Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Time to travel

New Year 2009

The lasting travel to exist gone to be one of my dreams on heaven, not the one in slumber, it’s always a desire and excite. I don’t know whether it would fill my thirst on nature or not, but showering is unexpected in this ever drizzling state thus also a bond to traveling. I heard and viewed stories of traveling about into these remaining ideals in world and wild, which expect me tranquil and untouched pollute. The browsing gone from time to time when travel comes closer, but like the cyclones directions to turn near closing ashore. Wish we don’t disturb the peace and leave my space for excitement. I will be away for sometime from now, to catch you all at the beginning of New Year, 2009. I hope and wish u all have pleasant and peaceful celebrations.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

ஏய் கடலே / Hai u Sea

கடலே, நீ ஒரு முறை எட்டிபார்த்ததில்
நாங்கள் நிலை குலைந்து போனோம்
உன் அமைதி சூழ்ச்சி அறியாமல்
அலையில் சிக்கிக்கொண்டோம்

புலி பதுங்குவது பாய்வற்கே
ஆனால் உன் பின்நோக்கம் அறியாமல் திகைத்து நின்றோம்
சற்றும் தாமதமின்றி
நீ முந்தி கொன்று தின்றாய்

உன் அலைகள் தொட்டு சென்றதில்
பாதங்கள் இதமாகவும் ஈரமாகவும் உணர்ந்தன
நீ வெட்டருவா கணக்கா வெட்டினதில்
தண்ணிரும் தவலையுமாக செத்து மிதந்தன

நீ ஒவ்வொரு முறையும் உயர எமும்பொழுது
நாங்கள் தயக்கத்துடன் பின் நடந்தோம்
அந்த ஆழிப்பேரலையின்
அழியா நினைவுகளை சுமந்த படி

கடலே உன் ரசிகன் நான்
உன் சுயரூபம் அறிந்தவன் தான்
நீ விதைத்த மீன்களை சுவைப்பவன் நான்
உன்னை கண்டு பயந்தவன் தான், நான்!

Translation in English follows:

Sea, only ones you over see
we dislocate to go
ignoring your silent cunning
we entrapped into waves

Crouching Tiger is to rush
but we astonish in unaware your back intention
least without delaying
you advance killed to eat

In your waves touched to go
foot sense to wet and welfare
in your cut sickle amount of split
like water and frog, die to float

Every time u rise highly
in hesitate we walked back
with that sea billows
eternal memories to bear by

Sea, I am your fan
I aware your self form then
I relish your sowing fishes
frighten to view u then, me!

# Unforgettable December 26, 2004

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My awards

There are four different awards give to me by my dear buddies in blogging. Often we share awards in praising our sweet friends, just making ourselves surprise and smiles. I am so pleased to give these awards to my entire friends and silent readers here.

A beautiful award from Priya.

Proximity award from our dear Starry.

What is this Proximity award about?

"This award is given to a blog that invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

Freedom and Independent Award from cool Rakesh. To mention about, he comes from the heavenly place Ooty :)

Barath present me this Lovely Blogger award.(i truly regret for missing your award dear, thanks for remaining :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Money matter

I never planned what I do then, but thought someday it may exist from mind. I didn’t wonder, because I know the bud one day will bloom into flower, but what seems is will it fragrance or not. Certainly it’s unpleasant to me, because the matter is of money. Though I am unemployed so does money seems idle to me, where it comes through is not from my hard work or brilliance. I think is there no life without money? And more than any relationship does money distributes the silence and peace? I felt am nothing in the world, what I do survive seems dump, but there is only hope and evidence my parents. And much glad even more than anyone there are friends whom truly care and love for what us. I learn what friendship means from my dad and his friends, apart from the values they support certainly foremost. I see much evidence in past what glimpse that money is nothing a matter at all when it comes to caress. I strongly believe there is no powerful than human and nature. Everything got a price in this world and even we move beyond for that to simply missing the most.

