Monday, August 29, 2022

Friday, August 26, 2022


Stretch your arms,

Embrace as much as you can, 

When you can stretch your arms 

Why do you restrain yourself?

Loving oneself isn't wrong

But rejecting someone who longs!

I try to embrace 

You, slipping out of my grip 

Thinking as I'm imprisoning you

And squeeze you to death.

I know, over-gripping makes breathlessness 

But running away makes you feel the same.

I'm not to hurt anybody 

But trying to live and let others do the same.

Monday, August 22, 2022

The Fogg!

I don't follow cricket!

Someone could find my statement amusing, especially when it comes from someone from a cricket-loving country. But that isn't the point here. It's Fogg! 

My father is a huge cricket fan, and now he's obsessed with the India-Zimbabwe match. I have no choice but to look at the TV now and then because I spend most of my time in the living room either reading or working on a laptop, checking my phone, or simply relaxing. I look at the screen and see if someone hit 4 or 6, and I am always neutral when it comes to sports because winning and losing are common for every team or nation. 

My issue, though, is not with cricket, but with the advertising that appears between overs or at key moments, particularly the Fogg commercial (link for one of the ADs). Though most of the commercials are meaningless, and I don't want to dig into them, the Fogg commercial disturbs me, possibly because it creates an incorrect perception of attractive men. 

The advertisements (there are three on the same concept) depict two girls flirting with a man (their faces aren't displayed) and conversing between themselves, with one expressing a desire for him while the other saying something in Hindi, their expressions and the word "perfume" reveals that he didn't wear perfume and the other showing a disappointed face. 

The ad clearly and incorrectly implies that males who do not apply perfume are not attractive to look at or perceived to be handsome. It could be a business strategy, but consider people who do not wear perfume, such as myself. I agree that we need some elements to smell good, but it cannot be mandatory, and not everyone needs it. 

Adults can comprehend the business behind the commercial ad, but the younger generation may misinterpret the notion and begin thinking about or placing value on perfume. For boys, many believe that only if they use perfume will girls notice them or look after perfumed boys. 

Perfumes are already harmful to one's health, and if one doesn't really need them, they shouldn't wear them at all, but these commercials reinforce that if you're either smart or handsome, you need to smell good to take into account! I've had problems with perfume before, but not with myself. Someone's carelessness once harmed me, and when they realized what was wrong, they restricted its use solely in front of me. 

Advertisers should be socially conscious and consider the public because ads cannot be seen only by their intended customers. Is it ethical to dismiss a performance because he(she) does not smell good or used perfume? Please, advertisers, exercise your common sense! huh 

Friday, August 19, 2022

Krishna Jayanthi and Kids!

Krishna Jayanthi is a Hindu festival celebrated in India and wherever Indians live around the world to mark the anniversary of Lord Krishna's birth. Krishna is worshipped in the guise of a child on this day because it is his birthday, and thus young mothers easily associate the celebration with their child. The festival is held today. 

Every family with a child enthusiastically celebrates the occasion. Beyond a religious celebration, it has evolved into a children's festival, with families that have children under the age of five taking advantage of the opportunity to dress their children as Krishna (if a boy) or (for girls) his wife Ratha. 

Schools, like homes, celebrate the occasion by requesting kids to come to school dressed as Krishna or Ratha on this day or the day before or following the festival. I sense a compulsion forming during the festival; a compulsion from one's friends and family circle compel  (asking haven't you dressed your child) one not to miss the event, even if they aren't interested. 

Every child raised in a Hindu family seems to dress up as Krishna, and I, like my cousins, was no exception. I don't remember dressing as Krishna, but I have the photographs to prove it. Back then, we dressed as Krishna from a piece cut down of dad's Dothi and mom's jewels as ornaments. Today, however, they sell a ready-made Krishna costume for children. 

Though every festival and day has become commercial these days, Krishna Jayanthi also joined the eve; aside from the sales/buying of ready-made sweets and refreshments, which were previously homemade, the Dothi and other ornaments (as a set) have also added to relieve parents. I wasn't surprised to see a television commercial promoting the special Dothi intended for kids to tie on Krishna Jayanthi; my sister-in-law is concerned that she missed the ad because she purchased a set locally and early to dress my little nephew Kavin!  

Kavin as Krishna

My nephews, Kavin and Jeswanth, dressed up as Krishna. Jeswanth dressed as Krishna for the second time; he was 4 months old last year and cooperated well, but this year he refused to participate, and we could only put a Dothi and a flower band on him. Kavin's brows were decorated while he slept, and he had no idea how to remove the ornaments. Though they were ready to come out on their own, we managed to hold things on him sometimes and took photos. Below were the two in their respective costumes.

Jeswanth in his simple look with a peacock feather on his flower band and pearl-like chain.

A screenshot of Kavin from my facebook story.

Jeswanth in his costume from the side.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Diamond Jubilee of Independant India and Ambedkar's India!

The people of India are getting ready to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of India's Independence on August 15. The Indian government is launching several plans to enthusiastically celebrate the 75th Independence Day, with one of its primary goals being to encourage people to raise the Indian flag at their homes, and workplaces, and change the photos on their social media accounts to the three-colored flag. 

PM Modi requested everyone to clap (when COVID outbreak) in recognition of the selfless efforts of frontline workers, doctors, and nurses who dealt with the worst of situations; the people went on a rally, beating drums! Later, he told them to light lamps in honor of their service and the lives lost in the pandemic; people set off fireworks and celebrated Diwali! Now he pleads people to hoist flags, and the ruling party is advancing, not even leaving the sea, where they have rallies in boats and employ force to sell flags in some places. 

