Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yearly ones

The cold at the beginning of this season or festival troubles me throughout and even now, the week going on swallowing pills is still to cure. There wasn’t much celebration at home and television bores its best wasn’t interest to do anything within tiresome feeling, but the light and sound want me get out, wander around in cold looking for fireworks performed. It was usual explosion of light and colors, disappointing my cousin with no more sound crackers brought and we headed to suburb as it was limitless excitement overall sky and nonstop explosion from every side. Electric Lights were decorated our apartment and children played with fire and little excitements rollover, the smiles and sweets were shared by neighbors the hardly and only time they are. Everyone at home healing with cold, even though gave me there support on deepavali celebration, getting me to granny’s resident in were in open space and safe locality we make firecrackers explosion. The streets that didn’t silence few seconds in lighting crackers, the fireworks comes explosive continuously make me less focus with camera than looking around. Something strange the views of people on me watching the open sky for less than two days at night, could not get what signal they got, but I still watching nights return yearly one or two. Below are few pictures on deepavali:

If not flash works click here for pictures.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Best one at deepavali

Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam with Comedian Vivek, a fun and interesting interview on deepavali morning in Sun Tv! Watch for good.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fire Fountain

Hope you dears had a colorful deepavali, as well I visible multiple displays at nights and lit fireworks with cousin in our granny’s home in suburb Neelankarai. The crackle made it enough sounds around seems gone empty right now. Still in mood of festival, and feeling uninterested in writing or reading, so leaving this and later more. Have you all peace and happiness :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Deepavali resound

Soundless deepavali is unimaginable, but it’s possible for a reduction in volume and certainly it’s going to witness in future of the peoples attraction was towards the fantastic displays in nights. It feels so empty and boredom without sounds on deepavali. At every corner around our resident we hear loud and light resonance throughout the day which gives us the festival mood, that we share the same circumstance of happiness making around with people bursting crackers. The streets to be visible of colorful fire fountains, the rotations of floor chakras and continue burst of red Walla crackers turn to be a festival season will stop people to attention. Thus we have the favorable colors and sparkles matches, the tendency on watching colorful displays increases than the road side bursting crackers. To tell children and more young are uninterested to spend on streets and tired making fire at every piece of explosion. So the decisions on to buy few fireworks that satisfy the happiness of colors.

Yearly we come across by awareness of explosions, the pollution and smoke release in atmosphere, even though we continues the practice of bursting crackers as if sometime we forget those and move to happiness of lights and sound. Am not distance from this, and from kid I am very enthusiastic on fireworks and away from lighting myself I love these days watching colorful display and buy them to make cousins lit to watch. Somehow the sweets being the flavor, the joy of this festival is fire crackers and lights, thus more people unlit the earthen lamps on this day only arrange to the up come full moon day. There is no more difference except the taste of people on selecting fireworks; thus the usage is reduced to the increase in price and the awareness of global warming, still we have to move closer in sharing this festival to end with peoples together.

Back from my last year post, the thought remains same. The unity in celebration is the way shows the little things large. Though we can stop this fully, but our wish want’s to remain in touch with fireworks, so it follows: “Instead of just bursting at all corners and outside our gateways, we can bring people in crowd at a specific place or our streets, colony and apartment resides to gather in undisturbed place and celebrate the fireworks. Because of this, the money spent on buying and using fireworks are reducing, as well we also enjoyed the festival of sharing the fireworks and avoiding more environmental degenerate.” What is the true happiness of festival without people around? Let’s get together and celebrate the festival of lights together. My wishes to u all for peaceful and safe deepavali!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cold war

I am the victim of cold war
since am the soldier in field
struggle to overcome in battle
with cold temperature in mass

The sleepless night to think
look after by the combat
the heed comes from home leader
whom leads to fullest, witness
up and down in often temperature

Warmness gets the mass
sweeping nightmare of worse
bringing down his day official
to take-care the cold war

Every time the parents care
there son – soldier
to come out of source immediately
but somehow they support for victory

In this case they spent sleepless night
and day to watchful there son in field
of cold and temperature
to rise and down till it ground.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Early monsoon

Rain is pouring throughout
and few flood instance count.
The increase in leap of frogs and toads
from the next compound, since
silence in there alarming siren

The first monsoon to our pup
scares the different flavor and sound
alarming leech stick to floors and walls
stamped to black brown mash.
Suddenly closed green, covers
the unscheduled outer space

In the extending pouring
young players play ball ashore
in wet and cold makeshift rain
the bills forgets someone’s glimpse;
envious everyone views
the taste of purest liquid drops

They dig up the sandy soil
the undisturbed brownish squeeze;
the blunt shadow of blues
behind and above universe
gives a quite pattern
the dews on windshield.

