Friday, December 29, 2006

My Wishes on the 2007

Now the time has come to tell good buy to the year 2006. We would have faced many sad, happy, enjoyment, funs, achievement, sacrifice, lose, gain, meeting new people, exploring new things and a lot… in this year. When we enter into a new year, we have new dreams, wishes and expect to achieve or take resolutions to bring this year a perfect one in our life. I always think the time must be used useful, that’s reading, listening music, blogging, working and more, but I haven’t think of giving rest to my soul or brain. Always something will run inside my mind and it also chaos the peace and sleep some times. Because of this even on sleeping also I think and dreaming about some think, and it makes me tired even after early morning. So let me give the time to concentrate towards peace to forget everything about the world and live some were for few minutes.

I too felt that giving importance to every thing at a time or on the single day, will not comes out fully. So I decided to handle one by one without doing it half finish. Taking my painting hobby, my last painting was done 5 months back and I fear now my hand power may decrease without any touch on it, from this New Year I decide to do at least one drawing in 2 months, and bring it here. If I forget it pls remember me about it dears ok:) another interest of playing on keyboards with enjoying new film songs on it was my favorite entertain, but nowadays I haven’t time to try it and too forget the experience of handling keys, so have to recall it back. I am seeing it on my eyes and realize it physically that my health has some recede in this year, so keeping this in mind, I hope to give as much of my energy and power to maintain what I am now. I heard some of the patients of MD have lost there walking in my stage, but the good thing was I am still on my foot through caliper, it really wonders! From next year, I like to give more exercise to improve it.

Again I have to increase the timings of my days, as I needed a relief for my new activities on the year. Have u seen my parent’s who like the old songs, used to ask me to listen to it, but whom dislike it have built an interested to listen to the old’s. One of my long term dream was moving independent, it was not a dream above all it was my wish to move independent, and explore on familiar and unfamiliar places on my own, so I expect this Powered Wheels on the coming year; and a solution for my old PC system, which troubles and irritate me always. Above all I have decide to make 2007 the most enjoyable and coolest one, in my life. Let we all have a beautiful and happiest year :)

This greeting has my fav vegetables tomatos, cauliflowers, carrot, beans, peas to wish u a healthy New Year.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Disappoint and enjoyment

I really not at all in the mood to blog now, but my situation is in compel to do it, with no other way to spent the times. How would it be if our cousins are in holiday’s and they are very near to us, even though we dint have fun. Its what happening here, only on Monday I went to beach with parents and one cousin bro. Couple of days backs all my cousins come to my home and spent only few hours, and went back to our grannies house. I hoped they would be with me for some days, and I request them to stay; but they refused it and went. I am totally disturbed when the loved ones depart me alone, I don’t know why should I disappoint with this, it gives only worries than nothing. My crave going ups, when I hear they are visiting other cousins house, is their any selfish in my wish that they must spent with me? If they expect any think to change with me, I am here for them do to, or I must find a way to bring them here. I haven’t any idea how to express my wishes to be with them. Anyhow I am just enjoyable with the music, at least to forget my crave.

After a long time to listen the energetic songs from Vijay. Pokeri has many peppy songs from Manisharma; I am catch with the songs and the Suchitra's rocking voice these days. En Chellaperu apple… was a youthful song from suchitra, this songs remembers the May Matham… from JA JA has become my favorite one and the song Nee Mutham ondru koduthal muthtamil…. Has comes out in the correct situation, where the Tamil has given much important recently in the Tamil Nadu. As usual there was a starting song with Pokiri pongal, which tells it would be a Pongal special. Already Vijay was an excellent dancer, now to give an additional enjoyment, the great dancer PrabuDeva's alliance expects more. I too brought some old collects from the Music exhibition recently, I don’t know now days my wish to listen to old songs has increased. This is the time to enjoy the village songs as we are heading towards Pongal a traditional festival of Tamil nadu, so got some songs from Pushpavam Kuppusami and I adore it.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Heart breaking Tsunami!

