Thursday, September 25, 2008

Retort in images

Just for fun, took myself this Mosaic Tag

The rules of the Mosaic tag are as follows:-

Type your answer to the questions into Flickr search.
Using only the first page, pick an image.
Copy and paste each of the URLS of the images into the
mosaic maker.
Save a copy to your PC and then post it in your blog.
At the end of the blog add your friends name and links, whom you want to tag the same.

The questions are as follows:-

1. What is your first name?

2. What is your favorite food? right now?
It’s the Tamil month of puratasi, so no home making of fish, and wish grandma made to bring for me

3. What high school did you go to?
Climbed up to 8

4. What is your favorite color?
Some tell boys don’t like pink! Doesn’t matter I like the color

5. Who is your celebrity crush?
She is an south Indian actress.

6. What is your favorite drink?
Of the carbonation I used to keep away this soft drink and prefer to tender coconut. Until late it’s my most fav, there was time its limitless having with cousin uncle.

7. What is your dream vacation?
Love going in ocean, silently watching moon, stars and quite water in sailing at star cruise ship.

8. What is your favorite dessert?
The taste of chocolate cream made with cake.

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Feel ‘Life is beautiful’.

10. What do you love most in life?
A complete love live is with my parents.

11. What is one word that describes you?

12. What is your user name?
Answer of 1st

PS.Browsed it to see its a 'pedobear' hiding in the picture of my last post!

Monday, September 22, 2008

From A Distance

Step back from your computer.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Slough like startle

Late night or early morning before the dark exit, waken to experience a funniest moment. Maya begins it all by yapping sometime like non-stop nonsense and we warned her few time to be quite, but still she continues barking differently and we know she would easily frighten anything for dissimilar, so finally made attend her unreason barking and mom lights on to glance for what she resonant. Mummy was manic for a second to hasten us there was a snake under the cot! We shook asking her, what u are telling. Are u sure snake under the cot? Mom replayed yes, and makes us to get out soon, as she removes maya loosing her chain tied in the cot. We don’t know whether to believe or not with strong doubt is that some other looking like snake, but what to do ‘pamba parthu padaiea nadungum bothu, intha payan emmathiram’ (when a force itself tremors witnessing snake, what exception this boy) haha… jokes apart in little scare ‘muzuka nanaitha piragu mukkadu eatharku’ (when dissolved fully why to close with a curtain) lol; ok in scare I called mom to bring wheelchair quicker and was out of bedroom in less than a minute.

And mom wants to call watchman, dad too conform its snake alone and both scare, but bro make calm and guessed it should be some snake like curtain roll. Bravely he goes ahead with a stick to move the cot, I warned in hesitate, though he moved and too the snake like thing. He bring out the snake what is lounge suit design, which revels like slough in dim light and it’s all just scare and rumor remains created by mom. And we can’t blame her incase in manner to look anything strange startle. Thus we no need to wonder if there was a real snake under the cot, as we know there are snakes and mongoose at other side of our neighbor compound which covers an empty ground with compact woods and creepers. Rarely we visible the snakes spin on branches and in ground, purl and rustle of plants like snakes moving and noises of mongoose fighting! Laughing myself thinking this funny incident throughout the day, and teasing mom for her innocence behavior, to join with uncle its gone a laughter day today.

Happy weekend buddies :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is right the picture

Saw the sketched and graphic pictures of the suspected terrorist on newspaper those involved in the recent New Delhi blast which kills two dozen and 100 injured. The sketch of faces belongs to 20-25 age groups. One who kept the bomb at the market and another planted the bombs at Barakhamba road. That sketches where made on the basic of witnesses of body identity, and using special software brought the face pictures. But what I think is how accurate these sketches are? What there won’t be any innocent with that face? How could be the treatment by police on the people who have the similar face of the suspected guessed? How dispute the face with and what they don’t know the culprit in sketches really exist.

