Sunday, March 31, 2013

PowerShot Sunday – Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

No, these eggs are not prepared for Easter but I find it appropriate to post today. Since Easter is celebrated everywhere and eggs are a part of this festival, I tried connecting it here. These eggs are actually boiled while we picnicked near Kodaikanal, on the bank of Kukkal Lake, during last year vacation. It was truly fun the way we made certain things under shower (rain), eggs were one of side dish along with chicken sixty five we cooked on Lake Bank. Thinking now is quite fun and cool!  

PowerShot Sunday is a series I begin with this post now and I have number of photos to share under this title, perhaps come out solely and photos I could not arrive with specific post, will be posed here. PowerShot is the name of the camera model I use from Canon. I have two PowerShot cameras in 8 and 12 megapixels and lately I mostly use 12mp (sx220 hs) rather 8mp (sd850 is) which has some lens problem, but macro is fine. 

Like always the photos here will be posed through Flickr (copy paste the code) and I used this mainly for easy uploading and getting pictures without lose its richness. I opened Flickr account along with blogger but I wasn’t active there unlike last few years which enhanced more now. Blogging is something could not match with anything! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Curves and Bends - Valparai

There are various aspects fascinate about Valparai, which is considered as seventh heaven on earth, near Coimbatore, was also marvelous with roads ways, taking us through number of curves and hairpin bends while traveling front and back. And among the 40 hairpin bends, half of them arrive at close distance and as series zigzag is a mild adventure and amusement if someone rides with caution. I have traveled to Valparai twice and both my rides as up and down on this ghat section (mountain road) was amazing.

My first time travel on this road was more excited rather the second one, but unlike early, the later one got me more opportunity to stay on the way with views on awesome curves and bends with lower Aziyar reservoir at rear. It takes at least three hours to reach Valparai from the foothill, if one travel on an average speeds and admiring the scenes alongside the road. From the 9th hairpin bend or Loam’s view, we get a panoramic view on the widespread Aziyar reservoir and road winding along the mountains, forest and waterfalls.  

Fascinating curves
The road to Valparai was constructed in the year 1886 and until then people had only used horseback or single foot path to reach Valparai and its adjacent villages. Everyone knows it’s not easy to built roads on mountains and during the construction of this road; many people had lost their lives exposed to mystique diseases and mosquitoes bite. The road was well planned and constructed on the supervision of PWD Engineer Mr. Mathew Loam and by appreciating his astonishing work; the stunning viewpoint (9th bend) was named after him.

The relative who accompany us throughout our Valparai visit, during our later turn, had much detail to reveal every part of this Western Ghats region.  Since a resident of Valparai and retired primary health center employee, he had traveled to even remote areas of Valparai and helped treating tribes had reflected him in learning many things which he mere shared with us. The 9th bend is a vital part of this mountain road and anything damage to it means, totally cut off the transportation from rest of the country

Crucial bend
The crucial 9th hairpin bend (above and below)
9th bend
The 9th bend is also fascinated for the sight of Niligir Thar – a endanger species, that spread only on Western Ghats. Perhaps, Anamalai is the only region where Thars are found at minimum large in numbers. One could find the Thar’s – state animal of Tamil Nadu, grazing on the mound above the 9th bend! 
The curves we come across
View on the curves we come across

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Image courtesy: tumblr
It’s already summer here
the days as bright as ever,
open to pretty blue sky
letting earth wrap in heat.

Unlike winter cold nights
hugged from inner core;
summer is a composition of
bright and warmth coloring.

The hottest season is here;
while many delight with spring,
we’re exposed to light heaver
between the rise and rest of sun.

There are mighty rather mere,
summer is always special with memories,
unfold by the cool breeze
blown onshore of Bay of Bengal.

The wind blows stronger
for the last few days – bliss,
but not where it needed
to generate wind energy.

The sun changed its path
while seasons change similarly,
the shadow come fall
gracefully on our front yard. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

காதல் கடிதம் / Love Letter

translate of the letter in English :

After seeing you I have changed
or had you changed me?