English translation of this poem is below!

One cold morning of Sunday
Sun get up form the sea
Everyone knows this.
In unexpected time, that giant wave gets up,
Reaction, we lose our relations

Two years ran
But the cruel scenes,
Never runs from our mind.
What we lose is not one or two,
Its equal to loses form an atomic bomb.

Because of the death fear created in our mind,
Can’ close the eyes in the nights.
The waves we saw in the televisions,
Screaming of those who loses their relations,
Arrangement of the corpse heaps,
Makes the body tremble and tights our mind.

December 26, 2004 unforgettable day in the history, it’s the Tsunami!!… which attacks our south Asia with loses of above 2 lakhs lives.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas, message of peace:)

It was Christmas time. The shops were lit up; carols filled the air, and 6-year-old Amy couldn't wait to get the decorations out of the box. So out came the box of decorations from the attic and Amy was all set to hang up the ornaments. She lifted the shiny bulbs out of their boxes and placed them on the branches. The angels, candy pins, apples and bells soon filled up the green branches. Soon the tree was complete, and pretty as a picture. When they were done, Amy's mother Margaret looked into the decorations box. It was empty but for one tiny glass angel with wings of silver foil. The paint had chipped off in a few places and one tiny foot was missing. Amy saw her mother looking tenderly at the angel and asked her where she had got the angel. Surely, it was too old and worn out to hang on the tree!

Margaret's eyes misted over as she ran her fingers over the glass cherub and she said this little messenger means more to me than all those fancy ornaments. For it brought home the true meaning of Christmas to my family many years ago. It was December 1914, and Britain was waging a war against the Germans and their allies that would later be known as the First World War. Margaret's Father, John, a Lieutenant in the British Army was posted on the warfront in France. Snow was beginning to fall on the trenches where John and his company were stationed. John missed his wife Emily and daughter Margaret.
Several miles away was a similar trench manned by the Germans and in between was a vast stretch of no-man's land. Across the territory ran a barbed wire fence their boundary. But on Christmas Eve, something happened that they would never forget. At around five in the evening, German voices floated from across the fence singing Stille nacht, heilige nacht ... In the fading twilight, John and his friends realized that they had never heard a lovelier carol. And when the Germans finished, the British soldiers applauded, before breaking into an English carol. And when they finished, the Germans applauded and sang another German carol and this went on for quite a while. Then the Germans called the British to come over and when the British insisted that the Germans come forward first, a German officer rose from the trench unarmed and climbed over the fence to talk to the British Captain. Soon the two leaders agreed that there would be no shooting on Christmas day and it went down in history as the famous Christmas truce!

Soldiers from both sides climbed out of their trenches and a bonfire was lit. Soon soldiers and officers were shaking hands with men they had been trying to kill just hours earlier! And when it was time to leave, they traded pictures, cigarettes, belts, badges, trinkets and gifts. So it was that Karl pulled out a tiny glass angel from Dresden and pressed it into John's hands. Take this home to your little girl, he said and wished John the peace and joy of Christmas. Long after the war ended and at each Christmas, when the family gathered around the Christmas tree, the little angel reminded them about the true meaning of Christmas.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

This year, different year for me!

We are near to the end of the year 2006, with some of our dreams and expectation we are getting ready to welcome the New Year 2007 in 10 days. Think the times is running fast, and I feel like we have just now entered to 2000, but the truth is we are near 2007. For me this year was very different, as I am going to finishing my 1st year in this new house if the day come 26th December, after leaving my old one were I was lived from my birth. First time in an apartment with new environment, new neighbors, new feelings, freeness…are very new experience for me. I too have missed much here what I got in my old place like cousins, helping friends in uncle’s workshop, entertain through watching the road, vehicles, people holding waters from tanks, very friendly neighbors and lot’s of memories.

