Sunday, May 26, 2013

Love flourish

Love blooms 
like a flower out of bud
for the male bee
to smooch with pollen.

Love is a nature
inbuilt in every species
like clouds for sky
and green foliage.

Love grasp
an invisible hope
attached to heart strings
playing vibration modes. 

P.S. I’m not active on internet for a while and so, perhaps this could continue for some time until next weekend. Since cousins visiting home, I am busy spending time with them and its quite fun being together. We have also planned for a vacation or travel on June first.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things happening around new house

After shifting home to the new place, life moves at slow pace but not the time that run fast. I run out of time everyday and I plan something (but nothing important) to do but I couldn't complete it quite and feel disappointed at the end of the day. I’m distracted by something’s I don’t want to reveal and go away from what I suppose to do, but I could come back touch with things anytime and there is nothing urging to complete something. I spent most of the time reading, blogging, listening to music (never on earphone) and flickring rather experiencing something new or look after other things that interest me. A month has yet to compete since shifted home, I haven’t took out any other plan I wanted to carry out with the house and I need to fix the nest box and bird-feeders somewhere and work on gardening the space left around the home.

Shot during mom purchased vegetable from vendor
But I’m no more urge to do things all of sudden and they can happen anytime later or after the end of summer. The days are very hot and tiresome since summer began and the temperature was soaring (even Chennai feels better than other districts and states of India) still it bears tremendous heat everyday and staying inside is better than doing things at exterior. I was also at urge of traveling. Summer memories are haunting me to think about vacation or go in search of nature but thinking about weather and holiday crowd I could only getaway at the end of opening schools (the first week of June).

Life travels on timetable, as usual everyday which keep away things and thoughts unnecessary, I fell prey sometime to distraction which goes on and off like power pulled in and out at the outskirts of Chennai and other cities. We faced troublesome situation once shifted home and the electric here had been low and the transformer near the house burst into lightening few times… but they are much better right now and after changing the electric board at home and looked after transformer by EB staffs, there is no electric problem for more than a week now. Unless the usual two hour power off.

Road roller
In our previous house in apartment I couldn't watch the road activities well unlike this home, which has wide windows to not miss anything happening around. I see vegetable vendor come around pedaling his tricycle and Soan Papdi vendor pushing his cart and ringing bell all the way through the silent afternoon and corporation workers sweeping the road in morning and come whistling to collect garbage in mobile dustbin. There’s a road roller parked close to our house, standing as an identity to find out our house easily and it seems standing for a while under the shadow of tree. Still the neighbors exist as strangers and they just glance at us and look after their jobs.

Being shifted close to beach, I haven’t done a visit yet and even we settled well something kept rose to look after settlement.  I don’t find anything negative about this house except the summer heat (with no upper portion, the sunlight fall directly on the roof to insert heat but the cool sea breeze comfort well near windows) and there are one or two mosquitoes to bite in evening and they last only between 6-7 pm. The one who rejoice a lot was our pet dog Maya, she go around the house freely and was kept unchained unlike resisted within home while staying in flat. I think pets are not comfort growing in flats and they are only to wander freely in individual house. 
Out pet maya  (some requested to post our pet photo)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Music on Maryan

Music is my favorite thing always, just like nature and I hate music in the presence of nature singing. It is always joy listening to music or a soothing song causing great relief in the presence of anything stress. The expectations used to be high when first time listening to a song or an anticipated album is released. But once bought a music album (always film songs) I can’t wait anymore or do anything until listening to it quite. From the day bought tape recorder, then, I used to buy audio cassettes (which transferred into CDs once they are introduced) occasionally on specific actors or music directors. I followed this practice until two years back and now all songs are only downloaded from internet but the curious of listening for first time doesn’t hide and it only enhances if the music was composed by A.R. Rahman.