I no need search for an example, the person in my mind at every motion of our lives he exists. Where money is nothing a matter he proved and his conclusion is the proof. My uncle Shyam is the only person behind our comfort, wealth and peace. Without him we are unsettled, his ability is reasonable the world forgets sooner his depart. I see all starts don’t shine brighter, not that they aren’t special, because they are away and inability to glow, like human in understanding. Basically when we understand the need, money is nothing a matter. Money is a path to move, where we see and experience is vivid glow. I could easily think without any intention in the world, not planning tomorrow, and the only thing to misery is who carry me without values. When thinking about value, money come first sending human behind. Even a talented is dismissed by money and a feel comes does everything leads to money. Money is a source of life, but we can’t eat them right; since we rule with money and what we earn is nothing belong to us when it comes to human, the only souls remain forever. There is no intension or distraction behind this post, but something gets me flow.

I find this post interesting on kolam.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Something to express

I have the right to dream and express, don’t have I? If someone stops us from expressing, whoever gets anguish and I am not except, and indeed in the inevitable world does same thing remains forever? If the days remains and dusk invisible we don’t really have the romantic nights, so unless we see or understand something we don’t know anything and inexperience. There was a feel like the hen inside overturned basket, in air holes watching the world outside where one could only breath and visible unclearly. This is very difficult for me with a desire for the vast expansion of nature. The future is in demand for everyone for varies reason and for me it’s my parent I live up to, the only belief in the world I move. May I think why I looking within a circle of life, and thinking similarly too much, because I am taking about truth as it needs more pressure and patency to survive, where a lie can easily daub in someone’s doubt. I can clear the doubts about my stance, but I don’t know to make it possible without hurting others, especially people who are strange enough. And I don’t like anyone distress because of me, where I lose in lack of peace seeing them alike, and that the reason at every strike I move without hitting back.

Coming to the matter it was something annoys the mind. Some gives extraordinary hope to me and without thinking or knowing how many hurts experienced in past! When one lived in lonely planet, the crowded thing attracts to live and see how life works out there. At every dawn there is light, for me those are mirage, where I could not accept it truly, because of the experience that taught me more dark than light. Thus I hope to see a beautiful dawn to be special in the uncontrolled nature and I could not relate to the reason were so many experts itself couldn’t find the meaning. There is a minus side I need to acknowledge where in recent past I looked more for comfort than to fight against the disorder, but now I am in the balance instrument to handle both sides equally. I like and interest to balance both accordingly without losing either side which is both important and have least selfish mind.

Few may think or leave me far behind, but I don’t care as whatever I think and do is human nature and what I feeling is true. There are people having a circle what to do and not, alike similarly I have some what really depends on the things I think possible and must. Everything went out smoothly, until a sudden twist triggers strong wind to get down, to normal later where life as usual. Like celebration and happiness are the triggers create by heart has to come down to beat normal in conclusion. In struggle there are lots of sorrows; in fight more pains to carry on and what balancing between those are going to be pleasant? I see my life only exists through balance, in case if I lose it to advance unaware treatment I can’t even get back to remain or less. In this only state I can’t completely invisible the truth exist, I remember a story taught being child: ‘a boy sitting on a tree shouts suddenly, tiger is coming and he repeats same couple of times, where people working in fields came to rescue, deceit to his lies. And once again he shouted, but the disappointed farmers unturned where a real tiger took him away’. so what I see is there is some true even in lies. In the amount of, instead of lies - unaware, I don’t want to miss those truths behind, and what’s going through these days in my practical life.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dirty sheep

Dirty sheep
I find those sheep roaming beside roads near Pykara waterfalls in Ooty. Seems like they survive by eating something left on roadside and what attracts is there unclean! We were discussing how much soap and shampoos need to clean them and sure they can act in washing soap ad for being unclean, thus a flashing beam could showing them unstained after using either soap. Cool!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Random tag

Indian Myna

Brother Ghost Particle tagged me sometime ago to write 7 facts about myself... and I get to remain now!

1. I don’t remember many cell phone or landline numbers, except mine and home number. We always save the numbers in cell phone under there name, so we just press the names to call. I didn’t think actually what will happen if the cell phone is lost or struck somewhere in case of urgency to call someone out of home?

2. Ones I was dreaming at class when I was in 5th std, at the beginning stage of my disorder. I remember that sometime to think how it would be if whatever happening are to be a dream, I dreamed at my class and suddenly I awake to see I am still in my class room ;)

3. I don’t like using AC while travelling, except hefty unbearable heat. There is right reason for me to feel and wish for non-ac. I hardly get chance to go out, where I usually stable inside home, thus why do I need to keep myself within closed windows and most of the time I like going outskirt cities, so why does I want to be enclosed than breathing fresh or better air.