Chandrayaan-1 Launches Successfully! Congrats to Indian space mission and scientists.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Music view on Abhiyum Naanum

The team with a lovely language (Mozhi) is back with more beautiful Abhiyum Naanum. The audio released weeks back was excel in kind, packed in little drawing note; in times last, its refreshing album in Vairamuthu’s gem lyrics and Vidhyasagar’ s soothing music; feeling the more significant of natures taught. Alike mozhi, they have given importance to meaningful lyrics, the way of music composed to the understanding of what’s listening is undisturbed melody and not less than the voices catches rhyme, unless it doesn’t feel the sense. Every song is suitable for complete pleasure, as it not alone concern the film and characters, but also gives listeners some message.

What does we miss to listen the album tells is the nature including human relationship; the cry of souls, a child’s innocent behaviors and to wonder at unanswered quest. Touching everything as ideal, this album comes out very well to a mood of replaying frequently. I share something on songs and my favorite lines follow:

Ore oru oorile... as it begins like a children story ‘oru orula oru raja (in one village a king)’, it demonstrates the plot of this feature film. It was singed by Kailash Kher, whose voice reflects in ears even after stop listing and indicates the possible intensity.

Vaa vaa en dhevadaye... it sounds very familiar to some past presentation. It has composed very gently to Madhu Balakrishnana’s happening voice to give the sweetest wordings its favorable feel. Every fathers wish about girl child would inspire these poetic lyrics and it not only interacts with father-daughter, as well every common person to express about a child.

செல்வமகள் அழுகைபோல் - ஒரு
சில்லென்ற சங்கீதம் கேட்டதில்லை

பொன்மகளின் புன்னகையோல் - யுகப்
பூக்களுக்கு புன்னகைக்கத் தெரியவில்லை

முத்துக்கள் தெறிக்கின்ற மழலைபோல - ஒரு
முந்நூறு மொழிகளில் வார்த்தை இல்லை

Like my wealthiest daughter’s cry -
haven’t listened one chillness music

Like my golden daughter’s smile -
the aged flowers couldn’t known to smile

Like pearls scattering lisp -
a three hundred languages doesn’t have words.

Pachai kaatre vesu... my favorite song in the album, singed by the most lovingly Sadhana Sargam. The first wording itself proving it’s a song about nature and truly to accept the fact chillness at ends of lines. Well between about the Hindustani and Bhangra are more energetic and less exciting to disturb the pleasure or to think it sounds me alone. The first and second foot was real interesting and meaningful, thus communicating.

நேர்கொண்ட நதியில் அழகொன்றுமில்லை
வளைகின்ற நதியில் அழகதிகம்
வாழ்க்கையும் கூட வளைகின்ற நதிதான்
திருப்பத்தில் தானே ருசியதிகம்!

In the direct river, there is nothing beautiful
in the curved river is more beautiful
life is so like the curve river
in the turning alone tastes more!

Moongil vittu sendra pinea... wow. what does it express is unseen, but the answer it gives is live and sees. Something I murmuring often is this song, the impression the lyrics left is extending even after listening. The music at very soft and vocal presently gives the restful within.

மூங்கில் விட்டுச் சென்ற பின்னே - அந்தப்
பாட்டோடு மூங்கிலுக்கு உறவு என்ன?

மாயம் போல் கலைகின்ற மனித வாழ்க்கையில்
சொந்தங்கள் சொல்லிச் செல்லும் சேதி என்ன?

After leaving the bamboo -
what is relation the song with bamboo?

Magic like dispersion in human lives -
what are the messages relations said to leave?

Azhagiya azhagiya kili ondrai... is a song annoying the menacing apart! The music is hard core and gives an extreme feel to slow down the noise of rise and down in string mood. In my view Vairamuthu is the main subject relating the story into the lyrics, here is the pain he expressed in relationship distance. SPB renders a high sharp tone to an emotional feeling!

