Monday, March 31, 2008

few more

feeling sleepy, when unsleeping
feeling lazy, without laziness
feeling tired, without tiredness
feeling sad clouds, in cloudless sky
feeling all remains, sun moves standard
feeling to be timeless, clock revolves around
feeling wisdom, anomalous to rule

facing mirror, nothing to change
facing ground, to avoid slippery
facing sky, shyness lacks looking high
facing world, my collected words
face dried and smooth, in natures breeze
facing oily fair, from melting oily hair

memories remain, no one can change
man I remain, nothing cost my brain
many times memory rain, even it drains
met each other, we were mates together
many occasions, we were together
morning dream, desert me
merged with memories, alike often it offers

monday morning, on some themes
made some lines, isolate smiles
moved far in miles, where minus measures plus
moving south to north, crossing miles
mirth island, oppose rising destination
making southwest wishes, northeast desires
mist around, missing the monuments
mirage glancing, glad my mind was dancing.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Light and wind

The light come and fall
on dark green leaves to turn lighter,
and it moves in wind from shadow
to light, repeats often like
nature with day and night

Through web holes, breeze enters
with strong variation unlike later and
younger, which lack to freeing within;
though boundless in space even sun shines
throughout days and hide at nights

Light reflects upon blue wagon
glancing like a swimming ground,
looking at walls everywhere yellow
at end of the day it was orange and
somewhere it dawns different

Before it was near lighting forehead
disturbed, but rationally something pleasure
in the sense, even wind forbearing mild heat;
season moves, far away bringing shadow
still lustrous exist, but sadly I stopped walking
from spacious to worse towards narrow.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Pleasure in pain

Already the public exams for +2 are over and the SSLC which is known as 10th have been started. This time something more special from students appeared is there self-confident and diligence which is a wonderful paragon for overall students. This year tidings show some excellence of students writing exams with physical pain and in interest, though facing down situation by mischance. Some were writing from lying on stretchers and dictating to teachers their answers. This rise me they are sure born to win, these students are more concern on not losing there yearlong hard works and preparations for this day to fulfill there dreams even it suffers. There was this special student Janarthanan of chennai with distinctive, have fallen across views to wonder from his lonely talent on writing with mouth.

The 16-years-old lost his both limbs and a leg when he was 8. Playing with iron which fallen on electric affects him to remove the hands, were it can’t even to imagine for just. Even though the limbs gone, he never left the confident, it was developed more to bring him to achieve this. He started with alphabets and practiced to write fluently, it’s what he was telling at interview. He also drew drawings with mouth and won tens of awards. To mention he was honored by national best creative developer by President .Today I find another boy in tidings who was writing with his lost hands, by bringing his arms together. The true amazing is they haven’t used the subscribers which government arrange for students who can’t write, but they have given additional time to write.

In some places unusual thing like students who were finished there +2 examinations where gone to burst crackers celebrating there existents of joy making their work completed. Some students come into streets to happily enjoy with mates playing with colors throwing each others. Even we go through some unpleasant arena taking place in schools; these students would encourage more students and parents to make effort by knowing. Let’s wish these students to bring changes in this world and happy summer holidays for the students and happy weekend for you dear friends :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A beatific experience

Families get together at home on Monday, where close relatives were invited for lunch on the memorial day of great grandfather. Not often I could get chance by having everyone at same time, every year on this day and on least some other time we (no, I) get-together with close relatives. Not every time my dear cousin sister would joining with us on occasion like this, where she mostly would be away with her parent, but it was rarely and I was happy on her presence when others come. She is one, more than anything to me, and not to miss for any reason, but I would agree for what ever reason she has to be away from us. I feel I could understand her, but fail mostly where I can’t and she well knows me how I react for what and what could be my thought on which. I was been on thoughts about her these days and some imaginations of uncle being alive, living with her and the existing happier life more than before. This is only a desire now I know which won’t comes true, but no one can stop it flowing into mine, which are some beautiful thoughts I enjoy whenever it flows.