Just been a wanderlust myself
you turned me as a tiger;
like how tiger pursues deer
you made me come around you.

Whether you love me or not
I come,
binding the eyes and closing the ears
in hope
that one day you will look at me
and accept my love.
                                     With affection

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Paradesi - The Best!

There are very few films come up with a concept of period piece and recreate history exactly or feel close to real. In this front, director Bala’s ‘Paradesi’ (a pejorative Tamil term for wastrel) has took a special place in Indian film industry and within days of release (march 15) the film received National Award for Best costume design – by Poornima Ramaswamy. Inspired by a 1969 English novel ‘Red Tea’ by Paul Harris Daniel, the film upholds real life incidents of enslaved tea plantation workers of pre-independence India.

Director Bala, critically acclaimed for very unusual cinema has transported us to an era where the people of rural villages in the Madras Presidency are drove to work on British tea plantations with a promise of high wage and accommodation on contract base. But once reached, they are treated as enslave and pointing at their accommodation, food and medicine the supervisor cheats the enslaved to work on frustration and uncertain freedom. The film’s lead was unrolled by Adharvaa as Rasa, a carefree young tom-tom beater with half bald head – which is the state of most of men in the film hailed from village as enslave.

Alike Adharvaa, Vedhivka role is equally appraise for characteristic performance. The pretty actress has greased down gracefully, showcasing her acting skill which perhaps would wonder anyone who had watched any of her early pictures. ‘I guess everyone is equally talented and bringing it out is an art of either actor or director similar to student or teacher’. In this way director Bala had done incredible job by bringing or identifying the best out of actors and giving them change while exploring untouched plots.

The film also enclosed the struggle of tea leaf plucking; confesses the truth which is not easy as we see in tea estates, a pretty sight where women wore a basket on back and head covered in colorful shawl. One thing that impressed or impounds me in the film was the tone.  The dark yet low-light gave a realistic touch and brought down the more emotional and enslave scenes into less impulse. The music scores vital support to the film and songs come alongside the sequence is fair impressive and profound lyrics produces energy whiles lives at enslave.

Nowhere could I see an actor on screen and every character were so alive. The film run for more or less than two hour has very less dialogues, but the expressions and cinematography explains a lot. I recommend this film as must watch everyone and there is no language barrier here. Sorry I have no complains about the film, but indeed appreciate the entire team of Paradesi and its impossible without hardship and hats off to Bala to think different from any other.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Common become uncommon

Only if we miss something the wanting becomes more… and it’s obvious in case of house sparrows. We lost the species almost in towns and cities and the reasons may vary from increased radiation in air to cut down of trees and shortage of grains. House sparrow is a species that survive along with human habitation lost tack while our lifestyle changes.

A pair of sparrow
Today we see the sparrows only far away from cities (that too has become a rare sight) where the changes in architecture and communication laid back or less treated. There were times during childhood I tried to catch the sparrows that often visit our balconies and sometimes they built their hay nest among the sewage pipes and pillars. It was also a lovely scene to see those small sparrows perching the cable wires across the lane in a line and piercing the grains left over the balcony.

Even in late 90s, sparrows were spread across the cities and it was in very short span the sparrows went invisible almost. There are only brief memories perching upon the sparrows and their sweet chirrups were lost echo from ears, but meanwhile the mynas and cuckoo brought comfort around our homes. Sparrows usually pick their nesting places inside or at the entrance of homes, storehouse and elsewhere human reside. In villages, folks tie a bunch of paddies at their house entrance to treat the little birds with grain and help building their nests.

I can’t remember when I last saw a sparrow in our city (Chennai) but I could see them in fair numbers sometime far away from home – such as Western Ghats. Hence I couldn’t see them away from human habitation.  The pair of sparrows you see in the picture above was taken inside the Danish Fort at Tranquebar and I could find a number of house sparrows residing there, perhaps being Danish colony the colonial buildings (a combine of tiled and pillared architecture) here encourages the livelihood of sparrows to lead life at comfort.