I really feel positive here than there. The decreased shyness of facing new people, walking through calipers before unknown wavering what they think, using wheel chare for outing; pollution less environment, green open front with rain water standing for month which cerate’s the situation of cranes and birds visit often. So cute and sweets kids of neighbors, makes the evening more fun and entertain with their sweet speech, rushing here and there with buddies. Independent moving with parent’s help, without expecting others to bring me down from the 1st floor like my old house. Long foot walking in the evening brings the nature air on me with out polluted, with admiring the setting sun and the birds crossing through our sky with sounds. It’s plus to live near sea with a km distance, makes easy for Sunday beaches. Unforgettable wishes from one of my neighbor grandpa… as equal to positive have also faced much negative situations too. Dad faced a accident, by taking bed rest for couple of months, which brings sorrow to every one in the family and the recede in my walking create a difficult for my parents; losing the new Scooty pep after 5 days of register; little problem with maintenance people in the flat; as I much expected I haven’t got any friends with apartment mates, hasn’t need to worry till I have u all here. The main problem is the night mosquitoes, which trouble our peace sleep, hunt on frogs which visit often and the boring environment which avoiding cousins visiting or staying with me.

What I miss more is my helpful aunty, cared uncle, cousin sister and my lovely cousin brother, who supports me more! Next to my mom and dad, I like him more and hope he would be on my side for life long. My deep mind feels that they may think that I have gone a long from them, how can’t I realize it when I was familiar with them. But I couldn’t think a world without them and my love doesn’t decreased on them, instead the wish has increased to spend much time with them. The workshop guys whom help me physically from my school days till now, who never expect non-for their help. The ayutha pooja function, which would be held like a family function with cousins and relatives around…. the memories of my old house are more, and there won’t be any best place like that. The helpful neighbors who support us in troubles situations, the friendly shopkeepers near by. Seeing my old friends as they pass through my house are a sweet thing, with a doubt still they remember our days we spent… lot and lot….

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Medal or not?

In the recent 15th Asian games, which was conducted in Qatar capital Doha, Indian runner S.Shanthi won silver medal in women's 800 meters, for India and who belongs to the district of Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu. But now the Shanthi, who brings great noble for Tamil Nadu through her silver medal in Doha, faces a rare issue. The news has come out (here and here), she has failed to prove her women’s nature in the test. Some news through press said the Indian Athletics conference and the Olympic council of Asia have decided to withdraw the medal from her.

In this situation an officer form Indian team for Asian games told there was no mistake on Shanthi in this issue. The Indian Athletics conference try’s to win medals in cross cut, so they continuously bring her to participate in the international games. Another officer form technical committee said after 1988 the international athletics conference decided and brought to force, not to conduct the test on women’s nature. It must be done only, if any complain register on the player. As she already competed and won the silver in the 800 metres in the Asian championships in Incheon, Korea, last year and In August, she also won the 1500m gold and the 800m silver in the South Asian Games in Colombo. I don’t know why they creating an issue now, leaving about her gender when she won these medals for us.

This really brings only worries and mind breaking to the players; then what is the purpose of bringing their energy and hard work for our country. Whatever test it can be, it should be done and the report must submit before the player participates in the games. Leaving that coming now and telling her that ur hard work is waste, and return the medal. There are many who defraud and buy medals using encouraging drugs, but when a person worked hard through her talent, these types of disappoint break their self-confident and talent. Even though I appreciate the Tamil Nadu government’s decision of giving her the encouragement money as they announced for her achievement for our state. It would be very nice if this issue becomes a rumour.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bright Sunshine (Veyyil)

Watched the Veyyil (Tamil Film) on Friday evening at the open theater, its an alive story of human sensation! It have been a (little) while I watched a heart melting film like this after Pithamagan and Thavamai Thavamirunthu. Some of the films will really induce an expectation when it was announced; like that Veyyil was one, which make me expect a best. The Big head of Tamil Industry, Director Shanker’s S pictures was an important for the expectation, because I hope shanker’s selection will never go wrong. His early films Kadhal and Emsai Arasan made a difference on the screen, by new story, which helps to bring talented artists. In this film it brings a Best actor before us, it’s none than Pasupathy, just simply amazing performance. Hats off!!

