Sunday, April 30, 2006

An innocent Indian was killed by Taliban

Talibans in Afghanistan cruelly killed K.Suryanarayana, an Indian engineer today.

Yesterday Talibans kidnapped K.Suryanarayana an Engineer form Hydarabad who was working in Afghanistan, when he was driving towards Qalat in Afghan. They warned India to pull out the Indian workers form Afghan, with in 24 hours or Suryanarayana will be killed. But India rejected their demand. Before there warning time over they have cut his head and killed. Details

It was heart breaking to see the News in TV. Suryanarayana's wife, collapsed on seeing the News in TV of the body's discovery, while her three children and dozens of well-wishers wailed and cried.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Tag 10 things I miss the most (continue)

1 to 6 is Here

7. Joint Family

I have experienced the join family life for 4 years after my uncle (dad’s bro) got marriage. Mom, dad, brother, grandma, uncle aunt, my small cousin bro, and me. I enjoy that life, with helping each other. If my mom was sick my aunty help us to get ready for school and she will bring lunch to us. We celebrate the function like pongal, diwali, porridge distributing day in Aadi (a Tamil month) with all. Gathering and pray to god at same time, eating food, going out for temples, beach was enjoyable. After years there was a small misunderstand between them and my uncle gone separate (to first floor, we are in ground), even after going separate they used to join with us in functions. But now we changed the area, and miss the celebration with them.

8. Family function

I have 2 uncles and a aunty who born with my mom, I have attended all there marriages. I cant forget my aunty’s marrage, where me and my bro following my aunty were ever she goes. I call my aunty amma, she was very love on me, I was on the stage when she marrying. We stand on the reception and spray the rose water and welcome the guest and running here and there. I attend a marriage function of my cousin in 2003, after that I dint went to any other marriage. I like the marrage food, so sweet. Miss

9. Driving Cycle, scooty & car

Will you hope if I tell that I have learned to drive cycle in 1 and half hours. After buying the cycle the next I drive it on my own, but I don’t know how to get down from the cycle. I used to go near the sand, which used to build building and fall on that and stand. I have used the cycle for at 6 or 7 years. On weekends my dad take me in his scooty and give to drive. We round the Besant Nagar and Thiruvanmiur area (in Chennai), I will sit in the front and catch the hand bare and drive. When my uncle was free he teach me how to drive car, I sit on his legs and control the staring, some times he sit the passenger seat and teach me how to accelerate and use the break and gears. I have controlled the steering for long distance when we were going to Thirupathi.

10. Many.....

Walking on the beach sand and reach the Sea. Standing in the rain, after rain stopped my friends, and me go to the next street and play in the water which stand’s on the road. Leave the kite to fly on the sky from our grandpa terrace, in the mid- afternoon and get scold form grandma. If the over tank overflows, we go and stand under the water. Collecting the money and buying coco cola and secretly drink with cousin uncle in the balcony. There are many, I have missed, totally the normal life.

It was an interesting tag, just try and see.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tag 10 things I miss the most

Was tagged my Kunsjoi

1. Neighbour friends

After come from schools, I change my dress and went to Next Street to play with my friends; my best friend name is Vela. We used to round the area every day. His brother karthik is my brother friend. They two were a set and we were a set, wherever we go they follow us. Every Saturday we go to the nearest playground to play cricket, Vela’s school friend also join with us. Many times I put fight with him, but we will forget the fight next day. Vela's father takes us to beach in his cycle. Those days, my only aim is to play them him, we play tops, koli, and hide & seek. There is also a Ganesh temple near his house, every evening we hear the temple bell, and we go and get vebuthi and prasatham. Everyday we will sit in front of his house and chat for long times.

2. Weekends in grandpa’s house

Some years, every week we go to our grandpa house. My grandpa has many cows and buffalos and also has a teashop. We watch our grandpa when he gives foods for the bulls and milking. My aunty takes me to his friend’s house and shopping, and wherever she goes. Taking bath in the water tank where they keep water for bulls is very enjoyable. In Sundays my uncle go to play cricket in a marriage hall ground, me and my bro also follow them, there will be a big wall, we can reach the ground if we jump that wall. My uncle left me to jump the wall. I play board games with my sister and cousins in the terrace of my grandpa’s house. Last time I went to my grandpa house in 2002 summer vocation.

3. My School’s and friends.

I studied up to 5th standard in Barath Higher Secondary School in Adyar (CBCS). After 5th I changed my school because of heavy subject and class are in 2 & 3rd floor. I got some friends in Barath school, I have remembers some of them, Prabu Raj, Prabakar & Shanu. Shanu studies with me from LKG, in 1st STD she gone to another section, after that I met her in my 5th STD. In 5th I got a chance to have a seat on her table, sometimes we have group studies mostly to put math’s sum. After I change the school I have talk to her, but watch from my balcony when she cross my house. Now I also cant see her, because we shifter our house, she look very beautiful. When I was studying 6th in Saraswath Venkatram School in thiruvanmiyur, I feel very happy because I got good principle, teachers and friends here, all of them have a good care on me, I cant forget my best friend Udaiyan, after I leave the school also I have touch with him, but for last 4 years I dint meet him, and Kavitha is another good friend, we all call her kavi, a beautiful homely girl, she was a supporter for me in school. I am missing loveably friends.