Today being a World House Sparrow Day, the thought on sparrows intend to write on them and I feel so pity that we couldn’t provide livelihood for these small birds that share very small space in our neighborhood. I was really sad and shock to read the news in paper here today, where in Karur (a district in Tamil Nadu) number of sparrow is killed every day for meat in a TASMAC bar. Each sparrow was bought for Rs.5 and a plate of meat was sold for Rs.30.  It was totally frustrating; at time when we were looking forward how to bring back the sparrows into our neighborhood, such poaching in innumerable disturbing a lot.

Hope the govt. takes action on those poachers and I don’t know what to say when such thing happens in a government run Wine Shop. Pls stop! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Flameless Sun

Flameless Sun
Picture by Jeevan: Ooty Botanical Garden
Its fun taking pictures on sunflower
a flameless sun, sparkle in golden yellow
breaking down a sow of seed, the sun rise
from a vivid bud, grows a graceful flower.

From the garden of Blue Mountains
I captured this yellow beauty
holding a smile always as cheerful
building its hope upon vibrant colors.

As bright as sun with dark disk core
has the only guts to face the sun forever
following its journey from east to west
displays a glorious sight alongside sunlight.

Being a source on everyday recipe
sunflowers produces fuel for multipurpose;
there isn’t sunburns exposed to this sun
only to become favorite of almost everyone. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

A year around Barath

My nephew Barath – cousin’s son, turns one today. And he’s such an adorable child I ever met in my life alive and he was four months old when I first saw him. He was a very happy child and laughing Buddha, anytime anyway and in-between cries he smiles like there isn't sorrow anymore and his crystal clear eyes beholds for transparent relationship at heart. He is gem at expression and his each gesture embarks upon unpaved terrain with no more violent imprints.

The kid has grown to stand on his foot now, never waits for someone to get things and his pursue has become challenge for the adults to follow him. He also shows interest on mechanical front these days to check anything suppose to be wheels and whatever troublesome he was troubleshoot his kind heart and innocent smiles. I don’t know what to write more about him and he’s a kind I could not find resemble and perhaps his present has been cheerful and get relief out of  inherent storm.

I wish him all the very best and good health – since he has a weak immune, often capture with illness – hope he drives away anything hold on his pursuit of happiness, and earns more strength and nutrition as well enough wealth and knowledge. Happy Birthday dear Barath: the following greeting cards were created by me and I am also going to present a video CD on him along with it, while there’s a birthday party at their home this evening. I’m not supposed to attend since they hold it on their terrace which is hardly possible for me, my parents will pass it.

Btw I was also caught between severe cough and cold for a week now and so was my absent here these days. I had visited doctor two times this week and feeling somehow better now to play with normal. I had constant cough and spending time on laptop was very low and overall the dry throat restricted me from reading. Hope to be back in normal few days. 
(click pictures for enlarge)

If you had time pls do check the video on my nephew (below)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturdays and the sound of squirrel

Munching squirrel!

Until reading Keith’s post on ‘my favorite sound on earth’ I didn't had much thought about sounds that are my favorite. Just before started to write this post (on Saturday afternoon), I was hearing the shrill of squirrel somewhere from the nearby trees and this sound always set my mood somewhere into the past. I could recollect a couple of moments as series from past which has relationship between Saturday and squirrel. Both were a phases took place in my childhood and age less than 12.

My father, holding great devotion toward gods, usually takes us to the Pillaiyar Kovil and Anantha Padmanabha Swami Temple near Adyar junction in the neighborhood. And just about a km from home, he used to take us in his bike or sometime walkabout. It used to be our first outing on weekends being Saturday morning; the priests in the Pillaiyar temple were so familiar with us since father never misses visiting their temple then on Saturdays. (The stories where different after shifting home to another area (Thiruvanmyuir) seven years before)

Even he occasionally visits the Adyar Pillaiyar temple, he never miss going to temple on Saturdays still.  Thankfully there’s a Pillaiyar temple at our street end, so he doesn’t needed to traveling 4km to worship his favorite god always. Unlike the Adyar Pillaiyar temple that stood on the middle of the road by splitting a lane, and got disturbed by both sides of passing vehicles; the Padmanabha Swami Temple lies quiet few meters away from there.