Maya is more attentive with others, esp. my sis was so fondling on her and was playful. It was uneasy for mom and aunties to get her away from disturbing the preparation of lunch and harder to change her interest from biting the vegetables. She never is silent being left alone inside rooms, with in seconds starts to make loud noise in tender throat. Cousins who are more wished to see maya, but haven’t been because of annual exams, by now they have seen the pictures of maya taken last evening. The weekend was truly bored, and I was feeling Monday as Sunday where I can’t concentrate particularly and to increase the moment, rain was poring heavily and the cool climate in evening sends us pleasant.
Picture 015 Picture 009
My sister and pup maya

Picture 003
Most of the relatives left before evening and without steady I was expecting to take dear ones to beach. No more, they have there own plans to reach home and tried to not disappoint and to disclose my wish, asked grandpa who is likely to come with me. After dropping sis and aunty at there stops, we drove to beach where it was covered by cooler breeze and waves of low pressure into sea. There were clouds passing above sea like steam train yet release smoke and looking beyond to wonder is space and sea that never ends. Like my sis, I love my grandfather whom I wish for a healthy long life, but it disturbs me from his heart troubles. It was long time wish that exist today being alone with grandpa and grandma the place I loved almost. Beach is the only place I often visit and those times looking at children with grandparents it desires me in replacing them, but it was too late I have grown and situation not left to play. It was there occupation that never gives opportunity for entertaining in those days. Today they are occupied with television and resting inside home, where they never moves out unnecessary; and I feel it is necessary for them to come out for a change and enjoy what they forget in life.

P1014125 P1014116
My grandparent's

I am more interest having both of them with us and taking care to give trouble free life, but they are not willing to move from the place they lived almost there lives. The evening was beautiful for me, is the weather to add the platform of beach paradise and grandparents to give company. I will always looking for such circumstance to come often and you dear friends pls wish me for that.

Friday, March 21, 2008


In rolling trike, kids rejoice
deep silence nature, motionless leaves
cloudy outlook space
speech-less kid expressing vocal

Teardrops left flowing most dawns
freedom for this kid pushes within walls
outlives goodness for a craving kid, to
playing with parent’s expressing happiness

Hardly collected raindrops sweeps
dissolves and run exterior invisibly
spreading everywhere the colors
spreader near gateway expressing holi

Clouds come and go, last sometime though
to drop its burden to clear heat and go,
by blowing freshness in air everywhere
sighting nature is ardent expressing gladden.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Come on India!

That’s something distress always seeing it losing the success every time and seldom too wins, but it was the least of ever mattered now. You could find about what I am talking! It was never in the eight decades of history that our Indian Hockey team failed to qualify for Olympic. More than 25 years ago India reached to its heights to touch semi-finals at Olympics; and today simply it mourns the nation from a news reader to parliamentarian on March 10 when Indian lost to Great Britain at Santiago in qualification match. As soon the message spreads there were announcements comes from responsible persons submitting resignations and many put their papers including the Coach is something familiar happens every time in all sports as early they lose. I feel this lose nothing turns down for none, because most are not been interest at this game and the honor, where it loud less except from the Hockey authorities.

I am not to complain on a particular game, but its visible from back to now, hockey was not taken into mind as a national game. Just in name alone we can tell it, but all the courage and interests goes to cricket alone where the people are in exaggerated enthusiasm on it. Whatever hard work we do, but no recognition makes loosing hope. There we need the public interest to grow on Hockey and they should give more attention to the national game alike Cricket or any other sports. If their told, people and importantly youngster interested to take the hockey stick, there the government or the autonomous authorities hopefully will provide more necessary accessories. The team players are throughout disappointed where the sport itself seen as a useless one and stress makes them week. For them the strength could be the encouragement and support from both public and sports organizations. In creating a team and selecting players should be done with talent and interest of young people, than any recommendation or any interruption. It was doubtful that with a population of one billion, we can’t select talent few.

The most important thing is bearing the stick to people. Where in today’s world, with the media’s growth both visually and readable and internet traffic, it’s possible to make popular the game. And schools and collages should also make aware children about National Game. It was great to see a film on Hockey ‘Chak De India’ release sending some positive signals for a change from the usual thing we people see the Hockey sticks in most films used by gangs to beat others violently and to preparing fight. These day it was film world fails to reach hockey in good manner. I wish there comes the situation where the Hockey sticks rules equal to Cricket bats and in grounds children beating with bats may glance for sticks moving with balls. Chack De India (Come on India)!

