Thursday, June 10, 2021

A Wild Experience and Bloom


Captured this cute little blossom from the wilderness mixed with fear and excitement! It seems like a kind of wild daisy flower was bloomed a lot alongside the headwaters of the Bhavani River in Nilgiris, and these flowers were tiny and less than an inch in size bloomed in white as well.

The headwater of the Bhavani River is one of the wildest places I have visited (in 2011) and, it still excites me to think back. There was no one at the place when we visited as 7, not because it was a weekday or off-seasoned, but it's a restricted place and needs permission from the forest department. It's not an easy task unless a few years ago, before the forest department make revenue by turning it into an ecotourism spot.

Once entered, we are cut off from the outside world, though it was 10 years before - even now too; if trapped, we would be left to a standstill until the forest officers come to rescue. Photography was prohibited inside the forest, but we had no option, and it's impossible to resist taking photos as what we see was pristine in its beauty to the senses. Despite the warning, the officer in charge tested our truthfulness by enquiring we have a camera; later encouraged us that going inside the forest without a camera is worthless and said it's ok to carry a camera and make sure to keep it out of their officials' sight.

I never shared any photos shot from my visit to this place, not that it was prohibited but to protect nature in my personal interest. Today many photos are upload from this place, and perhaps to say after it was open to the tourist in the name of ecotourism.  This part of the western catchment area contributes a tremendous amount of water - for hydroelectric, irrigation, and drinking, which needs to be preserved from any action against its ecosystem.

There are a few more lists of places I visited that I have no idea of sharing in the future too. But I wish I could write my experience here and there.

Friday, June 04, 2021

Hibiscus from Neighbor’s Garden

Life is so exhausted and disastrous what perhaps everyone knows what it was. I have been writing a lot these days related to covid and decided to change topics to what l like most. Nature is the best medicine for all, and let us take the nectar out of flowers to add some sweetness to the heart that filled the sour of tears. So was the post today.

The neighbor's garden opposite to us is not flourishing as before, and the neighbor hasn't spent much time gardening, but how can we anticipate a son, who lost his father less than 2 months ago, to do active gardening? But the weather wasn't that kind enough for plants to flourish or flowers to bloom.

The flowering pot plants have changed positions where I couldn't take photos of the few bloomed hibiscus despite the interrupt in wires and grown branches of trees. I see the red and yellow hibiscus bloomed more among the fewer blossoms of hibiscus, and all are replaced as facing the neighbor's house, perhaps because watching flowers can give some solace to the hearts and forget someone who lived for 94 years is not easy.

I didn't take any photos of the neighbor's garden in the last two months, or I need to check the camera to see if I have missed downloading any photos into the laptop; anyhow, I like to share some photos of the hibiscus I shot in March. So here it goes…

Btw. The lockdown and the situation with covid keep promising as cases of covid continue to reduce across the country, as well as in our state; the lockdown may last few more weeks with slight relaxation, but perhaps a week later. 

Monday, May 31, 2021

Lockdown Purchase and Business from Street Carts

Due to full lockdown from last Monday (24 May), the government had arranged for vegetable carts to sell vegetables at our doorsteps, and here is one of the carts that visited our street. Mom and neighbors picked up the vegetables sold at a reasonable price!

Though it is a good option in the absence of essential shops, I feel like opening the essential shops with a time limit is better than moving carts over the streets, with households wait to see if it comes or not. They have put temporary stalls to sell vegetables rather than sold in trucks and tricycles at some places. But the most inviting thing was the vegetable prices are reasonable, and some sell at wholesale rate.

The permission to sell vegetables in carts and trucks had open doors for those looking for an alternate to earn during the lockdown. Someone, who we know, owns a mini truck, now has started to sell vegetables in place of no business during this period. His wife, being a florist, who has experience in selling flowers, has accompanied him in selling vegetables and fruits. 

Selling in carts has another annoying thing which was shouting in the loudspeaker. The lockdown days are usually quiet, but these full lockdown days, which are extended for another week in the state; annoy, as the vendors come shouting in the loudspeaker. I know it is a temporary one and helps people at large and prevents driving down the streets for purchase. But those who come out keep coming out no matter what restrictions are imposed.

Now, even groceries are starting to sell in the cart, which means the full lockdown could extend for a few more weeks without opening the essential shops. The lockdown seems to work well for our state, and the situation is turning far better and promising. Country-wise too, the covid is declining and soon, would come under control.