I always enjoyed visiting Padmanabha Swami temple, since it has a spacious corridor and courtyard and very less people visited then, we take it as advantage to experience our liberty.  I really liked placing the lord’s headgear (which is a practice in all Perumal temples, to place or make touch our head with a silver headgear, similar to the one on god’s head); even they keep it only for a second, I look for one more time and I don’t know why but I liked it then. I also like having the holy water they drop on the extended palm which taste delicious.

In this temple the lord was seen on a lying position.  Behind the main shrine and on the corridor, there’s an Almond tree and it is where I used to hear the squirrel squeaking and they even run across the corridor leaving their calls behind. To my knowledge it is where I first saw squirrels, to be chased by me. Another place I used to hear the squirrel calling was where I studied tuition, a street away from us.  And she’s was an Anglo-Indian women who took tuition for me and another girl on her own interest and I need to acknowledge, only because of her my English improved much better.

I attended tuition for my fourth and fifth standards to her and she lived in the first floor of an apartment on a dead end street. Almost isolated from noise disturbance, she lived alone with a servant maid aid and occasionally her uncle or aunt visits her. Unlike the weekdays where I usually go to her house in evening, after coming from school, on Saturdays I visit her in morning the time close to our present at temple. Here I hear only the shrill of squirrels rather seeing them in action inside the temple premises. Every time I hear the sound of squirrel I couldn’t avoid touching those memories in mind. 

Friday, March 08, 2013

PAP – Best Water Resource Development

Water, the chief ingredient of life is reliance upon rain. We can live even without eating for few days or a week but no life is survived without drinking or sucking water fall as rain. Life becomes trouble in case we took refrain drinking water for whatever reason such as hunger strike; though however noble it might be. Today obesity has drive people to drink plenty of water – which eases digestion and helps removing toxin from body. The advance technology in desalination has made alter routes for getting drinking water from sea, but the natural rainwater still holds lot of benefit on health enhancement.

It’s apparent that no life exists in earth without water and it’s a cycling process where trees help producing rain and rain as its resource. We man disrupt either by placing our self in front row, driving others as much possible aside by building endless homes and business to extreme anti-environment and producing immense population shrinking our  sources. The water was sought not only as a life source or health benefit but also to gain trust of vote in election. The politicians bear water as a vital element to score higher in election, no matter how people suffer or fought for life.

Parambikulam Aliyar Contour Canal
In Tamil Nadu the best water resources developments took place during the Kamaraj’s administrative – the former chief minister of TN; who widely known as Kingmaker in Indian politics, who’s tri-tenure or the nine years administrative (1954-1963) as CM of TN were considered as golden period. During his regime witnessed number of dams built across the state and each one of them were an engineering marvel. The uneducated genius - Kamaraj - plays a pioneer on interconnecting rivers and his head of administration has dug number of tunnels diverting the water to utilize fully.

Among the many major plots he charted on irrigation front, feeding thousands of acres of lands across the state, the 'Prambikulam Aliyar Project' is notable! Carried out on the state boarders of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, PAP is a multipurpose and interstate river valley project diverting and integrating the eight west flowing rivers to the east side to the then drought pone area of the Coimbatore and Erode districts of TN and Palghat of Kerala.  The irrigation network consist of seven major canals, comprising one diversion weir,  seven storage reservoirs, conveyance system and interconnecting tunnels to divert water impound to the plains of Coimbatore and Erode.

Contour Canal
Except the three reservoirs slip into the Kerala state, I have drawn to five of the seven reservoirs lie at various elevations ranging from  +3800 feet and +1050 feet across the Anamalai Hills. Lying at difference in elevation has also made it possible for these reservoirs to generate hydro-power. The Aliyar Reservoir built across the Aliyar River at the foothills of Valparai has its source in the Anamalai Hills. Apart its own catchment area of about 76 Sq. Miles, water to this reservoir is diverted through the Aliyar Feeder canal and the Contour canal from the Parambikulam group of reservoirs.