Veyyil bind with a father, mother and 2 brothers who live in a drought village in Virudhunagar. Father Sivanandi was angry person, who has a goat meat shop, his son’s Murugesh & Kathir studing in school. One day Murugesh, who was a MGR movie lover, cuts the school and went to cinema. When Sivanandi knows this he gives him severe punishment of tying him in the Sun’s heat with undressed. By this Murugesh felt insult and run from the house with his mother’s jewels and join in a cinema theater as a cleaner, near chennai and step-by-step he becomes the operator of the theater as a youth. By the time he makes love with a teashop girl; and their love & the secret meet in the operator room comes public and as usual the opposition of parents induce the girl to suicide and this creates a big wound in Murugesh mind and the exit of Theater sent him to a situation where to go! So he decides to return to his homeland and walk towards it, in between his brother Kathir was well settled with a advertisement company and was impressed by Menakshi, an advertise announcer and makes love with her; and faces a group who can’t digest Kathir’s growth and like to destroy him. In this, what are all Murugesh faces in his homeland and with his family; how kathir solve his problem with the angry group and how murugesh helps kathir are remaining story, which said in a sensitive way, which melt our mind.

Pasupathy as Murugesh makes our eyes wet by his wonderful acting, while romancing with Thangam, in the song sequence of Uruguthae maruguthaea… and fighting with the angry group shows him as a hero. When he craves for his mother’s love and got it from his childhood girlfriend Pandi (Shriya), in the song sequence Iraivanai unargera tharunam eathu…. he show his childish mind and its very soothing. The climax were pasupathy save his bro while taking the knife stab in his stomach, his angry of killing the villain with dozen stab was unacceptable, but when he dies he makes tear in our eyes. Barath as Kathir shows a mature in his acting as the head of the family, while shouting on Meenakshi (Bavana) in the recording room and chasing to collect her voice for AD’s make little smile on the face. Meenakshi looks like our next-door girl, and has freshness in face and cute smile. While crying on the show of pepsi ungal choise she makes us laugh. Important thing in this film was the small boy who acts, as the childhood Kathir was very sweet to admire his prank acting, and to my surprise he looks like my brother (yes my bro looked like him while he was kid). The theater where Murugesh works was an old theater in Thirukkalkundram; my mom has memories of watching films in that theater in her childhood days when she visits his aunt’s house.

Songs have comes quite good from G.V.Prakash kumar. Kadhal neruppin nadanam was pictured in the short streets; makes wonder its real or settings. Veyyilodu Vilayadi song was very sweet, the childhood wishes have pictured in the drought land and sun shining lights with group of village children take to the days I spend in the village. The village song was creating a feel of the village festival, which would have the dance and drama, in this Barath’s participation was funny to admire.
This film tells the relations of the human life and how it affects the children’s mind when there parent’s strictness crosses its limit. Till now I can’t come out of the film and the character are realistic. Veyyil (sunshine) melt’s our heart.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cute Papa

I found these cute pic's in a AD at Hindu metro plus, which show the sweet kid in different angle and pose! Liked to post it here :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sounds Different

Chew the quid

In Morbi. 60km from Rajkot (Gujarat), Gauri grabs attention for her addiction to Masala Paan. Nothing new. Just that Gauri is a cow. She visits Jagadish Sindhi’s paan shop at least six times a day. Sindhi says that it started with him giving her paan once. She returned another one. Gauri continues to come and Sindhi readily obliges.

Cobra cuisine

You may prefer the bubbly, but he loves the wriggly. Neeranjan Bhaskar of Arah district (Bihar) has been devouring snakes for over two decades now. Well, he eats them alive. The 35-year-old black magician claims he has eaten over 10,000 snakes. His favorites are Cobra and banded Kraits.

