Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer rain

Pic by Jeevan
Summer rain
showered again
dancing droplets
drizzled around;

Earth fragrance
breathing veins
stimulated nerves
stretched again;

Drenched leaves
pretty gleam
round pearls
pierced around

Shutter sound
thunder rain
flashes around
without cam!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Heart gets hurt

Deep in heart I get hurt
The reckless words shatter
And cut pierce my veins
Leaving me at impatient call
When insane people talk
Insensible and extremely intolerable; 

Money is a matter
Cut slice the heart layers
No matter how well and deep u loved
A minute exchange of phrases
Cuts off the ever lasting relationship
You believed lifelong.

In someone’s system of love
The gratitude and attitude is nothing
Once the program is completed;
People whose interaction is almost gadget
Applies the same technique in relationship
Which Sign-offs immediately.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Specs and Me

I just don’t know how, but specs change the image of self…

Giving an intelligent and smart look! lol
New look with specs
Self portrait with specs, through the mirro
Some says pink is for girls, but I don’t agree…

And pink is a pretty color for girls to get addict easily

And for that that there’s nothing like guys should not like it.

specs and system

I didn’t go for this specific color of pink for specs, but it got my attention being simple and neat…

And actually it’s a dark pink but can't noticed while at look.

My specs

I don’t find nearly difference in my face worn to specs. But it feels so good :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

How sweet – Kiss

Image courtesy: google
The taste of honey
I sensed in your tongue;
the sweet of essence
I draw from your lips.

The fragrance of flower
felt from your sweet odor;
the nature of love
entice me to embrace you – eternally.

The warmth and comfort
emphasis me
while I embraced
and grasped you for a kiss.

Footnote: Just another fun and fantasy on Kiss! 'wink'

Friday, June 22, 2012

Eyes and Specs

The excess blinking of eyes for few days last week was tough indeed, sending me excess strain on eyes while reading, talking and looking at laptop and television, it was very difficult to notice anything by evening when lights are turned on. We thought it was because of weakness and vitamin deficiency which I believed too, but I wasn’t sure leaving it off and eyes left wet often while reading and staring at television want me to check with doctor.
The excess blinking last for nearly 4 days before coming down to least fraction, I still wanted to go to an ophthalmologist and on Monday we checked one of an eye specialist in our neighborhood waiting for nearly an hour. This is the first time I checked with an ophthalmologist in my life and she was very kind and since well know to my grandmother who check with her regularly it was easy to convey with her familiarly and she tested my eyes on the biomicroscope and asked to read the eyes chart.

I felt myself funny while reading eye chat and I was right on the letters even without used the test glasses, but she recommended spectacles for me for reading and viewing monitor  after testing 0.75 power on Distance Vision (DV). I never thought I would have to wear spectacles and don’t know how well it gonna change my look but I understand it’s need and glad I don’t need to wear it always except reading and watching monitor, the glasses has a anti-reflective coating to protect eyes from computer radiation.

The doctor didn’t get fees for me and she’s so humble checking everyone and inquiring at general. I wasn’t interested on selecting specks as I have no idea before getting one, but went for as usual simple and neatly framed and light coated in color. I think she recommends specs for everyone who visits her as I saw two third leaves ordering specs at the optical shop permanently placed within the clinic. I was advised to check yearly as I have diabetic, eyes are the first to get affected.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wonder 7

It was wonderful years of seven in this blog sphere now and each year has been an added wonder in my life with new blog friends arriving into my world, making it more enchanting and ever youth and painted with colors of rainbow hues. Every dawn has been enlighten in my life by sharing thoughts, knowledge and sense across overseas, blogging has been a part of my life and influence a lot in my day to day activates apart reading, watching and listening that anything interest me.

Instead of planning on what to write (which would be running in head formerly), I left myself to the flow of thoughts and feeling regard to my heart and emotions and writing on my most passion, the traveling and photography, the another eye of this blog. Since seven years of blogging, the intense has been enhanced only more and even a lot has been changed on attitude towards handling the blog, the priority and vital has let me sustain here… and I hope it continues to support me along with all your rely.

