Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Festival greeting

Happiness is the wealth of health
Thus festivals and celebrations...
Are ideal source of this.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hanging... stay away

The 12 days hunger strike by Anna Hazare, supporting a strong Lokpal bill against corruption in India has ended on Sunday as partially successful since parliament accepts his plea has brought a lot of hope on public union. The hunger strike which reflected across the country has witnessed an enormous support ever from public for a common cause has shown the people power to authorities that whatever we are differ individually in thoughts on erasing corruption has an overwhelming support even if it’s a single step to the miles to go destination.
Following the nationwide strike against the corruption has induced the Tamils in Tamil Nadu who were already in sense of combat against the hanging to death of 3 Tamilans on conspire to assassinate former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Murugan, Santhan and Perarivalan has been constantly resonant though media since there mercy appeal been rejected by President of India requesting to relieve them from hanging to death which commanded to September 9th.

Whether they are innocent or criminals that up to law and evidence, sent to imprison in order to hang to death on penalty has stretched 20 years of imprisonment by now has been the cause to go strong against supporting there death. I think perhaps as soon the order by court could had put them to hang couldn’t have erupted this much struggle, but wanna putting them to hang after 20 years of imprisonment is contempt to court and order and as per conscience there couldn’t be any cruel punishment than imprisoned what hanging could do than just taking a life.

For me there couldn’t be a worst or best punishment than one realizing their fault, once they realized its hell every minute on earth. I wish there shouldn’t be sentence to death anywhere in this world, and if there, there couldn’t be a difference between us and terrorist… how can us, knowing the preciousness of life and government in response to save as savior is ready to kill someone in name of punishment. One could think if there isn’t a fear of death, won’t the crime rate increase… but I believe one who experienced the imprisonment life within a prison would not like to go back or seldom involve in crime.

In addition, the prison should not alone be a cell of imposing penalty but also should be a campus of educating conscience and treat with wisdom. As a solace to the grievance, the Madras High Court has stayed the death penalty imposed on the three Tamils for eight weeks from today, and the TN State Assemble has also took a decision to recommend the president to reduce their penalty.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life on earth

Life on earth
The picture captured after one showering day, the leaves spread on the floor.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Corruption drive

Who is Anna Hazare...? Until lately he took hunger strike against corruption in India, no one knows him quite. The Gandhian on the footsteps of Gandhi Ji boosts every citizen at the nook and corner of the country to go against the corruption has erupted as a peaceful struggle with the enormous support from the youngsters, stresses the central government to strengthen the Lokpal with a replacement of Jan Lokpal Bill created by Hazare team to bring down the corruption.
Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption hasn’t began now, he had been fighting against it for the last 33years after he left the battle ground in Indian Army. Voluntarily retired from the 9th Maratha battalion when he was 39 years old, he returned to his drought-porn village of Maharashtra’s Ahmadnagar to find farmers struggling to survival has promoted him to pioneer rainwater conservation which put his little hamlet on the world map as a model village.

Today the 74 year old on a constant hunger strike has impressed a lot the world to look after India on its peace war II against driving away the corruption within its country with a draft in hand. I wish in any way the struggle survives before reaching its core its better for the people government in center to consider a strong Lokpal or Jan Lokpal bill, but whatever law brought into survive could not sustain or least exists if not individual responsibility and obedience is retain.

What fueled a lot the erupted was the arrest of Anna Hazare on the day he began his hunger strike was a transparent unlawful against freedom of speech and struggle is something has put contemplate the people to jump into the ground and support the bill. We can’t say that no one corrupts except politician and government servants and officials… those who give bribe to get there work done easily or interrupt the law as their favor are also included in it.

No man can give a clean chit about life, sometime what we do unlawful is right at moral and conscience at decision but what we need to heed was to consider a conscious involvement in it which undisturbed others. Not that I am trying to make right the wrong but there’s always truth hides behind and the man imperfect need to realize that corruption or illegal is a itch that won’t stop scratching until get treated by law and order.

Image courtesy : The Hindu

Friday, August 19, 2011


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Inspired while watching via evening sky. The sky photo was captured while visiting Avalanche dam, near Ooty .