Is the innocence with facing sketches really brought to torture to say where they are blind about to answer what never seen? I wonder in what manner they respected and to be kind in investigating, I condole were they are forced to accept in threatening. Just thought like a situation comes suppose to someone, what must be felt.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Last night dad missed his cell phone somewhere within home, so he dialed the number from another cell to find where it was. No were the ring tones, after sometime I felt the vibration sound and then everyone to search accordingly behind pillows, bed, shelves, around computer ect… but the place it lies been secret. We hear the buzz from left-hand side of the room, were closet, cot and pc table stable, and we know the sound come somewhere here and there. Just in searching maya barks, then slightly a doubt raise is she taken the cell somewhere. It always does this, whatever she got gets under inside the cot end and begin to bite, some days back too she took our cell and gone inside the cot and it stressed to bring her out. And every time someone bends to glance under cot she starts to bark, and this time too like, but it was not the cell found, just false idea. To dial again the buzz sound, where else it was suddenly thought to check the closet, open the doors it ring tones inside the drawer. It was laughter moment nearly to sleep and felt maya was innocent in this case. Her naughtiness going limitless these days and everything were shifted out of her stand, every night begins an argument on disagree with bro about her and turns away the talk end in sleep.

The picture was taken on Monday beach visit, it was four days of holiday here, first time a govt. holiday for Onam and Anna Durai’s century birthday. Sunday night uncle visits home for dinner and they had a function in morning of ear ring wearing for there kids I was not attending, so they came home and it was nice moments spent with kids, more smiles and pleasure.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bestow Blog Awards

Recently my dears in blog honored me with awards for what they feel am right person to have. I sincerely thank each one made my days so happy and wonder how truly I admired to get there attention. Thank you so much dears. Now it’s my turn to pass on.

Lovely Keshi awards me with Blogging Friends Forever. We share here nearly my blogging years; it means of our long lasting friendship in blogging and wish to see it forever. So on the way this award to goes to:

Balaji – He is a wonderful mate and brother to practice; he love train journeys, observe the beautiful nature and moments he comes across, in sharing with people he is best. He always encourages me, and it’s my pleasure meeting him sometime back.

Amutha – Her tulip speaks sweet. She writes exactly what to be convinced or express. She shares whatever interesting and important event with pictures. I wish all her 2008 resolutions exist, wow she have a new car right now ;)

Sivanesan (GP) – He is my great brother, who really cares ever I miss in online and bolgging (that doesn’t mean none cares than him). He is a science fiction writer, interacts with human, universe, ghost and dreams. He is another one been in touch with me almost blogging.

Priya – As she already received the brilliant weblog award, so I pass this to her. Her thoughts are worth, and anyone can agree as those bring positive changes. She flows like stream of poems, to read it feel beautiful and nature. To add she is a good photographer, introduce many new bloggers through her site.

Brilliant weblog award given my Priya, now I pass this to:

Karthik – Even though he is no more, his reflections are more. I never know him before visiting his blog, but learning about him through his mother (now my mother too). I really wonder at his intelligent and bet someone like him to born is very rare. A perfect person to praise this award! If karthik was special to earth, just think how that could possible without his mother, who brought him to this world as best person? So I giver this award to Karthik Amma!

Kavi – He has his style of writing and made to wonder with interesting matters. Wherever he goes, capture the moments in pictures and express with words truly. These days he watches more Hindi movies and comes with neat reviews.

Sameera – She is a wonderful short story and prose poetry writer, she brings the exact scene to feel into fantasy. Her poems are more on Love and as social message. A lovely blogger :)

Meghna – She is a very young and sweet sis in 13. She could inspire anyone through her creative and gives pleasure her own fairytale stories. She shares her school experiences and pranks of loveable, and she is a reading enthusiastic.

Annie – She have the patience more than enough waiting to become a published writer. More confident person and pretty talented writer, and spent more time with nature. A wonderful photographer and turns to welcome visitors with a cup of tea ;)

Kalyan – On every events he was there to highlight the occasion and decorate with pictures and provide information regarding. Everyone can enjoy the feel in his description and whatever it may, takes us along. This Eden garden native, take us through the heavens garden of India and its culture, heritage and tradition, cuisine, peoples lifestyle ect...

Dear Lalitha awarded me this, so I pass it to:

Keshi – What she write is right from her heart and there is a wonderful writer in her. She is more fun loving person, truly enjoys her exist and her words heal our courage. My favorite blogger in the world.

Vishesh – He is very intelligent and his teen does nothing to his knowledge! He flow stream of thoughts and questions through poem. He comes out with interesting ideas and makes us think what his picture speaks!

