Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jeevan’s Election proclamation 3

Proclamation part 1 & part 2

Will encourage and help people to start, a self-business.

There are lots of unemployed people in Tamil Nadu. Even some good educated are not getting job now days. Only the high ranked young stress getting job. The big companies in fields like software industry, car industry, banks ect… are selection their employees by conduction campus interviews in the universities. The student who have not selected in the interviews or the low ranked students should start to search job after the course. Even some register in employment office and simple wasting there times, till they get invitation form the company. So we will encourage these peoples and help them by banks to get loan and start an own business. Already the government is giving advice and ideas for the people who are interested to do self-business. No job will be disgrace, if we do it with out cheating others. (This will also fit for women’s).

Facilities for disable people in Public places.

Every party are announcing the election proclamation for people, did any think about the facilities for disables. Are the disable person’s satisfied with the facilities in public places in Tamil Nadu. In the metros like chennai or corporations cities in Tamil Nadu have any facilities for disable, to go like normal persons, at least they have any ramps for Wheel Chare users? I think only few. Can the disable, (who use Wheel Chare or very hard to move) go to parks, theaters, shopping’s, traveling in public transports exhibition ect…. I haven’t seen any facilities for the disabler’s in these places. If we see in foreign countries like Singapore, US and European countries, they have built many facilities for disable in public places. There was also an outstanding case in Madras High Court to build some facilities in Public Buses. So we will build ramps and some special things in every place and in public transports.

Changing seawater into drinking water for domestic use.

If we tell chennai, the water problem will be the first one to struck every one’s mind. The current government has introduced many plans to solve the problem, but even thou some suffers without water. So we should compulsorily built a plant to change the sea water into drinking water, every politician’s are talking about the this plan, but no one has taken steps. Now days in chennai, many lands have been changed as multi storage flats and the flats used to suck the land water how much they can suck. So if we leave this situation to continue, we can see a worst drought. Many seaside areas’s land water are changed as salt. We should save the land water, for this the seawater transplant as drinking water is the best one. Hope we will do this project.

Will urge central government to build tsunami-warning system in Chennai.

In India, Tamil nadu is the worst affected state by Tsunami, so we need a tsunami-warning system soon. After the tsunami, the sea sore people are living in a fear; and we realize a big change in sea. Some times the waves are very rage opposite to convention. The central government should build a tsunami system in chennai.

Regulate the government hospitals and introduce new treatments.

The government hospitals in Tamil nadu are giving free and low cost treatment for people. But the people have to wait for long time to buy the tokens for treatment. In some hospitals there is no proper facilities for people and we should wait for long time to see doctors. The government hospitals are not clear, if a hospital was not clear, it will help the diseases to spread quickly. The government hospitals have needed equipments, but they are not using the instrument properly. Some times there was also bed and medicine scarcity, so that time we have to lay in floor and we should buy medicines from private medical shops. Another saddest thing is the workers and even some doctors and nurses in the government hospitals, compel the patents to pay money for each and every thing, like taking X-ray, scan, blood test and even to provide beds. So we will regulate these and give people a best treatment without stress. The poor also afraid to go to government hospitals because of poor treatment, so they chose private. So we will introduce latest treatments, which are given in private hospitals.

Will ban the Jalikattu (Catching bulls) and some crucial Temple festivals.

On festival times, some villages and towns in south Tamil Nadu conduct Jallikattu (catching Bulls). In this festival, many people have been injured seriously and some die, every year. This festival is a cruelty against Animals. Recently the Madurai High Court ruled some decisions how to conduct this festival, but why do we need to conduct this festival by giving stress to animals and hurt people, so we will ban this festival.
We are also thinking, to stop the crucial temple festivals, like breaking coconut on the head’s of devotees and hide the Children’s inside the sand and take them out.

Form an organization to develop our culture and traditional Dance, music and instruments.

Now a days the western culture hand has raised in Tamil nadu, I dint tell the western culture is bad, but at the same time we should also concentrate on out Tamil culture. Now days many people are like to learn western dance like hip-hop, jazz, cha cah, salsa ect…. the rate of learning Tamilans Barathanatiyam is coming low. The village dances like poikalguthurai, garakatam, thappadam, are very rare to see now, even in village festivals they are using light music’s, so we should protect these dance, it’s our tradition. We should encourage the people to learning the rural music, if we dint protect them, soon they will destroy. We will give free couching for the students, who are interested to learn the rural music and dance. Will give grace for wise musicians. The instruments like Tabla, Pakhawaj, mridangam, gottuvadhyam, Ghatam, Nadaswaram, Tavil, Veena, Tanpura ect… are becoming a exhibition objects. The people who make these instruments are facing hard situation, if we dint learn our traditional instruments, the people who depend on this will face many problems in there lives.

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WA said...

I liked it Jeevan, especially the one on facilities for disabled people. It is something which people take for granted in the West and we don't even take it a moment's thought in India. Nice one

Prabhu said...

I totally appreciate your insights,Jeevan.

BUT WHO CARES ?! Hope a crusader is born sooner to end the ills of our society !!

Shuba said...

Absolutely innovative ideas ....if implemented....India will reach great heights.........

Keshi said...

u should write to some govt depts Jeevan...they may be able to derive some great ideas from u...absolutely brilliant!

btw I got ur comment abt ur physical condition...Im really sorry to hear that...how serious is it?


Truly Yours said...

How about muligai petrol? Thats needed too seeing the way the current scenairo is.

aruna said...

Well written. I particularly liked the disabled part & Indian arts. Breaking coconuts in head should be banned, but I am not sure about the jallikattu. Similar practice is in other countries too...

Jeevan said...

Angel – thank you:) I think my post has gone to court ears, so they have installed an example lift in a bus for wheel chare users:))

Prabu – Thanks friend. Me too hope.

Shuba – welcome here:) Thanks a lot:)

Keshi – will try to send, thanks for u r encourage:) hope I will not go serious.

Truly Yours – I think we can encourage bio diesel

Aruna – I think, there will be some people living in Tamil nadu to support for conducting jallikattu. Thanks friend.

Keshi said...

good to hear that.

tc mate!

Ghost Particle said...

I just hope they contribute to make atleast half of it a reality...

WA said...

Thats great news Jeevan, hopefully one day we will start taking other less abled users experiences into account when we design buildings and transport. Good news

smiley said...

you are inspiring a lot of good changes, keep writing :)

Jeevan said...

Keshi - :)

GP – we can just hope.

Angel – if every one realizes that, we can see a big change in society.

Smiley – Thank friend.

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

some really good ideas in there jeevan.. u should be helping out our political parties to write their manifestos..

Jeevan said...

kunsjoi - :) thanks dear friend