Tomorrow is said to be a festivals Friday, varies people across globe is to celebrate this day as Good Friday, Miladinabi and Holi; the Holi is celebrated as neither spring festival nor festival of colors in India. Check out Kalyan’s Colors of Joy, a wonderful presentation about the colorful Holi. Enjoy the happiness of festivals along with weekend and Easter Sunday, buddies :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Actor Raghuvaran passed away

One of a wonderful villain and a best characteristic Tamil actor Raghuvaran was no more today. Raghuvaran who was died due to cardiac attack was acted in almost all south Indian languages. And his dialogue delivery is most popular and within his style of smile would impress anyone. Even if he was no more... his films and the great man character will exist.

He presented an excellent acting opposing Super star in Basha as Mark Anthony, which was talked by everyone. Even recently he acted with Rajini’s in film Shivaji as a friend. For first time he proved in character roll is director Visu’s Samsaram athu Minsaram as a selfish son who calculate for every grant to his family and in Manirathnam’s Anjali, just brings a natural acting as a father of mentally disabled child. Some film that I enjoyed his appearance in Mugavari, Mudhalvan, Run and in Nerrukku Ner and Love today as a brother and father of Vijay. Sure I am going to miss a pleasant villain next to Prakash Raj.

The 60 year-old-man was not at normal in his personal life. Who was addicted to drug and liquor, faces many problem in life, and so he was disappeared from films some times and was recently brought into acting by his well wishes. He married to actress Rohini, though it was not lasted and ended in divorce with an 8year-old son. I console my regret for all those loved him out there.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Have seen teachers pressuring students to study well and score high, but a teacher in chennai has punished a student for not obeying her order to buy vegetables for her. This is what said by a media report, but the news papers printed it was the collision between two teachers in which the boy was punished. It happens last week in a government supported private higher secondary school in Chennai (where my cousin bro was also studying) where the 7th standard boy was fractured his hand and fingers when a teacher beats him. The boy and her mother filed case in commissioner office to take action on the teacher; because of this incident the student was unable to write exams.

The distress came when the teachers have threaten the student to expel from school and complain was also not responded my school headmaster. It was the shaming thing happens some where and in some government schools the habit of teachers using the students for their personal works to do, It’s not a common one, but happens somewhere out of cities even now. Just to imagine the strike, the fear comes to affix, and how could be a teacher, who should be a kindness person to cared children with affection and secular which turns in violence. When this was happening like this a boy of 15-year-old in U.S. becomes permanent loss of hearing when her teacher slamming her hand on his desk to awakening him from sleep when he was asleep when she was taking notes.

If one is not studying conduct or indiscipline there needs some proceedings and not a harshness to make them behave well and also it relates with a reason, but in the Chennai boy’s case it was unrelated and unreasonable where the collision war was between two teachers and to show the anger on an innocent student. I don’t like the existing of hurting anyone who is not involving in the matter which someone faces. First teachers should know… I don’t have anything to comment on the knowledge makers, but even though I could tell students are like reflectors of teachers. If you give sun light, they give brightness to the world; your encouragement is there courage that will always remember you in every step they exercise in there life. In Tamil there is a proverb, that ‘unbeaten bull will not obey,’ so it is only for bulls the beats, not for the soft life children, pls realize this people.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Something on desire

How many people really cared about others who related to then come circumstance before going ahead of filling there desires? The person whom grown in the practice of thinking only about him, his life, desires and carrier, fails to look at others inconvenience and the sufficient problems created by them. Just in shake of love and passion some doesn’t care about anybody and even if it hurts them when they know from there deep heart, still argue for the reason of anything and make smart there decision to accept by susceptible or work against listening. When people go on there wish not looking beside, may crash into problems and after that, the happiness will not last more and the mark without cleared remember there attitude always.

