. Not only in Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore are also examinations to install Monorail in future.

If we also have many good plans like this, but the opposite party are showing objection flag for this monorail. They said this monorail is new for India, we don’t know how to construct a path for monorail. We are not manufacturing it and want to import it from Foreign countries and also we don’t know how to maintenance. Suppose it gets any repair, we don’t know who to adjust it and should call mechanic form foreign country. The party is asking the state government like this: the project of Monorail is not slightly introduction for our county, how can we accept this plan. In many countries the Monorail is working as a feeder Service only and can take only 8,000 people. The opposite is asking that the constructing rail path and operating is all Central Governments work, why the Sate government is entering its head. I think that the opposite is also a main leg for central government, if the state government done this monorail project and get vote in coming April assembly election, that why they are opposing it. So totally the Monorail project has comes to the Politician hand, we don’t know when this problem will solve and when we are going to escape for the Heavy traffic.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Small Information’s

February milestones

Some important discoveries and happenings of this month:

What with all the crises about oil have you ever wondered when the first commercial leaded gasoline went on sale? It was on February 1, 1923.

February 2, 1935, saw the testing of the polygraph for the first time. On February 4, 1936, radium was produced synthetically for the first time. Dmitry Mendeleev, famous for his work on classifying elements, was born on February 8, 1834. He formulated the Periodic table, which we still use today to classify elements.

Other scientists born this month include Thomas Edison, who invented the gramophone and the light bulb and more(February 11, 1847); Charles Darwin (February 12, 1809).
Clyde Tombaugh on February 18, 1930, discovered the planet to which a probe was launched recently — a planet that's an ice dwarf — farthest planet of our Solar system. Yes, Pluto! A day later but in 2002, thermal emission imaging was used to map the planet Mars.

While still on the subject of space, note that John Glenn piloted the first US manned orbital mission on February 20, 1962. A flight closer home was completed on February 22, 1995, when Steve Fossett finished the first trans-Pacific hot-air balloon trip. Another flight first in February: on February 16, 1946, the first commercially designed helicopter was tested. Wearing nylon, by any chance? Nylon yarn was commercially used for the first time on February 24, 1938, and it was discovered on February 28, 1935, by Wallace Carothers of DuPont.

Where would we be without computers? The world's first electronic digital computer began operation on the 13th of this month in 1946. It was called ENIAC.


Take the skywalk

The all-glass, balcony-like Skywalk will extend over the edge of the Grand Canyon, 1,200 metres above the Colorado River. The Skywalk will be an attraction unlike any other in the world said Sheri Yellowhawk, CEO of the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation. The company is building the bridge in the Hualapai Indian Reservation on the south rim of the canyon. The Skywalk is open to the public as part of a new resort on the reservation. The resort, known as Grand Canyon West, is to include a re-created Indian village and a restaurant perched on the edge of the canyon. Tourism is the reservation's biggest source of income. Grand Canyon West will be on the western edge of Grand Canyon National Park, about 200 kilometres from Las Vegas.


Finding Nemo

Scientists believe they have found the world's smallest fish. The little fish grows to less than one third of an inch long! It may be small, but it has a big name: Paedocypris progenetica. This is one of the strangest fish that scientists seen in there whole career. It's tiny, and it has these bizarre grasping fins. The mini fish has a see through body. Its head doesn't have a protective skeleton. It was discovered in threatened swampland on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Researchers say that the tea-coloured water is at least 100 times more acidic than rainwater. Fish experts Maurice Kottelat from Switzerland and Tan Heok Hui from Singapore made the discovery. Kottelat said he first saw the fish in 1996, but he thought it was a member of an already existing species.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Trouble Kids

Today my dad went to Cudalore (a district in Tamil Nadu) for camp (official work), so he wake at 6.00am and went. Today morning I backed my memories (flash back), when I was small kid, what I did when my dad went to camps. My dad will not tell us when every his office told him to go for camps(official work), if he tell us about his camp, I and my brother used to do problem that I am also coming with u to camps.