I have found rejoice listening to his latest release Mariyaan (an upcoming Tamil film) and enormously touched by the melting tunes. With simple words, AR has quite engrossed with his sophisticated wisdom in music and recreated a sound of sea (Kadal). I would consider Mariyaan equal to Kadal - which I think one of AR’s best composition ever and my personal favorite on his top chart. ‘Innum Konjam’ is a wonderful song, quite fascinating and soothing the heart. Tabla has played a main stream or resource of this song rhyme by singer Vijay Prakash paired with Swetha Mohan.

‘Nenjae Ezhu’ has sung by AR himself, writing the lyrics along with Kutti Revathi expressed the depth of eternal love. The song sounds similar to AR’s One Love (a single commemorate the beauty of Taj Mahal) is an inspirational one enhanced in AR’s emphasis voice. ‘Naetru Aval’ is so caressing and embracing song in Chinmayees humming vocal and along with Vijay Prakash provoke a sense unexplainable! The mild instruments play a silent music supporting the longing mindset. ‘Enga Pona Raasaa’ is a solo song supporting the same longing mindset in mild music, but in Shakthisrees embraces voice.

The following songs are supposed to travel on high spirits and on fast track tunes: ‘Kadal Raasa Naan’ is quite based on lyrics comprising the struggle on sea and desert sand penned by actor Dhanush - who lead the film. In Yuvan’s voice the song was sharpened more! ‘Sonapareeya’ is very catchy and tuned as fast as speed boat, bearing the lyrics of Vali apart a rap portion written by Sofia Ashraf. The song is interesting to listen but only I don’t know what Sonapareeya means? The last one among the seven was, ‘I Love my Africa’. A song based on African tribal music and quite strange lyrics except Rahman singing on English notes, Blaaze had done great job with the support of Madras Youth Choir gave voice to Africa.
Quite a pleasant album, do check and enjoy!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Raindrop boat house - Mudaliarkuppam

Odiyur Lake back water
Few weekends back we drive to Raindrop boat house at Mudaliarkuppam on ECR (east coast road) about 90km from Chennai. Actually we planned for an outing on Sunday on ECR and drove up to Mudaliarkuppam perhaps taking a boat ride on the backwaters of Odiyur Lake. It was a sunny day way up to summer heat but it wasn’t hot that much that day perhaps backup by A/C and coastal ride, we had our lunch under some trees shadows off ECR. One of the best aspects of outing had always been having lunch at unusual circumstance; especially under shadow of trees is quite relish and refreshing.

Row your boat
We (along with uncle, aunt and cousins) were at the boat house in afternoon and I was anticipated to take a boat ride there while it was where my last boat ride took place four year back. But my bad chance the boats that we took for ride last time were abandoned, due to broke up and there were only boats with seating options which is unsuitable for me. Last time we took a boat with flat on-board (check the abandoned boat in 1st picture) which could accommodate my wheel chair besides sliding benches for a relax ride. But somehow I enjoyed the visit to the boat house and I got to check the activities held around from the dock.

Seats wore life jacket
The boat house is located on a picturesque location with one side of vast Odiyur Lake and other side a large backwater channel lasting for more than 3 km parallel to shore before met with sea. There are many type of ride available at the boat house to enjoy water sports like pedaling, rowing, motor and speed boating and water scooting and kayaking. Leaving me and dad at dock, others went on a boat ride and pedaling boat, I went up shooting with camera while sun warms beside I was content with the cool sights I caught up around.  

Flock of seagulls
There were number of sea birds floating around and taking on and off the water. I also saw common kingfisher fishing from the dock and other unknown birds taking the abandoned boat engine as its home. A huge fiber boat was anchored near the boat house to attract visitors capture our attention in blue. Unlike then the boat house doesn’t look so graceful and a part of dock was broke down and also lost its already partial roof. But I still prefer this boat house the best and it doesn’t throng by people like the always crowded Muttukadu boat house near Chennai on ECR. The eco system of backwater is too good here and the boating also take us for long distance ride and  give sometime to spent on the island at the mouth of lake.