But I’m glad I took the vaccine in advance instead of postponing it, as vaccines are in short supply now. I hope you guys will not miss the jab as well. Take care

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Got vaccinated with Covishield (AstraZeneca)

I got vaccinated, 1st dose, today from the Urban community health center at a walkable distance from home.  Vaccination started in India in January, and the first preference was given to frontline workers and later to those above 45 years; from May 1st, vaccination open to everyone above 18. But, they couldn't begin as announced due to a lack of vaccination, and in our state of Tamil Nadu, it started only last week with special priority to differently challenged.

There are three different vaccines available in India - Oxford-AstraZeneca's Covishield, India's Covaxin, and Russia's Sputnik-V - and I took Covishield, which is the only available vaccine now despite what I was about to take in case of. My dad and mom had already completed the course of two doses of vaccine two weeks before mine. They took the 2nd dose 6 weeks later, following their 1st dosage. For me, they have given 90 days or 14 weeks to take the 2nd dose.

The ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) has extended the duration between the 1st and 2nd dose of vaccine from 45 to 90 days for Covishield. I don't know about the other two vaccines. I registered online on May 1st itself, and till now, every time I open the page of registration, it shows available for the 45+ only. So, rejecting it, we went directly to the vaccination center as it had already announced that differently challenged are an exception of all, and they are true to their words.

Less than a km from home, I reached the vaccination center riding my power wheelchair, and we had to wait for only 10 to 15 minutes that too because of some issue going between the staff and some public. Actually, they issued tokens to the people to take the vaccine, and they all seated maintaining a distance, and suddenly the staffs announced stopping of vaccination, and people erupt. After some argument, they were allowed to vaccinate, but some went off already.

By the time they vaccinated me, Republic Tv was covering the vaccination and after seeing me in the wheelchair, they inquired me about shooting while I was vaccinated. I accepted immediately as they said it could be awareness for people who refused to believe or were scared of vaccines. While moving out after waiting for 10 minutes on the premises, as advised by them to see I feel any discomfort, they interviewed me (click here for the video link on YouTube) with few questions related to my experience with vaccination.

I'm feeling normal until writing down this, and no pain on the arms too, but I don't know what kind of reaction it stored for me further tonight or tomorrow. I'm quite confident that my body accepts the vaccine and works better to prevent Covid and lessen the effects of anything that comes against it. The doctors who were around me when vaccinated encouraged me to eat well and be confident. And don't go anywhere until taking the 2nd dose, without fail.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Choking Covid and Curfew - 2nd wave!

At the national level, covid is slowly reducing, but still, the 0.2+ million cases per day are too much to say even though it's a great drop from 0.4+ million cases a fortnight ago. The death ratio is at 175 an hour! 

We had really moved into an inconsolable phase of life, with every passing one, destroys plenty on its way and that shore up in their support. People are partially too late in realizing the situation, and we have already lost many and continue to hear the silent/siren cry from the wounds as we entered a nil activity from last night. Tamil Nadu state has gone into a complete lockdown for a week with all essential shops closed, except the provision of milk and medical.

Unswerving lockdown comes to force from today. But what seemed like unleashed yesterday, due to the full-fledged lockdown, the day was made easy for the public to purchase their need for the next week as a plan by the government to reduce the cases of covid. Tamil Nadu currently counts 35,000 daily, which is higher among the states of India. As of now, the north Indian states are decline in cases, and the southern states at rising esp. Tamil Nadu is witnessing the worst. Perhaps there could be some hike in the number of cases in the coming days due to the overcrowded and transmitted Sunday.

I hope we soonly come out of this terrific crisis. But not so without loss of lives and struggles. I see covid is teaching us lessons for a lifetime and provide an opportunity to study the attitude and thinking ability of the people in masses. As we all suffer and confine to home, nature is ready for another backseat ride following last year's lockdown series. Birds began to enjoy this transparent environment from fewer transportations and pollution; there's a lot of cheerfulness in the air, fresh to breathe and inspire in place of tiresomeness felt overall.

I see this particular week as significant in the course of driving covid in our state. But we have no option other than this successful formula (of lockdown) followed worldwide, and I predict our state could nearly take a month's curfew to bring the infection under control. It should be a difficult task for the government as well as the public to balance their financial status, but I wish we take all efforts to bring down the covid to never rise, as we all experienced to the extent of enough.