Friday, November 30, 2018

Quite an unexpected trail

I never thought life would turn this difficult, this sooner, with unexpected happening into our lives. I couldn’t remark how I have been disturbed by the discovery of my dad’s coronary artery disease, which is a cause of narrowing of the arteries that supply heart with blood. To make it short blocks in heart. He was normal all these day and many a test result (related to heart) were normal except the treadmill exam, which taken on his complaint of insufficiency of breathe after having food or going on walk and climbing stairs. Seeing the result, the doctors advised to go for an angiogram to get a clear picture of the condition before going on further treatment. And the Monday’s diagnosis revealed three blocks on the coronary artery with a percentage of 90, 80 and 60 and for that the doctors prefer was either open heart surgery or placement of stents. But still we unable to decide and was expected to consult one more doctor, like we already done with two before taking a firm decision.

Except diabetic, dad doesn’t had any serious health problems but I do aware diabetic is a cause could bring anything into a healthy body, alongside lifting me and recent stress relevant to house renovation should be the prime reasons for the clogs. After mom’s surgery in May, dad was the only person to lift me to change in positions, mostly from cot to wheelchair and wheelchair to commode stool, with occasional aid from brother; I too haven’t took long trips since March visit to Kodai. Now it’s time for him to retire from the lifting course and of course he’s age 66, a fair reason to prevent lifting me but he did until doctor advised after examine the test reports.  For last few days my brother was helping on shifting and we too had sought for a part time caregiver and meanwhile the portable hoist is used for lifting. Like told above, I have no words to express my distress and pain and my only concern right now is dad’s recovery from the disturbing fact, and it’s no matter how I lead without his support but his healthy presence is more important for me and I could understand his situation and I hope the advanced medical aids will improve his condition and put back to norm at any state.

Though I sound strong and clear, I have fear about the upcoming progress in our lives and my dad and mom are a part of me so I could not keep away anything affects them, like I for them. I should say I really lost my sleep or fell into nightmares lot thinking his condition and our futures ahead; I too started to experience pains related to my scoliosis on spine and difficult at breathe some time. Though it wasn’t anything instant serious, but certainly a cause to bother me in near future and I tell myself get ready for the war with soldiers within! Haha There is no way denying the fact and I keep thinking and doing various things to distract the thoughts about the future and current occurrences. I truly wish stents works for my dad, so that he doesn’t need to suffer lot and spent more time in hospital and time to recover. Let’s wish for the best

Monday, November 26, 2018

RGB Monday

Our colorful Karthigai Deepam 


Or arrangement of Diyas! Karthikai Deepam is a South Indian festival observed by the Hindus on the full moon day of Tamil month Karthikai, which happens between November and December. It is an occasion where rows of oil lamps are lit in every home and temples. Karthigai Deepam is essentially a festival of lamps and lighted lamps are considered as auspicious symbols and it is believed to drive off evil forces and let in prosperity and joy.

Diyas light up the balcony and door front
Mostly the oil lamps (Diyas) used here (at houses and temples) is made of clay and except adding or replacing few most of lamps are reused from previous years, after cleaning. Mom soaks the oil stained Diyas in water two days earlier to the festival and washed it to dry, before the oil lit Diyas bright up the night against the much brighter full moon. Karthigai Deepam is a renowned festival for the Thiruvannamalai Deepam (a huge lamp light up at the peak of Annamalai hill, about 2669 ft. height) dedicated to lord Shiva.


Just a day ahead to festival, I got an idea of coloring some of the Diyas. I got posture colors, and started to paint immediately and continued into the festival day including coloring a quite red, green and blue Diyas. I did some simple designs on the side of Diyas, and Diyas being small in size comes handy for me to paint with my limited arm access. It’s been long time I touched a brush, since I find difficult to draw things holding pencil or brush, but I always want to do something and the Diyas ignites the thought and I plan to do some more esp. to try to create some Christmas decors using Popsicle sticks and paint colourfully.   

