Friday, September 30, 2016

A flood trail

December 2015 won’t be easily forgettable for Chennaities, the historical rain and flood that hit our city and let almost floating. Many lives lost and properties washed away and submerged in the torrential rain/flood and overflown rivers. Though government took action in rescuing and protecting people, the volunteers, almost youth’s partake was praiseworthy and transformed their perception overall. But the post actions haven’t been same and satisfactory, no; I am not about youths, I know they continued to work on the flood effect even after things turn normal. The government side is completely dumb, and I could see no stone was unturned and what the situation was before the disaster rain continues to be same even after the terrible lesson.
(pool  of water in front of home)

Following December rain/flood there wasn’t moderate to heavy rains in Chennai until some heavy spells in summer (May) and few downpours in September, including the 80 mm of rain that created pool in front of our home, a day before yesterday. The water rose to the edge of our doorstep with few centimeters to enter home, thankfully the rain recedes and ceased later to repeat not a situation like December. Interestingly, this year becomes the wettest September in last 20 years and it seems few more downpours could have defeated 200 years record in Chennai. These days an uncertainty kept checking us every time it rains, perhaps because of the change in its pattern of showering. After the December torrential rain, I observed it wasn’t raining normally, slowly and steadily, but shower altogether or a total fall.

The northeast monsoon is yet to begin but what precaution steps were taken was nothing to point out.  We’re in a situation where nature has turned incredibly unpredictable and the weathermen’s warning to expect unexpected proves we are certainly living in an uncertain condition and without any precaution we are to suffer for sure in case of abundant rain. The vital part of the city, the storm water drains aren’t dredged properly, at least in part of the city we live. What kind of action has taken on the encroachments around the rivers and lake beds are apparently back to their places after water recedes. The water levels at the reservoirs around the city were almost gone down, but no sign of dredging or deepening to increase its capacity which could save water as well preserve people from flood.

Moreover the situation has sent us to constant turmoil whether to move out of this home or take risk by staying over here. We are in hunt for house already and were very conscious not to make a mistake again by choosing a house that prone to flood and rain. During the torrential rains in Nov and Dec, last year, we suffered a lot by moving up and down, and washing the home more than couple of times and arranging things once every flood recedes. We were almost close to the situation on the day before yesterday and if the rain hasn’t receded we would have forced to move out. Unlike early, the water doesn’t took time to recede, but still the storm water drains aren’t rectified to allow abundant water and the drains are almost went underground, thanks to the elevated concrete road, which is the main reason for the water to enter homes. One thing for sure, the fears of flood haven’t exit but still we go through bare hands. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Light and Life

My sky turned darker
power goes off as common
but yet I delight.

Minutes some to sleep
like a led bulb, blinks the bum
to grab attention

Possibly its mate,
the firefly come by window
to ensure we sleep

Perhaps, none notice
the intimate that let glow
their instinct within.

In enclosed wood-house
it’s a behold sight through pane
let me detect life.

PS. After long time penned a poem, in haiku format with each stanza 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Brazilian Plume @ Thandikudi

Brazilian Plume

During my stay at Serene Woods in Thandikudi, near Kodai, I come across this unique blossom of flowers, a large cluster of vivid pink flowers called Justicia Carnea bloomed at the house next to my uncle’s property. Widely known as Pink Jacobinia, Brazilian Plume and Flamingo Flower is an amazing perennial shrub that grow in sun or shade and blooms in the warmer parts of its range .


A bit taller to three to seven feet wide, many tubular with unusual pods holding flared flowers, curving outward from the center is bloomed throughout the summer in colors ranging from pink to purples and oranges. The leaves about 8” long are prominently veined, rich in green and pointed on the end. The branches of the plants are delicate as the other features of the same and are fragile to traffic or wind.


Native to tropical and subtropics of Brazil and South America, the Brazilian Plume flower is a member of the Acanthus family and prefers to grows well in partial to full shade. Belong to shade plant variety, about half a day of sun will witness the best display of flowers. It is cultivated as a decorative plant and is planted as a feature plant in warm temperate and subtropical climate.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Kanchipuram

While back from Kanchipuram, attending a cousin’s marriage last week, we stopped at the Varadharaja Perumal Temple in the suburb of the holy city or temple town Kanchipuram. Being interested in architecture, history and admiration for sculptures I couldn’t stop taking photos on temple towers, whatever the condition it may look, esp. the outstanding Rajagopurams (the main  gateway tower of big temples) alike.


The Vardharaja Perumal Temple tower is one of a marvelous building I started to shoot once entered the west Mada St., though I didn’t went inside the temple I enjoy taking photos on the Rajagopuram, a 130 feet tower in 7 tiers. Though there’s a belief that the temple was first built by the Pallava king Nandivarman II, was originally built by the Cholas in 1053 and expanded during their successive reigns.

Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Kanchipuram

The temple being one of the 108 Divya Desams (premium place/temple) of Vishnu and believed to have been visited by the 12 poet saints (Azhvars), has the tallest walls I ever seen at any temple which could be measures more than 30 feet height. The temple tower is painted in white and bottom is left raw with couple of sculptures and simple detail of pillars and designs on walls. Usually the Rajagopuram in big temples are supposed to be the tallest one, but in Varadharaja Perumal Temple, the eastern gopuram (tower) is taller that the western one, one you see here.


I have been inside the Varadharaja Perumal temple as a kid and remember touching the gold and silver lizards etched on the celling, which is a part of the temple complex. Apart that I couldn’t recollect anything, but the temple is famous for its architectural pieces, the huge stone chain sculpted in a single stone. There’s also a 100 pillared hall and sculptures depicting Ramayana and Mahabharata, is a masterpiece of Vijayanagara architecture.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

An ancient house @ Kanchipuram

Today we attended a cousin’s marriage at Kanchipuram and on way back, we passed the temple town (yes, Kanchipuram has number of temples to call alike) which is about 72 km from Chennai. Being an ancient town I find many old buildings and most of them are residential houses. But I couldn’t capture many of them as we kept moving, except this one taken at a brief halt.


I was fascinated by this house in colonial style of architecture where pillars supporting the veranda and balcony that has wonderfully designed rails that resemble wooden material. At ground floor the veranda is protected by vertical grilles framed in wood and the door also has a similar work with bottom covered by plank. Unlike many old houses I have seen with the year of build etched on the house facade, I am blank at the year this must be built. But I observed the house belongs to a teacher, perhaps due to the board I read (tuition center) outside the house.


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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Chocolate Soldier warms up!

The chocolate pansy or chocolate soldier warming up at the early hours of sunlight, at SereneWoods woodhouse, Thandikudi.

Warm up

I had any photos on a butterfly before, because they never posed to be easily or I unable to chase them to shoot away. I remember capture a butterfly earlier but it was a lifeless one hit by a rotating fan. I was really glad capture this chocolate soldier butterfly when it came sitting, spotting the sunny area and basking the wings in the morning sunlight on the woodhouse ramp. This is my first butterfly shot with more detail, thanks to its tendency to exist close to the ground level and I’m surprised to learn the common butterfly is attracted to sunlight and is often bask in the sun.


The chocolate soldier is mainly found in degraded and disturbed habitats including palm plantation, small clearings and along roadsides and riverbanks at elevations between sea level and at least 1200 meters.  When the butterfly sits on the ground it might easily mistake for a small dry leaf! With a wingspan of about 5-6cm both sexes of this species is very similar in appearance, but the females have slightly broader and rounded wings. The butterfly is found commonly from Sri Lanka and India to China, through Malaysia to Bali and the lesser Sunda isles. 

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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Cart Procession and Home Ganesh

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated yesterday and due to the festival there was a cart procession from our street temple last night and I took some photos when the cart comes close to our house. Actually there are two Ganesh temples in our neighborhood, but the only one on our street was took to the street first and until 11 pm there wasn’t a sign of procession from the other temple, so we went  asleep and I have no idea whether it was taken to the street or not.




Following is our home Ganesh, an idol made of clay and it’s supposed to dissolve into a tub of water tomorrow as per the ritual. Usually these clay idols are immersed into the sea or any other water body but we are into dissolving process at home for less than a decade. Hope u liked these photos - click for enlargement :)

IMG_3378 IMG_3379

Thursday, September 01, 2016

A small update

For last two weeks am going through neck and shoulder pain, and couple of times I was forced to take Paracetamol when it becomes intense. I had no sprain what I thought initially and took medicine but I felt much better for few days after taking tablets. But I wasn’t fine like I thought about and I started to feel much pain and visited the doctor who prescribed me the same and a gel to apply on the painful area. Once again I felt much better till the dosage power exists, though the pain wasn’t sever alike before I keep away from things that strain my neck and shoulder. My physiotherapist says this is perhaps spasm due to incorrect positioning on bed or working on laptop. I usually work on the laptop by placing it on the wheelchair tray and reading also happens by the same which means I have to look only down mostly and that could have stiffen or weaken the muscles to feel  painful.

My therapist advised me not to use the laptop for long time and also reading by only placing the papers/book high where staring is straight rather bending down the neck. I have reduced the usage of whatever gives me strain and also with limited time spent on laptop. I have bought a wireless keyboard/mouse and started to use it by placing the laptop on a high setting to keep the position straight. Though I finding little difficult with this change, as I have been practiced with laptop for last five year, adapting to the old desktop setting isn’t easy but I hope to become familiar with this soon. In laptop my hands action is limited to easily operate/communicate but with this I really need some time to adjust. And I wasn’t concern on anything for some time now to keep me away from blogging and I really want to write more and I have plenty of photos to share… but I wasn’t comfort to do it right now and that not mean I recede, I hope to come back with a bang.