4. Villages and my holidays

6 years back my summer holidays will be going to relatives house mostly its all villages. Going to fields, taking bath in the canals and pump sets every day, drinking lots of tender water, eating Palmyrah Kernal, sitting on the pial (thinnai). After eating the palmyrah kernal, my unce do a vehicle in that and we push it where ever we go. My favorite place is my cousin uncle’s house in Chengalpattu (a town near chennai), when I go there my uncle and round all places in his cycle and playing with my aunty (just a year elder than me). We have a relative in Thiruvadanthai (a small village near chennai on the East Cost Road), there is a lake behind there house, me and my bro go to that lake with my cousin and catch fish and bath on the lake. Really worry by missing the enjoy.

5. My Uncle

My uncle Shyam is a Hero for me. He is a very talented mechanic, I dint see a hard worker like him, without any help, he starts a Maruti workshop and stand on his leg and wonder us. He has a big care on me, what ever I ask he will buy; we are living a happy life because of him. It was a time when I cant imagine a life without uncle, but his sudden death shocked me and I feel like my world was dark, I wonder how I miss my love Uncle.

6. Old home is gold

Lived for 20 years, saw my happy and sad days there. Standing on the balcony and watch the road and see different people. Going to my Uncles (dad’s brother) house playing with cousins, working in the mechanical shop (my uncle shyam’s work shop is in front of my house), with the worker Anna’s (brother), chatting with them removing the wheels put fingers on the Greece box and taking it and fill in the barring. The nattar kadai, tea kadai bajji, the preparation for Aautha (arm) Pooja function in mechanical shed will be very nice, I used to spent the full night in my uncle mechanical shed, by helping to tie design papers and painting for tools. Watching the lorry releasing water for the people, the petrol smell form workshop, evening cool wind in the balcony, taking some thing with cousin bro, bursting crackers from balcony and throwing it down, sliding on the steps hand bare, missing totally.

Will Continue....

Monday, April 24, 2006

Jeevan’s Proclamation End

Proclamation Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Form a team to save the rain evidence forest. Save the wild animals form hunters.

Forests are the main evidence of rain; we people destroyed many forest and trees and suffer with out water. There is no proper security for forests and special trees. Some people illegally cut the tress and smuggle. We will bring hard rules for people who cut trees and install much forest security force to inspect the forest. Naturally the animals in the forest dies without food and water, some times they used to enter the villages for food and kill many people. In-between the people kill many animals for there flesh and skin.

Modernize all Buses

The Tamil nadu transport has old buses and some have low security. The government also ready to launch new buses, but they dint install proper facilities for old and disable people, so the court has banned to introduce new buses. The old and even the middle age people get stress to climb on the buses, because they have to lift their leg at 1 and a half height to climb on the steps. So we should reduce the hights of the steps. Some times many bus drivers are not stopping on the correct stop, so our people should run and climb the bus. We will take action on the drivers who are not stopping in the correct place. Recently the chennai metro transport has invented a disable free bus, where the wheel chare users can climb the bus by a lift. We will compulsorily introduce this type of buses throughout Tamil nadu. Before this, we should build equal roads, without contour.

Start a free education newspaper for students weekly.

The students in cities and town buy and get newspapers form there nearest stationery, but the rural students cant buy the newspaper, because they have to travel some kilometers to buy newspapers, and some don’t have money. So we will introduce free weekly newspapers for students, it will contain, important information’s form all over the world. It will help the rural student to develop their knowledge. The free newspaper will come to your house every week. Many students are not interested to read newspapers; we will encourage the students to read newspapers and create awareness among students about the use of reading newspapers.

Open toddy drink shop (kallu kadai), and ban liquor shops.

Many families are suffering form this liquor, were there family head used to drink liquor in Wine Shops and give trouble to there family members, and disturb his family sin. Many people waste their money by drinking liquor and also spoil their health. So we should ban the liquor shops, if we ban the liquor shops, the people used to drink illicit liquor, and loss their vision and some die. We should also think about this. Years back before the liquor was introduce, the people used to drink toddy (kallu), which comes form coconut and palm trees. It has low affect, and it is also good for health, but every think is limit, if they cross that, the honey is also poison. Lets see how the people welcome this.

Will clean the Covam river and built a purifying plant to change the sewage water and leave it in sea.

If we tell some one about chennai, the first thing they remember was Coovam River. Because for its bad smell, the people in chennai leave the sewage waters in this river. Once, this river was used by the people to travel, form one place to another in the boat, after the underground drainage system introduced in Chennai, the government release the sewage into this river and finally mix in sea. So we will bring this rivers nature back, and built a good purifying system and release the water into sea.

Will bring a law for compulsory AIDS test for pregnant women’s and register Marrage.

The AIDS not only spread through relationship, in also spread through unsecured injection, getting or giving blood for some one, by Mosquitoes and form Mother to her child. So to control the spread of AIDS, we should bring compulsory AIDS test for pregnant mothers. Another law is if a couple is going to get marry, they should register there marriage and submit the medical report of them, to find if they have any dieses or any other problems, because it is there life, if they get married and after they know to come the problem of their pare, there life will be spoiled.

Control the Vehicles Population.

Nowadays the vehicle population in a big problem for people, and the traffic jam is an unavoidable one in our life, in important cites the vehicles are increasing in lakhs every day, if it continues like this, we don’t have way to walk on the road and it will also create a pollution environment. We will encourage the public to use the public transports.