4. I hate buy money from anyone as a gift or presentation in showing or replacing there love and care as worth. Anything as love in few words and embrace expressed from heart is priceless compare to money. And I could not satisfy with money, without true affection within.

5. In school days I used to collect god pictures. In our class me and couple of boys have this practice and to see who collects more. Whether I hope or not, but thinking those days, it seems unconscious.

6. Ones participating in a cooking competition in school, where the preparation of fresh juice unexpectedly to pour nearly to someone’s push in desk. Unknowing to do, I filled the space with water and kept to taste by ma’ma and sure in unsavory her words amused me.

7. I don’t like listening music through headphone connected with any device. I feel it disturbs mind and radiate varies intense. Mostly I love listing through speakers (not much louder like disturbing others), where it indirectly derive into ears and it convince me in quality of sounds.

#The picture clicked one morning when this myna bird was calmly waking on the compound. After seeing it I like to drop some grains on wall and I begin to look earlier and evening for anyone’s arrival. These days I see white cranes landing and driving from the empty foreground filled with water.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Feeling motion


It was something like back to future. I hardly missing those wonderful feeling and it was such pleasant after years. This post is a continuation of last post on travel. When decide to go around Mamallapuram, it was sis idea to go to shore and she knows how much I like seashores that too visible waves near. It was years I remember standing near the sea water and running to waves chasing, but in these years it seems a merry distance. It was a quite shore we visited Tuesday and must thank rain for drenching sand to make advance our Scorpio through this off-road beside GRT Temple Bay to reach nearby waves. I feel how minds changed from the disaster tsunami in 2004 and there is little scare about the sea and rising waves, even though wish extends my scarcity, thus I could not fill those little foot distance. It could be a wonderful experience, if hesitation doesn’t stop my desire to go ahead splashing the waves on wheels. Sometimes it may think foolish, but my dream is unique and there is no requiring of everyone similarity.

The spontaneous wave’s one upon another, foaming improperly caress the feet drench to sense the pressure of tugging. I have experienced very little in past and those moments are only existing throughout to remain forever in the inevitable life. The nature has created much and seas are one best to wonder through its occult suspense. After the strange tsunami it becomes an uncontrollable evident, got changed in its nature to threaten people. Getting out of sort, we come across a colony-village within town. It was not the one in natures path – country streets, and very little available of tiles and palm leaf house. I think when world is changing into development of modern concrete structures why I feel for those old and symbols to poverty.
There was a sudden odor in the breeze took away to the awesome feel, back to our days in village. When in winter or cold evening the people use to burn fire woods to cook and make smoke around to feel comfort and warmth. Villages being wet around, after sunset there could sense a cold and snowier chillness in atmosphere, when it combines with the smoke it gives pleasant. When I felt it suddenly that day, there it mesmerizes! I share with my sister how faint it was getting after long time to this sensation. The children playing beside and around the streets, rolling tires, along sharing space the hens and goats. This town of mamallapuram remains identical to my views, except much constructions and spreading of underground sewage system, even some suburbs not. The open canals and mosquitoes have been control by, and tourism gives way too many businesses and tradition own of carving sculptures is falling least by extend. The passenger buses through this stretch have been facilitated to international standard and privatization of the ECR makes people easily available.

IMG_1738 IMG_1727

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In and around

Cheese ball

Another travel lateral to OMR, it’s now ECR. Traveling on the east coast road is always fun and boost for smooth ride loving. This time with a purpose to ride our family to Mamallapuram, I get another traveling opportunity on my favorite lane with cousins and grandparent. It was merry go around with my bros and sisters. It was raining half our way and drizzling carried on breeze pleased. Our pet Maya was chilling in moving wind and so keeping her face outside window enjoying the weather. Even it was Bakrid, the mamallapuram doest fail to get attention by many visitors. After dropping our elders at great-mom’s place, I and cousins went around just like that or even to burn our times instead waiting for there conclusion and visit too two more relative place next to another.

I didn’t brought my wheels, so I can’t move specially anywhere than out looking. Many things have changed and improvements on progress. I wonder what really is not! In the beautification progress they have changed the genuine things around. Esp. the cheese ball has missed its amazing stance for and stories said behind this globe like structure standing on this slide, immovable for human and animals’ power. It was something back hard to climb on the sloppy rock to touch the cheese ball, but it was touched today easily in few steps. It has a slider narrow substance on the rock which we slide and play then and even now it receives same joy for little foot distance. It’s more than a decade back I climbed on this rock and many times we visit this rock yet it is near to our sis home.