Chinamma Kalyaanam... very simple tells there is nothing splendid than a life to present. A solo one by Kailash kher, and is indeed a mere soft composition background. And finally there is a Panjabi instrumental delivery, that nothing does it the melody others.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Just for fun


It's harder than it looks! Hit forward, erase my answers, enter yours, and send it on to 5 to 10 people including the one that sent this to you. Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names, things. nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

What is your name? Jeevan... gimme a surname u likes?

4 letter word: July... the month I born.

Boys Name: Jahangir... the ruler of the Mughal Empire.

Girl Name: Jhansi rani... the queen of princely state.

Occupation: Jeep Driver... something I love to go off-road.

A color: Jade… not that goody that tears shetty!

Something you wear: Jersey... a good search for shirt.

Food: Jackfruit... the thorn heads brought from village.

Place: Jaipur... the pink city.

Reason for being late: just felt lazy... to wake before 8.

Something you shout: jaye he, jaye jaye jaye jaye he... recalling school prayer.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Q/A

Want to share my thoughts for just like that, which are my answers that I have post as a comment in keshi’s blog.

1. What is the one Thing someone has said(/done) to you that hurt your feelings the most?
I have the one in myself to hurt, so is anyone needs? But is the silent thing I hurt through understanding the pain and suffering of my parents, esp. my mother which I have given.

2. What is the one Thing that most people won't guess about you?
The reason behind my smiling, and sometime that’s the reflections of my imagine world, where romance and wishes exist ;)

3. What is the one Mistake people most often make in relationships?
Not conceding one another and accept to live within.

4. What is the one Spice in your cupboard you seldom use but if you threw it away you think you may need it?
I like pickles which I won’t use usually, and ask for when the bottle is empty.

5. What is the one Thing you don't have that will increase your energy and reduce your stress?
Few encouraging words from others sets free the harder moments and to move further. Add for positive circumstance.

6. What Is the one Reason you fail to lose(/gain) weight?
Lack of walking… and adjustment in diet!

7. What is the one Question that you should never ask a woman(/man)?
Enquiring about another girl and there age.

8. What is the one Thing (food/sweets/drinks etc) you can't say No to?
Brown chocolate cakes and my fav are the birthday cakes which have more cream

9. What is the one Thing that keeps growing as you use it, when all other things keep decreasing when used?
Interest, I am nothing a person without it and everything I live and learn is because of this.

10. What is the one Thing that you want your loved-ones to do when you die?
Anyhow we are going into depth as ashes or bury, before that I have something to do with my wish. I have decided to give my body to the medical research as if anything could help on the MD disorder, instead of organ donation which is nothing going to be useful to anybody. I hope my loved ones understand my wish to exist and I want to exit from the usual custom.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


What we learn from schools and university stance throughout our lives, if not that moment later we realize the importance. The uniform worn in schools teach and showcase the indifference between students, visible or invisible all must been treated similarly is the intention of uniform. As well the cops worn the same uniform is to secure people in just inseparable manner, thus the society with varies people relating any community is there duty to give security equally and preserve. But thinking on few incidents recently happening around it doubts the true intention, is really this bud flowers. At least not in cities, the larger part of country faces the difference between students and cop to innocents where the community, caste and religion raise it heads.

What taught in schools or as young practiced survives until we stop to think why. What is happening in some schools out of sight is where the caste class rules. Some students seem to be low caste since treated unfaithful and shown partiality among would sharply scar in the young minds and the superiorities to continue. It’s the self priority people tries to grimy the uniform must be warned to keep there dirty ideas out of campus, so the students enjoy there freedom similarly certainly. Sometimes what taught in schools are not taken into practice, were the school itself not takes them into notice, then how come the mind-boggling? By removing the priority among young is led them to a better generation what take down the step to state equality.

The cops are alike students ordered by leaders to enforce the priority witnessing whatever happen to democracy and humanity. Is felt to apathy the hand fold police to immovable at communal mobs destroying others, where blood flood and pain kills the people, snatching there lives to survive. Our country stance for the unity among variation, but the few soaked communities doesn’t think like and chance to separation where the only power is uniform to bring down the democracy to stand. Its very disappointment to know how the cops handled the recent takeover by anti-communal priority in country, where people lack for security in there own lands and facing threaten to die or live under someone banner. The only thing we could expect are the cops in uniform, when that’s the chance for us so it should made tidy.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Drop of rains

ஒரு துளி நீர் வேண்டி நின்றேன்
அடைமழை தந்து என்னை மிதக்கவைத்தாய்...