Many vehicles have occupied the roads in the name of parking; and create a traffic jam, so we will also concentrate on Parkings, will build multi storage parking and underground parking in important places.
Will encourage the people to plant bio-diesel plants.
Will put heavy rules on driving vehicles, every day the vehicle accident are increasing because of not obeying and breach the traffic rules.
Will survey the roads and remove the encroachment builds and wide the roads.

Encourage sports

If a person is interested in any sports activities they can approach us, we will encourage them and give free training. We will improve the Tamil Nadu Hockey team. We all tell that our national game is hockey, but we never achieved big in this field. We haven’t given much importance to hockey like cricket. Develop the local playgrounds. After the computer games came many children’s physical activities have decreased, nowadays many children’s and students spent there times behind the TV and computers. If they interested to involve in sports activities, the students in Metros and some cities don’t have space for play. The playgrounds are changing as multi storage buildings. We will save the playgrounds.

Bring a law that government servants should not join in Political parties and stop the lanjem.

The person, who is working as government servants, should not support and be a member in any political party, because there are chances that they can leak the government secrets to them. The biggest problem in government offices is Lanjem (getting money to do the work), the people who mostly affected by this is poor, the government is giving good salary for them, even though they are not satisfied. The govevernment servants are servants for us (public). How the lanjem grows, because of us, the people who don’t obey the Govt rules and breach them, used to give money for government servants to correct there wrong. Now this lanjem was spread all over the India (even world wide). The government has changed many times, but they can’t destroy the lanjem. We should chase this until it stops. Who every cheating the government is cheating them. It will not change until we respect the government rules.

We have lots of plan like these, if u put vote for us, you can see a developed state. I request all of them to pay the tax correctly, and then only we can do many good for our state and people. My Proclamation has end here, but will find more projects and problem soon and write.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

An Arnold in Tamil Film.

Tamil Arnold is vikram, still’s from Bheema (tamil film).

Trisha looks very hot;) super still, i like it;)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

April 23 is World Book and Copyright Day

Have you ever opened a book, begun reading and then instantly disappeared into the pages? If you haven't then you have missed the best adventures in life. Every book has a story to tell. It could be historical, geographical, literary, poetry almost anything. The book will take you to places you have never been to and sometimes can never even dream to be in.

Reading a story set in history will take you back to an age you have not experienced. You can imagine the people of that time, their concerns, their achievements, the kind of houses they lived in, the kind of food they ate. In your mind's eye you visualize the life of people you have never seen. It is the same with any other kind of book. You are immediately transported into another world, and in doing so you experience the magic of the unknow.

It is to celebrate the joy of reading that UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) has set aside April 23 as World Book and Copyright Day. So how did they fix the date? April 23 happens to be the day (in 1616) when three great writers Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare and Inca Garcilasco de la Vega died. It is also the date of birth and death of the other prominent authors such as Maurice Druon, Halldor K. Laxness, Vladimir Nabokov, Josep Pla and Manuel Mejía Vallejo. So, on April 23 UNESCO encourages people the world over to appreciate the power of the written word and also remember those who have made exceptional contributions to Literature. April 23 is also World Copyright Day. According to there website: UNESCO's commitment to copyright dates from as far back as 1952, when the Universal Copyright Convention was adopted.

The advance in technology has many benefits but there is also a downside to it. For example while people queued up outside bookstores to collect their first copy of the highly priced Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, the piracy market was already at work and very soon cheaper books were sold on pavements and even on the roads at traffic lights! It is to prevent this kind of thing that UNESCO finds the need for awareness campaigns to raise the level of protection and also to act as a deterrent to piracy. Every time you buy a book that has been printed in violation of the Copyright Act you are aiding in piracy and violating the Copyright policy. So on April 23 let us all make a promise to read and also support the need for copyright to be protected.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Again Aravind

After seeing my photo in the blog, my brother Ashwin get angry. So to peace him we posted his photos here.

Some more kadi (bite)

Q. What medicine you will give to an ill ant?
Ans: Antibiotics

Q. What do you call a fish with no eye?
Ans: Fsh

Q. What do you do if your dog eats your pen?
Ans: Use a pencil

Q. Why we are getting cold?
Ans: Because we have two eyes above our nose

Q. Who is the only person to register 100 votes in Election?
Ans: Super star Rajini Kanth, because if he put one vote is it equal to 100 votes (ivar oru thadavai potta 100 thadavai potta mathiri).

Q. Which is the non-living thing, which has legs.
Ans: chair

Yesterday I gone to beach,
With my brothers and sister
We played run and catching with them in the beach sand,
Catch some crabs and put it inside by brother shirt,
They dig the sand and buried my legs; I come out from that without any help
It was very funny evening; we enjoyed it, by eating popcorn, sundal and tease each other and put jolly fight.
brother (Jeevan) house was inversed by our looty.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Aravind’s kadi (bite)

Hi guys, I am Aravind (Jeevan’s cousin brother), I have written some jokes in my brother’s blog. I have come to his house for my summer Vacation. Hope u all will enjoy it.

Q. We all know that Columbus discovered America, what he did, after putting his first leg on the America?

Ans: He put his second leg.

Q. Already two world wars has end, if another world war held what will happen?

Ans: One lesson will include in History.

Q. A teacher asked a student where is kanyakumari? The student blink and said, I don’t know, for that teacher ask the student to stand on the table?. What did that student replayed?

