Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Do age define all?

Do you think age defines all? There's wording in Tamil "Sathikka vayathillai"  to achieve, age is not a barrier, and the same goes with anything as you can't decide what your heart desires despite the health condition and age. Though I know fatigue is not only for the body but for the mind as well. But many a time, the body could not cooperate with the energetic mind or interest level; it is perhaps because of weakness or illness, not age. 

Age, in general, is considered to be a part of the time or phase that takes place in the body and mind as well, but what we have done is define things that have to be done at specific age only. I'm not going to deny that because things generally work adjutant with that, and true to an extent. But this is not with all the cases - some exceptions have the right to think out of the box. It is possible or not is up to the one who tries, and we should not deny it generally because of age.

Like the time that does not wait for anyone, age keeps rising every year either you consider it or not; our body keeps worn out as we used to it, our mind may also feel tired, but we can't say it is the state of mind with everyone. I see many young people feeling lazy and lacking interest/energy to do things; at the same time, I see brisk elders walking thousands of steps daily, working hard, and reading a lot to keep them at a steady pace even though they can't work beyond a limit. What I see is the way they try and experience life despite their age. 

Is there anything that only kids should enjoy these things and adult these and olds that? You can't refine or define your mind as it is beyond your reach, and it consists of many other things than age. Someone in mid-age who loves to wet in the rain would hesitate to step out of the home thinking what the society would say? Of course, are you a kid to play in the rain? Is rain belong to kids? If you are good enough with resistance power (desire sees that?) or ready to face the illness that follows, go ahead and enjoy the natural showering. 

I would say kick away the age barriers. I hear many opposing it and have reasons to argue, like is it ok for kids to explore adult things?  Those who turned age 18 considered adults because 18 is a general age or stage where individuality happens. But is it questionable whether everyone over the age of 18 is mature enough to handle their uniqueness? I have seen people below the age of 18 being responsible and acting consciously and those aged to behave ridiculously. 

Some hesitate to treat the child hidden within them, thinking about society and stuffing themself in a stressful mood, and act as if they lost interest in the childish things. How many adults play video games on the smartphone, and isn't that kids' stuff? lol 

I'm not complaining but want to encourage you to explore things that were fair, lawful, and harmless to the circumstances - that society put behind the bars of age.  If someone feels young at the age of 60, let it be, and age is only a number, and it counts only on aging and never reads a mind. Our life is surrounded by a lot of little happiness, and we should not miss those just because it is not related to our age. 

Friday, November 19, 2021

Outcome of Rain

The day is quite Drizzy and breezy with cold 

Rains for the second consequent week 

Chills down to nerves, to seek warmth  

A cup of tea worked well at this point 

To pull out the numbness through its brew;  

The weather could not be the same for long 

Cheers before it is too warm or cold 

The rain washed away the hazards in the air 

Like a mountain breeze its refreshing to breathe 

Compensates the desire for travel to mountains;  

The street full of shed leaves from the raintree 

Resembles a glimpse of the fall season 

Like the tiny leaves, life spread with happiness 

And collecting it as a pile is a mounted joy.  

P.s I share below a short photo video of recent rain and flood captured from the balcony. 

Monday, November 15, 2021

My Deepavali celebration Video 2021

I share here a short video on my Deepavali celebration of fireworks. I like fireworks from childhood, and my favorites are night crackers and sky shots. Deepavali is the only time we get a chance to light and watch fireworks; though I only hold up to sparkler, I buy sky shots and fancy fireworks to let someone light on my behalf, and I watch and shoot with interest. The same applied this time, and for a change, my childhood friend (from the neighborhood) lit up the sky shots instead of my cousin, who used to do it yearly, had gone out on a trip. I added some mild 3d effects available with the video editor to make this photos/videos show.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Monsoon Air

The flooded street and neighbor's garden from this week's rain

The walls feel cold 

As earth feels colder 

Taps run mountain stream 

The wind blows its chillness 

Want no air conditioner 

Depression departed

The water recedes, yet wetness 

The monsoon isn't over 

And we already overdone; 

The excess goes to sea, flooding shores

And stagnation troubles citizens; 

Unnoticed critters come out 

Defines life and trouble

Media scares what was normal 

Too much is human desire; 

And he falls prey to his own error.

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

The Rain and Flood Seems Unending to Chennaities

Deepavali passed away quietly, literally, due to the less noise of crackers. Buying and bursting of crackers have come down this year, and there are reasons for that, which was the loss of interest and laziness, and beyond that, the court restrictions and weather, Diwali demanded fewer crackers. I think the Deepavali post can wait sometimes - I'm working on a short video on fireworks - and before that, the rain takes away the charm even before the festive weekend conclude. 

There was rain often around the city for the last few months has filled the reservoirs with enough water, and the saturated earth stopped quenching water has resulted in a flood following the Sunday rain. It was moderate to heavy rain begin from the night of Saturday to Sunday evening has left Chennai city flooded. It was a  heavy downpour recorded in a short period of 12 to 15 hours, reminding the citizens of the 2015 historical flood

I woke up in the morning to see our street (pic above and below) turned into a river! Since we live on the main road, the water from every other street (in our area) has to flow through our street and the stormwater drain. The rainwater kept flowing fully throughout the day till night since the stormwater drain was insufficient for the abundant water. 

The Sunday rain measured at 13-24 cm in less than 24 hours. Thankfully, the rain took some break later that night despite the red alert from the Meteorological department; there was some moderate to light rain yesterday and today.  Due to the formation of low pressure in the Bay of Bengal,  the rains will continue over the next week.  

Even before the northeast monsoon began a week ago, it rained sufficiently all over the state, and this monsoon rain will only be a bonus that cannot enjoy, rather people suffer and the water to the sea. The rainwater flooded my neighbor's house and garden opposite to us. If you remember, it was the same neighbor who reworked his garden damaged in last year's Nivar cyclone, who faced a similar situation on Sunday. Though he worked swiftly in pulling out the water, the prediction of rain going be distress to him. 

First time I hear the loud noise of frogs after shifting here. Frogs croak wasn't new to me, and I have listened to their chorus siren plenty in our former apartment with an open plot in front of the house. Now I think I miss many a thing related to rain after moving out from there, but that high-pitched croak reminded me a lot, and I'm glad at the same time we have moved to the first floor, which is pretty safe (during this time) than staying at the ground. 

Let's see what nature held for us, and whatever wish people have the ability to face the crises.