Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Content 27

My First Birthday Photo (click for large)
It was indeed a day of pleasure receiving calls and greeting from the dear ones on behalf my birthday and only on this day all calls are mine!

Yes, today marks my 27th birthday and it pass simply like the one yearly and I couldn’t expect any more than a heartily wish on this day…

When I seek for something special, I couldn’t think anything than my parents on this day… their sacrifice and suffering for me to survive is irreplaceable and only fill my heart with great happiness and gratitude.

I’m always special to them.

Except battle with MD, I live a content life so far and not all receives such bestow as parents and have a life to live close to their heart.

I just liked to share my first birthday photo here at this moment of 27, and the past 7 years had been special to me since blog spear… I receive lot of friends greeting which wasn’t happened ever early in my life.

Thanks for all the wishes, greeting, sms, and telephone and Facebook!  

Sunday, July 29, 2012

வளர்ச்சி வீ ழ்ச்சி / Growth Downturn

Image: Google
நாட்டின் வளர்ச்சிபொருளாதாரம் வீ ழ்ச்சி
தொழில்நுட்ப வளர்ச்சிசோம்பேறிகளின் ஆட்சி.

இணையதள வளர்ச்சிஉலகமயல் ஆச்சு
கையடக்க கணினிவாழ்கை  கைக்குள் முடங்கியாச்சு.

Growth of country… Economic downturn
Growth of technology… Lazy guys rule.

Development of internet… Globalization happened;
Habile computer… Life locks up within hand.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Suo moto

Gone are the days waiting for the government to bring change or act on security and protecting the rights… But things are different now, the social concern and responsibility has shift hand from the government to courts and many important decisions taken lately by courts are simply strict and prudent. 

However the government implement the rule are not totally taken into concern and many aren’t strong enough to withstand as long as government keep changing while in rule, the court orders has been the engross enhancement. Whether we agree or not, the court implement is equal to amendment that only an apex court could dismiss which is the last lookout for poor or rich to get rectified.

Take the instant of removing the black films from cars or the late rule on helmet and the recent ban imposed on the tourist activities around the tiger reserves across India is welcomed by everyone and no protest is raised against the implement. These are little brought under limelight and there are many I come across latterly in newspapers which I couldn’t remember all yet, the responsibility of courts has upright under the 'Suo Moto' of judges.

Even the social crime and abuse in society are taken through suo moto of judges on basic sense and humanity in recent past is all prudent and appraise humanitarian; and without fail they use their authority to notify or rectify any government on social interest and law and order. I wanna write one day appreciating the judges for their upholding democratic and humanitarian on public general in liberty and straight forward on ruling the unruly, wild and turbulent… I got the chance now after go through a suo moto of judge’s of Madras High Court, inquiring the fall to death of a  6 year old from a running school bus through a huge hole under her seat which shook the Chennaities a day before. It’s a pity disaster in itself!  

Long live the judges with suo moto… and social interest!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kiss at sunset

Image: Google
The sun set down
leaving fire on the lips
that burn to ashes by kiss.

The gentle wind caress
while the lips share ashore,
hold to passion and love.

The salt seawater
turns sweeter ever
by the spilt of mouth water.

The moisture wind
fought the warm breath;
forever to embrace in cold.


A fun and fantasy on kiss...Inspired by a photo I really miss to save as from internet which is behind the write up.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tribute to maestro

This week there was a delightful topic on my favorite talk show ‘Neeya Nana’ in Star Vijay, on the songs of late 80s esp. the composition on maestro Ilaiyaraaja was just blissful and it was a debate so healthy and cheerful. Everyone comes up with their favorite song of Ilayaraja and how it connected with their lives and being close to heart… it’s so wonderful to hear each ones story and ardent being an Ilayaraja fan.

I wonder how they come up with single most favorite of all time… which I couldn’t do so far even harder I tired yesterday recalling his songs, I couldn’t come up with a single song mindset, because his songs each one set a mood in itself. I need to confess his songs always been a reliable source of my solace and whenever I feel so lone or depressed his songs stimulates my sense to cherish and set away the motion into peace.