Thooya – She is a Tamil blogger who got more affection on language and people, which brought her here. She shares her sorrow and experience in Elam, sometime gives interesting facts around. She is one sweetest and loving friend of mine and she cooks well ;)

Krystyna – She is a wonderful person in heart, prays for peace and happiness to all. She gives more useful tips to stay healthy and she read more books related to health and share with us. She has very cute and sweet grandsons, and cares more for Kevin who is undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia. ‘Don’t worry dear, we all here to pray for him, and wish for positive indeed.’

Shiva – He writes more on social awareness and beautifully poems on nature, people, poverty… he have good memories and shares his experience whenever. Think he travels more to not update often, but he doesn’t miss sharing my posts. Thanks dear :)

Jeeves – She simply writes poem, lovely and what it means more.

Prema – She shares techno information; thoughts and any interesting experience. She loves children, pets and more cars!

Lakshmi – She writes her journey experience and describes the places which rarely noticed by people. She interested on exploring history, heritages, people culture, practice ect... more than enough pictures let us visiting the place and lots of information provides her blog.

All our bloggers deserve this awards; if I left someone don’t feel, i love you all for whatever u r right now if i missed.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dhaam Doom

A beautiful display of firecracker with sound… dhaam dhoom! Another quality movie in my view.

The plot is how come an Indian doctor caught into trouble going to attending conference in Russia and fought to return from a country of unaware language to hand locks his sweet-cute-heart in India. In-between the memories past encounter his girl and explore desires. It’s a visual treat from late Jeeva and a step further to actor Jayam Ravi, he act, fight, and dance well, success out of his homemade movies. Heroine Kangana Ranaut stole heart in her beauty along with the countryside scenery. It’s opened into grand and put on fast track and soon the Russian model smile understands where the movie moves. We can’t expect anything than better, Jeeva tries giving a Hollywood flick in touch of Indian moviemaking. As much the story centre to Russian incident, there is nothing strong expectation in love struggle and village attention. Being a village girl, casually bind with hero at first sight is striking somewhere and the usual naughty girl playing in street with children (what can expect then).

Lakshmi Roy just used to run with him, and whatever the idea is made by hero. Jayram turn to be negative, but the secret doest interest the mood into thriller and it tires simply searching the tail to head. There is something I don’t know why the Indian flag left behind when Ravi fell under bullets and what I expect the usual logic and helicopter chasing is missing. Many scenes where just moved from English movies captured in and around St.Petersburg, but the countryside of pollachi is refreshing. Some character are nothing to do in add frames, Ravi’s friend seems director to have a fortune touch of his preview film. Jeeva was not to think before Unnalea Unnalea and I really get confused at his debut to think his route is not for us, and I like him as cinematographer after Run. The background scoring has a good effort, a kind of action and a picture to watching in theater to enjoy visually.
Songs are top of year already and the picturesque are such lovely! Anbe En Anbe was stunning in the background of beautiful coorg and the girl. I wonder how come my favorite song Azhiyela mukkulikum azhea, as well its lines it kept poetic touch bind within Innova car. Thikku thikku is a pub song; few fast choreography and Pudupudu… have some dhaam dhoom beats striking in digital sound, getting away the words. It’s a lose of director who see and reflect the beauty through his camera technically as well differently.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Kunnakudi pass away

Music is to enjoy anytime as it gives enthusiastic, and no need a matter of knowing Carnatic music, but something to miss the demand increases. Anyone can rub the string with bow to outcomes a sound or tone, but tuning them to rhythm is a beautiful art everyone can’t bring pleasure. The person whom I truly admire for contributing himself to music and up bringing the instrument an interesting model for any generation is none than our great renowned Violinist Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan! On most eventful days I happen to listen his early morning performance in television playing some old and famous Tamil songs through his violin and to wonder how he arrange the verses according to origin just rubbing the strings and moving fingers.

Today I was watching his late videos and interview on television and really felt how lose the death of him to his fans. He told about mother lap, describing his fondling to his native place which brought him renowned name Kunnakudi Vaiyanathan and he plays violin beautifully adorning the way songs composed by musicians of then and now to seeing his expressions to feel the true involvement within itself. I always love someone giving their expressive the way song penned, put a feel for the uttering words, but he don’t use the words in replace with string sounds. No one can replace his position if not for music, but the person himself and kind being. If not him, his creativity of sounds will exist everywhere.