Beyond everything that keeps me available here… it’s the support of my parents who make certain that no way my interest, enthusiasm and communication via internet interrupted. They know the important of blogging to me and they trust me that whatever I do is worth remarkable and special but they seldom showed interest or let knowing what I write about.

Whatever I say about is none when it comes to all your support and interest on reading… and it’s impossible without all your encouragement and observation, for me to shine here like a star, among you twinkling ones :) My sincere thanks to everyone and I hope u all continue as a part of my life!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Morning Sunrays

Morning rays
Picture by Jeevan
The blessing of sun
falls fabulously on earth
through the tree canopy;

The pretty sunbeam
glitter and gleam
radiating healthy vitamin D;

The warm sunrays
embrace and kiss
the dimple cheeks valley;

The spotlight of sun
would wound and cure
since it’s a healing resource;

The glorious sun
showers the rays, stunningly
hiding behind the gray clouds.

Footnote: The picture of morning rays was captured at the fabulous hill station, Kodaikanal.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Black Drongo – Bird Watching

A Black Drongo was hopping from tree to tree before taking refrain one of the tree’s branches, but preached far away from me which I was not sure of capturing off. But I thought of trying up and shoot at the bird using maximum zoom length, thanks to 14x optical zoom that make possible the pictures.
Black Drongo
The Black Drongo is not a regular visitor to the open ground in front of my house and the prettiest feature and the simplest identity of the bird is the twin tail. I saw the bird couple of times lately preached to the same shrub until very badly the tree was uprooted two week back for a building construct.
Black Drongo
ரெட்டை வால்  குருவி
I wonder if uprooting trees continue in neighborhood, the visibility of many birds perhaps would shrink. Lately I happen to watch and capture many unusual birds visiting the neighborhood and while traveling, I will bring them further in my posts.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Embarrassing moment

She came leaving me at embarrass
in a sultry outfit, that ready to lose grip;
she let me feel and caress her body
showing her back prone to bed.

My fingers like a fern feather
moved on her back, tickling;
while for her to embarrass now
grabbing a pillow for grip.

She leant her legs probably
feeling butterflies fluttering inside;
while I drew along her spine
barely open to bare back.

She seemed insensible
as respond to my love and ecstatic;
an embarrassment felt allover
while I kissed at her rear neck.

Footnote: Just another fantasy in feel of love and desire ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bay Watch

It’s not a kind of Pamela Anderson run to rescue in red swimwear those struggles for lives drown in the water offshore! Lol. But it’s just a beautiful beach watch, facing the Bay of Bengal against the Danish Fort of Tranquebar in Tharangambadi, which I visited last March while heading to Point Calimere.  You might familiar with one of the fabulous ocean picture on my header with a blue yacht sailing across the sea…
Sailing yacht
A beautiful blue yacht,
beneath the blue sky
over the blue sea
It’s been some time I wish to check the place and what impresses me next to the still growing strong marvelous Danish Fort is, the Beach with impressive hues of green and blue. Situated 272km from Chennai on the ECR, the elevated courtyard of the fort from ground gives a stunning view on the sea with layers of blue green on surface. 

Bay Watch
Beach Boys
Beach boys
There were sights of yachts sailing across frequently and some boys playing on the gushing waves that reaches out the broken walls and rocks of prevention erosion, while they throw hook for fishes. Thanks to my Canon SX220 HS to giving me the opportunity to capture the pretty blue sky and the ocean, which retreats while the noon sun was striking hard beside the cool breeze caring off.
Flight over the sea
A Brahminy Kite or Red-backed Sea-eagle flight over the sea
More on the Fort and travel details soon…

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I miss you so much
the kiss you gave me
before leave me in dream.

At the end of evening
you kissed me
gently pressing your lips;
Leaving a mark at cheek
and wet in lips,
a  pleasure
replace only by another – kiss!

