Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thekkady disaster

(taken from the boat we traveled)
The boat ride in thekkady faced a disaster today where the boat caring tourist drowned into the Mullaperiyar dam. It seems the mistake that has been followed among people is the reason for the disaster. People have forgotten where they’re traveling on and act wild in the wildness.

Couple of years back I have seen the people’s wild act while we travel alike a boat when it was near the shore in thekkady. People never think about others and rush to exit even before boat get stable. What would happen if all people run over to an edge, the boat would get pressed one side to raise other to topple. This what happen to the drown today, when people rush to either side of the boat seeing wild animals on the shore and boat lost balance and drowned.

We can’t blame people alone, because it’s the boat drivers and organizers respond to guide people on the boat before it takes off. Seeing wild animals in wildness isn’t common though and enthusiastic is usual, but we need a control or it will take over wrong. I mourn to those lost there lives and hard to think something like this in mid deep water and forest.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Golu is a decoration of dolls devoted to gods. Arranged like steps in one corner of the home, are placed with dolls of gods and few set of rituals; and beside this they create some interesting terrains like forest, hill temples, playing cricket, farming, villages... to attract people esp. children.

The golu is kept for 9 days on the occasion of Navarathri – nine nights. The women of the house who have arranged golu invite their neighbors, relatives and friends and offer varies snacks and gift little things to those visits. Sundal is the very common delicious food served at golu. Generally the visit happens in evening and thus the golu would look great glowing in enchanting decorative lights and lit lamps.
creative hill terrain
Not going deep into the custom, the homes that keep golu are followed as tradition on this yearly occasion. It’s been a decade I visited any golu. One of our relatives keeps golu every year, and this year there were three invites from our apartment homes and mom visited each home in evening and bring some things and snacks to home.

I couldn’t recall much about visiting golu, but it was a moment at our relative’s home, where I see a room dedicated to series of steps arranged from huge to small idols, with many set of moments spread on floor. There was a small gate wall separate the golu and serial lights go on and off blinking around. The pictures here show one of our neighbor’s golu.
a part of golu
decorative lamps

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bonfire desire

I’m always fascinated about bonfire or campfire. Every time I visit hill stations I wish to have bonfire celebration and get warmth in cold weather.

But I never get a chance to experience the joy of sitting around the fire and mark a remarkable moment with my dear ones. Every time I ask for one, people never give it importance and try to sense what I like to feel. Whenever my cousins show me the fun pictures they took during their bonfire celebrations when they join together with there dad’s friend families, it used to strikes me with an impression why can’t I get such celebrations. I’m sure it must be a great sense of happiness and expressions of innocence while playing or having something fun around the fire along our family, friends or those who loves the share.
It was last evening in kodaikanal and dusk began to immerse. Like the day never returns, I was enjoying the cold weather sitting on the terrace looking down the twinkling lights from adobes and far away cottages, mist pass on to gloom.

While grasping the blanket, the mind began to carve about bonfire and I expressed my desire to my cousin who shares the moment. He left sometime leaving me alone and minutes later I hear roar of laughter and claps from somewhere far away beneath and I find a slight movement of flame from a distance. Been thinking about bonfire, I felt very surprise by the roar and blinking fire, I came to certain point that there was a bonfire celebration going on.

Later I indicated my cousin and uncle about the roar and fire, I expressed we need to do something now. When we asked the housekeeper, he denied doing such thing there and left. But we don’t want to miss the chance, since we no need such things in Chennai as it always burns us in heat, and thus my cousin went out in search of woods and brought some bunch of sticks and we burn it sitting outside the portico.
Join your hands
He then past us saying something and advised to be cautious about fire. We just sat around the fire, showing our hands on it and make warm our mass and relieve little. My dear ones are happy about doing something little to my desire and the moment last for sometime and thus we dropped some more sticks and it led glows a warm sense.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fire step on festival

On Sunday there was a fire step on festival at my grandma’s native village Thiruvidanthai near kovalam, on ECR. It’s a yearly festival happen for 10 days on the Tamil month of Aavani (Aug-Sep). For the 10 days there would be some special festival for goddess Throwpathy Amman on each day, along with baaratham (speech on Mahabharata) and koothu (drama) in evening and nights. On this occasion, the families those could afford or traditionally following in the village, take care each day of the festival and make certain food is provided to those take part in festival.

