Friday, July 30, 2010


The first thing that caught my mind was it was like titanic, where an old woman narrates her past memories and seek to relieve and reconnect her emotions. Among the young generation film makers, director Vijay did a fantastic movie with late independence struggle, love and action in a tremendous backdrop of madrasapattinam which transferred into Chennai today.

It was a lovable love story across the Madras Presidency and Amy’s each and every expression is impressive and adorable! Arya’s role as dhobi, befit the character as a valor and showcase fondness through his eyes. Except the romance, action and protest, there’s so much to observe about our late city. The Buckingham canal, the central railway station, the dhobikhana, Spencer and some more comes as an elegant to eyes. The cinematography is fantastic; it captured something that when we aren’t belong to the scene or seen through pictures.
No words to appreciate the music composer GV, the music was such amazing and stands as a great pillar to the picture. Every song has to be mentioned separately and the composition of western classic seems awesome and I wonder every time listening to the album. Meghame song has a charm of droplets dropping on us and the beats are foot tapping. The quite clouded sky and the blowing wind and sounds are adding pleasant to the then pristine Chennai.

To complete the form, two more characters did there best and among them the late Cochin Haneefa’s one-liners are amusing. It’s sad to miss someone who is well at character and comedy, which comes naturally to him. The British officers ruled the whole; the wresting and chasing scenes are interesting. Should appreciate the courage of director for using British language most of the places under sub-title, though it wasn’t difficult to understand.

Overall the movie was refreshing from the usual Tamil cinema and gives way to decent movie making. I like Vijay’s previous movies and they are quite neat and feel so good. Nice to see such movies to keep stand the Tamil cinemas from hero based movies, and gives important to art, technology and new idea.

Yesterday it was like singing ‘rain rain go away, come again another’ but where does it listen? It poured heavily and disturbed the movie watching at drive-in. It only works out in movies and nature has no man power to control. Oh!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

களவாடும் களவாணி - Cute filcher

ஒரு முறை இரு முறை பல முறை பார்த பின்
இதயத்தின் கிளையினில் பூத்தாளே
அடி முதல் நுனி வரை அவளது நினைவுகள்
ஆஹா அழகாய் தொலைந்தேனே
சின்ன சின்ன தூறல் வந்து நெஞ்சுக்குள்ளே முத்தம்மிடும்
மாயம் மாயம் என்ன என்ன சொல்லிவிடுடி
கத்தியின்றி ரத்தம்மின்றி
காதல் வந்து யுத்தம்மிடும்
காயம் காயம் இன்பம் என்ன சொல்லிவிடுடி

மேகம் போலே நான் மேலே பறந்தேன்
வானம் கிழே நான் உள்ளே நுழைந்தேன்
காதல் தீண்டி நான் உன்னை பார்தேன்
நாலும் தாண்டி உன் கண்ணை பார்தேன்
கொலுசுக்குள் வந்துவிடவா
நடக்கையில் சத்தம்மிடவா
உன் பாதம் தீண்டிகிடப்பேனே உயிரே
கம்மலிலே தொங்கிடவா
அங்கேயே தங்கிவிடவா
உன் கன்னம் தீண்டிகிடப்பேனே கிளியே
குறும்பாலே ஜெய்தாலே
களவாடி கவித்தாலே
கனவாலே என்னை கொல்கின்றாள்...
கண்ணாலே இழுத்தாலே
குறும்பாட்டை பிடித்தாலே
அய்அய்யோ என்னை கொல்கின்றாள்…

It was a Tamil song and pictures from the movie Kalavani and I did little change in lines that suites the mind. The tones are interesting while listen the song. The pretty girl oviya is someone caught my attention lately and her expressions are lovable. I haven’t seen her movie, but her stills are set to dream about and just waiting to admire on screen.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Thinking about kingmaker on his birth occasion, I think it is his thought that put him on stage as a great leader to enhance governance. He isn’t educated by school, but his experience taught him lessons and he read peoples mind to understand the deficiency and necessity.