Ans: If I stand on the table can I see the kanyakumari sir?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jeevan’s Election proclamation 3

Proclamation part 1 & part 2

Will encourage and help people to start, a self-business.

There are lots of unemployed people in Tamil Nadu. Even some good educated are not getting job now days. Only the high ranked young stress getting job. The big companies in fields like software industry, car industry, banks ect… are selection their employees by conduction campus interviews in the universities. The student who have not selected in the interviews or the low ranked students should start to search job after the course. Even some register in employment office and simple wasting there times, till they get invitation form the company. So we will encourage these peoples and help them by banks to get loan and start an own business. Already the government is giving advice and ideas for the people who are interested to do self-business. No job will be disgrace, if we do it with out cheating others. (This will also fit for women’s).

Facilities for disable people in Public places.

Every party are announcing the election proclamation for people, did any think about the facilities for disables. Are the disable person’s satisfied with the facilities in public places in Tamil Nadu. In the metros like chennai or corporations cities in Tamil Nadu have any facilities for disable, to go like normal persons, at least they have any ramps for Wheel Chare users? I think only few. Can the disable, (who use Wheel Chare or very hard to move) go to parks, theaters, shopping’s, traveling in public transports exhibition ect…. I haven’t seen any facilities for the disabler’s in these places. If we see in foreign countries like Singapore, US and European countries, they have built many facilities for disable in public places. There was also an outstanding case in Madras High Court to build some facilities in Public Buses. So we will build ramps and some special things in every place and in public transports.

Changing seawater into drinking water for domestic use.

If we tell chennai, the water problem will be the first one to struck every one’s mind. The current government has introduced many plans to solve the problem, but even thou some suffers without water. So we should compulsorily built a plant to change the sea water into drinking water, every politician’s are talking about the this plan, but no one has taken steps. Now days in chennai, many lands have been changed as multi storage flats and the flats used to suck the land water how much they can suck. So if we leave this situation to continue, we can see a worst drought. Many seaside areas’s land water are changed as salt. We should save the land water, for this the seawater transplant as drinking water is the best one. Hope we will do this project.

Will urge central government to build tsunami-warning system in Chennai.

In India, Tamil nadu is the worst affected state by Tsunami, so we need a tsunami-warning system soon. After the tsunami, the sea sore people are living in a fear; and we realize a big change in sea. Some times the waves are very rage opposite to convention. The central government should build a tsunami system in chennai.

Regulate the government hospitals and introduce new treatments.

The government hospitals in Tamil nadu are giving free and low cost treatment for people. But the people have to wait for long time to buy the tokens for treatment. In some hospitals there is no proper facilities for people and we should wait for long time to see doctors. The government hospitals are not clear, if a hospital was not clear, it will help the diseases to spread quickly. The government hospitals have needed equipments, but they are not using the instrument properly. Some times there was also bed and medicine scarcity, so that time we have to lay in floor and we should buy medicines from private medical shops. Another saddest thing is the workers and even some doctors and nurses in the government hospitals, compel the patents to pay money for each and every thing, like taking X-ray, scan, blood test and even to provide beds. So we will regulate these and give people a best treatment without stress. The poor also afraid to go to government hospitals because of poor treatment, so they chose private. So we will introduce latest treatments, which are given in private hospitals.

Will ban the Jalikattu (Catching bulls) and some crucial Temple festivals.

On festival times, some villages and towns in south Tamil Nadu conduct Jallikattu (catching Bulls). In this festival, many people have been injured seriously and some die, every year. This festival is a cruelty against Animals. Recently the Madurai High Court ruled some decisions how to conduct this festival, but why do we need to conduct this festival by giving stress to animals and hurt people, so we will ban this festival.
We are also thinking, to stop the crucial temple festivals, like breaking coconut on the head’s of devotees and hide the Children’s inside the sand and take them out.

Form an organization to develop our culture and traditional Dance, music and instruments.

Now a days the western culture hand has raised in Tamil nadu, I dint tell the western culture is bad, but at the same time we should also concentrate on out Tamil culture. Now days many people are like to learn western dance like hip-hop, jazz, cha cah, salsa ect…. the rate of learning Tamilans Barathanatiyam is coming low. The village dances like poikalguthurai, garakatam, thappadam, are very rare to see now, even in village festivals they are using light music’s, so we should protect these dance, it’s our tradition. We should encourage the people to learning the rural music, if we dint protect them, soon they will destroy. We will give free couching for the students, who are interested to learn the rural music and dance. Will give grace for wise musicians. The instruments like Tabla, Pakhawaj, mridangam, gottuvadhyam, Ghatam, Nadaswaram, Tavil, Veena, Tanpura ect… are becoming a exhibition objects. The people who make these instruments are facing hard situation, if we dint learn our traditional instruments, the people who depend on this will face many problems in there lives.

Thanks for Reading

proclamation continues......

Monday, April 17, 2006

Surprise joy in Chennai

Cloudiness have covered my place,
Rain starts to droping like a honey (water)
Earth smell was amazing,
The cool wind blow through the windows
Trees and plants started to dance
Birds giving sound and flying fast
Mild thunder blasts in the clouds
Surprise rain, is always fun.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

New beach, Ice cream, Tamil New Year & Achievers

Our Chennai people are discovering new beaches in chennai suburbs. Yesterday went to one of that (Palavakkam Beach), its very beautiful. We parked the car near the beach and I get to see many kids with their parents, playing balls and running here and there. the beach was very neat. After a year later I tasted the Ice cream in the beach, wow it was very sweet. And eat my favorite sundal. Enjoyed the sea breezy by hearing the Radio Mirchi. Dad went to walk, mom and I was sitting in the car and watching the sea. I have also planed to take my cousin bro & sis to this beach next week. They have arrived to my house after finishing their exams. It’s going to be a happy summer for me.