On Friday it was our relative’s, who lives there to take care of the day and so they called us to participate in their festival. I wasn’t interested to go, but went not saying no as I like moving out and though there was none to take care of me at home. We had lunch there and elders went to temple to worship and we returned home by evening.
Fire step on festival
The last day of the festival is called 'Thei mithi thiruviza' (fire step on festival), where devotees walk on burning charcoals that spread on the floor for few feet in a rectangular shape. Those participate in this festival would go on fasting and prayer before getting down on fire.

I have seen this festival couple of times in past and it derives many people from nearby places and those native to this village. When grandma was alive she used to visit this festival often. The important festival is on the last day and they celebrate it from morning. They create three sand mounds shaped like giant and later a man dressed like goddess Throwpathy would come with a sword and strike the mounds, where pumpkins loaded with Kungumam (crimson power) are hidden. When the sword strikes the pumpkins it splashes in red and thus it indicates giant’s death, and this believed as goddess saves people from the giant.
Scattered charcoal
The people come at morning would stay at there relatives place and see the fire festival at evening. The woods gathered at the front of temple would put on fire until it becomes shatter fire charcoal and couple of men with a wood would keep scattering the fire and disperse it to make certain people walk. The devotees yet to walk on fire would tie scared threads on their wrist and gather at the Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple tank along the ECR. They keep there foots dip in the water for sometime; so thus it would feel comfort while waking on fire.

Then the devotees walk on burning charcoals with bare foot, caring neem leaves in hands and some would even carry there small children on their shoulders. The priest standing at the end of the burning charcoals would strike them with neem leaves. Before this take place, the womens in the village would make Pongal (boiling rice) in the temple and worship god.

On Sunday mom and dad went to the fire festival and clicked these pictures.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kanthaswamy – colorful!

Even though I wasn’t well enough, I don’t want to miss watching Kanthaswamy – super hero! Here go few things about the movie.

The movie is a wonderful fantasy and similar to Hollywood super hero movies like Spiderman, Superman… and unlike these fantasy icons, our super hero Kanthaswamy helps people in need, by getting money from rich and distribute to poor.

The first thing that impressed me was cinematography! Every frame has something to admire. The songs are fantastic and very colorful to rejoice.

The director has handled the story very interesting. The series between Shyria and Vikram are hot and sweet. The costumes used by them are very trendy, similarly presented them as showcase dolls. Good opportunity for Shyria to showcase her mass and acting.

Just like passing clouds, music sprinkles unbound! Guess none needs knowledge to enjoy music and the songs in this movie makes this certain.

Something that pulls me back is the cause said to inspire isn’t strong enough in flashback and the mess-up comedies.

Glad dialogues haven’t go pages, its simple shot and sweet. But there are some complain from elders that conversation isn’t obvious.

The color tones used for Mexico and other few places are amazing. The golden grasslands and the following action scenes are great indeed! The setup of the CBI office and cat song displaces grand setting. Technically the movie leads Tamil cinema in quality and one should watch this movie in theater to get wonder and amuse.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My sweetheart rose

My sweetheart rose
Though there were many beauties
none were like her beautiful
beautifully, with young petals;
and since my eyes saw her
it deny to close lids

Savor sweet those tender lips
soft and unharmed rose cheeks
she smiles innocently, opening her lips;
and pretty in pink wear
she caught up my eyes in cold weather

For women eyelids are beautiful
for flower petals are beautiful
eyelids would close, not the bloomed flower;
whatever else flowers are beautiful
whereas closed or opened its petals.