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Across 1000

It isn’t a great achievement but it causes something special to feel about crossing 1000 posts in my blog. Began in mid 2005, only now I could reach this point which immeasurable before the content and happiness you showed or I shared with you all. I don’t want to repeat the same statement as it’s impossible without you all which obvious the reason said overtime here and all; I thank you simply strong for putting your effort on reading and precious time to comment your message of encouragement and thoughts which boost and teaches me a lot.
I don’t know how to continue this post and mind goes off what and whatever I could say about you all won’t be enough because without a support nothing stands alone and you are all the pillars of my blog helping to build this 1000 blog post globe. This is my 1001 post and what I wish this moment is to pursuit more or less at least to develop this blog into one of the best content of my life. Those close to me could understand what blog means to me and what I write here aren’t lie to die or wealth one can’t buy or sell to only share which is worth than anything. Thank you all. Keep u r encouragement up for me hehe...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Deiva Thirumagal

Based on a strong emotional bond between a mentally challenged father and his 5 year old daughter, the movie enhanced in splendid acting from Vikram as a 7 year old mindset brought exactly on screen. Deiva Thirumagal – holy angle, is seldom to Tamil cinema coming out from the director Vijay’s innovation perhaps is a experience of smart innocent irreplaceable by any other actor except Vikram in lead.

The movie comes out as a refreshing to audience as once in a while rainbow, touching deep in heart feeling how wonderful our artiest are at phase bringing emotions real on screen isn’t a delight without the sophisticated directors and actors. As a message of love, courtesy and grace the movie embraces the beauty in presence of cute expressions and the camera captures everything in delight so well natural and meld with settings.

To say about Nila particularly, she is such an adorable child artist unique in smile and visage; perceived the character well and expressed beautifully. Like a second hero on the second half, Anushka stressed her vigor to unite the separated father and daughter as a junior lawyer, goes against the undefeated senior lawyer (Nazzar) is a challenge that ends with emotion defeats ethics.

The conversation gesture between the father and daughter at the court room is a best emotion ever seen on screen, is unique which moved me a lot going through a sense which inexpressible. The humor part of the movie wasn’t great but little bit innocent is lovable… and the fun part happens when Krishna (Vikram) search for his friends in the hotel lobby.

Every other character in the movie helps to build the mound and Amala Paul as a bond corresponded, her attitudes towards the child is an example I wish everyone follows so. The songs doesn’t outstanding here since it goes off adjacent with the scenes, the silence impress in background where no scoring exists. The story telling song could have been composed better in picture and Vizhigalil Oru Vaanavil (a rainbow at vision) is quite poetic and adorable.

Deiva Thirumagal – is unique to Tamil cinema, derives people to theater!

(Below is a beautiful photo video song from the film album. )

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Good morning

Good morning
Inspired by the poem written by my dear friend, Dawn! The picture captured at one early morning in Kotagiri by me, goes well with this poem… so included it do add pleasant. Hope u all liked :)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Birthday revel

Happiness is something exists by sharing with others and that too it was with those close to our heart means something, remarkable, which happens via my birthday on Sunday is significant of love, concern and care that everyone got for me. The special day of mine turned very special is simple goes to my aunt and sister who wanna celebrate it with biryani for lunch and cake cutting event for evening greets with their special greetings and gift is still perhaps uneven their words from heart.
B'day cake
It was families’ get-together on Sunday in our native home at Adyar, Chennai, is fun filled with the arrival of uncle’s kids and chitchatting with dearest ones is worth sharing of a void of anything possible by words. My aunt come up with a gift of cell phone which I wasn’t aware when I was requested to suggest her a best model that suppose to be handover to me and sister in her simple way of greeting touched my heart deeply like those verses where penned for us.

To the immense happiness, my grandfather is at our home now. After the Sunday sleepover at uncle’s home in Adyar, we brought our grandpa along with us after a lot compel in lately since grandma is out of station, he agreed to stay along with us for couple of days… which I wish it extends some more days. I aware the specific place everyone haves for me and the care and concern at phase which I am suppose to be worth or not, I feel more comfort within their circle of love and emphasis that enclosed me thoroughly leaving me in lack of expression.

Thanks so much for all your birthday wishes and greetings via emails, face books and greeting that I am grateful to you in a simple yet Thank you.