Thursday, September 04, 2008

Good way to immerse

My last year's trial on idol

The Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated allover pleasantly; some immerse the idols of ganesh on the day worshiped and some later days. But what the good way to terminate the festive is to send the thing where it belongs. Last year I done as experiment to see the clay idol dissolved into tub of water, within 2-3 days it became fluid and crème layer to use in flower pots. This time we have no Chaturthi to see the same progress, some really wonder and laugh at my thought within family and relatives then to see appreciate is a good way. Just dipping the idol in river and sea, why this long process may think, but what significant is to save environment and fishes. A few drop of salt wont taste difference in a tumbler of pure water, when the drop increase it turns salty, so as one and more idols unclean the sea, lake or any shores of water.

It was another day sitting before television, in more patients to watch films and programs in countless advertisements. I come across this cute animation film Balganesh in Star Vijay, the creativity of the ganesh character was lovably, esp. what he does getting the elephant trunk and he sounds sweet in vocal. I told before, because of grandma missing we have no celebration at home, but there were special dishes prepared by mom for us to spend the day watching TV and having them. So if anyone like the idea go with your idol and see the change we can bring.


Resonator said...

recycling the clay for plants..good idea Jeevan..

sigh, ppl immerse the hugh Ganesha idol in sea, that add more chemicals to the sea water..

hope u enjoyed Ganesh Chaturthi day

happy blogging

Vishesh said...

lol nice idea about dissolving the ganesha :P

Sameera Ansari said...

That's a very innovative way of immersing the idol!

Belated Ganesh Chaturthi wishes :)

Kavi said...

Chaturti wishes ! Innovations abound !

Balaji S Rajan said...


What a great thought! I wish everyone thinks the same way. Many times I have felt bad about this immersion stuff. Keep it up. Also keep recycling plastic as far as possible. Avoid using them if you can. Keep your circle aware about the plastic stuff. I wish you develop some more wonderful thoughts like this.

starry said...

I think it is such a good way to keep our lakes and oceans from being polluted and at the same time you are recycling to save the planet.Good job Jeevan.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly we don't really immerse Vinayagar in sea here. Just prayers and lots of food :-)


krystyna said...

It is interesting, your post and comments.
Thank you, Jeevan!

Shiva said...


This is peak of awareness ! What an idea! If everyone follow you, there wont be any unnecessary processions and all the dumping of idols in the sea..

Jeevan said...

Resonator – Thanks dear prema, and of course i had nice time, alike you :)

Vishesh – Thank you :)

Sameera – Thanks dear sameera :)

Kavi – Thank you, hope u have a grand celebration in Mumbai!

Balaji – It really encourages your words, everyone should come around to adjust there practicing of old and familiar to changes made us. I try my best to keep aware of plastic to recycle or avoid in any situation. Thanks dear friend.

Starry – Thank you, its worth keep them away from unclean, and it is one important source of life to be saved.

Ammu – hum… that’s good! Hope u have a nice time :)

Krystyna – Thank you krish!

Shiva – Thank you buddy, a change will really make a change.

Anonymous said...

very innovative..