I can’t be here as well as there these days, since I caught up with cold and fever from last Saturday. Doing good only today, I will be at regular soon… taking care all! :)

Friday, September 04, 2009

பேப்பர் கவிதை/ Paper poem

பணம் தந்தார்கள் பேப்பர் வாங்க
படித்ததை எழுதி பட்டம் பெற;
நானும் பெற்றேன் பட்டம்
படித்து அல்ல, பறக்க விட

They gave money to buy paper
to write what learned to get degree;
I too got the degree - kite
not by learned, but to get fly

பணம் பத்தும் பண்ணும் என்பார்கள்
ஆனால் பேப்பர் இல்லையெனில்
பணமே இல்லை

Money does many things
but there’s no paper
no money


நனைவோம் என்ற நினைப்பை மறந்து
பேப்பர் மடித்து விட்ட கப்பல்;
கவிழாமல் நனையாமல் செல்ல
குடைபிடித்து சென்ற தருணம்
என்றும் நினைவில் நிற்க்கும் கரையாமல்

Forgetting the thought of getting soaked
to fold paper to leave boat;
to sail without overturn and soak
the moment went on holding umbrella
always remain in mind without dissolving.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


The 24 hours of uncertain came to an end by ending YSR’s life to chopper crash into dense forest. There something strikes everyone to feel sorry about his sudden expire and it’s a great lose to nation and being an admirable Chief Minister of our neighbor state Andhra Pradesh, he deserves the honor of being consecutive for 2nd term as CM!

I was concern about news coming out from yesterday noon and put’s in anxious what would have happen to chopper that carries YRS. There were two thoughts in mind and one it might be crashed down or caught up by Naxals, but wished that nothing happens to him.

The first thing I wake to ask mom in momring was, what happens to Reddy? and she said chopper has found. But I wasn’t confine he is safe and later came to news that chopper crashed and convinced none to survive. I convey my deep condolence to his family and volunteers who follow him as a leader and to those alike me admire for his administrative.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A visit to Bryant Park

One evening we went to Bryant Park in kodaikanal and it has very nice footpaths now; to sustain smooth movement to check the beautiful flowers in clusters to various types, colors and fragrance. The Flowers on exhibit has many lovely roses on the right side, looking away the fully bloomed and damaged, the little ones draw me a lot.
smart indeed
The Bryant Park on the eastern side of the Lake is one important tourist attractions in kodaikanal and this park was planned and built by H.D.Bryant - a forest officer from Madurai, in 1908 and was named after him. The 20.5 acres of landscape garden has 325 species of trees including century old and conducts annual flower shows are in month of May.

There nothing attracts me like the flowers and being crowd less there’s no pressure of disturbance. The way it all arranged, simply observes. The dahlias seem so tiresome and head falls, and only to think so it was even-tide with minutes to go dusk, and looking away those purple flowers stands alike sticks, strikes me when I see it near to realize those are leaves that turns purple and pink when elevate.
Bryant Park
Bryant Park2
The park has green gardens that elevates with few conical trees and one tree has its part to attract to take few snaps with no fair back-ground. The other side of the park has thick grass floor to play and roll, and it has some designed structures of fruits, being cut down to sit around the white pillar, painted national flag and emblem on the top. I sense much cold here with tall trees closely surrounded.

It has an artificial pond looks alike and the flowers on exhibit looks pretty cool from the higher place. The park also has glass houses that said to have saved mist to keep some flowers exist and taking photos have been prohibited here, the steps doesn’t allow me to visit though. We spent sometime chatting over there on garden and enjoying the cold weather with clouds getting together to look alike yet to rain.
light rose
tiresome dahlias
There was a young couple, seems like came over to honeymoon, brought a camera man along with them and takes varies shots around the park, and comes up with some romancing shots lying on either laps. Everyone at present turns a quick look at them and few express in envy to have not such opportunities in there life at there early marriage. There was another guy lied down by facing the pillar, with hands as his pillows seems like thinking about his future and his mate sitting beside busy with cell phone.

national pillar - Bryant Park

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Reflections of rain – here

Pretty Zinnia
It rains here, from minutes before September dawns
and rocks throughout night in droplets of rain crashing earth

Its warm here, sense the same lazy yawns of noon hours in school
and comfort inside the blankets in response to the cool fans

Its pleasant here, so as it feels the off-season spring of hill stations
and delight in the diminish of light and heat in response to cold weather

It’s wet here, throughout lands and woods in hanging droplets in leaves
and silent source of birds and insects buzz near and faraway

Its odor here, since the droplets touch the earth to fragrance soil
and later unpleasant to the decay of plants and trash.

P.S. Welcome the month September with this pretty flower from Zinnia's family and let this month be so bright and delight to everyone to feel beautiful alike this flower.