One day, my dad told to my brother and me I am going to camp for a week, so u should not trouble u r mom and be a good boys. But we dint hear his word and started crying that we are also coming with u, my dad try to convince us, but we are not get peace and he said ok I will take u with me, so we packed our dress in a bag and kept near my dad’s suitcase and we happily went to sleep. Next morning we wake and searched for our dad, but he is not in house, that all we got angry and asked our mom were is dad, she told he wake earlier at 5.00am and went to camp, if he tell to u, you will do objection for him that’s why he went. We started arguing (or contention) with my mom, and my argument turned on my brother and said because of u only I cant go with dad (my brother said he will also go with my dad to camp), and the argument turned into fight, and we beat each other and cry, mom struggle to peace us. After the fight is over we have to go school, my mom know we will have some plan to avoid from going to school. Like that we also did problem, and said, that we are not going to school with out dad, because every day our dad only drop us in School, and the school is half-km form my house and we said my leg will pain if we walk. But she is not ready to put us leave, after thinking my mom call her brother (our uncle) to take us to school in his car, so our plan was destroyed and my brother was lucky he acted like stomach pain and my mom also hoped that and put him leave. I said when he dint come I will also not go to school, but no use, my mom dint allow, because I have test in school, so my Uncle peace me and told I will buy chocolate and after u come from school I will buy Ice-cream and sent me to school.

After returning form school, my uncle toke me to a Ice-cream shop and we eat Ice-cream and brought Ice-cream to my brother, when I come to house, my brother is not there, he was playing with his friend in next street, so I told my mom he(brother) said he have stomach pain, but he is playing ok I will not give this ice-cream, and I eat it, suddenly he come to house, he saw me eating Ice-cream and he started crying. After leaving the school, I will go to tuition, but I told my mom, I will not go to tuition, because he (my brother) put leave for school no, so I will put leave for tuition. Next the night came, every day I used to sleep with my dad, and my brother will sleep with mom, so I asked my mom to sleep with me, my brother asked to sleep with him, I cry and said if u dint sleep with me I will go out, and I went out and stand near the gate. She peace me and take me inside, she told I will keep sleep my brother and come, but I dint accept, then the fight started between me and my brother, mom and grandma shout not to fight, but we dint hear there word and in that situation my brother tarred my book and I also tarred his book, soon my mom come and give us a big beat and control our fight, and finally my mom sleep in-between us, ti took for us to sleep. And next day when my dad call, mom said about our fight and we talk to dad and he told not give trouble for mom, we said us. But again we did the same problem, and it continued till our dad return form camp. Like this we did problem whenever my dad go to camps, but now a days we are not doing this.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Love Message

I read a poem in a News paper yesterday, with the model of that poem I have used some of my own word & lines in between and writen here.

Love is beautiful, love is sweet, love is wonder.
When I look at you, my heart was not with me.
I can’t describe how I feel, When our lips meet.
If my kiss was a raindrop I will send u clouds.
If my hug was a second I will send u hours.
If my smile was honey I will send u flowers
If love was a person I will send u me!
When ever I close my eyes I romance with u in my dream.
I gave u my heart the day we first met
I shall love u enternally till death do us apart.
Your love helped me to rediscover my self.
If u look into my eyes, you could see the happinest, because u r with me.
If you ask my rose plant, it will tell, how much I miss u.
If I could live in this world one more time, I like to have u by my side always, until the end of my days.

Happy Valentines Day

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Personality Test

My Five Factor Personality Profile


You have medium extroversion.
You're not the life of the party, but you do show up for the party.
Sometimes you are full of energy and open to new social experiences.
But you also need to hibernate and enjoy your "down time."


You have medium conscientiousness.
You're generally good at balancing work and play.
When you need to buckle down, you can usually get tasks done.
But you've been known to goof off when you know you can get away with it.