What you see in these photos is the Contour canal rode from Parambikulam, which is one of the major canals running for a total length of about 250 km. apart various branch canals, distributaries and minors through which about 4.25 Lakhs acres of lands get irrigated. About 5 km from Aliyar Dam, we saw the contour canal crossing the road to Valparai, and this canal carries water to Thirumoorthi reservoir about 35 km from here. The water was at its full fledged during our uphill ride and we stopped there for a while, while our relative explaining its progress. It felt something wonderful when looking at the fresh water rushing through the canal and fact that they pass number of tunnels lasting certain kms into hills. 

It seems one of the best sharing projects so far between the states with no major issue based on sharing. To note a point, the PAP project had carried out quite throughout IndiraGandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park which beholds number of endanger and wild animals. It doesn't sound easy for me to dug deep tunnels into the haven of wild animals and infectious insect bites… and in time when everything was suppose to done manually. I couldn't stop praising those heroes involved in this project and the engineers with amazing talent on finding routes. 

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Pykara - Reservoir & Waterfall

Pykara is a picturesque picnic spot 20 km away from Ooty on the road to Mysore. There are two things one could do here rather simply sightseeing, taking a boat ride around the thick sholas on the Pykara reservoir or walk down to waterfalls on the opposite side of dam on Ooty-Mysore main road. I have visited the Pykara reservoir once while past the village couple of time, the water level of the lake was at bottom when I was there on a midsummer day or monsoon that suppose to begin.
Pykara Lake

I couldn't take a boat ride on the reservoir and well you no need a reason why, as u could see in the picture above I took from the road, the water and boat jetty were at lowest ever seem.  The stairs leading down to boat jetty were stared at developing a terror which really needs courage for a normal being to climb up/down.  But the sight of the deep reservoir and fenced sholas beheld into mine and being summer holidays there were number of tourist thronged the place drove through a brief forest woods.

The boat house runs by the TTDC (Tamil Nadu Tourism & Development Corporation) is a secondary yet fabulous option to who like boating in Ooty, other than the one mainstream rower into the town. There’s also a restaurant attached to the boat house and the reservoir’s maximum level were seem to measure through conceal of the soil bank. But I just wonder will the reservoir behold its spellbound reveled through its dept rather watched or riding boat at its FRL (full reservoir level).

The Pykara reservoir is also a river, which is considered very scared by Todas – the tribal of Nilgiri (Blue Mountains). The river rises at Mukurthi peak, flows through Pykara and Glen Morgan dams forms an inherent part of the Pykara hydro-electric power plant – one of the oldest in the country. Mukuthi is the second largest peak among the Nilgiri and one of my dream was touching its foothill.  

On the picture above u could see a herd of buffaloes grazing on the other side of the reservoir. Buffalos are the main livelihood of Todas, who also does crop business these days, breeding of buffaloes and milking and making butter were their source then. The buffaloes named after the Toda’s were a unique breed and genetically isolated population among the Indian breeds of buffaloes  confined to the Nilgiris. Apart Todas, other communities such as Badagas and Kotas also maintain buffaloes in small numbers.

The Pykara waterfall is another wonderful place to visit, where many Indian films shot their duets and action here. But the path to the waterfall doesn’t seem disabled friendly so I could make a visit to its roar, unlike my parents and cousins who enjoyed the scenic location. The photo beneath was captured by them. 

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Brahminy Flight Show

It’s not a regular flight show that happens during national events, where air force planes fly at a terrific speed and display their daring feats. And fighter jets adorn the blue sky by releasing colorful smokes and creating various symbols. And coming down very close to ground and take off vertically into the sky. A stunt that never been stunning and delight seeing flights at touching distance. But the flight you see here was pioneer to airplane aviation and had been inspiration for man to build his own wings to fly.