Every weekend I used to go different beaches in chennai and suburbs. I also separated the beaches, by its famous; Merina Beach is a best place for family to spent time. Besant Nagar (Elliot Beach) is a place for Lovers and Youth. Thiruvaluvar Nagar beach a place for walkers, we can see lot people go walking here in evening and morning. Palavakkam beach a best place for kids to play. Nellankarai beach is a hot place; we can see modern guys and gals here. Last one is Injambakkam Beach, is silent, and lone, every time we used to go there with cousin brother and sis, they will have a good bath in this beach.

The Tamil New Year went fine, by watching the special programs in TV by eating special dishes prepared by mom, and playing with cousin brothers, with a relative kid. The kid was very enjoyable girl; she is 2 and half year, she sing, dance and entertaining us, her name was senaha. Watched a program Siharam Thotta Tamizargal (about the legendary Tamil achievers who have made significant contribution to the society) In Star Vijay, that program was really made me cry. They interview with many leaders like, Finance Minister P.Chidambaram, Isaigyaani Ilayaraja, and Dr.Shantha of Adyar Cancer Institute. Finally they have an interview with Paramasivan, a person who lost his 3 children’s for Tsunami. It was touching interview, were he explains about the lost of his children’s, it was heartbreaking to know about his stage. But he dint broke and sit in the corner, he adopt 16 children’s who lost their parents in the tsunami and grow them as their children’s, he told that he is visiting the sea every day, in craving mood, if there kids will come back to him. In this world there are some good lives like Paramasivan and Sudamani (his wife) living in this world for others.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter

St. Paul's Cathedral

Easter, the holiest festival of Christians, which celebrate tomorrow (April 16). The word Easter signifies the east and thus the rising sun recalling the rising of Jesus from his tomb on the third day after his crucifixion. The news of the Resurrection rocked the city of Jerusalem, the Jewish priests calling it a hoax and the disciples proclaiming it a fact and an endorsement of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The orthodox Jews found a young rabbi, Saul, to assist them in rooting out this sect.

Thirty years later, the same man now called Paul, sat in a Roman prison writing to the Christian communities he had founded all over Asia Minor and Europe. He asserted that although they faced persecution and death, having put their trust in Jesus, they were heirs to eternal life. His famous quote, read at every Christian funeral followed. O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is they victory? The white Easter lilies adorning the church altar during Easter proclaims this joy.

How did this persecutor turn into the greatest exponent of Christianity? En route to Damascus to arrest Christians, he was struck by a blinding light and heard a voice, Saul, why are you persecuting me?

"Who are you?" he asked.

I am Jesus whom you are persecuting. It was here that he received the commission to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone. Paul now began to preach the message of Christ wholeheartedly. His genius lay in taking the gospel beyond the world of Jews to the rest of the world, with the only requirement of faith in the risen Christ for eternal salvation. His missionary journeys to Asia Minor, Turkey, Macedonia and Greece were accompanied by stonings, imprisonments and near drowning. He went to Rome as a prisoner where after two years he was martyred. Awaiting trial, he wrote his immortal epistles to his churches. They reveal a man totally consumed by his faith in Jesus. The earliest surviving Christian documents, they form the major part of the New Testament of the Bible.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Proclamation 2

Students Special

Will improve the education system:

Before, the rich and higher middle class student’s only studied in Private (convent) schools, now even the poor also like to join there children’s in private schools, Why? Because in government school the education system have not improved, they are following the same method of teaching and the same old syllabus, for example in every Tamil Book there are stories, of MGR, Anna, Periyar ect… for long year (even now), so how many years our students are going to learn the same syllabus, and when are they going to learn new. There are some complaints that many teachers are not teaching students with an interest. By proving this, recently World Bank has conducted a survey in Tamil Nadu and found that 50 % of teachers are not attending class; they are just coming and signing in attendance and go. In rural government schools, we don’t need to say. So we will bring new education sytem and new rules.

New buildings for government schools:

Another plan was constructing good buildings for every government schools. If we see in govt schools, which are in control of Corporation, have some good building, good desk and some facilities. If we take the rural government schools (which also called by Panchayath schools), are not having proper building and good desk and other facilities; even some classes are conducting under trees. Some schools dint have roofs and desk, recently I saw a photo in paper that in some schools, students have written their 10th standards public exams by sitting in the floor. In some rural schools they have class up to 8th or 10th STD, after this they have to go for towns (5 or 6km form there house), so they have to travel in buses. The current government has given free cycles for students, but they are not using the cycle, because they feel stress to stamp the cycle for 5km, so they avoid using the cycles. The buses are also for particular time, if they miss the bus, they should walk and reach the schools. For this what can we do? Will start the class10th and 12th standards in the Panchayath (rural) schools, so they don’t need to walk long distance to learn and we will introduce free special coaching classes for poor student, who are writing the Common Entrance Test, after their 12th STD.