Must say the tourism department is taking good steps to save the remaining structures and rock cut sculptures to maintain properly, even in cost of visitors. I really wish let that’s be a rumor what the entry fee is very different from country visitors to foreigners. Sure I must go around in my wheel soon before I lose insight memories of the places I visited back. It terms I am looking around from outside fencing. Even deriving the rain and cloudy weather staying before the cheese ball, we tasted ice-creams get by our sweet sister. It was fun looking Maya as we all having ice-crème and she was whining for and all along she was fellowship riding. Mamallapuram is home town to my sis and who was visiting our home in Chennai. After calling dad to know that it would take some more time to return, so we decide to go around the town, colonies and shore. Sure it was something I will continue at my next post.
ECR on rain

To those unknown about Mamallapure, it is a very famous place for rock cut structures belong to 7th centuries, carved by Pallava Dynasty; which is just 45 km away from Chennai on ECR.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Surprise visit

There was a sweet surprise from this friend which is third time in this year am meeting her. A friend of her and who is also mine called this morning what my dad attend kept it secret until they call again to clear the route to home. What we converse online and meeting in past is very little more, but there is strong understanding in our friendship turns our relationship familiar. I know there could happen another meeting at this year end unknowing when and how happens today. Anyhow maya turns to be the core attraction of this meeting which last about an hour, nothing turn to be different but pleasant for all of us.

She gifted me with chocolates and a short cute IPod. Lovely presentation dear sweet friend! Thanks so much, its quite receiving you buddy. You get me surprise affection and peace, what I hardly experience in my life. Friendship till this moment is indifference in whatever format it exists, we continue to be wonderful dear friends. I wish you all the best in your life; happiness and peace at your new dawning relationship.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Slow motion snail

My Snail

After the recent heavy rains, I find many snails on our compound wall and car parking space. Few were crawling along the wall, bearing there shell on back. In all other snails, this one looks cute. Isn’t u agreed?

Certainly I didn’t take this picture, but I made it sure in setting the camera that picture comes like this. Thus my mom took it accordingly and without her I won’t got my snail to publish. It was on movement what is less than the shutter speed escapes from excite. Must thank mom for whatever, and this is something very simple, what she really does animate me throughout my life.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Bold and beautiful (Varanam Aayiram)

Even though it was late, I don’t want to miss the opportunity postponing. So watched something looking from past, listening those wonderful composition. There was an expectation I have not entirely on Varanam Aayiram, but few things that want me catch soon, but the recent rain delayed everything. More importantly the two main reasons are the dad-son relationship and Sameera-Suriya love, which I later felt watching those are bold and beautiful. What all begins with conclusion goes decades back of flashbacks narrating the story. With two more reasons to mention there is nothing more to make it special, the first half was wonderful and nearly fresh, but back from interval I was forced into watching the indifference. I felt the movie was already over, but still it runs with needless scenes, I thought to be added for the length of the film.

Glad I wasn’t expected more to get distress, but I loved half the film. The so beautiful Sameera Reddy and more youthful Suriya’s romance and eye to eye sights makes calmly visible. Oh! Sameera has such a mighty visage to concern everyone hearts. She has less to converse, but her expressions are enough to speak. Very stylish look with less glam makes her pretty more. No, suriya does not alone intensify himself seeing sameera face-to-face in passing train; hence we could not stop from sensitive ;) He just gone through the breeze of making soothing waves constant through his guitar is such pleasant in mood, expressing though he is the happiest person in the world. Wonderful acting suriya!! As a teen he impressed me more than being youth and already wonder through his appearance was keen enough to the character of our grown street boys and I easily see someone from my home.