My colored Diyas making centre of attraction hehe.. (all pics clicked with iphone)

Friday, November 23, 2018

Skywatch Friday: Stormy Sky

Shot outside the home. Before it started to rain heavily! Nov 20-21 had been really good day for us, with continues rain, which was the need of the hour, turned the environment to feel cool and was refreshing throughout the showering. Thanks to the depression in Bay of Bengal, we received 100-150mm of rain and so far we received less than 300mm of rain where the normality is 850mm.  So we still need more rain to raise our ground table and the water level at reservoirs. Hope more on the way before the monsoon ends.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Gaja and the cottage at Kodiyakarai

The cyclone Gaja has smashed the coastal districts up to 6, and took very unusual routes into the land without losing its strength has stroke couple of mountainous districts causing heavy downpour and windstorms resulting in number of tree fall and landslides. Kodaikanal – my most visited place for vacation, where my uncle owns wood houses and cottage – being the core part of the cyclone, before it enters the Kerala state and Arabian Sea shook the mountains to unlink most of the roads and many remote villages are inaccessible still and out of electric. Even at the vicinity of my uncle’s woodhouse and plantation, many banana trees had fell and there’s no water or electric.

At the other hand I was wonder what could happened to the beautiful cottage we stayed in Kodiyakarai (PointCalimere) during our visit to the wildlife and bird sanctuary there, which was the eye of cyclone Gaja! It’s nearly a century old tiled roof cottage; adjoin the sanctuary and coastal line, built by Thambusamy Pillai, a sea merchant. There’s two suites named as Pelican and Flamingo, which is popular migratory birds of the sanctuary. I really loved this place, despite the frequent power cuts and mosquito bites; I could see deer and peacocks turn pleasant the moments anytime by their presence. Kodiyakarai and Vedaranyam in Nagai district is worst affected and almost cut off from the rest of the places, as it located on the eastern edge of the state.

The places that are affected by Gaja continues to fight against the debris the cyclone left back, after pulled down many houses and destruction of livelihoods. And to make situation worse, these places continue to receive heavy rains due to another depression at the sea and a warning of 300 mm of rain still. However it was raining from the morning here, more rains is expected in coming days. Hope it rains well, never a kind of flooding, to uplift the ground water and filling of lakes to support our city’s water scarcity. The pictures here are on the cottage we stayed at Kodiyakarai.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday Photos: Fireworks

Some golden aerial fireworks shots from the Diwali night, capture through iPhone from the balcony of our home. 

Following is a short slow motion video of ground chakkara

Friday, November 16, 2018

Skywatch Friday: Sunrise and Contrail

Gaja, a severe storm or cyclone that was threatening the coastline of Tamil Nadu for nearly a week, had landfall near Nagapattinam, creating havoc at the early hours of Friday (today). Above 250 km away from Chennai, the coastal districts is at severe damage of properties and lose of countless trees, but the precaution efforts taken by the state and district authorities really need to be appreciated and I believe it is because of their efforts the worst has been prevent. Actually, Chennai was predicted to be the destination of Gaja, but nature decided to be kind toward us giving away the trouble to other part of the state. As I have been to the places of Gaja, I could imagine what kind of destruction the areas face and Vedaranyam being the eye of Gaja is isolated from outside world and it is surrounded by natural saltpans and forests that should be faced heavier. I was really worried about the Kodiyakarai; the Point Calimere wildlife and bird sanctuary, which is home to number of blackbucks, wild horses and migratory birds, including flamingos. Hope the nature wasn’t disturbed heavily.