Will bring a rule to close the private schools, which don’t have proper security systems for students. Many schools are operating in small places, so students suffer from crisis; in emergency situation they cant save them. Remember the fire accidents in Kumbakonam (a town in Tamil Nadu) were above 90 students died, proved this.

Save the begging children’s:

We will also save the begging children’s and send them to schools. I have see many times in Chennai, many children’s used to beg near the traffic signals and run here and there between the vehicles. Some times even they hang the small kids in their hands (I think it will be there brother or sisiter) while they beg. If their parents cant grow their children why are they giving birth to them and sent them to streets. Now a days they even to business in the traffic, by selling small cloths and car cleaners. By doing like this, some times they will get into accidents and hurt, it will also disturb the drivers control. If the children’s are orphans, our government will adopt them and sent them to hostels and give education for them to face their future. If the children’s have parents, we will send them to school with their parent’s acceptance.

Computer science will be added as a new subject in all government schools and free computer practice for all students:

I think the Computer science was added as a subject for the classes above Tenth Standard. So we will introduce Computer Science as a subject from third standard. We all call this world as a computer world; with out computer no one can connect each other, and many important communications are held with the help of Computer. We can tell there is no department with out computer. Whatever course we take, the computer will have an important role in that. The latest Internet technology gives much information to every body. So our government school students should also get benefit form this technology. We will give Free Computers with Internet facilities to every rural government schools; I think taking Internet to every rural school is very difficult. Will try.

Proclamation will continue….

Jeevan’s World Wishes HAPPY TAMIL NEW YEAR:)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jeevan’s world Election proclamation (notice)

We all know this is the election time, every political parties release their election proclamation for Coming Assembly election in Tamil Nadu. So here is my proclamation for election, if I contest in election as a chief minister candidate, these things will be on that and I will try to finishing it my government period. We can see one by one.

First. Will Improve the Agriculture:

Form a team to advice and guide the farmer, how to develop the agriculture and which is the good time to do plough and harvest. What type of grain will grow nicely in the requested land?. This team will inspect every village and ask the farmers about their need and what type of help they want from government. If we see, it clearly shows that our future will be depending on agriculture. Now a days the agriculture lands are decreasing, because farmers sale there land for factories and built flats. For example some years back, if we cross the Chennai Metro and travel 7-8 km we can see farm lands and with green fields, now, if we travel at least 25 or 30km only we can see fields, so we will concentrate on this issue, if we need, we will launch a law for ban of selling farm lands. If we leave this issue now, we don’t know how many hackers of agriculture lands are going to change as concrete floors. Our team will visit every village, and realize the farmers about the benefits they are going to get form agriculture in future. Some farmers don’t know about the recent changes in nature, so they used to grow fields as routine how they do before, so we will explain about this. Like our President Abdul Kalam said, we should develop the satellite technology to find which is the correct season for plough and harvest. So our team will start to work on this satellite technology with scientists and with the advice of our president. (I request farmers not to leave the agriculture, because they have a fertile future).

Another important thing is irrigation facilities. In Tamil Nadu, many farmers are hope of Rivers. We have biggest rivers like Cauvari, Vaigai, Thamaraparani… in Tamil Nadu. We all know that our farmers have faced a heavy drought and heavy flood in recent years. We know the Humans activates against the nature are the main reason for this drought and flood, because we have dig the river bed and take sands illegally, so the running water was stopped in middle and its speed was reduced and it cant go further. Already the current government have banned taking sands form requested rivers, but the lorry owners are not hearing the government and taking sand secretly, some time the lorry drivers have killed many officers who stop the illegal sand lorries. Another thing is many people have occupied the rivers and constructed buildings, and short the river breath. For this our team will survey the buildings that were constructed on the rivers and remove them. We will find the signs for linking the rivers and approach the central government for funds to connect, so we can avoid the drought and floods in future. By this we can also give work for unemployed and poor by this project. There are many things like this will be coming on your government.

Agriculture universities in every district:

If we see in Tamil Nadu there is only one-agriculture university (Collage of Agricultural Engineering, Coimbatore). If we take Engineering universities (collage) for courses like BE, EEE, ECE, Btech, MCA ect… there will be at least one or two in every town (a city which was populated at least 10,000 people). By this we know that there are no much agricuture universities in TN. So how will the agriculture develop, with out learning about agriculture. So we will build at least one Agriculture University in every district. We will create awareness about the importance of agriculture among students and advice to join in agriculture universities and help the farmers to see a fertile India in World.

Proclamation will continue….

Monday, April 10, 2006

Best New face

All the great nobles will go to Sania Mirza for turning the cricket fans to watch tennis. Sania have converged many winning in tennis, form last year to till now. Because of this, from small children’s (like me) to elders, like Sania. By her talented playing and acting in advertisements, Sania’s commend have crossed India and spread every were in world

These commend and names have brought her an Award. America’s forefront electronic instrument, manufacturing company has conducted a festival for giving Star’s Star awards for Tennis players. In this function many famous tennis players were partaken. Sania was also partaking in this; there the best new face player award was given to Sania. This awards was given to her, for achieving in the Tennis. Best ATP Tennis player award was given to Kaiel Manpils from France.

Sania said after getting the award, I am very happy, I like to get many awards like this in my life, but it is not easy, I have to work hard. In future my play will be better that before. For that I am practicing very hard.