Best stroke

Almost every day for 12 years, Abdul Malik of Padinjatumuri village in Malappuram (Kerala) has been paddling a rubber tube across the Kadalundi River. It is the shortest way for the teacher to reach his school. He reaches there in just 30 minutes; it would take one and a half hours by buy. All that it costs him is the occasional change of rubber tubes.

Service 12*7

A workshop that functions 24*7? A dream comes true for motorists. Well those in Indore (Madhya Pradesh) are lucky ones. The nameless workshop owned by Mohammed Salim has never closed since 1947. For that very reason, it doesn’t have doors! The oldest workshop in Indore doesn’t charge extra for late night service. The Salims have been running the workshop for four generations.

Like a chimney

Creating smoke rings can be fascinating, but ever heard of a man who smokes with his ears? Meet 24-year-old Dharmendra Singh on Bikaner (Rajasthan), who can huff and puff through his ears. Initially he tried smoking with his ears for fun, but it soon became a habit. Now he smokes 20 cigarettes a day. It also endorsed in the Limca Book of Records and also in the Guinness Book of World Records. (check the videos here of how he smoke through ears)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Only for Kalam

As the election to Presidential post to be held in June 2007 approaches and pressures has built up favoring Kalam! The President of India is selected by less than 7,000 member of Parliament through votes, but already 70,000 email have voted in President’s website that A.P.J. Abdul Kalam should not say no to second term as 12th President of India. Not only the ordinary citizens, the lawyers, administrators, scientist, young politician…. are standing for the Kalam who speaks from the poor, positivity, secularism, culture, music, dreams of happy and peaceful India.

As before only little of them know about Kalam as a scientist, teacher, who reach big posts in the government departments and the brain behind the India’s first Satellite Launch Vehicle and defense Missiles. But as president he has become the role model for many youths and touched the hearts of a large number of people. His Mission on India 2020, which has, plans to develop India into a knowledge superpower and into a developed nation by the year 2020 had spoke his interest on India. His brave and bond actions on speeding in the sky on Sukhoi bomber and going deep in to the sea in a submarine, visiting the world’s highest war field Siachen glacier and refusing to sign on the Office of Profit thinking it was patently unfair and against the spirit of the constitution.
Above all his tremendous rapport he has built with both the haves and haven’t of society. He reaches out to the poorest, the richest and fast expanding middle class to take care of public interest. Issued a 3lakh cheque from his own account recently for his coach full relatives who visited some places in north India and gifting to orphans on national festival days. His invite of constables, special persons and award winning panchayat presidents to rub shoulders with the mighty on Nation days; providing mission models for states which can be implemented in a bipartisan manner and improve educational facilities to make India a knowledge superpower. The highlights of setting up the Africa Satellite to provide distance education to 50 African countries and his replay to the US and European scientists in October to a question of what’s India’s core competence? (As he said: Finding the leadership to handle a billion democratic citizens with a multi religious, multicultural and multilingual mix). Has felt us never before seen such outpouring public support for a president.
We have much to tell about him to give a second chance as president. He tries to meet as much people as possible during his working day, amide his hectic schedule on flying, and touring, kalam has time for the finer sensibilities of life. When we all are thinking about his second term, president said recently that he would love to go back to teaching after his work as president is over. Here I like to express my thought on this, as a president there is no doubt he is the Best and best forever!! Did he come as president again or not we get only positive from him. If he becomes president we (students & youth) can’t share much of his good thought and intelligence, as he will be busy with the job of president, with little time to spent with us. Without any political or party background, our India will be very safe in his hand for another 5 years if we give him chance for President. As a teacher he can create many intelligent and positive thinking students for our future India to work towards the developed India. Its positive or negative if it spread through students it would reach soon, all our parents are listen to their children, grandparents listen to their grandchildren and every one in the family sure listening to their children what they speak, so it catches to everyone. Post can be anything, but his thoughts are same, its India!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Temples and Enjoyable outing