For people falling in love faces the same going against there parents. How could one easily forgive those who gave them identity, just by applying a coat of new colorful dreams and desires hiding the white sheet in which it sticks to give a design? He/she who lacks to love there parents, to realize there sacrifice and hard working, how better can be the love on a strange they kept is true? Love is a beautiful feel one could get from other and not by destroying others and ourselves to suffer for life long. Many parents today struggle to make there children to put on correct path, what ever disobedient and wrong habitant they are… they still hesitate to take strong decision that could feel oppose for children, but those are the only option to own there children back. Came across some people who could not give there parents even a piece of peaceful moment and in love, parents move in distress and not feeling to loss there honor, so they keep the doors close for anyone to disclose there freedom.

The wish and desire for what is decides the life. We must know is that possible to wish for anything without affecting others? It is boundless to get into desires, but some are in highest for which we have to grow that much or able to climb on our foot. For some it was like hanging on someone’s shoulder to get there desire done without getting stressed and hard working, even though without thinking how much burden can one support. Mind only to wish, but we have to search the path to make it alive and the support of the circumstance is a big part of lives. For a lonely mind another mind is the solace, so we can’t live always on our wish alone, have to go along with circumstance and which should also be an encouragement for positive wishes. We have to get support of hands to win carom, legs to run across wining, brain to success in chess and in the game of life, team effort of family and surrounding is must, to give and take. Kept occupying on peoples thought for good cause would remember our life and what we talk then could be talk of the town. Just think before step and put your path on right direction.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Red leaves

Summer Poinsettia
I saw a different plant along our apartment compound, which sends signal like a flower have bloomed. One day went near to see it was leaves with red color in middle or beginning of the leaf. I posted it in to know the name... it gives clue of Poinsettia and after browsing I come to know it was Summer Poinsettia, Mexican Fire Plant (Euphorbia cyathophora). In night, this reflects like red light.

Canna Lily
Find this flower Canna Lily beside a road, when going on wheels one evening.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Seasonal change

Clouds everywhere clouds
but where the rain to shower...?
without wetting earth somehow
wind to pull here... but where u were?

Birds twitter to fly branch to branch
for me smile bearing seeing it,
pieces of drops some times, to touch and go views
the hopeful weather of low-pressure.

Shining silvery cloud, eyes desire for rain
in opened sky, to remind burden as the kite to fall
in firing time, drizzle to come and blow
even season changes, to outstand the season rain.

Original verse (below)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

She is Maya

Maya 002
Maya, just a month old pup was the new arrive at home. Late weekend my brother brings home this cotton candy like pup, which is behind yesterdays post about her (she). It is one of a prankish and overactive dog, except sleeping time it was fully in playing mood, running everywhere and behind wherever we go. Having only baby drink, she was eager to bite without teeth and most of the time trying to bite anything found. Because of this someone should always watch its movement and to take care like a baby and it behavior was too.

It was tickling and caress with the soft hair and buss with mouth; some times try to bite which is also like ticking until it have no tooth. I could not avoid calling mom to take her away, just in little fear ever she comes near my foot in manner of biting. This little has increased the burden of mom, while it irritate her doing mess everyplace and where it was more fondling with her, as well mom too. But everything was not right having maya with us, we lack for spaces in the apartment, where it could stay only inside home and can’t pose caution leaving her behind gateway.

What I was really thinking is to give away this pup from our home and leave where it was before or to those wish to have it. Understand the situation I urge more for the pup to take away and not to put unnecessary disturbance for both of us. Being very small and runs boundless, it’s hard to walk incase looking around always to avoid stamping and all above I was to fear suppose of unpleasant happens that could be distress. When moving on wheels, she come around biting wheels or entering under chair and I can’t sure it was safe. So I left the decision to my parents and bro, to keep her with us or to leave some where the pup to be greed place. Till then I could enjoy watching her playing around.
Maya 001

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

About she

she is so cute
just to fall in love at first sight,
caress with hair come by way
to stop and adore while she play

smaller eyelid, hairs to fall along views
looking at eyes to think display dolls,
but fair to move here and there
behave like a childish in manner
and oh she exist hither most

merrily going around and last I find her
to touch gently, she fluctuate in hesitate
might sweetly whispers in the silence
noticing our face a desire on her

dab in tenderness to fondling often
quietly attentive to buss moisture
extremely catwalks as she moves behind
in slender soft crus

look after, the time passes inexpensive
seems she always in playful mode
hops to remain, sweetness to fill within
rooms disturbed with fluid across, and
this little innocent bitch lack for bites.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