விழிகள் ஓரம் நீர்த்துளியை
மகிழ்ச்சி தந்து உலரவைத்தாய்...

பாலைவனத்தில் பூக்கள் தந்து
சொர்கங்கலை கண் அருகில் காட்டினாய்...

One drop I prayed for
you gave incessant rain to float...

Drops on the edge of eyes
you gave happiness to drought...

You gave flowers in desert
showed heavens near eyes...

These lines are from a Tamil song i like! The picture was on heavy rainfall yesterday.

Friday, October 10, 2008

About an elder women

Misery and grief of great gran rule by our very moments in past and my presence of observing than nothing doing in silence view across this very old women right oppose our native home in Adyar. The rest in the balcony obviously make attending the elder women, who I know from my earlier; just thought at glance that she sits beside the street just like that and gets away certainly, but her stay extends now and then. Moments later I know from my cousin that she obtain that place, what make sure her baskets and few think left over. The space she occupies was someone’s gateway what mostly closed it partially, along my stay I noticed the kindly residing the house did nothing to try her get away or showing distress above the seizure. Anyone could easily get to a thought that she may be abandoned by her children, so she left to live on street and I was not interested to leave whatever as it is and I know she did bit more to her family in bulls maintaining.

Then later my cousin spoke that her family shifted to another place and sold there home. Not far away, this elder woman was taken along with them, later again she returned to the aboriginal ignoring her son’s haven and care. It was thought that me like more than staying with her son, she loved to be ground and sojourn aboriginal. I know there family where staying over about ours and known familiarly by elders; and there were former practice between them and our grandfather in bulls and milk profession. This was something felt me unusually and wonders where she lives independently in her own valor and does whatever she could to earn herself. Throughout my stay I saw her doing everyday some work and sweeping her own cloths; getting somewhere the coconut leaves to sharpen them to broomsticks, selling coconut slices and bananas. From the back at staying with family, she used to business with bananas, like else wandering around my area I see her to spread mat to sell the bananas roadside, which we never want to have, is as could easily go to waste basket.

This is a very thing I know a mother abandon her children for staying indigenous. Somehow the nativities help her at nights, giving her shelter for sleep and resting. She extends her life by the little things she gives up with energy and work; buys anything with sum she earns and except from helping families around in food and money. Nothing to see her in misery, and anyone could reach her may hesitate by her appearance that’s nothing more to her expressions and sometimes what she spells is miserable and I could see her blaming those helping her in there back, its unhappy to be and the courage at this age! Think she should be around eighty, was healthy to go wandering anywhere on her own. The things that grimy back the residence is her habit of bringing down the cow dung to public dustbin, from far away two streets her home and it was her son who drive the buffalos toward tea shop to sell milk at spot payment. It was something like until two year back or before we left our home it’s been a continuing process. Just coming across a friend blog about care on aged inspire me to write about this elder women. Out of the gray side, there is something the courage reveals from her.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wind energy

Pacific air to breathe
breeze that caress sense
wind that blows power
storm that bring clouds
destroys if it’s tempest

Lack of wind face the problem
mind that not saves further suffers;
we have the space the most left outside
just inside closed doors
we ventilate through ventilator.

Heat derives outer in space
cool arrives inner enclosure
wonder what does wastage current
when nature exist adjacent

Felt the strong winds of this season
smiling like wide branches of gulmohar
moving either sides of wind blowing
slackening in the late meridian power cuts

Broadness of streets and cut down trees
single homes to multi storied buildings
future is in dependence, construction filled the space
what does the lovely pot plants in terrace helps?

Thanks ruler to think us the importance
still some blames and not thinks of late
life that depends more today’s current
where does comes the wind without trees
and nature is best without it where does we ahead.

# The picture taken at my native home, someone grow a banana tree on there terrace.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Pretty Piaa

From the first time watching i was attending this song every time it flashes. Truly felt like something exists from my dream, the very cute girl Piaa in her beautiful expressions. The song deals with a girl enjoying her boyfriend’s presence, the smiling and facial emotion to adorable. The song from ‘poi solla porom’, is utmost my favorite right now. I try to translate the song which is below.