Jeevan’s World, Tamil Nadu Election proclamation part one will release tomorrow.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pattial (Tamil Movie)

Yesterday went to Pattial Tamil Film, in Prathana Drive-in Theater. Pattial is a film about two friends Selva (Bharath) & Koshy (Arya). There business is Dancing in front of death procession and killing for wage. Koshy thing the only relation for him is Selva. A girl Saroja (Padmapriya) love Koshy, but Koshy avoid her. In between, Selva met a girl Sandhya (Pooja) in Meidcal Pharmacy, get friendship wither her and the friendship turned as Love. In a situation, Sandhya know about Selva (who is a killer) and avoid him.

The further story is about how they encounter, and how they face the problem and did sandhya accept selva, what happen to Koshy and Saroja. The end was very sad, but has a message (who every took the knife or gun, one day will die on that)

The scene’s I like

First half was very entertain and the second half was sad.
The scenes where selva meets sandhya are very nice.
Were selva and koshy frightening actor Krishna is very comedy.
The chasing, killing and fighting scenes are thrill.
When koshy die and selva dance for his death process is melting scene.
The second song Eathatho enangal vandu… song is very nice to hear and the dance movements, seaside is really fine.
The two gana (rap) songs one was singed my Illaiyaraja was fitted for the songs namba kattula… are stimulating to dance.

Bharath has improved in his acting as a deaf and dumb. The drink hand koshy, looking like a read drinker. The Selva & Sandhya are appropriate pare. The scenes were Saroja was rape by her boss son, and when koshy know the matter and kill him in the toilet is cruel.
The screenplay, played well. Pattial pattaiya kalaputhu.

I have missed 10 minutes of the film, because our car stopped, with out petrol. So we called our uncle, he find the place and brought the petrol and then we went late.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Jennifer Lopez in India soon

For all those starving for a bootilicious spell, here is some good news. sexy saucy Jennifer Lopez is coming to India this summer. The Latino singer-actor, is touri ng the world to promote her latest album Rebirth, and will perform live in Mumbai on April 23 and may travel across India. And for the first time, West Asia is on her tour itinerary.

Two years back I used to watch MTV and V channel secretly;), when no one near the TV or no one in my house. That time they show Jennifer Lopez pop songs, from that time I like her albums, I can’t tell why I like her albums, for her voice or for her glamour.

I like the song “Love Don't Cost A Thing” (I think it was released in 2001 or 2002) in that she will get a call form some one, and she will took her car and drive by singing and stop the car in the side of the road and walk and dance with some guy and end in the beach. Her house, car, the beach and the background will be very beautiful in this song. The song All I Have from the album “This Is Me... Then” is also one of my favorite songs of her, the snowfall and her pink dress will be very nice. And another one is I'm Glad is a hot song of her. After the Set-top box came to chennai, they have cut the Mtv, V channel so now a days I miss her songs. Will see her some times in SS Music.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cell Phones, Let be care full

In today’s life Cell Phones have become a non-avoidable one. Where ever we go, the different different ring tones passes on our ears.

It starts form Hello… what you eat in morning… to high level official matters were discussed in Cell phones. Private companies are competition with other cell phone companies and announcing concession to cover the clients. They are crashing there brain, how to give more concession to control there business competition. Because of this, the cell phone users have raised in lakhs (or million) . The talking time has also been estimately increased. This will be one side; from Cell Phones will cancer come? Or not? The Scientist has gone to Conference range with static’s details and searching. Connecting to this, one of the forefront Cell Phones manufacturing country Finland is researching intensively.

Presently a research was held about the security comfort in brain and how the cell phone radiations are affecting. In human brains normally there is a natural security Armour. It will stop the dangerous object, which mix with blood circulation and enter the brain.

In this situation, from the research they have found, the Cell phone radiation will damage this nature structure. Next, the Italian scientists had researched in this. At that time, the cell phone radiations affect our body’s normal cells and it also create a danger of cancer. Except this, a information published, that we get a different depression and head pain if we talk in cell phones for long time. With the basic of this, a research had been held. In that, we come to know that there is a link between the Cell Phone radiations and the uncomfortable like this. Further, the scientist said this uncomfortable can also be starting sign for cancer effects. Because of this research reports, we cant come to an accurate end of Cell Phones. However it can be, being precaution is good for us. What can we do for that?

When we buy Cell Phones, we should see, the class of battery powers perfect to talk long time? Because this type of cell phones has the nature of releasing low radiations. In Cell phones don’t talk for hours. Try to end your talk in short. We can avoid the cell phones, which release more radiations. Strictly avoid taking in cell phones while u drive vehicles, when we talk in cell phones, what ever we can be carefully, but also we have little chance to loss our attention. Because of this we can face an accident. We can avoid using the cell phones near ears when we talk. We can talk with the help earphones; by this we can avoid the radiations that comes out form Cell phones.

Our security, is in our hand

Vaiko, DMK & SUN TV continues in Shyam'sssss (jeevansworld

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Chennai Central Railway station's sculpture is celebrating its 100th Year today.

Click here to see the Old Photo of Central Railway Station

Chennai Central Railway Station is celebrating its 100th year today. Central Railway station is oldest and tradition of India. It was constructed in British period. This railway station dint change form its great heritage nature and now also it was an unhide monument in all of our minds. No one-can denial, that in Films this Railway station tower is the only identity for us that this scene was taken in Chennai.