You have medium agreeableness.
You're generally a friendly and trusting person.
But you also have a healthy dose of cynicism.
You get along well with others, as long as they play fair.


You have medium neuroticism.
You're generally cool and collected, but sometimes you do panic.
Little worries or problems can consume you, draining your energy.
Your life is pretty smooth, but there's a few emotional bumps you'd like to get rid of.

Openness to experience:

Your openness to new experiences is high.
In life, you tend to be an early adopter of all new things and ideas.
You'll try almost anything interesting, and you're constantly pushing your own limits.
A great connoisseir of art and beauty, you can find the positive side of almost anything.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Our India’s Rocket Achievement

Last year December Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) successfully launched the INSAT-4A Rocket to the space. Our scientist have launched 3080 kilo rocket to the space and amused the world space researchers. There are many scientists in the ISRO who works for day and night without rest, when these scientists went to foreign countries they can earn lakhs of money, but they rejected the opportunity and work for our nation, some of them are continuously working for 2 or 3 months with our seeing their families, if they dint do hard work sure we can’t launched 43 rockets to space in 30 years. We are sending every rocket for different works, our aim for launching the INSAT-4A, is to watch Television Channels without Cable wires (Direct to Home). Hear after we don’t need the 3 feet antenna to keep in the top floor of the house, we need only 24inch antenna which can keep it on our windows side, and we can also see many channel very clearly.

Our scientist have worked hard for 24 months and invented the INSAT-4A rocket in 536 crore. In this INSAT-4A there are 12 transponder, in one transponder we can take 500 Telephones or 8 television channels. Now the SUNTV, Reliance, TATA, StarTV and some other industries got permission to use this INSAT transponders. After the INSAT-4A, our ISRO has planed to launch an INSAT-4C Rocket to space in April from Sriharicotta (place where the rocket was going to launch), and going to launch the INSAT-4B in July, like this ISRO having many plan to do in future. In Space research our achievement is not small, we should be proud about our scientist; we are talented in developing rockets for the space research, to launch it on space and also to establishing and used it on our equal facilities. We are the only country in the world to have ability in all these three things.

For these days we have big concentration on the Rocket Technology, because of this, when we develop heavy weight rockets, we don’t have the launch vehicle to take the rocket to the sky, so we have launched the rockets form the French Guyana and some other countries. But now we itself have invented the launch vehicle; hear after we don’t need the help of another country, we can launch it on our own. With in two or three year we can invent our own launch vehicle which can take 2,500 kilo rockets to the space. Our India’s aim is to send 4,000 kilo rocket to space from the GSLV launch vehicle. We are independently learned each and every technology without the help of any other country, we are proud to say this achievement. With hard work of our scientists here after we can send other country rockets to space. We are ready to send an Italian rocket shortly to the space from our launch vehicle; other countries are stand in line to sent their rockets from our launch vehicle. We should be proud to think about our India’s development in the Rocket technology.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stop action opposite Nature end

Yesterday I told about the heavy frost, here is the reason for that.

Scientist tells the reason for the heavy snow fall and frost is Global Warming. I like to tell what I think about Global Warming and how to control it.

What is global warming? Global warming is an increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans. Why this temperature has sudden increased now, because of us. The important thing for this high temperature is polution. Now a days the increased volumes of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released mainly by the burning of fossil fuels, and, to a lesser extent, land clearing and agriculture, are the primary sources for the recent Global Warming, (the US is the first country to eviction the high polution, it was found in a recent study by scientist). Because of this incidents, there was a big hole found in the Ozone Layer, last year the hole was expanded as 12,000 km large, because of this hole the sun race was directely fall on the earth, and the earth get heated and the climate was havely changed, that’s why we are faceing a heavy snow fall, frost and many natural disasters. When the Earth and Oceans gets hear, the Ice bergs in the Antartica started melting and the Sea leavel increases and the water enters on the Land or Low areas. Because of this hole in Ozone we are going to face many skin decieses, for example we are buying a food which was packed in a Plastic bag, if the bag have a small hole, the food will affect by worms (kerume) and dirty air, so we cant used it and it will wast the full food, like that, this small hole in Ozone will allow many bad air and some infective things and affect the lives. Natural disaster like Hurrican and heavy rains (which affected the normal life of Tamil Nadu and Mumbai recently) are also the effect of the high temperature. The World Largest River Amazon faceing a big drought recently, and there are lakh’s of people live with the hope of this river,are going affected seriesly.

