Friday, September 19, 2008

Slough like startle

Late night or early morning before the dark exit, waken to experience a funniest moment. Maya begins it all by yapping sometime like non-stop nonsense and we warned her few time to be quite, but still she continues barking differently and we know she would easily frighten anything for dissimilar, so finally made attend her unreason barking and mom lights on to glance for what she resonant. Mummy was manic for a second to hasten us there was a snake under the cot! We shook asking her, what u are telling. Are u sure snake under the cot? Mom replayed yes, and makes us to get out soon, as she removes maya loosing her chain tied in the cot. We don’t know whether to believe or not with strong doubt is that some other looking like snake, but what to do ‘pamba parthu padaiea nadungum bothu, intha payan emmathiram’ (when a force itself tremors witnessing snake, what exception this boy) haha… jokes apart in little scare ‘muzuka nanaitha piragu mukkadu eatharku’ (when dissolved fully why to close with a curtain) lol; ok in scare I called mom to bring wheelchair quicker and was out of bedroom in less than a minute.

And mom wants to call watchman, dad too conform its snake alone and both scare, but bro make calm and guessed it should be some snake like curtain roll. Bravely he goes ahead with a stick to move the cot, I warned in hesitate, though he moved and too the snake like thing. He bring out the snake what is lounge suit design, which revels like slough in dim light and it’s all just scare and rumor remains created by mom. And we can’t blame her incase in manner to look anything strange startle. Thus we no need to wonder if there was a real snake under the cot, as we know there are snakes and mongoose at other side of our neighbor compound which covers an empty ground with compact woods and creepers. Rarely we visible the snakes spin on branches and in ground, purl and rustle of plants like snakes moving and noises of mongoose fighting! Laughing myself thinking this funny incident throughout the day, and teasing mom for her innocence behavior, to join with uncle its gone a laughter day today.

Happy weekend buddies :)


Sameera Ansari said...

Now that was a kodak moment to remember!

Maya's a hero :)

Have a great weekend buddy!

Resonator said...

Laughter for u all:)

credits goes to Maya:)..and she made you all laugh thru innocence:)

happy blogging

Vishesh said...

lol :P

ramesh sanijeeth sadasivam said...

Ha ha ha... you have Maya to supply unlimited anecdotes. :)

Resonator said...


There is a surprise for you at my blog pls check friend.

happy blogging

Ren said...

I could imagine..Hahahaha

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
This pic is wonderful! Love it.
Maya is fantastic!

Wish you much laugh for each day.

Love & hugss

Jeeves said...

:) LOL

Keshi said...



Priya said...

Scary indeed..

Jeevan said...

Sameera – Thanks buddy :)

Resonator – Thanks so much sis, happy blogging. Have a great career ahead, and miss u same time.

Vishesh - :)

Ramesh – hum…. Thank you buddy :)

Ren – Welcome here, thanks for visiting :)

Krystyna – Thanks dear….. hugs

Jeeves - :)

Keshi - :)

Priya - ! :)

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

dear jeevan,
i love Maya. And your mother, it shows how much she cares for you.convey my regards to her.