More than seaside

Gone to beat the warm or to spent time
just ashore cold waves pass along, with
wandering of girls across me and others
like a ramp show on the walkers’
glimpse of array in beauty of fashion

Where situation turns practically familiar
many wondering still in twenty first century
looking at short skirts and sleeveless, but until
parents and society to accept the trend
it’s a sweet treat for sight;

Just looking at the rose forever
not to picking it just for hours
so like fashion that views beautiful
till it not violence the culture in fashion

To notify it was women’s day or couples day
coming up behind pathway never end today,
shoulder to shoulder moving on pleasure
and strangely unknowing the passion of couple
disturbance the public with pressure

Ice-cream tasting after long back
under the peer trouble of feeling cold
after visible of teens sitting beside front
my age to decrease of not caring abnormal.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

A woman on world’s view

She is one from a richest family who could enjoy the life on her wish, but she not even think to experience the wealth, instead thought about how much she can help paupers. Even within so much objections from her own family, she started on her proposed path and took very care the poor people with observe. She is non than The ‘Lady with the Lamp’.

Born in 1820 to a richest family in Italy’s Florence was the Nightingale. With so much wealthy at home, somehow her mind not fell on it and fall directly on paupers suffer to help on sinner people. In that time she too a strong and final decision, that to become a Nurse and with it to help the poor patients. The family and relative object to her decision, but she was strong enough.

In those days there were no proper and full facilities at hospitals for patients and in a single bed two patients were put to lie down. There was the situation present that was unpleasant which could even send a normal person as patients. Yet Nightingale was from a wealthy family her aim was completely to become a Nurse. Her parents come down to accept becoming a nurse, but pleased at least to get marry, though she refused.

She completed her nurse training in London. Once kalara was spread in the poverty areas of London, she ran across to help them than against moving. She carries away those affected in disease with her hands and humbly served. When the time war cover between England and Russia, for people wounded in struggle where treated by the nurse team headed by her. Showing the lives lost in war, those died in injures are more where the team served sprightly.

The shake of lack of basic infrastructure in army hospital, she sympathizes at every life as a moving service of divine. Like a mother she take care them and in night with a lamp supporting her hand, she come across each soldier and watched with intense care. Because of this she was kindly called by ‘the lady with the lamp’. In her highly sprite service, not only the people of London, this mother entice the entire people of Universe.

When the entire world was highly praising her service, she simply said in restrain: I am doing my task, why are you enlarging it? In those days the nurse have been sighted as a disgrace, but Nightingale changed it and created the thought between people that nursing is a service of dignity and she also wrote many books on nursing service.

Like mother of Nightingale, there are many followers then and now being in service on varies fields. And it was great remembering about a person of humanity and affection looking besides the Women’s day following. Let cheers women on the earth and in our home and there dreams to exist in the world with kindness and peace to wander along with mother’s blessing.

#Current song Pulveli Pulvely... from Tamil film Aasai. A beautiful as well it has an amazing playback music and lovely instrumental tune, that I play always at my keyboard.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Undaunted Film

The film name could be fearless, but any one would easily fear looking at the ticket price in theaters for entertaining 3 hours. Till people come forward to offer much money on watching films in theaters, they will increase as much they wish. In mind I was thinking well seriously in disappointment to go to Pirated DVDs that makes theaters these days. Very little people share the open theater, the names running on the screen while entering for evening show Anjathey. The Tamil film which was directed by Mysskin and lead by Naren, Prasanna, Amjal, Vijayalakshmi… though a sensitive film with happenings between two childhood friends on there track. They live inside the police residency, whose fathers where constables and wishing for there sons to join in the police department. One was a quick temper and behaves like a local rowdy; another was quite opposite to him whose aim is to become a sub-inspector. Both writes the exams and sathya passed using trick and krupa failed to pass exam and accuse sathya for cheating, so that he failed. This deeply disturbs the krupa, who later turn to an addict of liquor and sathya becomes sub-inspector finishing the training.