Raindrop boat house also operates a restaurant and also conduct pre-orders on parties and get-togethers. It is one of a number of best places to check on weekend outing or picnicking between Chennai and Pondicherry. 
Common Kingfisher
Common Kingfisher
Water Scooter
Splashing water scooter

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ethir Neechal - Family Entertainment

It seems humor has become favorite genre of filmmakers in Tamil these days releasing number of films based on humor and Ethir Neechal (swimming against the tide) is a decent flick comprising comedy and sports at equal base. Recapturing the caption of late super hit classic, stared by comedy king Nagesh, doesn't have any relation with this film having TV star Sivakarthikeyan in lead has run a marathon race successfully bearing humorous torch.

The film begins with the flashback of how Kunjithapatham allies Harish got the name and his past life that put him on trouble and embarrassment due to his name - which shortened version, makes him an object of ridicule among others. Kunijthapatham (a name of his family deity in the film) loses his father and lives under his mother’s shadow, go through number of embarrassing moments due to his name resisting him emerging atop. Even his first love brakes revealing his name, he decided to change his name on the advice of his friend and also met a beautiful girl Geetha and fall in love for her.

He also impressed her following  comedy series and once she reveals his real name,  she blame him for not being genuine unlike her and after a brief convince between them Geetha ask him to achieve something in life to stabilize his name.  So he decides to run in the annual Chennai Marathon bringing back his running abilities which he can’t establish then due to his name. The film shifts to a serious flat form of pursue athletes and dream of a father who wants her daughter to become a sports champion in running.

Attakathi heroine Nandita plays the young coach, whose desire to become a sport personality was splashed by false result in gender test... which reminds the Indian runner Shanti, from Tamil Nadu, whose medals were snatch as she lost to prove her gender. Sivakarthikeyan has once again proved his natural sense of humor and his innocent look, well fit to the character and Priya Anand as his companion acted beautiful as a school teacher. Manobala plays a numerologist makes laugh riot!

The film was directed by newcomer R.S.Durai Senthikumar, a former assistant of Vetrimaran and produced by actor Dhanush - who also danced for a song in the film. Kolaveri fame Anirudh composed the music and among the six songs, 'Boomi Enna Suthudhea' and 'Velicha Poove' are beautiful songs set happy and romantic mood. The theme song was energetic  The last few minutes on the marathon race make an apex seat watching and I really appreciate the way it was shot and confess the strain.

Ethir Neechal: A decent pace on entertainment pool and pursuit on sports! Assure for laughter and smile J

Sunday, May 12, 2013

PowerShot Sunday - Bubbles

Bubbles transport us to childhood!

Bubbles are fun elements blown through breathe, using a chemical liquid or soap and dipping a straw at one end and blow it through the other. I hope everyone would have enjoyed blowing bubbles in their childhood and even later at age, like I still used to rope up chances whenever to blow bubbles. We also used to look after other, who blows a big bubble and number of bubbles in a blow.

I blown bubbles lately during our vacation in Kodaikanal (a popular hill station) last year, buying bubbles containers from one of the vendors wandered around the Kodai Lake. Apart having fun blowing bubbles, I also did some photo shoot pointing on the bubbles blown by my cousin and the one posed here bear some edit focusing on the bubble.

Bubbles transport us to childhood, whether we blow or look at other were nostalgic. During my childhood days I have blown bubbles number of times and whenever visiting T. Nagar (shopping hub of Chennai) I used to get bubbles sold in front of the Kumaran Store or walk into Ranganathan Street.  I have also used hair shampoos to blow bubbles, but the number would be at least unlike bottle of bubbles brought from street vendors. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Udhayam - NH4

Vetri Maran, who bears victory as his fore name has once again succeed creating a interesting plot with the filmmaking of Tamil film ‘Udhayam NH4’ - the highway between Chennai-Bangalore. His early films Pollathavan and Aadukalam did good business with box of hit and talked for the performance of actor Danush and the plot selection.  Udhyam (dawn), directed by his former associate (Mani Maran) on the script written and produced by him, is a romantic thriller runs on a fast track, tracing and chasing with interruption of flashbacks describing the development of love and pursuit.

The film takes a rear seat with usual love story of an average boy and rich politico’s daughter feel for each other and run away braking down her father’s imprisonment and being chased by an encounter specialist sent by her father to capture both. But what make the movie interesting were the treatment and the part of tracking down phases, which were fascinating and stunning with chasing sequences.