Recently our President A.P.G. Abdul Kalam said, when we control the polution, we can stop the expand of the hole, and we can close the hole in Ozone within 40 or 50 years. To control the Global Warming, we should plant many trees and should stop destroying the Forest. The main reason for this warming is the Polution which was release form Vehicles and Factories, every day vehicle population is growing in high speed, when we see big citys like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai ect, the vehicle traffice is very high, and they are relasing high smoke. Last Sunday I went on Chennai outskirt, I saw many garbages are poured in the Lakes, and bursing the garbage, I cant cross that road, because of high smoke and the area was sourrouned by polluted, In India we dint have proper system to destroy the garbage, so we should prepare a good startegy to destroy the wast or use it in a good way, I think the Tamil Nadu Government had put a plan to take electricity form the garbage, but they dint take any action on this project, we can also used this rubbish as manure (uram in tamil) and grow tress. In Japan many forefront Vehicle Compaly are researching Polution less vehicles like running in Hydrogen and Solar. Some company have discovered very little vehice which release low smoke. But it is not enough, we should find more. The War is also an example for the warming, we use many atomic bombs and some missels to attack our enemy country, when we use this weapons, it blast and realese many chemical polluted smoke, in the 2003 war aginst Iraq the US and its alliance countries attack with many weapons and created a big trouble for the people and nature.

If we find polution less vehicle, stop burning garbages or grow forest, sure we cant stop the decay (azivu in tamil) of the world, there should be a good awarness in about Golobal Warming. The government also announced to grow at least one tree for a house, who is hearing this good idea’s. One side the world is developing and another side we are destroying the future of world. Because of this opposition action on the Nature, the climate was heavely changed, so that’s why we are facing high frost, snow fall and drought of lakes and rivers, Scientist gess this year the heat of the sun will be very high in summer. These are the things which struch my mind for a long time. I also have stared a Car blog, recenty, so I am going to stop writing about Cars whis release smoke, so I decided to chance this as Photo and informative blog. If we all understand about the decay of world, we can safe the world and live a Happy Life.:)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Stop action opposite Nature.

Last year December and this year, the frost is very high in Chennai. In Chennai two weeks back there was a very high frost in the morning, we can see the sun only after 8.30am. Because of this the normal morning was affected, many people who travel on vehicles have put there lights and drive. The frost is not only high in Chennai, it is very high in Delhi, Haryana and some North India; many trains have start there work after the frost come low, some flights have also take off only after the frost gets low. In Srinagar the Famous Dal Lake was freeze by snow for the first time, the Highways between Jammu & Srinagar was covered by snow and travel was fully ban on this road, the normal life was badly affected and many people were died in heavy cold. When I was thinking about the recent heavy frost, I was really felt sad for the people who are affected by Earthquake in Jammu & Kashmir and the people of PoK. We have good houses and some times use heater to protect us form the cool, but they have lost the house and live in shelter, I don’t know how they are tackling (samalikkerangalo in tamil) this heavy frost and snow fall. Not only the India was facing heavy snow, the European Countries like London, France, Germany are also affected. In Siberia the temperature were very low at minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit, many roads were filled by snow and many cars are struck in snow. In East Asia the China and Japan faced the heavy snow falls after a long years. Why the frost and snow fall are very high now, compare to last year?

Will Continue….


