Saturday, May 15, 2021

Personal losses from the pandemic

I lost two of my uncles last Sunday to covid. Both are cousins of my mom; one was her father's sister's son, and another was her mother's sister's son - the one I mentioned in a previous post who was in the hospital under oxygen - are aged less than 55. Do covid see the age? The well do immunities survive along with early detection and prevention with mask and social distancing. 

Though we are not much acquainted with the paternal cousin of my mom, she got a lot of memories with him as she used to spend her vacations at grandpa's village playing with her cousins. I have stayed in their village during our vacation too, but I never remember seeing him there; perhaps he was out of the village on a job, our first intro was at his marriage. He was a flooring contractor in Mysore. More than 100 employees are working under him, and a lot had benefited from him. The youngsters from his village and family circle hired by him acquired flooring and become contractors themselves later.

I have been to Mysore twice, and both the time we stayed at his home and looked around the places. The first visit was after his marriage (1997), and the next was 10 years later, by then when he had three little kids. Only 2 weeks back, his elder daughter's engagement took place, and only my mom and brother attended the function following the preventive action. He has just built a big house in his village, and since the outbreak, he stays in the village with his family and makes monthly a visit or two to Mysore.

During one such visit after her daughter's engagement, he got the infection and spread it to his family. Many others who returned to the village from Mysore also had the infection, and they spread it for their share. He was on the ventilator for the last 3 days before he breathed last.

He's a respectful person, and during our visit to his house in Mysore, he treated us with such delight and made sure we are comfortable. His son just admission to medicine, and another daughter at college should be missing his father's support, and his family was dependent on him. Even though there won't be a problem with wealth, but still, the void left by him irreplaceable. 

Almost it was the same with my other uncle, the maternal cousin of my mom, though he isn't a big businessman or someone possession enough to leave their family to feel secure. His death was something that really shattered us, and we never thought he would die as he responded so well for the treatment of more than 10 days in the hospital with the aid of oxygen. And he passed away within a few days of discharge and while eating his breakfast at home.

He's not only mom's maternal cousin; he's my dad's cousin sister's son. So, he's related more than a way to us, and how could we not say his death is a tragedy when there's a series of death in his family. In 2019 his father passed away, and the following year he missed his mother, and in Dec 2020, his brother-in-law died prematurely, which has quite shaken their lives.

He's the one who motivated me to use a computer since he owned a DTP shop, and after I dropped out of school, I started learning computer, and it was through him I bought my first computer in late 2000. Because of the job of long seated, he got a serious back problem and was forced to change his work pattern. He shifted to various jobs, but he couldn't sustain a permanent job or income. He has two sons - one is doing engineering 2nd year and another studying in high school - and the elder boy is a smart and humble being.

I really need to say, his wife, who is also my cousin, is down to earth. And I have never seen someone as patient as her. She has gone through a lot of trouble due to the contradiction with her mother-in-law, but all the time, she was the one to step down, and she never complained about it.   The way she brought up defines her character, and I've seen her from my childhood, and she hadn't changed till now. There won’t be anyone who dislikes her, and what she exercises is all pure love and care.

It was not less than 6 months since she lost her beloved brother, who had been a great support to her financially and emotionally, and I couldn't imagine what kind of mindset she should be now. I could only feel disaster. I truly wish for the welfare of these families, and losing the family heads needn't a definition, and it's definitely a thorn trek for these families to reach the various summit. I hope they are motivated in some way to look forward to driving. Peace

I don’t think I need to define the situation in India as the world watches us; uncertainty continues as we are into the 6th day of the whole lockdown in our state Tamil Nadu. Keep us in your thoughts, please.

Monday, May 10, 2021

The state of home quarantines

I think the government was right when controlling the covid 1st wave. It had correctly predicted the mood and behavior of the people to cover the gateway of the houses with tin sheets as a measure of denying access to the covid patient to come out of the house and spreading the virus. Just because people find it difficult and discomfort, the government dropped the action later. Only notification is stick to the house entrance to indicate a covid positive in the house to warn people exposed to the infection. But people took it as an advantage and began to roam out without any consciousness that they are putting other lives in danger.

Though it is our responsibility to support those in quarantine, the same goes for the opposite to cooperate in similar ways that those who aid us are unaffected by the same. Perhaps because of that too, the cases might rise a bit. I see a little indifference from the government side too, while they say don't come to the hospital if the covid wasn't serious, how do they make sure those in-home quarantines aren’t spreading the virus? In those days, health care workers visit the affected home and spray disinfectant and enquire about their status. Even though it's not possible to check with all as the cases rose 4 to 5 times than the previous wave, we expect some more tightening with home quarantine or more quarantine centers for those who can't afford with their home or indifferent in attitude.

Attitude matters a lot in individuals who are affected by covid because it decides either the infection is confined to oneself to disappear or spread to near ones. With lockdown in the state, the social spreading should hopefully be reducing, but the spread between the families becomes a question. I truly urge those in quarantine to act with consciousness; I know your mindsets are out of concentration, and your sufferings are undefinable and nervous to unending, but along with it, I like to inspire you that you have the social responsibility too to make sure, at least the infection doesn't affect your family. Stay safe, stay away and stay confident.

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Covid Continuation and Personal Touch!