I have innumerable songs in my walkman and PC on Ilayaraja and during my days on work on publication I used to listen to his songs and it make things favorable to do so and except being unable I pushed to left the work and since then I kept enjoying his songs unlike ever. While I aware about music, AR. Rahman was there along with others but without my knowledge Ilayaraja’s songs has been my favorite and I still remember the first tape-recorded we brought and it played was ilaiyaraja’s song from Amaran and Mannan… both has super hit songs.

Ilayaraja’s songs were always heartwarming and close to heart feel and only he makes so real the nature and feel of rural into his songs.  When it comes to love he has a special place on young hearts and left to never grow old and falling in love happens each time listening to his songs, whether happy or feel so sorry his songs cherish and rapture.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Liquor – Life at the edge

I don’t know how to begin... No I have no idea about trying the booze but certain things make concern about the risk factor involved in it. Obviously liquor has been an anti-social element for long taking away precious lives of many and putting families at sorrow; seems never to come to a conclusion only to rise in percentage. 

The liquor has sent people to the edge of life, everyday taking risk at their loss of conscious on streets by knocking others or knocked by others... the damage is mostly for others who face an unexpected odd behavior on road. I want to write about the drunkards for some time now and need to condemn the media esp. the film industry promoting the liquor thought its many super hitting songs and sequence.  Those who really want to leave the liquor are impossible to continue as each scene, song and drama watched through television remind them to acquire the liquor.

I was out into the city two nights ago… on one hand it was heavy traffic and construction of metro rail and unruly drivers, and the other was the drunkards whom we suppose to encounter at twice brim. We were at sudden jerk but they are cool and casual at crossing road or wrong turning and we couldn’t blame them since they are not in their control.

Partially they bear their cost of life at lost and certainly the government does its best supporting part leaving not to depress their customers, and getting money from themselves to develop their infrastructure and free rice, education and shoes on their pledge of life. What the government earns through liquor shops is higher most among its income and the cause of liquor sold keeps the risk factor at the brim that cost a mass destruction on health, wealth and peace of the immense families.

I wish the government seeks an alternative source of income better than liquor and open rehabilitation centers in each location on the place of liquor shop to treat those addicted and only by bringing change in mind we could remove the boozing habit or the illegal liquor shop would grow at any hideout, which is endanger.  The drunkards have been increased contemporary as per liquors sold rose… it feels shame that our country or state develops on destructing a part to it to aid another.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The heaven comes down

Spring in summer
Picture by Jeevan - on Gulmohar
The drifting clouds
The songs of Koel
The blossom of Gulmohar
The droplets on leaves
The showering phases
Impresses me to core; 

The twitter of birds
The arrival of insects
The moisture earth
The event of light thunder
The constant weather
Continues to please me ever;

The monsoon of west
Sent its blessing
The emotional heat
Makes up the earth cooling
The days gloom and bloom
Took bestow.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sothuparai Dam - Periyakulam

Sothuparai Dam is 9km from Periyakulam on the foot of Kodaikanal hills or the Western Ghats of Palani Range; helps enrich the entire area of Periyakulam and beyond by run  as a perennial river Varaganathi. The catchment of the dam is a combine of rain and small streams of Kodaikanal hills and the release of water from Berijam Lake, Kodaikanal.
Grand view – Sothuparai dam
Grand vista of the dam and misty Kodaikanal hills at rear
The Dam at its full storage capacity of 2.831.m.cum might be a wonder and thriller to watch it overflow via the high spillway, but I could only image the scene since the monsoon got postponed that year of 2009, left the reservoir at its base.  The road to the dam is enchant by the groves of mango on both sides leaving mangoes hang out of fence, at a height of hand’s touching and could pluck even from the moving car.
Sothuparai Dam - Front view
Front view of the dam taken from floor bridge
We first reached the top of the dam by the road on the hill beside and got a refreshing view of vast green on the mango groves and a patch of concrete at a distance which is obviously the Periyakulam town. The road extends beyond the check post – near the gateway above the dam, and along the reservoir the road leads to a small hamlet on the hills called Agamalai, which is restricted for private vehicles to enter.
Sothuparai Dam
Rear view on the dam from a distance elevation
But the guard at the check post somewhat allowed us to drive on road along the reservoir, knowing our interest on forest and though we couldn’t find any animals as it was dry everywhere we got a great sight of the  dam rear and views beyond. The guard told us the road exists only for a few km on Ghats and after that it’s only on horseback one could reach the hamlets on the hills.
Sothuparai dam - close to bottom
Close to bottom of the dam
The name Sothuparai is a combine to two Tamil words meaning ‘food and rock, and it is said to derive from the habit of people here who once used to take food on the rock boulders along the flow of river Varaganathi. The water released from the dam through an irrigation canal runs like a stream among the rocks and boulders during our visit since there isn’t enough water in dam… the water runs like a stream is distillated for drinking purpose of Periyakulam on its way.
Irrigation canal
Water flows from the dam via irrigation canal
Sothuparai is the second highest dam in Tamil Nadu, following the Sholayar  Dam of Valparai which comes first, and for more details on the dam check the photo below I captured on the board of information kept there. The dam has a small tunnel and irrigation canal and only during the heavy inflow the shutter seems to open large… and interestingly the care takers of the dam has left a  fishing hook above the canal to catch fish.
Board of information
The dam is isolated from tourist or the general public; it has a small simple garden with beautiful lampposts and a floor bridge to cross the dam, to get a complete front view of the dam. The time we checked the dam, a log had took refrain on top of the spillway, which is supposed to be washed away during the flood and it decided to stay there. It may need another overflowing season to come down.
Bouganvilla flowers
A small garden in front of the dam