On a cool rainy day with my bro (who rarely come out with us), dad, mom and uncle visited on a plan to Tirupporur Murugan Temple. Everyone loves rain, I enjoy more rain in driving, and it’s childish to keep the hands out on the rain. The road towards the temple till kelambakam the was fed up, its full of contour and water on many places, it was lesson for not to use this road till it properly put. If we cross the city to country side, its pleasure to see bulls, goats crossing the roads and playing, but it’s a big disturbance for vehicles and these livings have chance to face bloody by the speed vehicles. Have been inside the Murugan temple some years back, but now as usual settled in the car and watching the temple tank which was filled with water, between taking snaps of tank, goats, tower of temple.
Tirupporur Murugan Temple
Temple Tank

Goat standing on the wall of the Tank
Peacock inside the Temple (took my mom)

I have memories of the silent surrounds of the temple with much spacious to play, run and rarely see peacock. Sitting on the steps and dropping the fried grain on the water to the hunger fishes, and the tank has a history of never faces drought.

After worshiping lord Muruga, we turned on East Cost Road towards Mahabalipuram; on the way the sky becomes very dark and started to pore heavy rain. Some on the road’s arriving to a hide places, and the bulls keep on standing in the center of the road without feeling the rain. Went to one of grandma’s traditional family deity Karukkathamman temple in mahabalipuran, which was on construction, as we arrive the temple, was closed because of untimely. In my childhood days I have spent much of times in the surrounding places of this temple, when ever I visit our relative’s house. It has a pond and green trees to make the afternoon cool. Many times went to the pond with cousins to bathe, as I am fear of water, will not drop my feet’s inside the pond because of an warning of mire, but my cousins bravely jumps from the rock to pond. There was also a small hill near the Temple, every time we used to climb few feet on the hill to worship Ganesh, which was carved on the rock in Pallava times. On the rocks we can find some red stain for few meters, and my grandma used to tell me a story for the red stain, that the God in the temple killed the giant person who always disturb the village people and pulled him through this rocks and bury under the temple. After spending some time we had a wonderful drive on the ECR.
Dark sky on the way
Goats running on the Rain
Lord Ganesh carved on the rock
Green sight near Mahabalipuram

Again on last Friday (Dec 1) I got another change to go a drive on ECR to attend a new home function in my grandma’s village Thiruvadanthai near Kovalam, with cousins. This village has one of my sweetest days I have spent in my life; it has beautiful lake, ponds and lovely relatives. Now our relatives are shifting from there old tiles house to concrete roof house, which has much designed works on windows, doors, roof…. It was surprise to see an old type of house in concrete roof in this modern construction. Took the car with bro and cousins, rounded the village visited the pond, temple where we were roaming with Palm fruit vehicles. They serve Tiffin with famous Kushboo Idly and the sambar was so nice, I was totally enjoyed the day.
Drwoppathi Amman Temple in Thiruvadanthai village

Thursday, December 07, 2006

New suffer

As I feared I brought the Eye pain from my dad, who brought it from my bro. I hoped it’s a contagious virus, if we use some thing that was used by an eye pain person, but not while we facing other eyes and even though I was careful and hope it will not attack me, but I got the symptoms of it on by Sunday evening. I never know it will go severe like this, of giving much pain, white eyes change as bloody with swilling, headache, fever and bring me to bed for three long days. It was the first time I experienced the eye pain (Madras eye) in my life, I thought the eyes will change red and if we put drops it will go, but for me, having low defiance power to face any viral disease it reflects double as compare to others. My mom and dad was worried of my situation, because I will not lie in day times except the 10pm to 7 am at night, I just do some thing. Much of my cousins are surprise to know I was lie down for 3 days. These days I was fully shut off from my all activities, like computer, reading, walking…

My bro is sin every one was scolding him for bringing the eye pain to the house, and spread to everyone. Even I too feared of seeing my eyes, I loss the pain now, but the red eyes are still continues. Was putting medicine for my eyes for every 4 hours, and hope it will be normal soon.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Young Veyyil (Sun Light)

