Thursday, May 12, 2022

Summer Special

 (I wrote this poem on May 10) 

Overnight, the weather turned cooler 

Shawarma exhausted news channels

Refreshed through the shower-ma

Because of the bypass of Cyclone Asani

Chennaiities experience the weather in Kodai 

In the season of Kodai (summer), 

The moister wind blows to cool everything down.

The wind chimes ring cheerfully 

As the chilly air enters via the window, 

Excitement mounts in the body 

Meet the cheerful memories at the summit 

As is typical during the summer 

The summer rain churns it into something even more special.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

P.s. If you are unaware, "Kodai" is a word that refers to summer in Tamil, and the same word is also the abbreviation of Kodaikanal, a hill station in South India. 

If you're from India, you might know my reference to Shawarma. The issue refers to the same following the death of a student in Kerala after she ate Shawarma, a renowned Levantine cuisine consisting of meat chopped into thin slices, stacked in a cone-like structure, and roasted on a slowly revolving vertical rotisserie or spit.  All shawarma restaurants are now subjected to rigorous testing by the health authorities to ensure that the food preparation is hygienic. Some southern districts have prohibited selling Shawarma. 

Sunday, May 08, 2022

Misleading Ad

There was a television commercial in which a family was traveling through the mountains, and the elder of the family sought to inhale the fresh breeze, but before he could fully breathe in, the family hurried him to another location, and this continued till they arrived home. The father complains at home that you didn't even let me breathe. The son asks his father where else he might go to breathe pure air.  We could be at home, and as he says, he turns on the A/C (a brand that comes with purified air), and afterward, the father stood in front of the A/C and breathed.

I was like what the heck! Actually, it was wtf, that came out unmindful. 

I was uneasy from the time I watched it, and I was like, how could they think of replacing nature and its breeze? I wonder if they realize what they are conveying through this commercial. The world is already descending into hell as people seek the artificial lifestyle and drown in a virtual world, disrupting their relationship with nature and fellow humans. Such commercials will be pushing into the abyss.

The growing generation, particularly children who are unaware of the commercial aspects of the AD, will believe that the air from the air conditioner is as good as or better than the pristine air that oozes from the natural environment. And this will encourage and induce them to use air conditioners frequently without realizing the harm they cause to the environment - and using excess a/c is also one of the causes of global warming. 

The gadgets had already held back kids inside the home, and the COVID came as an advantage to the younger generation, which was more than enough to keep them at home. Online education has encouraged the activity. The youngsters who come out to play have declined, and with such advertisements, it deteriorates! 

As a nature lover with a social concern, I condemn the commercial's creators and the concept of bullshit. At the same time, I am never against the comfort of people and in today's rising temperatures, normally in summer, the air conditioner is a boon, but we should know when and where to use it.  Sweating is not a curse, and there's nothing wrong with sweating unless it's extreme to dehydration.

No parent wants to see their children suffer during the summer, and the air conditioner has become such a necessity that we cannot stop its growth. However, sticking to limitations will benefit the environment. There are various ways to promote a product, but using nature as dice and creating an illusion against the natural elements would result in future generations being distracted and held captive within the home. 

As a believer in life outside the window, this ad made me endlessly sad. I wish the promoters realized the ad was misleading and changed its course before it reached a large number of people. 

For your reference here is the ad

Wednesday, May 04, 2022


The stone slab outside the Koyambedu Bus Stand in Chennai, one of the largest bus stations in Asia, commemorates the day the foundation for the Chennai Suburban Bus Stand was laid. 

The engraved inscription on the stone slab was beautifully embellished with illustrations that highlight the landmarks and cultural symbols of Tamil Nadu. On the left stood the saint, Tiruvaluvar, and on the right was the stone chariot of the Valluvar Kottam in Chennai. The top line includes the rock-cut temples of Mamallapuram and the statue of Kannagi from the Tamil epic Silapathikaram. 

The foundation was laid by the late former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, M. Karunanidhi. 

A warning sign or message to drivers on the east coast road, abbreviated as ECR.

The government renamed ECR Muthtamil Kalaizar Road two days ago (after the late Tamil Nadu chief minister, M.Karunanithi); however, I believe that the original name (ECR) was more appropriate and easier to pronounce.  Even though the OMR (old Mamallapuram Road), the IT corridor of Chennai, was renamed  Rajiv Gandhi Road some time ago, people still refer to it by its former name. Similarly, I expect the ECR will continue to spell the same

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Signs2: Kodaikanal

It's been three years since I visited one of my favorite places, the Princess of Hill Stations, Kodaikanal. COVID has prevented me from meeting my lovely princess. Even if I get a chance, which may be brighter immediately, my traveling wheelchair isn't helping me because it wasn't used regularly, and the joystick becomes more difficult to maneuver. 

Signboard of my uncle's wood house in Kodaikanal

My aunt has been calling me to come to stay at their woodhouse in Thandikudi, on the Kodaikanal half-mountain, where they are currently camping with my grandma. I couldn't accept their invitation as I am not yet ready to travel. Apart from the wheelchair, I don't have anyone to assist because both my brother and the cousin who often takes me out are busy with their jobs, so either one of them has to accommodate me or I need to look out for someone who could assist me on travel.

Before I go further off track, I come to the sign I posted above. There is a welcome sign to Kodaikanal by the highways department at the entrance of the town or before passing the tollgate.  If you've noticed, there's a small typo on the signboard: "Deportment" instead of "Department."

The word "deportment" refers to behavior, whereas "department" refers to an organization or division of government agencies. 

I wish the days weren't so far away from where I could take distance travel. Even though I only visited Yelagiri in February, and on that trip too, I couldn't experience any places owing to a faulty joystick. I may be able to travel in less than three months because I have ordered a new wheelchair, which may take a month to build as it was to be customized to my comfort and needs. 

I take this chance to organize a wheelchair to be driven into the car through the back door and parked in the empty passenger seat. Because the vertical height of our SUV and its entryway is insufficient for a regular wheelchair to enter or exit,  I've requested a wheelchair with a seat that can be raised down and up, so this facility will save me from having to modify the car. 

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Monkeys Returns

Recently, some monkeys invaded our neighborhood again after a long time. We used to live on the backstreet before moving to our current home on the 2nd main road, and we used to see a lot of monkeys doing all sorts of naughty things, but they gradually vanished before we moved. Surprisingly few monkeys occasionally visit our neighborhood and then leave after wandering for a while. 

Similar to the above, some monkeys visited our neighborhood a few weeks ago, and it appeared that they traveled through the congested wires that detract from the attractiveness of our street by hanging on one side of the roadway as they made their way into our street. The image shows how it sat and walked on the wires.

The first couple of photos were taken with the camera, but the rest were snapped with my phone as soon as I spotted them. I couldn't capture any more monkeys since they went behind the trees, and I had already seen monkeys much earlier, so I wasn't interested in photographing them. A few days ago, the monkeys returned, and one of them rushed across our balcony rail, terrifying the dog who was napping on the balcony at the time. 

As I write this, I hear shooing from below the house and from the grocery store next door; possibly the monkeys were attempting to steal bananas from the shop's outside display. 

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