Footnote:  Just for fun! Lol
Happy Sunday

Friday, June 08, 2012

Random thoughts

Indicate Mirror
Picture from my archives... taken long back.

Looking back isn’t difficult

Than life at progress;

Life is nothing perhaps lack past;

The future that be anything of

On the platform of early constructed

And surrender of something

That cost no more than humble;

Our past like a mirror

Reveal us the unknown self

Following like an eternal shadow

It kept forecasting our decisions

And nothing passes out without facing it.

The man as machine

The sense as added memory

Connected with wires

To feel virtually via touch pads

And reliance on word phrases

Texted on keypads!

A ladder needs a support

That no one can deny climbing up

Whereas leading down;

Wherever u go touching elevations

You can’t grow older than your parents.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Sunset, at neighborhood

A gorgeous sunset at gleam…

The mild maroon and purple hues

Leaves back a lovely scene.
Sunset at neighborhood beach.

The dark clouds hide the majestic;

But not the hues and rays of sun

That paints the sky with radiant colors.
Sunset, with mobile capture

Footnote: I captured this wonderful sunset last evening while visiting the beach in neighborhood, Thiruvanmiyur. I didn’t bring the came with me by chance, so managed to shot it with my 2mp mobile phone and it’s been here I used to check many splendid sunsets.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Power sharing – while there’s no power

The power has been a big problem these days and due to shortage in electricity, there is a constant power cut in the state of Tamil Nadu for more than a year or two now on hours basis and a day holiday for once in month. I guess there’s similar problems in many other states of India too, and the worst affected here are the industries and rural areas where power cut is double triple times than two hours in cities… in some places its unstable and total shutdown for a day.

Glad we live in city like Chennai to experience and suffer from lease power outage, and whereas for our comfort many experience the burned out of city limit which we don’t realize or think about easily! Electricity is common for everyone and basic essential of life, but how many of us truly realize the worth of electric and even thought it wasn’t there we certainly go for alternative than accepting the shortage and try to reduce its usage or change schedule  according to power outage.

Alternative is not at all bad but when it comes from the same resource like electricity which already suffers a lot will make the situation even worse than leaning hand. There is a talk for one such alternative at home for long time and the urge for inverter has increased lately among parents… but I kept concern of keep away the thought and interest of parents confessing that electric is common for everyone and when others suffer, we have to take part in it instead going for inverter as alternative which is a way of stealing power.

If we think of the 6 to 8 hours of power outage out of city, just 2 hours is nothing but least to bear and a small change in our routine will do better and make us concentrate at things we badly missed in presence of current. I take the time of outage to write blogs or work on Photoshop, since I own laptop I make certain there’s enough power for two hours and the only disadvantage was lack of internet connection and I also do book or paper reading and listen to Walkman.

There are many way to divert our attention than feeling for single most current that connects our electronic devices, but we need to accept most of our today’s activates are based on gadgets. Back to inverter, it’s a worth device and necessary if we are at constant basis of work or expose to frequent power outage and for a house usage, I don’t think it’s quite necessary when many others suffer a lot from outage, we alone going for a inverter what other can’t afford esp. the poor. Again I need to confess, electricity is common for everyone and it’s a basic vessel we all travel on and we all need to share the pressure to make sure balance float and enjoy the pleasure ride.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Sky Gazing

Image courtesy: Google
I just want to touch the sky

I just want to blow the wind

I just want to kiss the clouds

I just want to signal the stars

I just want to paint the moon

Using the colors of rainbow;

I just want to draw a rangoli

Using the dots of stars;

I just want to write a letter

Using the galaxy to my eternal love;

I just want to eliminate from the earth

To fetch the golden opportunity of stars

The silver jubilee of moon

Under the limelight of yellow sun.

Footnote: Just nothing to do last night while the power goes off…  I penned this poem using the mobile phone, inspired by sky gazing.