Here's more about the Legend, Kannukudi Vaiyanathan

Monday, September 08, 2008

Procession to immersion

Casual and usual visit to beach on Sunday turn to be a distinct experience, witnessing the Ganesh procession and the idols immersion into sea. Let know there was this process going to happen allover Chennai on Sunday, even though I forget and only to remember at arrival our nearer beach in Kotivakkam is one such place selected for immerse idols. From ECR towards the seashore of university road is bang with people singing and dancing to the band, cheering up there procession in bull cart, tempos and small elephants (the 4 wheel auto, we call it) gearing slowly. Mostly young people and children come across partaking in the process, tying the saffron color curtain on there forehead and caring flags on vehicles shouting in praising ganesha and creating a sense of public festival surround the place.

It was like 5.30pm being there, to see those are the final processions heading towards shore as time and light droop. It’s seen overcrowd evening never before as this beach won’t get more peoples attention, the main reason I visit this beach often. Tempos, Lorries are parked besides roads, cranes to carry away the idols to water, the loudspeaker announcing the places of idols to be immersing and full protection by police standing nearby everywhere. Gladly got space to park witnessing the ongoing part of immersion, sadly the many clay idols are throws outside the vehicle along roadside instead of immersing and large ones are carried inside the sea in catamarans. I wonder what does these immerse take place the idols are not made of clay and build with woods and cardboards, painted with whatever color mix with chemical. The idols are forced to dissolve, but they refuse to stay and receive by shore pushed by waves making the shore unclean.

People are sprinkle with pink color powers on their faces, and its Sunday with more children sighted playing with mud, run and catch, football… near to me there was is kid, so cute in shaved head and in small hands playing in mud alone with there family, she smiling beautifully. First time I was to see something like this, after longtime when we used to get our idol to beach; mostly there would be festival time in Besant Nagar church when we get to beach. The sand was unclean, and the remaining things are thrown away by people came to immerse idol. The cranes stand long in length which can’t make it further to drop idols into water and huge crowd around mainly to witness the lift and drop. Thanks mom for getting near to shore as my request having me pictures, the 1st pic was take at procession.

Friday, September 05, 2008

விடி காலை / Dawn morning

மேகம் மூடி சூரியன் மறைந்தது
சாரல் வீசி காலை விடிந்தது
குருவிகள் சத்தமிட்டு சிறகுவிரித்தது
இடி ஒன்று விழுந்ததினால் கலைந்துசென்றது

நேரம் கடந்து காலை விழித்தது
கனவு கலைந்து இயல்பு வந்தது
தேனீர்பருக சோம்பல் பறந்தது
சோகம் சோர்வு தனிமை இரவு தந்தது
அதை விலக்கி பார்க்க சந்தோஷம் இருந்தது

அழகு கலை இயற்கை படைத்தது
அதை சோதித்து சிலஇதயம் சேதப்படுத்துது
காற்று மாசுபட்டு சுவாசக்கோளாறாகுது
இயற்கையே உன்னை மீட்டெடுப்பது எப்போது?

இனிதே தெடங்கட்டும் வாரவிடுமுறை காலம்...

Translation in english follows:

Cloud covers sun hides
drizzle blows morning dawned
sparrows sonant to stretch wing
in fallen of a thunder scatter goes

Time passed morning waked
dream scatter nature comes
to drink tea idleness flied
sadness sorrow loneliness night gave
to depart see happiness live

Beauty art nature’s creativity
in trial some heart destroy it
air polluted breathe disordered
nature, when to regain you?

Let sweetly began weekend period...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Good way to immerse

My last year's trial on idol

The Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated allover pleasantly; some immerse the idols of ganesh on the day worshiped and some later days. But what the good way to terminate the festive is to send the thing where it belongs. Last year I done as experiment to see the clay idol dissolved into tub of water, within 2-3 days it became fluid and crème layer to use in flower pots. This time we have no Chaturthi to see the same progress, some really wonder and laugh at my thought within family and relatives then to see appreciate is a good way. Just dipping the idol in river and sea, why this long process may think, but what significant is to save environment and fishes. A few drop of salt wont taste difference in a tumbler of pure water, when the drop increase it turns salty, so as one and more idols unclean the sea, lake or any shores of water.