Thoughts aren’t captured in books or departmental stores; they are raised from the deep emotion.

I think many leaders don’t work with sense these days, so that many are still suffering from hardship and only with knowledge we can’t develop anything instead of destroying some more hearts. Whoever gains literate or immense knowledge doesn’t shine as much sense touch people’s hearts. There stands the Kamaraj who lead the state then with a sense and rule the country.

The politicians talk about him on occasions and pose like garlanding his statues and promise to bring the golden period again, but without a sense that past could not replace future, and it’s the thought and experience along with sense going to gain a better future. Today the education and knowledge has become business, the sense goes out in search of sum. The technology has arrived to make easer the lesson and knowledge at our laptop screen and practice through internet, we are out of sense to see and explore the essential commodity.

Let’s hope for a better future with sense and knowledge.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Raavanan – the movie

Thinking it would be a lengthy movie, we headed fifteen minutes before the show time, but they stated only half an hour later. Thinking silly had they postpone the show or inadequate of current, since every lights are on and speakers tuned western, I wonder when the movie going to end, before it started.
Thinking about the movie and the hype and music that enhance the ears after many listening; the movie begins with the caption was just threatening and create excite accomplish by bang music. As the movie’s progress is well presumed refer to the title and media, the relish is little missing.

The movie revels outstanding in visual performance, which is the highlight of the movie and for this at least one should watch in theater.

Mani’s movies always lead confusion and unchanged attitude in dialogue delivery is one thing I don’t like his movies and thus in many places conversations lack understanding. Vikram has been used well in this movie, and his character of being a bravo tribe hero sense familiar but thought it’s completely belong to him alone and no one could replace his character.

Aiswariy rai is lovable as usual and through her stunning performance she astonish. I think anyone could do her role, but I doubt could anyone domain like her in exposure and thus I guess it is her beauty. Whereas the concern is expected between vikaram and prithive raj, the every other characters doesn’t seems or get importance. Prithive raj is perfect in appearance to match aiswariya and being a smart cop his role replaces the fury on his face.

Like never before, the athirappali falls in kerala is well captured in detail along the stunning leap and climb by the lead. Its adventure throughout, with no deep sense behind the tribal fight and a strong reason to kick start the fire. Like the most look after scene, the acrobatic stunt at the hanging bridge is just amazing! I was surprise to see the cenotaphs of Orchha that I lately learn in Rajesh’s post took screen in flashback.

The climax was realistic and left in a wonderful silent off the valley. The nature that exists throughout the movie is mist bound bliss. Raavanan – it’s a complete movie keeping away the commercial commitments.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Fun and Familiar

Is there anything unseen like the wind?
Is there anything untouched like the sky?
Is there anything untied like the tongue?
Is there anything united like the mind?
Is there anything bind like the skin?
Is there anything strange like the fear?
Is there anything unknown like the darkness?
Is there anything unheard like the silence?
Is there anything bright like the lightning?
Is there anything deep like the ocean?
Is there anything sense like the sun?
Is there anything baked like the bun?
Is there anything pristine like the rain?
Is there anything elevated like the Everest?
Is there anything strong like the storm?
Is there anything romantic like the Romeo and Juliet?
Is there anything irremovable like the scar?
Is there anything fun like the fantasy?
Is there anything trust like the friendship?
Is there anything feel like the secure?
Is there anything proud like the father?
Is there anything humble like the mother?
Is there anything loud like the thunder?
Is there anything smell like the fragrance?
Is there anything unstable like the situation?
Is there anything unchangeable like the history?
Is there anything immerse like the fish?
Is there anything immovable like the hope?

Let’s hope everything would be fine. Don’t worry, be happy! :)

Friday, July 02, 2010


Life on sailing
Life is a wild river
and we sail in a boat,
to remain sailing
one we know driving
or diving
to neither drive ashore
nor leave it to destiny.

For anything, we need courage! Just thought to write something and got courage.