Covid hasn't changed its face in India and continues to storm ever stronger. Our state Tamil Nadu is increasing with cases at a range of 1000 per day. Since the assembly election results on Sunday, the yet to form new government has tightened the restrictions to an almost state of lockdown, leaving open the essential shops and limited public transportation. Whatever the government, without people's cooperation, nothing going to work out, but I could see a positive response, or accepting tendency from people, perhaps they continue to see the fierceness of covid 19 on every platform they roam and from their own circle of people. 

Last week one of our family friends died of corona. He's a barber, as well as an artist, who plays the traditional musical instrument Nadaswaram. He has played at all our family festivals, and everyone in our family circle knows him, and he's the only one who had cut my hair from childhood and trim beards once I started to grow. Since the early 90s, he owns a barbershop under the house of our grandpa's, and he succeeds the shop from his father as he becomes old and passed away later. So, until I was able to walk, I cut hair from his shop whenever I visit grandpa's house, and we never paid him, and he used to debit the amount from the rent.

It really saddens all of us, and we couldn't believe he's no more, and before the news become certain, I truly wished it shouldn't be him. I know he's somewhat indifferent wearing the mask, so I stopped calling him lately since the beginning of 2nd wave of covid, and I think now that I made the right decision. We couldn't share our condolences with their family or attend the funeral due to the covid. I wish he rested in peace.

One of my uncles and my mom’s cousin is admitted to hospital for nearly 10 days due to the covid infection, and he has been kept on oxygen. But his condition is far better from the day of admitted, and once his oxygen level becomes stable, he would perhaps be discharged. I have seen the indifference in wearing masks at both the persons I have mentioned above, and their conditions have certain created an impact on others, the importance, and need of wearing the mask.                

I think the people's anticipated price to realize the significance of covid seems so high. The consciousness is something I guess hasn't been obtained well by anyone, including some well-educated to realize what happens around them; forgetfulness is something natural, but how come one forget easily the terrific scenario taking place all over the world. Over a year, shouldn't we have learned to live with the mask? 

The health workers', doctors' lives are oscillating over life or death in preventing and curing the infection, but our roles weren't much greater, and their anticipation wasn't that much. Simple, wear a mask and stand or talk at a distance from each other is enough to improve the situation and quickly get us back to a normal lifestyle. Everyone is stuck in some cage, and liberation is a must to cheer up the body and mind that has been exhausted overseeing the destruction of lives and livelihoods due to covid 19. It's every Indian's responsibility to save our country, to act according to it.  Let's work together.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Regardless humanity

I don't think I need to reveal the situation in India as the world is watching us. Lack of oxygen, inadequate of certain medications to treat the affected, people oscillate for the second dose of vaccine and more on all, the corpses are kept burning, as the death ratio is at 150 an hour. Life seems to be beyond imagination and dreams to be dreadful, and I couldn't stop expressing my grief even I find it a bit difficult to stare at the laptop or mobile.

I realize my problem is with the eyesight, which results in a headache because of my irregular use of specs, but I would require checking with an ophthalmologist since it's been years, I'm wearing the same specs for 8 years.

Some people don't seem to care about pandemics like lockdown. People refuse to believe pandemic a life-threatening, even seeing the worst of their lifetime. Lockdowns or restrictions are unavoidable and certainly, a burden to bear, but with a social concern, we need to go through it; and we cannot be indifferent when our fellow human beings suffer and die in front of the eyes. 

Pandemic does not spare anybody, and everyone is affected in certain ways, and suffering is suffering, either it’s small or big; the path we decided to walk is our choice, and we must confidently face any obstacles that come our way. We’re too late to complain; as we have already traveled a year into the pandemic, couldn’t we have learned a bit or anticipate what could be next?

I think we keep focusing the light more on ourselves than throwing at others to see how far better we are, and anger isn't going to change anything, rather increasing the conflict. A peaceful mind, which a lockdown could abundantly provide if implemented, could unlock better ideas to tackle and improve the lifestyle and livelihood of people. Even boulders get different shapes, from the continuous flow of water, how come a muscular mass, relaxing its stiffness, with a kind of tickle, from a butterfly? The human body is made up of 60% of water couldn't the heart bears a trace of wetness, but the world is watching us with it in the eyes.

Let’s wake up and be conscious of every move we make, keeping in mind our dear ones around us. The spreading of the virus is rapid and ruthless, and if we continue with the recklessness, the result could be worse. I could not hear anything regretful from anyone around me when we're losing thousands of lives daily; it's inappropriate of them to complain of being confined and forceful to wear the mask, rather thinking about the difficulty of those fighting for oxygen. Oh my, where's the humanitarian? Please stop being senseless, and regardless even if you can't do anything.

Thank you

Monday, April 26, 2021

Hide and Seek

(A super pink moon from the balcony)

The moon plays hide and seek

The passing clouds like a veil 

On the bride’s face, keeps moving 

Allowing the curious eye of the moon 

To peep at the people with the same intend

The silent Sunday of curfew

Silenced the environment 

The disappeared noise and light pollution 

Helped Illuminate the night 

Ever so bright in the moonlight 

A game of high and low beam 

At the pace of passing clouds. 

P.s. I'm having some mild headaches for the last few days, and so perhaps, I would be keeping away from staring at the laptop sometimes.  Sorry if I couldn't check your blogs or post my blog. Take care