The usual trend happens here, where krupa falls under wrong relationship with those kidnaps young girls for money to any criminal activities and sathya with more senior officers tracing for the kidnapping gang… any one can easily identify what would have been happening then. Some of the physical activates of Naren (sathya) are alike his first film Chithiram Peasuthadi, his distress to save krupa from striking colleague police and in breaking down seeing his friend in unpleasant manner he shows a natural emotion. The new face Amjal lived as the character gives different experience, the anger, sorrow and the point he holds sure head down those cheat to living in a post. In sister character Vijayalakshmi, for amjal, could not forget to recall Chennai -28 as she caller her bro anna, but adorable in the single song and in smiles. The camera played a wonderful thing from the blue skies, sugarcane field and capturing the art behind the song mansukul...

Prasanna, one of my favorite actor tried to threaten with his eyes and smiles behind the hanging hairs, but always seen him in positive characters, his negative role does not do anything than much liking his style in seeing his hands and while walking. Pandiyarajan’s blinking is perfect for giving wrong dealing, but easily beaten up for his comedy villain, does a cool dancing for a song. It just replaces the Valla menukum song, without boring. Director takes a social issue of kidnapping young girls for money and body welfare; it was little shocking the kidnapped children are tied inside the sack and exists mentally upset. In ununiform, police Ponvannan and his team is an example for the kindness on the affected children, felt it would be a lesson for other police men to learn from the film. The technical ideas to trace the kidnapers are next step in Tamil cinema following foreign style. The director must be appreciated to give scenes that without touching the adult mode and have moved people in the emotions at second attempt between a father and a young girl who where kidnapped and spoiled by villain. In director's last film he expressed a love can bring softness inside the hard human and what here it tells is, even a rowdy will turn right to path when something emotionally affect him.

Monday, March 03, 2008

My views on 60,000 crore waive, the mark budget

Was late to share some thoughts about Indian budget because to the lack of internet connection on weekend. It was a marked budget by finance minster to waive 60,000 crore (600 billion) farmers loan in his announcement at parliament. It’s a good news for farmers who struggle to repay for the banks without much productivity, but how much this cancelation of loans help there future?... it may reduce the burden of past and present, but for future they still have the way to go. I feel instead of looking at the loans, the government may get a solution for what sent them to this place, and how to save farmers from committing suicide defeating the drought. Commonly we know the water scarcity is big problem in many parts of India for agriculture and second the funds for producing food grains while taking care on feeding cattle’s, money for laborers, medicines and other machineries. Even though waiving the 60,000 crore, its not going to bring a great changes in there life, still with empty hands and only without burden of borrowed, but also there are people left out who where getting money from private lenders and those repaid the money in a struggle situation and those already left there life who couldn’t pay.

Then, there was no announcement or sign to concentrate on linking rivers in the current budget, if anything happen on this would make solace for whole farmers across country. After waiting for something like this, good that our state of Tamil Nadu has comes to find directions for linking main rivers in state to avoid situations of floods and droughts. This budget is like showing colorful wafers and tasteless inside. Except cancelation of loans, the government was not suppose to save the farm lands turning rise on real estate and looking for flat promoters. I was on the suburbs this weekend, was really disturbed were the most fertility soil marked by stones for sale and the farm wells and lakes are filled with waters, but grounds empty without green. I stop for why not anyone to save the golden grasses from the destruction by humans, and thought about the budget that nothing does to help people on saving the well growing lands to bury under concrete floors.

In peoples mind this 60,000 crore farm loan cancelation puzzled, where the government would increase the Tax and put burden on common people to adjust the loan. Finance minister assured the banks, it could settle the amount of 60,000 crore within three years, but I think would he still be the finance minster for the upcoming 3 years? But alike this, can he assure there won’t be increment on tax debt? And second they announced tax reduction for small cars and 2-3 wheelers, oh I felt who needs this. Already the cities are gone into struggle in lack for controlling the traffic and increasing vehicle population. These days even the suburbs are not left alone from traffic of vehicles… in this time the tax less on it would rise the situation worst without proper roads first. The increased in tax for Computers would sure affect the public, were it was much useful device these days for people and in times people mostly middle class and lower are looking for systems and knowledge. Looking at everything on loan or the differences in tax, is nothing makes big difference on public , where it sunshine here and somewhere the dark night exist, so we can’t expect the sun to shine everywhere, but here the shining was overlooked above.