Saturday, December 12, 2020

Lappy back and A short video/photo slide of Bro’s wedding

The laptop is back in its former condition, and I'm glad the technicians saved the laptop nor should have looked out for new. To everyone’s amazement, my laptop survives 9 years without any major repair! There won’t be a surprise if it comes up with another issue because I’m in a situation to install anything additional to the system or force anything out of its circuit. I’m happy I could blog again, and I wish this laptop last some time to celebrate our 10 years partnership. lol 

Brothers wedding photos selection was going on my laptop and this setback with the laptop delayed the progress of sending photos for the album. I took some photos from the wedding folders and made a short video or photo slide with the Clips app on the iPhone to send to friends and relatives as Whatsapp messages. The app has some animation clips, and I used them to enhance the photo view. I share below the video for your views. Watch in full screen for a good show.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Unresponsive laptopy

My laptop shut down without a warning on Saturday, and I tried to wake it up but it stopped responding. The dell Inspiron n5110 laptop is with me for the last 9 years and it doesn't require service for the last 3years where I only had to change charger and keyboard. I know I was in need of change and it kept showing me many a sign that it’s getting old but it continued to serve the purpose of me. The technicians at the dell service has given 50% hope to retrieve the laptop or else I need to look out for another.  Unlike other social media, blogging is not a easy thing to do with mobile so was the absence of posts here. Until I get back the laptop I can’t visit all of you and posting is uncertain too. Take care of you all

Thursday, December 03, 2020

My Brother’s Wedding Story

Before I go ahead, I need to say I wasn't in mind to post this blog because we faced a great loss to pluck away the happiness instantly coming out of the wedding mood. The unexpected loss of one of my uncles shattered us to pieces and left us in a great void of grief. I should make a post soon on this ironman, who had been greater shoulder support to our family and who also conducted the wedding from the front.  

Despite the pandemic restrictions and alert and alarming Nivar cyclone, the last week's wedding of my brother went on well and trouble-free as along. What we anticipated wasn’t far disappointing, but instead, reversed in order of what we planned.

We headed to the wedding hall earlier than we planned as we had no idea when the cyclone would hit hard or reach its extreme, so we informed the cook to prepare lunch for us,  and the bride’s family too reached the hall by the afternoon for the evening reception. There’s a custom that the bride should be invited only from the temple rather than going straight to the wedding hall had been broken down by the Nivar cyclone.

The day the reception and wedding was surrounded by gusty winds and pattering rain, agree to blow along the resonating Nadhaswaram and Thavil – our traditional music instrument used in weddings and any auspicious functions. Our family friend Selvam and his team of instrumentalists hit the notch in their playback instruments. Perhaps because this’s a wedding everyone looked out for for a very long time, and the enthusiasm hasn’t left him alone.

Everything went on planning or timing we set on other than fewer disappointments. We anticipated more people for the reception and less for the marriage, but the cyclone kept the twist, thereby reversing the order. The threatening Nivar cyclone had kept away many people from attending the evening reception as many don’t want to take a risk paid a visit to the morning wedding. But there weren’t people up to our expectation, and we understand the situation wasn’t favorable to us and there’s a waste of food for about 200.

Glad we decided to advance going to the wedding hall and halted there for the night, instead of coming home and return in the morning, like how we planned first.  Sure it would be a bad idea to execute our former plan in the gusty wind and rain, and our stay at the wedding hall was comfortable too. The room allotted for us on the ground floor was spacious with two king-size beds, reminding the cottages we hire during our travel,  was convenient to stay and watch every aspect of the wedding.

The night wasn’t easily forgettable apart from the gusty wind and rain blasting outside, there’s something disturbed the sleep, and it was a cold night that didn’t allow us to use to twin a/c in the room. The bride and the groom looked fair at their wedding/reception outfits and makeups what didn’t go right at the engagement.  After the wedding, the couple went to Tirupati to fulfill the request from the bride’s side.

I wore the mask thoroughly at the wedding, while many didn’t care a bit. I keep insisting my father wear the mask. But during the rituals, it goes off.  I keep the mask away only when I got to pose for a photo!

We were worried about conducting the marriage in the pandemic period, but the cyclone steered the wheel differently. We stayed at the wedding hall till everyone leaves and we moved out only after loading the things the bride brings home as Seeru (gifts from her parents) in the mini-truck, and we also made sure that we didn't miss anything. We are almost content with the happenings at the wedding, and the couple is happy, and the sis-in-law is quite calm and familiar to practice though we haven’t met before. And everyone had our part of smiles through the event.

A group photo of our beloved families after the wedding session and the one standing 2nd from the right (with a big mustache) is our uncle who passed two nights ago in a heart attack.