Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Following a two-month hiatus and the stormwater drain!

On Sunday, after a two-month hiatus, I emerged from the house or was hoisted down through the elevator for an evening stroll. As you may or may not be aware, the work of rebuilding the stormwater drain in our street, a project initiated by the Chennai Corporation to restore all waterways that carry rainwater by September, when the northeast monsoon begins, has kept me at home since June 3rd; even though the stretch in front of the house has built, it is still incomplete without slabs to cover the gaps left by them, and we were to do some mason work for me to access it through the wheelchair. 

I am dissatisfied with the work done on the stormwater drain by the Chennai Corporation on a contract basis. At least in our neighborhood, it appears that the contractors were non-professionals who lacked even the most fundamental sensibility. I'm furious at how they lay the stormwater drain in our backstreet, which was almost done but unevenly! It was narrow in some places, wider in others, and took many curves where there should have been a straight line; all of this illustrates their carelessness and unprofessionalism in creating a channel. The worst is happening on our street, where only 10% of the work has been finished. 

Coming to our street, the construction lags so much, and we're thankful that we fall within the 150-foot length they've done, but there are still a few holes to be filled with concrete blocks. I expected them to finish the work in less than a month based on the speed with which they excavated, but two months had passed, and they had only completed the length I described. Some housefronts have difficulty crossing the ditch with stretched steel bars, and no vehicle can enter or exit the houses. 

Worst of all was the mosquito infestation. We usually don't have mosquitoes during the summer, and only if it rains do one or two emerge but now that it's dry, the dug-up ditches holding sewage water from some residents' leaky pipes have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, forcing us to stay inside after 6 p.m., closing all the doors and windows. Nonetheless, they find their way into our houses and make our nights a nightmare! We wake up several times during the night to use the electric bats to kill the mosquitos. It irritates us when they arrive, singing in our ears. 

I got a bladder infection last month, as you are all aware. I couldn't go to the doctor or leave the house to have a medical test to determine the severity of my ailment. Fortunately, the doctor treated me without seeing me and also arranged for the scan to be done at home. I'm doing well today, but I'm still on medication, which I have to take for another week. The local officials never pay attention to our complaints and are incredibly deaf and stupid, however, the councilor enjoyed standing in front of a section of the completed stormwater drain and then vanished, never to be seen again. Huh 

Saturday, August 06, 2022

The Sky

My sky

The sky looks beautiful in uniform blue 

The clouds float in to acquire diverse shapes 

Keep the skywatching interesting;   

The birds fly into the sky like decorations

Of silhouettes against the expanse of sky;

Different hues tune the twilight sky 

To date, betwixt day and night; 

In addition to the morning, the midday sun

shines as bright as ever to wink eyes.

The night sky is a mystical splendor; 

The starry night beautifully enthralls  

Until the moon started stealing 

All eyes turned to its marble face. 

I dream of waking up to sunrise 

I haven't been a morning person, though.

Behind blocks of buildings, the sun sets.

I was left to watch its tail colors! 

Monday, August 01, 2022

Jeevan 37

Yes, you are correct if you are. It's my birthday, but it was just another day for me, except for this cake-my favorite black forest.

And what better gift could I ask for on my birthday, July 31st? 

A sweet kiss from my cute little nephew, Kavin. He was really eager to eat the cake, but we just gave him a small sample of the cream. hehe... 

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

44th Chess Olympiad (Signs)

The 44th Chess Olympiad is taking place at Mamallapuram, near Chennai, on the ECR. The chess tournament will be officially inaugurated tomorrow (28 July) in the presence of Prime Minister Mr. Modi and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr. MK Stalin in Chennai Nehru Stadium. The preparations for the tournament began weeks ago, and the Tamil Nadu government is doing everything possible to ensure the success of the Chess Olympiad. 

The event is actually taking place in a village called Poonjeri on the outskirts of Mamallapuram; the government has erected a large stadium/auditorium to host the event, and all the participants from 187 countries have been housed in several resorts in Mamallapuram. To put it simply, the stretch from Chennai to Mamallapuram has been in a celebratory mood, and it is expected that many people will visit during the chess tournament or at least to view the preparations for the event. 

I, too, would like to see the event advertisements and the Thambi, The Knight, the official mascot of the 44th Chess Olympiad, who is touring Tamil Nadu, particularly Chennai. But, due to the unfinished rainwater storm project and health difficulties, I couldn't get out of the house. 

The Thambi, which meant "Little Brother," was designed to emphasize Tamil Nadu culture. The knight wears the traditional garb of dhoti and shirt, and perhaps the brown horse accentuates the South Indian tone (dusky or brown), and the mascot's general dressing style mimics the Chief Minister's, which may have derived from his appearance. 

The Napier Bridge, also known as the Iron Bridge, is another landmark in Chennai that has been completely painted as a chess board (to commemorate the 44th Chess Olympiad); it has also become a shooting spot, with people taking selfies and videos on the bridge.

I hope the event was a huge success and India won the battle so that history will remember it. Images courtesy Google.

Something to know about the Chess Olympiad: The first Olympiad was unofficial! An attempt was made to incorporate chess into the Olympic Games for the 1924 Games, yet, this failed due to difficulties distinguishing between amateur and professional players. The first unofficial Chess Olympiad took place in Paris at the same time as the 1924 Summer Olympics. 

Every two years, the International Chess Federation (FIDE) organizes the tournament and chooses the host nation. This time their choice was India!

Sunday, July 24, 2022

A dream!

I was expecting things to change.

The gloomy weather will pass eventually.

As a positive sign, to make way for the sunshine; 

Things only went worse. 

The weather quickly turned into a storm.

Destroying the dream 

that I got for someone I care about;

I realize this isn't the end, and life must continue.

Perhaps, like the cycle of the seasons.

The consumer may change his mind.

And get out of the trance 

before it turns life into the trash.