I usually hoist the flag on Independence Day and Republic Day, showcasing my patriotism for the past 20 years, but this time the Prime Minister requested that flags be hoisted for three days in a row, from August 13–15, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of India's Independence. So far, nobody has told me to hoist the flag, and I'm doing it in my interests, so I don't need to follow this pattern.

I will stop here, I don't like to enter politics. Patriotism is something we all have in our hearts and are taught to be from childhood, as it is natural for anyone to feel a connection to their nation. Even though I don't speak Hindi, I love my country! Sorry, but the political shadow seemed to be following me. Because I am interested in both patriotism and politics, I couldn't separate the two; I am particularly drawn to the political leaders of the time who put the country ahead of their own lives and families. 

My latest read of B.R. Ambedkar, who created the Indian Constitution, impressed me with his insight, and his book, Ambedkar's India, was an eye opener for me in terms of caste and politics. 

Ambedkar's India gives a great perspective on caste and its root causes and why it needs to be slaughtered. Beyond that, and through various examples and concepts, he delivers worldly knowledge. I don't want to go into the subjects of the speeches of Ambedkar; the lawmaker of India has all the reasons to oppose the existence of caste and the importance of being independent; his consideration of all sorts of people and belief in constructing the constitution is remarkable to read. A must-read for Indians who anticipate changes within and outside of society. It's a book that reveals that he is not associated with any organization or set of beliefs for those who honor him for what he believed.

People may have different opinions on independence, but we cannot deny the truth that thousands of lives were lost fighting against slavery and tyranny under British rule to drive them away. In today's society, independence has many varied connotations, and most of the time it has been limited to one's function and terms and conditions. 

At 75 years of independence, we are still in a position to fight for our basic rights, needs, and issues; fighting (not just physically) appears to have no end until we fight for our last breath. There is no doubt we have tremendously grown as an independent nation, and it has not been an overnight development. We must never forget those who paved the way for us and laid the foundation for our country, allowing us to be ourselves and choose our careers. Though there are still barriers to certain people's development, I think education and rationality will remove those, and everybody will breathe true freedom. Happy Independence Day!

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Following a two-month hiatus and the stormwater drain!

On Sunday, after a two-month hiatus, I emerged from the house or was hoisted down through the elevator for an evening stroll. As you may or may not be aware, the work of rebuilding the stormwater drain in our street, a project initiated by the Chennai Corporation to restore all waterways that carry rainwater by September, when the northeast monsoon begins, has kept me at home since June 3rd; even though the stretch in front of the house has built, it is still incomplete without slabs to cover the gaps left by them, and we were to do some mason work for me to access it through the wheelchair. 

I am dissatisfied with the work done on the stormwater drain by the Chennai Corporation on a contract basis. At least in our neighborhood, it appears that the contractors were non-professionals who lacked even the most fundamental sensibility. I'm furious at how they lay the stormwater drain in our backstreet, which was almost done but unevenly! It was narrow in some places, wider in others, and took many curves where there should have been a straight line; all of this illustrates their carelessness and unprofessionalism in creating a channel. The worst is happening on our street, where only 10% of the work has been finished. 

Coming to our street, the construction lags so much, and we're thankful that we fall within the 150-foot length they've done, but there are still a few holes to be filled with concrete blocks. I expected them to finish the work in less than a month based on the speed with which they excavated, but two months had passed, and they had only completed the length I described. Some housefronts have difficulty crossing the ditch with stretched steel bars, and no vehicle can enter or exit the houses. 

Worst of all was the mosquito infestation. We usually don't have mosquitoes during the summer, and only if it rains do one or two emerge but now that it's dry, the dug-up ditches holding sewage water from some residents' leaky pipes have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, forcing us to stay inside after 6 p.m., closing all the doors and windows. Nonetheless, they find their way into our houses and make our nights a nightmare! We wake up several times during the night to use the electric bats to kill the mosquitos. It irritates us when they arrive, singing in our ears. 

I got a bladder infection last month, as you are all aware. I couldn't go to the doctor or leave the house to have a medical test to determine the severity of my ailment. Fortunately, the doctor treated me without seeing me and also arranged for the scan to be done at home. I'm doing well today, but I'm still on medication, which I have to take for another week. The local officials never pay attention to our complaints and are incredibly deaf and stupid, however, the councilor enjoyed standing in front of a section of the completed stormwater drain and then vanished, never to be seen again. Huh 

Saturday, August 06, 2022

The Sky

My sky

The sky looks beautiful in uniform blue 

The clouds float in to acquire diverse shapes 

Keep the skywatching interesting;   

The birds fly into the sky like decorations

Of silhouettes against the expanse of sky;

Different hues tune the twilight sky 

To date, betwixt day and night; 

In addition to the morning, the midday sun

shines as bright as ever to wink eyes.

The night sky is a mystical splendor; 

The starry night beautifully enthralls  

Until the moon started stealing 

All eyes turned to its marble face. 

I dream of waking up to sunrise 

I haven't been a morning person, though.

Behind blocks of buildings, the sun sets.

I was left to watch its tail colors! 

Monday, August 01, 2022

Jeevan 37

Yes, you are correct if you are. It's my birthday, but it was just another day for me, except for this cake-my favorite black forest.

And what better gift could I ask for on my birthday, July 31st? 

A sweet kiss from my cute little nephew, Kavin. He was really eager to eat the cake, but we just gave him a small sample of the cream. hehe...