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Monday, February 06, 2006

Happy Sunday

Yesterday was very happiest day for me; I went to my aunty house. I should not tell her as aunty, she is a good friend for me. I spent my good times with her. I watch Matrix movie in my aunt’s house in their Home Theater, its sounds effects are very nice, we kept the sound fully, and the room was shake by the sound. After a long time I played my favorite Computer games Road rash, Midtown Madness and Prince with my brother’s (aunt’s kids), our looty changed the home inverse. My uncle is a very happy person, and his talk will be very funny and every time he used to kalaichufying us and your aunty. When every he comes to your house, I and he used to go English movies, now a day I am missing the opportunity to go out with him. My uncle is a big inspiration for me to listening English and Pop music, he tells we should not only watch Tamil songs, we should also have a habit to hear good music. We too used to watch Mtv and V Channel with full sound I his room, I really enjoy the music with my Uncle, He have presented me many music CD’s. I should tell about there kids, her 1st son aravind is a talented kid, he dance very well, and do mimicry, after watching Anniyan (tamil movie), he act like Anniyan, ramo & ambi and surprise us, his is very talented in acting, he also act like Chandramuke Jothika. Last month in his school, he participated in a compedetion in that they asked a question, what is u r aim?, he told he like to come as an actor. He always tell to me that he like to built a big house and keep all of us with him, he has a big care on me. y aunty’s second kid ashvin is good in his studied, he will come between 1 or 3 ranks in his school, but he is a very nauty kid, no one cant control him. ( i have posted my brother's photo here)

After a long time I went on the Velachary Road (velachary is suburb area near Chennai), when I travel on the same road last time I saw many grass plants and the area was very green and lots of water in the marshal land (big lake) which is the main water collection for Chennai and its surrounding place, it also help to rise the water level in the land. We can see many cranes and species birds, which come to hunt fished, in this lake there are many rare fishes are living. But this time I saw only concrete flats and houses in that lake, and the government is using this place as there garbage dumb, to put the rubbish which collect form Chennai, and they burn the garbage and creating pollution to the surroundings. This area was surrounded by waters in the recent rain, because they have encroached the lake and constructed their house. I really disappointed to see that place. The government should take action to save the balance lake and the birds.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Memory day of Annadhurai

I drew this drawing of Annadurai some days back.

C.N.Annadurai popularly called Anna (which means elder brother in Tamil language) was the first non Congress Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, India. His full name was Conjeevaram Natarajan Annadurai was born on 15 September, 1909 in the town of Kancheepuram. He later studied at Pachaiyappa's High School in the town before working in the Municipal office as a clerk. He then graduated in 1934 in the Pachaiyappa's College in Chennai in B.A. (Hons) and completed his education in the same college in 1934 with M.A. in Economics and Politics. After working as a professor for a short period of time he began involving himself in journalism and politics. Although he had been involved with the Justice Party since his early years, now he found more time to devote to his passion, i.e. politics. He joined the Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) in 1934 which was under Periyar's leadership. He soon had a meteoric rise in the party as people thronged to hear and see the charismatic Anna. In the 1940s he led many anti-hindi agitations and sought to eradicate the evils of the society. However disputes arose between Periyar when Anna felt that democratic power would help to alleviate such problems, while his mentor felt otherwise. The rift resulted in a split and in 1949, Anna and his supporters broke away to form the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) with the aim of contesting elections unlike the DK. By 1962, Anna became a Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha.

The spiralling inflation following two wars by India against China and Pakistan had taken a toll on congress and in the 1967 elections, Annadurai led his party to a spectacular victory in the state Assembly elections. He immediately became the Chief Minister of the state, thus ousting the 20 year rule of the congress and becoming the first non-congress government to obtain a majority in the state. The actual term of Annadurai in office was amongst the shortest ever in Tamil Nadu. From 1967 until his death in 1969, he was seen as the change that many people needed to improve the worsening condition. However the inflation could not be effectively controlled despite his best efforts. But his work in enhancing and uplifting the lower classes through welfare schemes started to improve the social scene. He also renamed the Madras State to its current name Tamil Nadu. He was able to gain more power for the south from the Centre and sought greater autonomy for the states in the union. His tenure was however cut short by oral cancer as he had the habit of inhaling snuff tobacco. Despite treatments in USA he died on midnight Februar , 1969 just two years after becoming the Chief Minister. His death shocked many in Tamil Nadu who had become fond of Anna and a record 15 million people attended his funeral, the most for anyone in the world. He have started some weekly news papers and wrote some novels.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

