Monday, November 18, 2013


Dear friends, I am doing much better now... and feeling lack of pain and reduced from extreme slowly once on bandage. It’s been more than 3 weeks I have been on bandage for the above knee fracture and was suppose to go for an x-ray in two days to know when to remove the bandage (plaster of Paris) and how well the fracture has been healed. I couldn't use my laptop at this situation much, but trying to be in touch with it and you all… hope to be back in blogging and other online activities soon. Thanks for all your well wishes and blessings… I am very happy for all your concern, care and love. Truly I miss the blogging and life is so boring these days and I couldn't do much other than watching TV and listening to music. I couldn't sit back much longer like before with one leg stretched always and at lying position I have no option other than tv and music. Will update once I take comfort seat on my wheel chair… take care!