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I need you tonight

I need your tonight
I don’t know why
I would feel so glad
having u aside.

I need you tonight
holding your sight
dreaming together
to how to make it real.

I need you tonight
singing lullaby
at my bed side
as I asleep on your lap.

I need you tonight
lighting my heart
as I feel so scare
the day lights disappear.

I need you tonight
badly so,
baby on my bed
I lose grip my fear.

I need you tonight
at the end of twilight
making delight
revealing our secrets.

I need you tonight
holding tight
I cannot think parting you
even the day breaks apart!

I need you tonight
badly so,
baby on my bed
pls. forgive me if me wrong.

I really need you tonight!

Footnote: Inspired by the song of back street boys… it’s been sometime I listen to the songs from Millennium and the first line stroked me a lot today! Lol

Friday, July 13, 2012

Theertha Thotti – Periyakulam

Two km from the Periyakulam town, towards west on the road leads to Sothuparai Dam, comes a lonely place surrounds by gulmohar and neem trees and among them is a small mandapam and tank which is called Theertha Thotti. The tank is a natural spring and it told to be never went dry perhaps being on the south bank, close to the perennial river ‘Varaganathi’ it is considered as holy tank.
Theertha Thotti
One of an evergreen song from the Tamil Film Pithamagan, Elankathu Visuthea… was captured at this location and the tank takes a special place in it. The tank has an inner mandapam or corridor and a staircase leading down.

Theertha Thotti
We visited Periyakulam during the time monsoon was postponed so everywhere water was at least and dry and the Varaganathi River was too like a creek and stagnant. Our friend’s in Periyakulam was residing on the south bank of the river and only because of the couple we get to explore the places around and they take care of our need indeed!
Green Wall
Their home is on the Agraharam Street which is renowned for the community of Brahmins in each locality and I have seen couple of Agraharm in various places early which are very quiet and clean alike. What attracts or interest me was the home next to their, pretty and pleasing in green wall or vertical garden beautified the front.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

நஞ்சு / Toxin

Image: Google
பாசம் என்பது
ஒரு வேஷம் ஆனது
பணத்தை பாத்ததும்
பிஞ்சி நெஞ்சும் நஞ்சு ஆனது!

Love means
happened to be a mask
looking at the penny
tender heart too becomes toxin!


I no need to describe how toxic our world has become but except the chemical substance mixed in the environment, the mind of people and words they speak has become worse and there isn’t a heart to check either and feeling and everything has become money letting mind and respect demoted. I deeply hurt when I come across people ruthless at others and atrocious at words and behave like only they have a heart to get hurt and all others are made of solid… For some money has become their mass storage where no more space for emotion and heart for others.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Periyakulam – the mango city