Boy’s fame Siddharth plays the hero and well patted the dawn, showcasing his love and guts in decent way. The new face Ashrita is pretty, strong and desirable lass behold through her each gesture and well portrayed a modern girl influenced by pub culture. The film also highlighted the fun and frolic of night pubs in Bangalore (this will suit for any metro cities shaded more on IT and engineering colleges) and the anger of some political parties against such practice where well exposed the reality.

Introduction of Kay Kay Menon in Tamil as encounter specialist, stern through his look, but setting a mood of anytime melt away captures the attention. And the frequent ringing phone from his unrevealed family at home enhances the excitement on will he show grace on the young ones. The cinematography well captured the night scenes and as well the feel of artificial light and darkness of night. Music by GV.Prakesh: other than the two songs (Yaaro Ivan and Ora Kannala), which was hit among youngsters and I too enjoyed listening, doesn't delight. But the BGM rocks!

Udhyam - midnight dawn!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

My new residence

The drama of resettle with the new residence has quite over a week now with the reconnect of internet after nine days. The actual plan of shifting house during the last weekend of April or May 1 had advanced following the milk boiling custom and with the presence of cousins we decided to go ahead with their assist on loading and unloading things. I wasn't really prepared to be shifted on 25/5/2013 but I was glad I could make a note about shifting home here in my blog as I expected to be delayed on reconnecting internet. I haven’t packed my things then, thinking that we would come back and it could be done on my supervision but anyhow I didn't miss anything and content with shifting things. Since it was done by my cousins, they know how important some things are and mean to me.
My new residence
The front part of the home
We had took a wrong decided to shift home at untimed and it seems summer is not a suitable season for shifting home. Apart shifting things under scorching sun, the house we chose have no upper potion exposes to more summer heat and we suffered a lot the first two days at night until A/C is fixed. During day times we don’t feel much hot and with large windows we get plenty of light and fresh air and no room needed a light until dusk surrounds. Each room has two windows and since I could never imagine living in a house without windows, I am glad this house also has enough windows alike the early one and hence this is a corner plot with one road lead to a dead end, there wasn't much vehicle traffic around the home.

We receive sunlight until 6.30 pm inside the house and the street light illuminates the night feels secure. I don’t feel missing the birds here, since arrived I’m hearing to the Kingfisher calls every day similar to the time I used to check the bird perch the flame tree in front of my then home. There are Mynas and Koels as well! I haven’t gone out exploring the neighborhood much and looking for birds but took a small trail on wheel chair other day. This area holds number of wonderful homes and bungalows - one of it called ***** Vilas, looks like a palace and highly secured by (CCTV cameras). Its architecture and door presentations were marvelous!

Coming to the new home, it is a 2 bhk individual house with more than enough space for four of my family to sustain freely. A life-size living room making others envies and the Neem tree in front of the house is a gift on fresh breeze and almost houses in the area have a neem tree in front of their homes. A yellow flowering shrub were also found at many home, and whatever reason may people hold to have the shrub at their front yard I find it so beautiful decorating the houses. We too have a one within our compound yet to rise.
The interior collage of our new home
The last weekend of April followed by home shifting was fun because of gathered cousin and aunt and their helping was a lot reduced the pain of my parents in shifting and arranging things. Apart shifting, we had fun get-together and sharing the happening and happiness of life from our own corners. Playing dice and tasting ice-cream (after very long time) make the moment very enjoyable and cheerful, as well cherish. The environment here was very nice except little hot, while it is summer, I guess almost everyone experience heat wherever they are. Since shifted, life goes at relax pace and I don’t find catching up things at hurry and hooked with book reading and listening music, as I had no internet connection I felt missing the online activity but I believe this brake is needed to look after others. My woke up time also become early after shifted here and I really having good sleep and feel positive and enrich in energy and attitude.

Hope this feeling sustain! It is also good to be back here and reconnected with friends and opening my window on overseas sharing.