No War, Only Peace

After the Sri Lankan Foreign Affairs Minister Lakshman Kadirgmar (73) was short dead by an unidentified gunman in Colombo on August 12 , 2005, the war fear started in Srilanka. The Sri Lankan government declared a state of emergency for two months, after Kadirgmar died. The Government accused LTTE for killing Kadirgmar, but they rejected it. In this situation the President elections came on November, in this Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse wins the election and selected as fifth President.

After the elections, the President Rajapakse called the LTTE to continue the peace talk, and also said it like to keep an asian country as the ambassador, but LTTE denied to continue the talk, and said it like to keet a European country as its ambassador. In this situation on December 23 the suspected LTTE rebels blew up a convoy in the northern Manner district, killed at least 13 sailors, after the ceasefire agreement with Sri Lankan Government in 2002, this is the biggest suicide sea attack. After this attacks, the LTTE continue its attacks on Lankan Navy and innocent people, they killed a woman and here daughters in Jaffna peninsula on January 16, in the following days they have gunned two brothers and 2 soldiers, and they are killing at least a person almost every day. After the suicide attack carried out by the Sea Tigers, guns are a common sight along the beach. Many fishermen’s feel forced to stay close to the shore, because they usually go up to 5km in the sea, but now they go only up to 1km., they fear that the Sri Lankan navy will mistake them for Sea Tigers and fire, because of this hundreds of people who depend on fishing are taking other jobs. When the peace delegation ask LTTE to explain the attacks against the military in the recent times, the LTTE denied responsibility, even of the spate of claymore mine attacks that killed over 60 soldiers since December. The people in Sri Lanka are really afraid of these killings, and don’t know when the War will start, so many people leave there country and comes as destitute to South Tamil Nadu, like Rameswaram, Kanyakumari, the destitute continuously coming to Tamil nadu in recent days.

Already the Tsunami struck the Island in 2004 and destroyed many housed and many people killed and the normal life was completely shaken. Just now the people are coming out from the fear of tsunami, and getting relief and new houses, which was constructed by foreign NGO’s, the NGO’s said it will take at least 2years to complete the buildings. When the war starts now, the hard work of organizations will be destroyed, so they are feared that another tsunami will attack soon in the name of war and wash them.

Finally the Sri Lankan government selected the European country Switzerland as its Peace talk ambassador, the LTTE also said yes to this decision on January 25, , I think the peace talk will be held in Februarys. But there are lots of confusing scenarios emerging in Sri Lanka of the breakthrough that has been achieved to hold direct talks between the Sri Lanka and the LTTE on January 25th. The LTTE has delegated for the talks under the leadership of its chief negotiator, Anton balasingham.

When the War starts, the Military and Tigers are going to kill many innocent people. If they love their people they like to do good things for them, they should not go to war, should continue their talk and give there people peace. For a long 20 year they are fighting each other, and given trouble for the people. If they forget the fight and all of them get involve and work for there country, we can see another Developed country like Singapore, I hope they have the power and facilities. When they go to war they are going to loss the country’s development, a country’s development is in the hand of forest and nature and also the People power, if they destroy it, who ever wins the Sri Lankan Government or LTTE, are going to loss the identity of there develop. I think in this peace talk there should not be another country involve, because their are many chance for them, to look for any benefits from this peace talk. But when they sincerely involve in the peace talk and like to give life for a country they can solve the problem. Hope for looking good result in this peace talk.