As I mention in a post back, the Suriya- Simran’s love and duet are not that sensitive. Just like a drama, how could one inspire from those, when suriya often think about his daddy suriya’s propose, which is sweetest without savor. Why can’t I see those are belong to 80’s situation and it’s the style gives me a look, both are old man and woman. Some forgotten places of Chennai are remembered through the songs Mundhinam paartheanea and Machi machi. The plus thing about this move is music and cinematography. With this two main hands director Gautham creates magic on screen. The blue skies and places of US, misty golden bridge of San Francisco, and Kashmir are worth watching. I wonder why do film makers miss those heavenly places in Kashmir to capture and same time thanked the beauty was not disturbed by anyone.
Something I don’t want related to the picture was the kidnapping of a child and commandos rescue the unknown from armed militants. It actually remains me the recent terror strikes in Mumbai. There is no strong reason for suriya to save the small boy from the kidnappers, which deal with a fight where he visible a path lead him to army. Divya or ramya comes with nothingness, helped the movie to move towards the conclusion. Suriya, at every stage had grown through his character and as old man he was totally difference! The very minute meaning the film says is ‘what ever happen life has to go on…’ I just loved the relationship between daddy and the son. Which disclose the bold and friendly relationship, for a son to dad and dad to son happen to talk openly about there happening life and desire, is well most gives way to a healthy relationship. Seeing that, I was pleased thinking about my daddy - what I usually call him like, without failure he share with me everything and disclose hidden struggles of something unknown from his past, and to discuss anything before proceeding. Sure there would be a wish for the most, like a daddy one in the movie. Varanam Aayiram a meaning of ‘thousand elephants’!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Past and present


My cousin bother ashwin came home last evening to celebrate his birthday with me. He burn and blow the 10 candles mean to indicate he completes a decade and to share his cookies. Seems like unexpectedly we all get together for his birthday, what unusual, because certain things won’t come closer and we wish him calling to sudden remembrance, if not thus. I regret how I forgot his birthday I won’t mostly. He is someone very sweet and fond being the youngest in our all. I liked him for whatever he wanted to come here urging his parent to celebrate his birthday with us, and the moment last least but quite enchanting to mind in joining with our elders and cousins. Soon they left; the moment last for no matter and there were something to think from my bank of memories.

This day not only remember his birthday, a shadow yet to be real in someone’s life affects my relationship with one. On the same day a decade back, knowing the sweet news that my cousin is born, there was another message that my close cousin’s father engaged into a fatal accident – his bike met with a truck. It was the incident what happens after brings down a huge distance and sorrow differentiates my relation with that cousin. When it was remembered, the mind goes back in seeking those moments. We were uncommonly practiced relatives, but mind where so close to play and longing for the days to come yearly. Even thought later the distance becomes short, there was the mind that was not. I could not easily forget those days said to be the very pleasant moments in my lives. A life’s sweetest and wonderful are the childhood days, none could have forget those and ever to memories. My relationship is not lost; it’s forgotten by that person.

I couldn’t easily to think what distinguish our relationship. I could still feel the person care on me, but there are no expressions of love and not alone me, to none of those whom closely deserve. It’s right the self and carrier is important than nothing, but that mean they have to forget everything savors in past and should not try to realize how the change affects deeply someone whom cares? I think to childhoods are limited to the growth of knowledge and in self intense intention. There is no bound then in sharing our thoughts, wandering around; the solitary nights to depart in our innocent thoughts to insignificant talks extends beyond midnights. Glad the memories exist, even the person stops thinking. At least with me, something to felt from past that life was beautiful and inspiring more.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Chennai rain 08

After the conclusion of rain, its skies with open and close up to sun shine often. Last week Chennai experienced the worst monsoon in its half decade to wonder still more streets are immerse under water even after couple of days without rain. Our main streets were watered over a foot or half makes harder the vehicles movement and it’s up to the courage to move the struck vehicles in water entered silencer. More hesitate brought everyone within home watching television on often flashing of ‘operation cyclone’ and flood results at varies places within state. So, yesterday went out witness the flood situation on my way towards marina and to a relative house. It was water at every interior road which gives not much a floating experience and it wonders me to see rain water to stay this long, whether within a day to reduce almost. Just our apartment lays rise, the water distance itself, but it supports the whole movement. It was something inverse in our area, like high and low tide in sea, it raise and down in level of water with least reductions. Seeing and knowing other parts of places with water, I feel we experience better than any other place in receiving almost power supply and escape from water login. Below are few pictures, clicked on my way.

Thiruvanmiyur Rajaji Nagar, near my home

Thiruvanmiyur DR.Radhakrishna Road

Thiruvanmiyur DR.Radhakrishna Road

Adyar Parameswari Nagar

Inner road of marina beach

Marina beach which is on reconstruction and beautification