The tourist who comes form long distance to chennai, if they travel in Train or not, they will never forget to see this Railway Station. Some will take photos, so that whey can enjoy every day by seeing its beauty. The railway station, which got these Best things, is entering its 100th designed year today. Central Railway station was started in 1873, April 7. That time, the place like Hall, which is between the Booking office and 6th platform was act as Railway station. That place was also act as Booking office and lodging for passengers. Now also that place was called as Hall.

In Railway station the tentative place like 3,4,5, and 6 platforms self was there in that time. Very low trains were went and come. First time the train was started in double way between Chennai and Arakonam (a town near chennai). But after days go, the passenger’s visit was increased. Next to this stage, the railway was in a situation to extend the Railway station. For that in 1905 on April 4, the newly designed Railway station was opened. The British Engineer Chisholm its self designed the Railway station, for this he got 5,000 rupees award.

After paying the designed, railway station got a new beauty. The title appearance and its color was enticement every body. After that the number of platforms and number of Trains have been increased. Now there are 13 platforms in Central Railway station. Express and mails including 72 trains are operating every day. In 1981 the substitute Electric Railway station was open, that time only one platform was there. Everyday 220 substitute electric trains are operating. Including this two railway station everyday at least 2 lakh passengers are coming and going. The Height of Railway station’s central over roof’s tower was 136 feet. In the top of this there is 4 face giant Clock. It will raise sound for every 15 minutes and inform the passengers about the time. It’s sound will hear for 3 kilometers. Today (Tuesday) the Railway station design was completing its 100th year, like that on 7th Chennai Central Railway station is completing its 133rd years (from the station built.). We should be proud to tell that we have a beautiful heritage place in Chennai.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Vaiko, DMK, & SUN TV.

When it comes to protecting Tamil culture the Pattali Makkal Kachi (PMK) and the DalitPanthers of India (DPI) have been brothers in arms. But now so in the assembly elections, where the PMK let Democratic Progressive alliance while the DPI has joined hands with the AIADMK in the Democratic People Front.

That is the way political alliance have been in Tamil Nadu, which goes to the pools on May 8. When it come to MDMK, really it is not a surprise that Vaiko left the DMK-let DPA in Seat sharing, it is a normal problem in election time, but it surprise that he joined with AIADMK, the opposite party of DPA. In last assembly election Vaiko asked 25 seats to contest in assembly elections, but DMK gave only 22, so he contest on his own and dint win in a single place. So he realized that if we contest alone, we would not win, so he alliance with ADMK.

The ADMK government heads my Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has sent him jail for two years under the prevention of Terrorism Act for his talk on supporting the LTTE. After coming out of Jail Vaiko undertake a padayartra (walking) throughout Tamil Nadu for protect the Jayalalithaa’s anarchy rule. I used to watch his padyatra in Vijay TV every Sunday, I like the way he showed his love on the people who every welcome him to there village. And his strength walk encouraged me to watch his show. By this padayartra against Jayalalithaa, he won all his seats in the 2004 Lok Sabha Election. I wonder where his heroism has gone now?

It was very funny to read his Interview in the WEEK Magazine, where he told:

“In the last ten months, there has been a mood in support of Jayalalithaa government among the people. This government withdrew several measures it took before the parliamentary elections and has earned the confidence of the minority communities in the past one year. This government has done good things like farmer’s protection scheme, the free cycle scheme, noon-meal scheme. The way Jayalalithaa handled drinking water problem in chennai and relief to tsunami and flood-affected people and killing Veerappan, arresting Jayendra Saraswarth has increased her popular among people.”

Until march 4 (when he join ADMK), he was protest against Jayalalithaa government for not doing anything for people and fail to control the situation on tsunami and flood. Now all come Inverse.

Will Continue.....

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sick Computer

I think my computer dint like my new house, that why it is very sick after came to New house. It got a virus fever in January and hanged my computer. My service anna (I used to call him anna (brother)) came and releases it and reloads the system, after a week it again hanged and even the service brother can’t find the problem. He said that my system is not taking WindowsXP, so changed it to Win98. After that my computer lost its facilities to read Tamil words in blogs, for the last 2 months I cant read some Tamil blogs. Last week I decided to change the Win98 to WinXp, after calling my service brother for at least 4 to 5 times, final he came on Friday 4.00pm. In between some keys in my keyboard have dead, so he brought new keyboard and UPS. As my Request he decided to install WinXP, we have tried at least 6 times in different way to install XP, no use. He said that if we try after cleaning the Hard disk, we could install, I asked him, are u hope it will come if we clear the hard disk, he said sure. I think very deep, because I have collected, lots of information’s and have I written many articles to post in blog and saved it, in this situation he asked me if u want to WinXP u will loss your files, if u want u r files will install Win98, I said ok, u can clear my hard disk. Why I said ok, because now a days many software’s asking WinXP or Win 2000, not Win98. So he install WinXp, it install very fast, in the end it was shutdown, and closed. His hope was fail, and I lost my save files. Again he installed Win98, I am not lucky. I like to install XP, to read Tamil blogs. I don’t what to do. The yahoo messenger is also not installing, so I also can’t chat with blog and yahoo friends, I was very disappointed. Ok leave it, what is going to happen if I write this blog or if u read this blog, lost is lost (katham katham mudinthathu mudinthathu thaan, like BaBa style). Thanks for reading my Computer medical file. I have also installed Tamil Front, now I can read Tamil words in Blogs.