It was another day sitting before television, in more patients to watch films and programs in countless advertisements. I come across this cute animation film Balganesh in Star Vijay, the creativity of the ganesh character was lovably, esp. what he does getting the elephant trunk and he sounds sweet in vocal. I told before, because of grandma missing we have no celebration at home, but there were special dishes prepared by mom for us to spend the day watching TV and having them. So if anyone like the idea go with your idol and see the change we can bring.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

City space

Change is usual, for a city like Chennai its more, but for me entering within city after shot long time sights new and different. I was quit forget about the restrictions made on advertisement boards on road sides, and it was something surprise to see the difference on the Adyar Bridge where the hording are removed and green plants and open space visible after years back, thus miss the entertainment looking at hoardings. The worst travel within city is the traffic; wonder it’s been weekend saved from standing on the road, but its rough travel. Visited marina on sat evening before the marg –Chennai marathon day, it was everywhere the sign boards of marathon hanging, the pollution was more because of construction process along marina yet beautifying.

It was our pup maya attracts people attention, and in stagger hair everyone comes across look her for seconds, few take pictures in mobile and children nearby comes to play with her ball and she was interested more than playing to grab the ball. Parked oppose a small stall witnessing people enjoying having baji or food item there and it wasn’t nice seeing them throw away the papers everywhere thus making beach unclean. Don’t know where the restriction or ban sleeping on the shore without warring those make city unclean, this is something need to change in people and I see it harder for some still maintaining the habit of throwing anywhere. What it really need is in the development of string, the loose thing must be tightened to sound better good. The loose I mention is the practice of people

It’s the worst time for powers in state to cut down electric for hours. The last two week we face an hour shortcut in electric daily and from Monday onward the time was increased to one and half hour, at least it was better to think in Chennai, whereas the suburbs get 3 hours a day and in districts 5 hours a day shortage of current and somewhere it was limitless of cut. It seems getting aggression between people who lose their business and earnings; today there is nothing to move without electricity and it been a fundamental comfort of people. If not now, when are we going to replace ourselves using electricity? There are more industries coming up in state and to think there is no equal power produced by govt. The big industries are gaining more and least business men are suffering more. The wastage of electricity is visible, but politicians and rulers are not seeing that, everyday because of them, their celebration or inauguration the gleam is flood with electric. The nature has given its best; people closing their doors not giving them entry, the windows are powerful to see the world at its best alike through what u read this now!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Bright stars

It’s been a week updated here, because of nothing reason but couldn’t anything interest to write. The weekend was something nice, watched the beautiful movie Taare Zameen Par, a Hindi film after some long time. I felt it as worth watching and don’t know how to appreciate the young talent Ishaan (darsheel) so much I was apprehended with his position and emotions he carry with innocent integrity. A mean boy of our next door replaces Ishaan and his every prankish brings smile within and remembers the old frolicsome memories, but this character witness more than the usual destruction. He really dream the future very beautifully, proves every child in special attitude. The beginning scene was something new, catching the fish leaving in his glass pot, revenge in hitting neighbor’s flower pot and even in tears rolling the kite string getting home like nothing befall.

Sure it’s going to be ether forever with the twinkling starts alike sketches in a child colors. Much praise to aamir for carving a wonderful center for entire people to see life different. Half the movie displays the reality of life, so familiar to recall some thing similar to the story I witness, but what’s happen to be indifferent. Thinking how come all teachers like aamir, find out the method of teaching, with children interest difference, care to see children in disorder but its hard getting every child attention, when there is something called best thus must be their parents who stops finding comparison and notice what is special in children. More than the boarding school, the atmosphere is special to children for creative thoughts. The important thing it shows or teaches is before expecting gives something to see its reflection. The stiffness can only brake or crack, flexibility is easier to bend without pain, witch one to take is in hands of teachers and parents to shape a child and a structure carved in a single stone is stronger than with pieces fixed.

The music was wonderful, moves the background scoring. The wanted in eyes and loneness in mind could be sensed myself. It was Ishaan (darsheel) who took away the whole subject in the twinkling eyes, foremost tooth and tear drops melts for being mischief and everything is fair in his tale. It’s the Star on Earth, Ishaan :)