It’s a flight over stunning blue sky and close to sparkling sea. A pleasure watching it peacefully took off into the sky and leaving cheerful lighter movements rather heart throbbing dare feats. And like a patrol aircraft, the flight flies over the Danish colony while spy for prey. 

Brahminy Kite

This kite doesn't need any permission to fly and no one could ban it as threaten to lives. It flies fearlessly very close to land and on ocean surface, seeking its prey. Takes off to untouchable high and fly unlike many other birds flapping its wings frequently. The Brahminy Kite you see in these pictures are captured during my last year visit to Danish Fortat Tranquebar and this kite had constantly looped around the area and sometime coming close to sea. Gave me some wonderful opportunity to capture the bird at near distance and it was first time for me then to shot on birds of prey.

I think the Brahminy Kites are a resident of Nagapattinam distinct of Tamil Nadu, whereas I know Point Calimere is home to number of this species, they are well spread around the area. I found a bunch of kites  at Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary and the bird can be easily distinguish from other birds of prey as adults own a contrasting white head and breast. I also saw the juveniles who are fully browner. The Brahminy kits are no different in size compare to Back Kite and until browsing the net I though it as an eagle! 

Flight Kite

Low flying kite
Flight over the sea
Landing over ocean terrace 

Friday, March 01, 2013

Aadhi-Bhagavan – My Vision

Ameer’s Aadhi-Bhagavan was suppose to notice for the technical background and action performed by Jayam Ravi in dual role and one of it showing bisexual or effeminate in character. The Tamil film released under the action crime genre was unrolled by ‘A’ certificate, due to some brutal violence and abundant showcase of liquor and smoke. The film began with a force of income tax raid at a VIP house in AP (Andhra Pradesh), shifts to Pattaya’s fun and frolic streets where Aadhi (Ravi) deals with a mafia group, the money he stole from the VIP by  acting as a strict IT officer – reminds Vikram in Kandhasami. 

Unlike the beginning, the remaining scenario wasn't interesting until Bhagavan (another Ravi) shows grace as a comic killer, whose girlfriend Rani accompanying Aadhi, flew to Mumbai to lead him into a police trap for rather resembling Bhagavan. Neetu Chandra as Rani does a pivotal role which is a rare phenomenon in male dominated Indian film industry; the martial artist and model turn actress delivered an outstanding performance as a pity waitress and devoted girlfriend of Bhagavan, to whom she could do anything.  At other hand Jayam Ravi exhibited a flourishing feminine mannerism and fascinate for women had well expressed his face and the smiling gesture has enhanced his comic character.

As Aadhi, Jayam Ravi wore a stylish court suite enveloping his Mafioso role. I find the most disappointing was perhaps the first half and lack of entertainment. The film’s many dialogues were a blend of multilingual changes according to cities traveled and the subtitles were sore  to read even watched through big screen – as usual the Prarthana drive-in theater. The movie doesn't show any strong reason or significance why Aadhi become a Mafioso and Rani could even die for saving Bhagavan while she well aware his affair for other girls and involve in lovemaking leaving her at living room. I know I am stupid if I seek for justice? He-he…

The most stunning overall was the chasing sequence that leads to bloodshed climax. The pursuing scenes remind me the enthralling ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ which is my favorite among the Bourne series. The film had touched many historical places of India during its course at rear end. The songs weren't significant and couldn't understand a bit. But the nightclub song at Pattaya, quite own Hindi lyrics had a good number of dance movements, other than the colorful Goan song and duet in Rajasthan desert. Music scored by Yuvan! I liked the theme Bhagavan…

Ameer’s ‘Aadhi-Bhagavan’ (Ancient God) is yet another movie, couldn't stop but compare with Hollywood grade and it only shows our attempts to resemble there rank rather uploading our own. I would give 2nd rank to this film on Ameer’s directorial venture and the 1st one would remain Raam – my all-time personal favorite of him.

Watch it if u were an action movies buff! I warn the first half was boring.