Coming to the post, I would like to share couple of skywatch shots from the other day morning, when I waked up earlier than usual. Though it wasn’t an actual sunrise but for me the sun just came above the trees and building to bestow its tender waves on me that sense a lot to me. You could presume form the images that it was shot from balcony using iPhone and few minutes later a jet crossed the sky and its quick enough to pass and I could only get the contrail as proof. It was a pleasant morning for me and waked up earlier left me more time for reading and other activities. I wish I follow this pattern, though I’m someone don’t wake up before 8 am this should be a trouble. lol

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018


pic: google
Like upright ripples
curls, crawl downs her bosom as
infant hugs mother

Exists a beauty
even at a small gesture
of fingering curls 

Monday, November 12, 2018

RGB Monday

Festival lights

Shot from the night before Deepavali! I usually go out to see what happens around during Diwali esp. the evening or night before the festival of lights and mostly to the beaches in neighbourhood where people gather more to just catch up with the mood of Deepavali, and this time I went to Palavakkam beach and watched some fireworks lighting up the sky despite the time restrictions it was wonderful to check out. The photos carry some colourful light decorations from the shops on ECR that I shot when moving around in car. 

Friday, November 09, 2018

Skywatch Friday: Aerial Fireworks


During Deepavali I had wonderful time watching fireworks that repeatedly showed up in the sky from evening to night, from various angles it boomed the sky in dazzling light and colours which kept me active on phone as I have no idea from which direction a firework would light up, I was awake to capture some of the amazing displays. I initially used the camera in firework mode to shoot the same, but as many weren’t repeated kind I shifted to iPhone camera, which is quick at shot, helped me get some neat snaps alike here, from the balcony.


Deepavali this year wasn’t great to cherish or bad to critic, but went neutral where I couldn’t feel anything differenct; instead it was pretty bored for much part of the day as most programs on Television weren’t amusing. And I haven’t watched it as well. Though Supreme Court has set time limit of 8-10pm, which was altered by the state govt. as an hour in morning and night to light fireworks, there were crackers sound from morning to night but that particular time period, Chennai was at its high – the time where we also light some fireworks and joined the smoky eve hehe… it’s been years I have stopped buying noise crackers and also conscious purchasing less smoking fireworks last few years.

Obviously, this year the noise and smoke level was very low compared to former years. Thanks to the hard rule by Supreme Court, that forced people to either give up or control bursting crackers results in only bit rise on pollution level. But to my surprise, when I checked the weather app today, three day after Diwali, the air quality is poorer than what showed on Diwali. I wonder is it perhaps it was national holiday that day, with less vehicle and factory pollution the air quality should have shown better that what bursting crackers created. Huh!


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Saturday, November 03, 2018

Restriction and Reality on Fireworks

For Indians, the first thing that comes to mind when spelling on Deepavali or Diwali is fireworks. So was the festival caught fire with us and although we call it as festival of lights, only fireworks ignite the light and it has been a part of the festival historically. People may hold different belief regarding to the festival using fireworks, but generally people enjoy lighting fireworks and as it burst with different colors and golden hues brings lot of cheer.  As a 90s kid, fireworks has been my favourite  (and continue to be so)  and I believe it was for anyone grown that time, and now with lack of interest many would dropped firing  but the memories could not light off. The firework industry in Tamil Nadu is big enough to support the entire country and foreign export, and just for the one day celebration of Diwali the almost firework industry works throughout the year.

Happy Diwali

Now coming to the post, the Supreme Court of India has come up with restrictions to use fireworks – what is busting crackers for just 2 hours on Diwali – sounds funny! It’s quite impractical judgement by the Supreme Court (in response to a petition seeking ban on fireworks) and I really wonder what kind of analysis the judges did on the festival and its fever of bursting crackers. How could they think people would stop or bring down to the ground, a practice followed for many years, all of sudden? I don’t connect it with belief or religion, because Diwali is celebrated beyond anything by the people of India and gripping them tightly will end with disappointment and lose hope on democracy. I know this rule will be broke down for sure, and yes, bursting crackers are harm to environment but there should be some procedure to bring down the practice and making of firecrackers step by step rather pushing down to ground.

I just wondering like every other do, on how the Supreme Court is going to tackle the countless, certainly breaking down the time limitation. Already there’s a time limitation set out by the Supreme Court to light fireworks between 6am to 10pm at night on Diwali, but people begin bursting even earlier to late night will certainly ignore this rule, which is against democracy and people unfavourable. No doubt, the fireworks will lose ground in future but a slow landing is better for everyone and that’s what everyone needs to work out. Happy Diwali