G.V. Prakash Kumar this name is the hottest in the cine field now. Director Shanker who introduced him as a kid singer in his film GentleMan 10 years ago, and who also singed the Kaadhal Yaanai from Anniyan, now he has introduced him again as an young Music Director for his banner Veyyil (Sun Light). I brought the album Veyyil with A.R.Rahman in my mind, because Prakesh’s Uncle Rahman was 18 when he composed music for Film Roja, but Prakesh’s composition was very different its’a mixture of all Western and Indian. In his album Veyyil it has folk, soft melody, duet and village music.

The First one Veyyilodu Vilayadi Veyyilodu Uravadi…. Brings the small enjoyments we had in our childhood through the lyrics. The song starts with the big band sound and continues with the festival drums famously know as Thappadi. Guess this song would popular in rural villages.

The soft melody Uruguthae Maruguthae… the song has Shreya Ghoshal awesome voice and the try of Shanker Mahadevan in the melody voice was different. Prakash should be appreciated by the way he handling the song, it remains me the song Asai Asai eppoluthu… from dhool.

Ooran Thottathil Varathu potta velarikka… was energetic and a youthful song, which has some traditional games in the lyrics and the instrument’s used in the songs, gave a feel of dancing, the high pitch voice in the middle have a mix of Anniyan style.

Here goes my favorite song from Prakash is Kadhal Nerupin Nadanam… It has something special from him. It starts with the Arabian Vocal cords Ena Rackin my luv En odi my luv…. It has the touch of Harish jayaraj’s Omasa eya Mariyaya… form kaka kaka. I was impressed by the lyrics, esp the second para of the lyrics is soothing and the voice of my fav karthik & the Chinmaya has good combination. Here I share the Lyrics of the song (the original and translation of the song) :

Love is dance of fire
Melt the life and lose of travel.
Love is movement of water, cyclone sleeps
silent of sea.
Love a magic world, cheetah catch in spiders net
spotted deer’s, smile and redeem it
Eyes change as a plant, which blooms dreams because of u
In the age and mind, the colors flows let by let because of u
To cushion on ur playing beautiful hands, a stage have to fell of my head.
Live rain, when the time umbrellas were absent.
Your two hands change as an umbrella.
Colors changes in your breath,
one crore rivers rushes into body.
Like a bird, you and I can go of the other side to the sky.
Like the roots, can we go long on the bottom of the earth.
Crore clouds crawl and dance above the head.
Love asks the language and becomes rain.
Haven’t seen the flower smell for hundred centuries,
it blow everywhere on the earth.
You inside me and me inside you
Time creates the Love doll.

Friday, December 01, 2006

BacKING up!!

Jeevan is back to his world after a short break from his broken computer. No no it dint broke! The much costly motherboard will take time to change may be this month or some…. Now temporarily some programs are working including IExplore in unknown situation (no idea when it will hang), till then I will be here. It has crossed over 15 days I blogged, it was bored days with out being here, and seeing u all. But these days was not bad, we where going out with family, visiting doctors, listening to some good songs from new releasing films, end of rainy days:(… and start of cool winter:)

The fearing rainy seasons gift, the Madras Eye (eye pain) was everywhere in the city, and most of our well knows had this gift, I was happy till a day back before my bro got the Madras Eye, now fear, it may come to me or some of my family members. Nowadays mom & dad were feeling hard to shift me from one place to another, like chair to Wheelchair, bed to chair…. So with the advice of doctor, brought the hoist, even though it makes me worry on a side, I realize the situation it must be used to avoid the stress of them. Last weekend was cool by spending some times with cousins, and aunty. The bro’s were so sweet to make me smile by kissing on my cheek:) Hope u all have been happily enjoying these days. I know you all were wishing me to come back soon… I don’t know non-words than Thanks, Dears.