Two years back I visited this picturesque municipal town in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu, India and at an elevation of 282 meter; the place offers a wonderful weather overall the year. Located at the foothills of Kodaikanal, the Western Ghats offer a splendid wall to the city and at night its a delightful sight to check the lights on Kodaikanal hills.
Unknown Peak
An unknown peak of Western Ghats captured from the room.
Periyakulam is also known as ‘Mango City’ and it’s a major supply of mangoes throughout the state and its greater support was the perennial river ‘Varaganathi’, which runs in east-west direction dividing the town into equal half namely Vadakarai and Thenkarai – north and south bank. The river start at the foot of the Kodaikanal hills and joints with the Vaigai River is known for its sweet water which flow from the Berijam Lake in Kodaikanal.
Mango grove
The Mango groves near Periyakulam
The name Periyakulam is referred to two Tamil words equivalent to Big Tank of this town. The former Chief Minister and present Finance Minster of Tamil Nadu, Mr. O. Paneerselvam hails from this town... which has 100 years of municipal history and its one of the oldest town in Tamil Nadu.
Horse Cart
One of a Horse cart on the Periyakulam main road
It’s been sometime I want to write a post on Periyakulam and I spent two days visiting around its places and I share here few picture captured then and it is a town where still horse carts exists for transportation. There are few interesting and popular places around this town... and let see more on it further down in posts.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Celebration of Kiss

Image Courtesy: Google
Kiss Me... Close Your Eyes
Miss Me... Close Your Eyes
Kiss Me

I can read your lips
and your fingertips
and Happiness in your Eyes

Kiss Me... Close Your Eyes
Miss Me... Close Your Eyes

I think you no need a narrative about the lines above, since a number of lips could have whispered it watching the ad campaign of Cadbury Daily Milk Silk on television, if you are from India. It’s one of a sweetest ad campaign I adore esp. the music and lyrics fascinate me each time checking the ad and always puts at swing the way it singed, was cute. Check one of the ad's here.


This ad comes to mind once I leaned today is an International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day ;) The idea behind the day is to remind people the simple pleasure associated with kissing for kissing’s sake, as opposed to kissing as mere social formality or prelude to other activities. Kissing can be an enjoyable experience in and of itself, is an expression and experience of intimacy.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

An emblem of love

Latin Lady Red Rose
The gorgeous bud blooms

Flourishing the heart entice

An emblem of love

Connecting people at ardent.

A gem from home…
Life is like a beautiful flower

The petals embrace each other

Like get-together,

Life becomes a beautiful flower.


The Latin Lady Red Rose or Love Rose bloomed in our house and I captured the beauty one evening after we brought the plant last month. I loved the bi-color of the rose and it so fascinated me while clicking!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Wildest dream

 I lay on bed dreaming of her
who stoke my heart with love;
embraced me tightly and warm
and kissed me passionately quite.

I dream of her so wild
who cuddle me like a blanket;
tickled till embarrassment enhanced
and touching her heart in attempt.

We kept drifting on the bed
dragging each other in entice;
an attempt to make real our fantasies
and fascinating foreplay.

Nothing leaves us beside
engrossed in gazing completion within;
leaving as much lip marks
as a symbol of love and ecstasy.


I need to confess there’s no one behind my write up… and it’s quite a fraction of fantasy, fun and love!

Monday, July 02, 2012


After planning for day after another to watch the Tamil flick Saguni in drive-in was happened only on Friday after gathering hope it won’t rain that evening, as it threatened with dark clouds like the first day and heavily showering on the consecutive day. The movie was an entertainment pack with politics as background and it is one of a decent commercial film released lately and gladly it doesn’t have any punch dialogues, one man army or gang war or skin shows!
The story wasn’t interesting but the way it leads at second half was good and moves enthusiastically for us to watch keeping away our basic sense!  Karthi plays the role of Saguni, who interact with political activities and leaders to achieve his goal being their reliable source and Santhanam helps him by losing everything and tried to make us laugh but we got only bored to his blunt jokes and almost seeing him in every film these days.

Pranitha as a heroin, doesn’t have a scene to express or act really and only used for couple of duets. In whichever way Karthi used to impresses her are fake and drawback to the movie and waste of reel. Nassar has been utilized well in the role of god man and he done his best making us laugh and think though his silence; Radhika has shown her face after long back into the big screen as a woman gangster come councilor and city mayor.

The editing and cinematography has made the movie picture clear and background score doesn’t make notice except two songs soothing and capturing the places of picturesque! Prakash Raj has done his job as usual good in role of villain and the credit goes to director who makes it fast on screenplay following the break just being an end to the boredom.

Bottom line:
Overall an entertainment… but no more cheerful to cherish and deliciously insipid!