Without speaking a word
without seeing a sight
your silence does something
without blowing storm wind
without an earthquake
my heart is sliding on you.

If I ask to stop stop
my heart never gets
if I tell to speak speak
my lips resist to speak
even thus it gives suffer I like

Hai oh hai oh hai oh for me love closed in
pai ya pai ya pai ya insane seized me

You go go go my night to tell him
that there isn’t sleep for long time
You go go go my night to tell him
that there isn’t sleep for long time

When eyelid both to close, I think of you
will give my heart ally book, you come read if you
If you went saying noting
don’t you know my love?
The speaking language of eyes
can’t you understand my dear?
Hai oh hai oh hai oh for me love closed in
pai ya pai ya pai ya insane seized me

Without speaking a word
without seeing a sight
your silence does something…..

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sweet gesture

Chami B'day
If u can't see picture, click here.

My uncle’s daughter Chamyuktha completes a year today and I sent this card to her. For everyone there 1st birthday remains always for special and to wonder actually we don’t remember what happen this day, but the things and pictures exist are witness. Sometime our parents recall what we did on that day, the sweet gesture what we try to figure out later. The long lost relatives, little friends and neighbors can be seen in pictures, many may be been thinking or not, but we have them in our special cell corrosion pictures. At every stage of life we display it to someone special come across to comment how sweet and cute we are, and noting bothers how presence, we feel happy with smiles.

I think what does separates us now in thoughts and occupation, where gone the overt innocence not distinguish then. We grow and practice at different place, the interest and aim diverse to different path. Routine life gives little space or not to think and seek relation, sometimes denote in mind where u gone man and think what calculates the distance between us is insignificant. We glimpse on old pictures, but mind follows with moments and memories taking over our plans further and utmost smiles within.

I wish she have a special day today. The current song dedicating is Nilla Kaigirathu, one of my all time favorite, and harini singed it so sweet in her 13, well turn me to be her fan.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pause and think

Gandhi by Jeevan

Is violated everywhere. Gandhi brought freedom from people who wanted to control nation and treat people into slavery in a non-violence process, but how can his way of teaching can stop the terrorism and communal violence holding today? It was some thought how many of we think about non-violence and try to follow the smooth way than the rougher path just for least disturbance or hatred. Some make there life a genuine what is not quite ever all and some pass on there thoughts they come across in understand and bring from realism. Religion and reality disturb the peace, and everyone own there place in democracy which is stealing by mobs and rage occupation. Even in time of independence struggle there was multiple communications, comes under one unity ‘India’, but what today happening was unity among someone community which despise others and try to plug off democratic current.

Terrorism is spreading like disease hatred by everyone, the blast in which takes bunch of people to death. Every time I get chance in express unity, which is very strong tool to save from ill threat. And how well we come closer is matter in strange people and still people there to calculate in our back wrap with smile before. Gandhi’s non-violence movement turns wide eyes to look different defeating the cruelty minds and world wars, but was it possible today with people fighting for separatism or individual nation. No, I don’t mind it could, where some waiting for the opponents to bend down to stamp there foot like idiot without pause and think. If some let back is to give way further and to future, and to meet both ends is to bend not could it break. Earth is one we hope, and live evidently, but where comes the lives and we should not forget it and make apart.

Where do we carry the hatred and greedy to destruction? To half the daily papers, is most what witness takes over and is the violation of children and women. Its bloody shit if what the same expect from a partner as well in a child, just for desire and sum is right take away the lives to destruction? Where does the freedom and dream of Mahatma gone, is he the only then lived message alone! When one could follow in blind way towards something, why not see with given eyes the truth. Truth alone gives pleasure, in lose we are in fear and anger (on ourselves) which ends in violence.

Let end this in dream of Gandhi, he says: “I shall work for an India in which the poorest shall feel it is their country in whose making they have an effective voice; an India in which there shall be no high class and low class of people; an India in which all communities shall live in perfect harmony. There can be no room in such an India for the curse of untouchability or the curse of intoxicating drinks and drugs. Women shall enjoy the same rights as men. Since we shall be at peace with all the rest of the world, neither exploiting, nor being exploited, we should have the smallest army imaginable. This is the India of my dreams.” – Mahatma Gandhi