Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hi friends

My fracture in femur (above knee) has healed well, but the real painful thing was only here now… and I am experiencing extreme pain when trying to bend my knee which got stiff after being in cast for 42 days. It seems like a normal thing for those in cast for long time, the joints to get stiff and taking some time to regain normality after doing some exercise.  Being regular with physiotherapy exercise in general, I am going through some tough time bending my knee but I feel the improvement at slow pace and also with weak bones… doctor has advised to go for slow mobilization. Being a muscular dystrophy patient it could take much time flexing the knee quite back to normal but I wish it happens soon. Right now I could able to bend my knee 30% and trying to sit on my wheelchair though I spent more than an hour on laptop these days. Hope I could spend more time at blogging in the upcoming year and I wish you all a very happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Cheers :)